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    Shelbourne FC

    Idea For Custom Setup

    As you Know in Custom Setups Div 2/3 teams teams often Struggle with Crowds let alone a Div 4 teams, Often leading to players leaving there clubs, & Setups becoming Dead. Why Not have them all incorperated in 1 Division But 4 Different Groups. SO: (Example) Groups :A - B - C - D (With 8 Teams In Each, Complete Random Each New Season). Everyone plays each Other Twice in There Respective Group (14 games) The Winner Of Each Group Would be Considered League Champion. Then Like a Playoff Champion (The Ultimate Prize) The Winners then Play Each Other In (Semi Final & Final) GOLD 2nd In Each Group Play Each Other In (Semi Final & Final) SILVER 3rd In Each Group Play Each Other In (Semi Final & Final) BRONZE A Cup Competition for All 32 Teams (5 MATCHES >Finalists)
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    Christantus Macauley

    Christantus Macauley is young strong and agile. He won the African U-17 championship with Nigeria and also emerged the Golden Shoe winner in that championship with 4 goals. This feat was repeated at the world stage. After winning the U-17 world cup with current world champions Nigeria and also having individual achievments as the official FIFA Golden shoe Award Winner with 7 goals and the FIFA Silver Ball Award winner as the second Most Valuable Player of the Championship, teenage sensation, Christantus Macualey has set European top clubs on a collision course for his signature. Spanish giants, Real Madrid have joined the scramble for Golden Eaglets’ striker Macauley Chrisantus. Real are ready to break the bank for the player. They have tabled a massive offer for him. The problem is that they are one of several other top clubs in the race for Chrisantus. Also on the queue are French side, Olympique Marseilles, Liverpool FC of England and Dutch outfit, Vitesse Arnhem which have also been in touch with the player’s handlers. Soccer agent, Pini Zahavi, who masterminded Nigerian striker Yakubu Aiyegbeni’s rise to stardom in the English Premiership, also wants to handle the player of the moment, Christantus Macauley, whose mother hails from Taraba State in Nigeria. Christantus, plays for Nigerian youth clubside Abuja FC, but is currently out of contract with the Nigerian club, which means he can move from the Nigerian club outside the transfer window without necessarily having to wait for the official transfer season to commence in either January or May 2008. This situation has already attracted a 2.5 million Euro bid from Tottenham Hotspurs of England. According to reports, Spurs chief Martin Jol faces competition from Liverpool and Real Madrid, who made offers of 1.5 Million Euros and 1.3 Million Euros respectively. Ajax are also tracking the player. Macauley's agent, Adam Mohammed is in England trying to arrange a transfer. Macauley currently is not on Soccer Manager but the lad is one to remember his name, he has a bright future, and if he can get signed by a big club we could see this kid really shine. After watching him in the u-17 world cup i think he has potential and give him 2 thumbs up lol.
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    AFCTU Jacko

    Any ideas for a new setup?

    Re: Any ideas for a new setup? Having seen my first custom setup deteriorate a bit (silly transfers, half empty,suspecting people of having multiple a/c etc) I have come to the following conclusions re my new setup: - 20 teams or less to keep it full - Teams must be top ones to get most folks interested - No buying from unmanaged clubs to attract new managers if people leave - Rep of 60 or more/be known to me as a fair player to get in (most of the dodgy players seem to have reps under 50) What I am looking for now is a quirk, something interesting this setup can do that most others don't....unless you lot just want a Div 1 of a WC? All ideas welcome
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    Scottish Clubs

