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  2. A strong team you have. If you have the available funds then try to get Pepe, D.Neres, Ruben and Rashford but only if you are staying in this GW for the long term. I would sell Milik and Stuani.
  3. There are many between 90 and 91, there are 7 teams trained, Brazilian league season 3. My team is sczesny, carvajal, van dijk, godin, chiellini; wijnaldum, rakitic, mbappe and mandzukic; Messi and Aguero. My team B is TAA, lentlet, criscito, monreal, Militão, winks, jadon sancho, stuani and milik; quagliarela and giroud. Ruben snows, pepé, alcacer, david neres, gnabry are available. In fact, the only level 90 young player bought by a trained team is hashford. The others are all available.
  4. Akanji or Kimpembe? Tolisso, Rabiot or Ndombele?
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  6. Should be the next ones, I red on Belgium topic that few days ago that Soccerwiki had a look on some clubs.
  7. Sorry for off topic comment: when are the player concern reviews usually?
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  11. Well, this Russian review was very lucrative. Chalov went from 5th choice forward to 1st. Does anyone have any clue if Belgium league is next? There are some players that I would like to offload sooner than later.
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  19. Which other player available 90-91 in your GW?
  20. Muller > Gönn > Kobel imo. Muller most potential for sure. Depends what you need, Wijnaldum will rise (92) and Shaqiri will maintain his 90, however Havertz has by far the most potential like 93+ one day Wijnaldum and Goretzka, +1 each surely. Fabinho could. Lingard and Savic won't
  21. Wijnaldum and Shaqiri for Kai havertz?
  22. Short term is Muller but long term is Kobel who looks to be going to Bayern.
  23. Guys i have to choose between these three GK: Gregor Kobel - Augsburg Florian Muller - Mainz Angus Gunn - Southampton Which one has the best potential?
  24. Yes. With Robben and Ribery leaving, Coman and Gnabry could form a great pair. Sell Lemar if you have better options available. Yes. Good chances. First two will rise and I'll go with Fabinho. Get him if he's available. He's worth his value. Stones at the moment. Bakayoko is giving good performances but can't see him getting +1 anytime soon. So, I'd hold on to Keita. You're giving too much. Aouar is good but the deal is unfair to you.
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