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  3. I am very experient in the game but this is too much, this gameplay is kind of hilarious I don’t understand how a player like Matthijs de ligt is super agressive (that is not in reality), is expelled tons of games and one in a smfa final from early minutes, this gameplay has 0 logic, it’s sad to lose a smfa final because of this Bs nonsense against a team with way less my rate overall, this is going bad to worse this gameplay. goodluck everybody
  4. He's been brilliant so far this season. I think +1 first as it is only the Winter review. A +2 is more likely in the Summer depending on how well he continues to perform and where Valencia are by the end of the season.
  5. Ferran Torres rise likely? How much would he go up by if he’s currently at 85?
  6. If you wanna play it safe go for Gnabry, though if you are a risk taker then choose Sane. Sane should be back by the end of Jan (at the latest). He was expected to be out till March, his recover seems to going well. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/man-city-injury-news-aguero-17396381.amp Lenglet: Has settled in well at Barça, he will surely hit 92 in the upcoming review. I reckon Zidane's return has helped Isco to recover his form again (as it's done with V.Marcelo as well) which RM's recent games show. I'm certain that Zidane is the right man to get Isco playing at his best again. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.marca.com/en/football/real-madrid/2019/12/01/5de39477e2704eaf3c8b45f5.html I wouldn't be to surprised if Rash gets a +1 in the upcoming review (he's been vital to MU's recent climb). Although with SM's recent shenanigans I can't be too sure of it, maybe right now it seems too soon. A random rise later on could happen if he is not bumped up now. Anyways they'll probably give J.Lingard and Phil ''Calamity'' Jones a +1 instead. 😃 Off topic😇: Damn I'll never understood how P.Jones has managed to last nearly 9 years at M.U. They probably put in his contract that once he starts to decline, he then only plays when all other CB's/RB's are not available, MU would be better off using Axel Tuanzebe or even Rojo instead of P.Jones.
  7. Inter are now strong favourites for the Serie A title. De Vrij will surely maintain and even rise if Inter win the title this season. 😕 Fair do's to Inter them they've done business the right/smart way, unlike Milan. I really hope Inter's rise can motivate the Milan players to try better this season to clinch that 4th place.
  8. Previous predictions on pages 777, 779, 780, 781, 782, 783, 784.785,786,787, 788, 789, 790, 791,792,793, 794,795,796,797, 798, 799,800, 801,803, 804.805 806 Be careful of the Reddish boxes where the higher rated players are more inclined towards performances rather than stats. Minutes will vary game by game and league position also helps a lot. Anything over 0% indicates likely riser, higher the better/safer. Negative percentages don't predict a drop just less chances of a rise. The more games played the more accurate the predictions should be. Remember ATM we are a dozen plus games into Big 5 Leagues. I am concentrating mainly on Younger under 89 rated players as these are more consistent risers and more profitable, Goal keepers are dealt with by SM in a completely different way, which is why I also ignore Gk's. Upload below:- 4 Lower clubs from Bundasliga. Many thanks for your Interest and support. Busy day tomorrow but will try to get you some more.
  9. Davison sanchez or John stones? Long and short term
  10. What do you think about Gedson Fernandes? Should I keep him?
  11. For me right now the order would be: 1. Valverde 2. Foden 3. Aleña Valverde is already playing a lot for Real. Foden very talented of course but who knows what will happen to him, barely playing. With Aleña there are rumors he's going to Betis (dunno if loan or permanent, probably loan).
  12. Quick question. Foden, Fede Valverde or Carles Alena? All three worth the same but who’s the better prospect?
  13. I'm no expert but what I think is,"Very Attacking" suits if your team is much stronger than the opponent. Otherwise, it may not provide expectedly. You can try using "Attacking". By the way,do you concede a lot? I seem to concede a lot when playing 4-3-3(also scoring better).
  14. They aren't done with Sassuolo. Boga's +2 came in the summer. He should get another rise tomorrow. Sensi is at Inter and might get 89 despite injury, cause hype. Frattesi rose and he's out on loan just like Scamacca so the latter should get a rise as well (Scamacca the italian Zlatan check him out hehe). Just a few things, haven't looked especially closely. I'm sure they aren't done with some of those bottom/mid table sides as well.
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  16. I will go with Carvajal as he is two years younger and more chance of a rise thanks
  17. I'm sure now that the ''entertaining one'' has got Spurs engine up and running again, most of the first eleven should benefit in some way as he seems to be rotating between players quite well than what he is previously known for. Naby faces stronger competition compared to Ndom in order to get a place in Liverpool's starting eleven, therefore I would choose Ndom a head of him. Not too much between these two. Although I do believe Carvajal's starting spot for his Club/Country is more secure than K.Walker's (with the signing of J.Cancelo/TAA's rise and AWB knocking). I also see Dani is regaining his form again, and (in a same amount of games) Dani has an overall rating of 7.34 compared to Kyle's 6.70 performance average according to Whoscored.com. D.Carvajal could also possibly even hit 93 by the Summer (some managers on Soccerwiki will argue he should already be a 93 rated player). If position isn't an issue then TAA should keep you secure at RB for years to come.
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