    Re: Scottish Clubs I think Faddie is a solid player, plays well when he plays for Everton and Scotland....I think he deserves an 88. I totally agree with you on the players being underrated, I'm going to concentrate on the Rangers player because I think that the Celtic players are fairly rated at 89/90/91 because after all they have won the league for the last two seasons. The players that play for Rangers who I think are underrated are: Alan McGregor (87): I think that he deserves a rating of at least 88, after all he has been the First team goalie for over a year now and as Greig Spence said he plays in the champions league and Niemi, Friedel etc.. don't and they are rated 89. Alan Hutton (86): This is his 3rd season in the first team......and he has possibly been our most consistent player over the last year, he has inproved sooooooooo much since he broke his leg, 88 for me. Carlos Cuellar (88): Not much to say about him other than..........class act, should be at least 89. Lee McCulloch (86:confused:): Not got a clue how he can be rated so low, he has been a fantastic player for Rangers, always looking to attack, always looking for a shot on goal, great team player. I don't think that anyone can begrudge him an increase of 2 or 3 up to 88/89. DaMarcus Beasley (86:confused:): How you can have 70 caps for the 18th best country in the world at the age of 25 but be rated 86 is totally beyond me.....He has played for PSV (Champions League team), Man City (Premiership) and Rangers (Champions league team) He has been a very good player for us since he signed. His performance on Tuesday backs up my point. He should be at least 88 Barry Ferguson (89): WHY, WHY, WHY IS HE STILL 89?? I have tried to get him an increase before but I kept running into a brick wall because Celtic fans kept slating him simply because he is a Rangers player, tell me this what the **** has Nakamura done to deserve a 91 when Ferguson is still at 89? Brahim Hemdani (89): Fantastic player, he does his job so effectively......he wins the ball, passes the ball. Wins the ball, passes the ball. How many teams would pay big money for a player like him? He does not get get a game in the SPL most weeks because Walter Smith likes to keep him for Champions League games simply because he never makes any mistakes. He is quite happy only to play the games that the gaffer wants him to play in which shows a true pro, plenty of players would go in a huff if they were not played week in week out. BTW i get really ****** me off that we only play him in CL games, he got player of the year last season how can he not play in every game? but anyway more to the point he should be rated 90 or 91 simply because he is a better all round player than Nakamura and he is rated 2 lower?? Jean-Claude Darchville (88): This man is something else, he is strong, fast and scores goals which is why he is loved by the fans. Alot of teams would love a player like him he is also a fantastic all round player although he is 32 years old I think he should be rated 89, after all - it did not stop Inzaghi getting an increase did it? Im not going to comment on Cousin at the moment because he has not played that many games and to be honest I think that he is fairly rated just now. I totally agree with you V.P, you have made a fantastic point. I and BTW who ever said that the old firm have only made it to the last 16 twice........you might want to look at the facts. 1. At least one Scottish team has been in the last sixteen for the last two seasons, does that not show you that we are getting better?? If you say "no" then you are in denial. 2. How many other team can get to the last 16 with as little money as the old firm have?? Lets look at the differance: Premiership Winners Prize Money for 07/08: £50,000,000 (http://www.sportingo.com/football/now_english_premiership_is_set/1001,3104) SPL Winners: The Clydesdale bank have given the SPL £8m for the next 4 years - £2m a year(which not all will be prize money, £1m if we are lucky)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_Premier_League) O and BTW fantastic result for Celtic!! Shame to see that fanny on the pitch!!
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    Alex Guerci

    Alex Guerci was born on 31st July 1989 in Soresina which is a province of Cremona in Italy. He is a midfielder and plays for AC Milan, currently in their youth squad. Guerci made his first appearance in an AC Milan shirt when he was called up for a Chamions League game against Anderlecht on 17th October 2006 but was an unused substitute for the match. He was also an unused substitute in a coppa Italia game against Brescia and another Champions League game against AEK Athens last season. At the end of last season he finally made his debut coming on as a second half substitute for Leandro Grimi against against Udinese in the 3-2 loss at the San Siro in Serie A'a penultimate game on the 19th May 2007. I am unsure when he was added to the database by I came across him yesterday in a scouting mission. He is 72 rated on SM and plays the position M, which basically measns he can play right across the midfield. He is only 18 years old and will almost certainly be a free agent in all of the setups. He has only made 1 appearance to date as a 17 year old so AC Milan must think a lot of him and he may be a long term investment as he will only cost arounf £75k. I was horrified to see this morning that late last night I was outbid for him in both Gold Setups that I am in and didn't get him in either. In GC8 the Cruz Azul manager paid £500k for him so he has obviously seen something in him to pay that much. Anyway guys, he is worth a punt so go out and get him.
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    United "berisha" 51

    FIFA 08!

