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  2. UEFA Europa League Charleroi SC - Partizan Belgrade 2-1 1-0 Dorian Dessoleil 2-1 Kaveh Rezaei Penneteau; Busi, Willems, Dessoleil, Kayembe (Ivan Goranov 114'); Ilaimaharitra, Morioka; Gholizadeh (Lucas Ribeiro Costa 112'), Fall (Ken Nkuba 109'); Nicholson, Rezaei (Guillaume Gillet 118') Standard Luik - FK Vojvodina 2-1 1-0 Felipe Avenatti 2-1 Selim Amallah Bodart; Fai, Vanheusden, Laifis, Gavory; Bope Bokadi; Raskin (Noë Dussenne 108'), Cimirot (Eden Shamir 93'); Amallah; Carcela (Duje Čop 98'), Avenatti (Jackson Muleka 72') Yes!! 🇧🇪🇧🇪 5 / 5 teams. Next week to c
  3. I am pleased to announce that I list a "must buy" position by position. There will be a link for this in my OP to my Belgian thread. You can find them there yourself. I also distinguish between the players. First, some will be mentioned because of great potential and personal belief. Second, some will be named and will still have a rise. Finally, as always, there are players who are not yet in the database. I put a " ! " with players in 2nd category who I'm convinced they are in the future a 'must buy'. The purpose of this is to buy these players before they have a random rise and the "mu
  4. I've been doing similar during lockdown and beyond. I have always been keen on stats but its gone to a different level. I'd like to be able to get better as predicting rises but feel Rahul and Socca have that well covered.
  5. I have losed 0-4, and i am the best Team of the league, sometimes i dont understand this game, my Team is 93 and the other team 90, i play with mbappe and mané in the bands with 4-3-3 B. The others Team of the league use 4-2-3-1B or 4-2-3-1A Any suggestion? would i use 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3? Counterattack? Offensive? short passes? Direct?
  6. FOR SOME REASON I MANAGED TO DELETE THIS POST FROM BACK IN JUNE (15TH) ADDING THESE 5 LISTS TO THE OPENING POST* Hi all, I’m from the UK and as my fellow brits know we have been in lockdown for a few months now with things starting to gradually ease a little. Since being in lockdown I decided to spend my time scouting and trying to find the next big player for you guys. This should work well especially if you check SM’s new players daily like I do myself and should help everyone determine wether each player is a potential star or not. I’m going to compile a list which
  7. Today
  8. Liam Delap (17) took just 18 minutes into his senior Manchester City debut to score his first goal This boy has it all, huge prospect!
  9. I am the best Team of my league with mbappe and mané in the bands, usually i play 4-3-3B but i have losed 0-4😂. And the other team is much weaker than me. Any suggestion? 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1? What form would you use?
  10. the comeback is on for the mighty red imps! 0nly 4 more and it will go to penalties!
  11. both got two goals and an assist (one yellow card separates them), but Klich is a goal a game whereas costa was two V Fulham, and I fancy anyone to score there! But I will go with someone who watches rather than just the "stats" cheers
  12. Well Helder Costa has started the best so far this season I'd say
  13. sorry I was talking fantasy footy, I picked him as he has had a good start to season, didnt know if he is the "most likely" to carry on scoring and assisting as I didnt see Leeds last season at all.
  14. I don't exactly know what your asking here, SW19?? Are you asking if Klich and Leeds U in reality ie Lost 4-3 and won 4-3 ie that form of goal fests and Klich's fine form will be mirrored in your SM game? Doubt it. Sheffield United is always a tough game. They had a great season last season but possibly have not started that well this season yet and look a little jaded. A Yorkshire Derby is always hard fought and that is more likely in this Saturday's Derby match? I can give u Klich in reality last season he started the season in fine form and fast paced and as the season went on he
  15. Liam Delap Age - 17 Club - Manchester City Position - Forward Nationality - England Born in Winchester, Delap started his career playing for Derby’s academy before signing for City. Liam is a powerful runner who enjoys the physical battles with defenders, he’s not just a strong forward but a player who can knit the attacks together playing a big role in build up play. To add to his power, he has a good turn of pace and great skill set being able to dribble in tight areas. He’s the son of Rory Delap and many of you might ask ‘can he do it on a cold
  16. I don’t think he’s a must buy just yet, I would see how he goes this season. Still a very raw player that has certain qualities. If he carries on starting games for Valencia then I would pick him up purely for his rise potential.
  17. whats leeds form V the blades like? goal fests? I ask as I currently have Klich in midfield? is that wise or was he a one game wonder?
  18. No problem. I never realised that 75 was the max rating.
  19. Is Yunus MUSAH a must buy? He has started the first two games for Valencia?
  20. I find it interesting. In the UK a player is still considered as young at 23. In the likes of France, Germany and Netherlands a player will have probably played for about 5 seasons.
  21. Plenty of possibilities, back 3? or try 3 combinations to find out & just 1 of them as backup. In terms of experience Llorente and Koch BUT Cooper knows the "Bielsa way" so time and form will tell... Coopers probably ATM ahead, just thru knowing the "Bielsa doctrines". It's been a weakness without Ben White, he was so, so good!
  22. Philosophy maybe? English league is also seemed as a much more competitive league with huge money involved, teams in the Bundesliga and Ligue 1 gain a lot money from bringing young players through the system where as the likes of City, Liverpool and United etc don’t need to do that. With the amount of money in England, clubs will most of the time try to find the finished article. Theres also the fear of some manages losing their job, generally you don’t seem to get much time in the EPL, a few bad results and you could lose your job. Trying youths out who aren’t always consistent
  23. Why do you think that clubs don't put more emphasis on playing homegrown players? Ligue 1 and Bundesliga both seem to have much more confidence in young talent. Is it just because there is so much money in the Premier League or more to it?
  24. Potentially not on a regular basis but you only have to look at the likes of Arsenal, United, Liverpool who have given some youth players a chance. Brandon Williams, Mason Greenwood, Saka, Nketiah, Curtis Jones, Harvey Elliott, Anthony Gordon to name a few. Also the likes of Mitchell (Palace) might have been brought in through injury to other players but that is sometimes where a bright player can turn into a regular first team player, in this case expect PVA to come back in once fit. One of the main reason I wanted to start the thread is because of how bright England’s future l
  25. That could potentially be a great signing especially as he has been featuring for Spain too recently. Reckon Cooper will lose his place then?
  26. Do you think that teams in Premier League have enough faith in playing young English players on a regular basis? There seems to be a big move in terms of teenagers moving abroad as they feel they will get first team football quicker. Dortmund had two 17 year olds in their starting line up and two 20 year olds. I can't see that happening in England.
  27. Jamal Musiala Age - 17 Club - Bayern Munich Position - CAM Nationality - England As most of you guys know on the forum I’ve mentioned Musiala a lot on the thread since back in July when I posted about players born between 2003-2005 players to watch for. Ive been waiting for the right time to do a report and I think after his cameo tonight in which he scored his first professional goal it was the right time to do so. Musiala is a very talented individual who has shot through the youth system at Bayern after leaving Chelsea a year ago, his rise has been ou
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