    Re: FIFA 08!
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    Scottish Clubs

    Re: Scottish Clubs Well the first topic.. Scots under-rated I think on SM, most of the Scottish ratings are correct, but the SPL is deprived of high ratings simply because of its popularity. Just as the Chelsea bench could walk into a Celtic/Rangers eleven, the Celtic/Rangers eleven could probably walk into the bottom ten teams in the Prem, without questioning. The standouts e.g Ferguson, McGregor, McCulloch(86:confused: ), Donati, Brown, Boruc, McGeady, Nakamura, Hesselink, McManus, could all get a game for most teams outside of the top four. McFadden rated, 87 - He is a shining star in Scotland, yet isn't even a regular for the national team. Doesn't get much of a chance at Everton, but seems to change games in the last ten minutes or whatever he gets. Looked like he would get less that Yakubu is there, yet he has been playing more. Always consistently good for Scotland, and seems to produce very special things. IMO 88. The SPL is easy Yes its very easy to say that Rangers or Celtic will win the league each season, and basically its true. However, with the finances they have, how can the other sides Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen cope. Until they get some cash, and a chance to show themselves they can never improve in this way. Have some great players coming through, from clubs like Motherwell, Hibernian, Aberdeen and Hearts have some fantastic players coming through the ranks. National team 14th in the World. Topping a group including France, Italy and Ukraine. Passion. Beat France, TWICE! Enough said. Another thing Darren Fletcher(Man United) - Good talent. Jay Mceveley(Derby) - Great young prospect. McFadden(Everton) - Said enough about him above. Barry Ferguson(Ex-Blackburn) - Captain of National/Club side. All of the above play/have played in the Premiership and when they have played have done no harm in their Scottish reputation. Yes? Proved themselves at the so called 'highest level' And another English bias is a joke. Sky Sports are the worst culprits. Get a grip, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are also in the United Kingdom!
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    Re: HOMEWORK THREAD Its that abacus thing isnt it? Like times tables and division! Like 5 x 5 would be 2/5. Or something like that! Man, that was like 11 or 12 years ago!! Lol. There is a board involved. ha ha. erm..... All i remember is that is bloomin nasty and algebra was easier. Oh, I am so glad at helping you. I think Navdeep is quite good at this.
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    The Forum Rumour Thread

    Re: Bobo's Personal Rumour Thread! Hull manager Phil Brown is planning a second bid to sign ex-Inter Milan and Lazio striker Christian Vieri from Fiorentina, after initial attempts broke down in the summer. (Various) Both Watford and Coventry are looking to sign Shrewsbury central defender Kelvin Langmead. (The Mirror) OTHER GOSSIP Chelsea boss Avram Grant is set to risk the wrath of owner Roman Abramovich by leaving striker Andriy Shevchenko out of the starting line-up for Wednesday's Champions League tie with Valencia. (The Sun) Meanwhile, Rafa Benitez has said he does not want "excuses from top players" ahead of Liverpool's Champions League encounter with Marseille. (The Sun) And Celtic midfielder Massimo Donati has spoken of his desire to prove a point to AC Milan manager Carlo Ancelotti when the two sides meet at Celtic Park - Donati struggled for starts under Ancelotti at Milan. (Various) Alisher Usmanov has said he will not let former Gunners vice-chairman David Dein's relationship with the Arsenal board stand in the way of a takeover at the club. (Guardian) Former Newcastle boss Glenn Roeder has emerged ahead of Gianluca Vialli as favourite to replace sacked QPR manager John Gregory. (The Mirror) Newcastle and England striker Michael Owen has made a limited return to training just three days after undergoing surgery on his stomach. (Daily Star) Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp is backing Kanu to make the 20 starts this season that are a condition of the veteran striker earning a renewed contract at Pompey. (The Mirror) Reading's Glen Little could be out for up to six months after surgery on an ankle injury. (Daily Star) Port Vale are looking at Notts County boss Steve Thompson as a replacement for Martin Foyle. (The Mirror) AND FINALLY... Manchester City boss Sven-Goran Eriksson has ordered his squad to take English lessons in order to continue their impressive start to the season. The Swede has 15 nationalities represented in his squad and believes improved communication on the pitch will lead to even better results. (Various)
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    Re: Goalkeeper
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    DP 91

    Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread

    Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread Lol! It's fair enough to come to the thread and put a reality on it but it's not really the point of the thread to come to it and discuss why you think Jol sucks. It's here to debate but to be honest do you expect Spurs fan's to come and agree with you or even put time and effort to say he doesnt? Needless thing to say IMO and as I said comments like that built up on the last one and became the reason why the thread got accidently deleted. I don't wonder why people are leaving the forum's lately, I know why people are leaving the forums lately.
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    Re: National Treasure Match Reports/Transfer News Division 2 round up from the 2nd turn of Ant's setup. The National treasure In the all English clash between Liverpool's Havoc and Manchester Uniteds Leigh Auston, in what was expected to be a tightly contested affair, it certainly was not. Shots wise it may have been, but when it came down to the finishing, Liverpool ran out 0-3 winners at the theatre of dreams. 1 from Momo Diarra and 2 from Fernando Torres gave them 3 points to continue their excellent start to the season. MOM - Torres United now have a tricky tie in Croatia, whilst Havoc's Pool take on Sporting at home. This brings me onto another surprise result from division 2, Where Real, managed by Lem Steve thumped Bobos Inter, by 4 goals to 1. It was another game that had an evenly matched amount of shots, but once again, finishing was key. Shaun Maloney, one of many scots arriving in the Spanish capital bagged a brace to go along with goals from Fletcher and Sneijder. Crespo got a consolation for the visitors. MOM - Sneijder Next up for Real is a visit to Dortmund, whilst Inter entertain Zemun. Sporting, now unmanaged in the setup due to the untimely resignation by Liam Radcliffe, took on the Mighty Shels Celtic in Portugal, where the scots came out victorious. In a match with few chances, just 5 on target to be exact, Robbie Keane continued his bright start to the season with the match winner. MOM - Keane. Next up for manager less Sporting is a trip to Anfield, where as Celtic take on America Mex. I now move on to the surprise package of the season, where manager less Zemun recorded another victory, this time over their Eastern rivals Dinamo, to the displeasure of manager Antonio Jose. They won 2-1, thanks to goals from Roberts and Veselinovic, with Etto getting one for the Croatians. MOM - Balaban. Next up for Zemun is a tough task, a visit to the San Siro. Dinamo welcome Man Utd. The final game took place in Mexico, where America Mex, under my control, spurred on by a partizan crowd of 101,000 at the Azteca blew away Georges Dortmund, by 3 goals to 0. New boy Raffa Marquez took his place commanding the centre of midfield, whilst Rojas 1, and Omar Bravo got the goals. MOM - Bravo. Next up for America is a trip to Celtic, whilst Dortmund take on Real at home. After week 3, again Liverpool keep up their 100% start, with America, Celtic and Zemun 3 points behind in the fellow promotion spots. Team of the week: Reina (Liverpool) Osorio (America) Carragher (Liverpool) Pressley (Real Madrid) Dunne (Celtic) Marquez (America) Diarra (Real Madrid) Sneijder (Real Madrid) Ferguson (Real Madrid) Bravo (America) Torres (Liverpool) Top Goalscorers after 3 games: Keane (Celtic), Torres (Liverpool)and Etoo (Liverpool)on 3 goals. Torres added a brace this week. Top assists after 3 games: Alonso (Liverpool) and Fonseca (America) with 3. Alonso's passing is his strength. Manager of the week goes to Lem Steve after crushing Bobos Inter 4-1, he had this to say, "It was a good result for the boys, we were buoyed on by some crazy Scots in one corner of the pitch, it seemed to give us the edge." NEW : My Predictions for next week Internazionale 3 - 1 Zemun Dinamo Zagreb 1 - 2 Manchester United Celtic 1 - 2 America Liverpool 3 - 0 Sporting Borussia Dortmund 1 - 2 Real Madrid
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    Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread Welcome to the first of hopefully many Survivor weekly programmes giving us a insight into what is going on and including genuine interviews with the participating managers. This is a work in progress so any ideas you may have to make this better is accepted. We start off at champions Chelsea and find out why Alan thinks his side have struggled to get going this season. After being nearly unbeatable last campaign they are 10th and are finding defending there title a real test. 1)Current champions of the setup things arnt looking good currently in 10th and no win in your last few games. Whats gone wrong? After winning last year have gone in to experimenting more this year with some of my youth and tactics,as you can see not going to well at mo . 2)You spent a lot of money bringing in Jeremy Menez from Monaco, do you see big things for him at Chelsea? Yes i do, reason for spending a bit ,i know i already have a few great young forwards for the future i have heavily invested Aguero and Huguain being two of them but i think Menez will also give me more of an option ,A playmaker by trade, he is noted for being the youngest ever scorer of a hat trick in Ligue 1, the youngest ever winner of Ligue 1's player of the month award and has sometimes been compared to Zinédine Zidane and has also been called the French Wayne Rooney. So i am hoping under the BONES guidance i will fetch these players greatnesses out in him. 3)Your next couple of league games are against teams just below and above you, will you be taking adifferent approach to these? Yes i will, At moment only 6 points behind having lost just two more than top team ,i am happy to be just that ammount with the experimenting ive done but i also know with the great managers above me i cant get to far adrift because the likes of Fraser wont drop many more points,up to now ive been playing around with my front men in diff positions and playing a V .attacking style ,well as you can see the goals are flying in the opposite net but also in mine .So i will carry on with my experiments for now as long as i am no more than 9 points by half way ,but for the upcoming games will revert from v.attacking style to try and stop goals leeking in but a style that will still allow my strikers the freedom to score. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Colin took over at Benfica at the beginning of this season and has shocked the setup by taking an early lead and holds onto the top spot. 1)You've had the best start of all the new managers and are showing some of the older a thing or two by sitting top, did you imagine after ten games you would be in this position? Was hoping to be about mid table at this point but we have started like a house on fire.There was some great players here when i joined and iv added 7 players of my own and i think we can have a very good season 2)Although a dissapointing result against Man Utd do you think your guys can pick themselves up for the game against second placed Real Madrid? It will be hard Madrid are in good form and have a great manager in Fraser but we are at home so with a bit of luck im hoping for all 3 points 3)Filipo Inzaghi has been a scoring machine for you since joining from Milan for £3,100,000 was he a player you really wanted when you signed him, or just the best of what was available? He's a great player and it was a great price so yes he was a player i really wanted and lets hope he keeps up the good understand with he's partner Podolski and fire us to the tittle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Manager Paul Thame has seen better times at Arsenal but his side have struggled to get going, that was untill they tore Bayern apart in there last game. 1)A slow start to the season but now you have climbed off the bottom what are your targets realistically? I must admit, a snail moves faster than our start to the season. But now the players have smelt the bacon and got their rear ends moving especially in the cup. 2)Did you change anything for the game with Bayern that made your players reward you with a goalfest, especially Lionel Messi's performance? Our demolition of Bayern shows how much high-class potential I have at my disposal. Messi on a good day can be a one-man outfield team, and he proved that against Bayern. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Season one champs and top manager Ivan has a lot of talent at his Inter side but thats not stopping him from keeping his eye on other talent. We caught up with him after his sides draw with Sevilla. 1)You must be dissapointed with the draw with Sevilla after being 3-1 up? Well i am disappointed, i think we have a better squad than Sevilla. Also the last goal was a tragic moment for us, we were in lead until the 89th minute, also the shot was deflected!!! I have a strong feeling that we spent all our luck in the season one. 2)You seem to be watching alot of players currently, will we be seeing some new faces at Inter soon or are you just observing? I am looking for a right back and a replacement for Figo. I will try to sign Finnan as my second option because i didnt have enough power to bring Dani Alves. There is also the third option because he first bid was rejected. But its a secret as other managers could overtake me. 3)Dario Srna one of your latest signings seems to be struggling with life in Italy, is this a reason why you havent handed him a debut yet? Srna is a class player, very professional so his personal problems wont effect his performances. Also i know his life is going very well as we have conversations in English among the players. Also he is here living with the other Croatians Modric, Dudu and Iličević so living in Milano isnt any problem with him. His debut will come, and he will possibly be the first option for the RM position as he has the best form between his teammates Figo and Maxi Rodriguez. I also expect his rating to rise soon, same as the other Croatians so he can be the regular member of the first eleven, together with Dudu and Modrić. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Milan are a side that like to entertain, likewise in the seven goal thriller with Schalke we caught up with Razz to see if Milan could challenge this campaign 1)A very entertaing game with Schalke on thursday, storming into a four goal lead, they fought back well in the second half but couldnt snatch an equaliser, your thoughts? Fantastic game with plenty of chances created, and Schalke did fantastic to pull 3 goals back after my side got a 4 goal lead within half an hour. Because of poor fitness throughout the squad I had to rest plenty of key players with the likes of Ronaldo, Essien, Nesta and Toure having to watch from the bench, but I was extremely pleased with the players that got drafted in for the game - they stood up to the plate and got a great result for the side away from home. 2)Three league wins on the trot sees you in the top six and four points of the leaders, can Milan do it this season? Sure there has never been any doubt since leaving Bayern after the first season, that Milan had the players and quality to claim a league title, but it has been tough trying to find the winning chemistry. Chopped and changed players, formations and tactics on a regular basis in an attempt to scrape some victories. It hasn't been plain sailing as I expected it to be when I took the job here at Milan and it is always going to be tough in a league with so many fantastic managers. But all in all, there seems to be plenty of belief and morale throughout the squad now, and to be 4 points adrift the top of the stack now - this could well be the season where the fans and players get the title of the Survivor that they deserve from all their hard work and effort on and off the pitch. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will endeavour to do another SW later or tomorrow due to the overwhelming response from you all, it was better than i had planned for and will do my best to get all your answers up on here. thanks to all.
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    Barcelona rating changes!

    Re: Barcelona rating changes! i have read a few of the post in regards to Eto'o going down and Rooney is better then him, and i have to agree with Tom here in all his post about Eto'o, the guy is pure talent injured or not,and when healthy i'd choose him over Rooney any day of the week,heck even with him hurt i'd choose him over Rooney,is experience is greater then Rooney's aswell, he is clutch when he is in,and if i recall Rooney gets hurts aswell for whomever(Can't recall sorry)was saying that Eto'o is alwasy hurt
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    sevilla's formation,help me

    Re: sevilla's formation,help me i need help on my formation plz help its milan G.COUPET 93 RB D. MAICON 92 B/LM F. GROSSO 92 CB S. JUAN 92 CB W. SAMUEL 93 RM/CM L. GONZALEZ 93 CM/RM G. GATTUSO 96 M/RM JUNINHO 95 H. CRESPO 94 82 F/AM RONALDINHO 98 LM/CM C. SEEDORF 94 R. KEANE 92 D. BONERA 90 J. VERON 92 CM/DM M. AMBROSINI 90 CF A. GILARDINO 92 CF RICARDO OLIVEIRA 90 G DIDA 92 100 - LB/CB P. MALDINI 91 LM/LB SERGINHO 88 LB G. FAVALLI 88 AM/CM Y. GOURCUFF (yth) 88 W/F K. KEITA 91 CB/RB D. SIMIC 88 F M. BORRIELLO 84 LM/LB J. RIISE 92 W/F P. PIATTI (yth) 85 LB V. MARCELO (yth) 87 AM/F L. LULINHA (yth) 75 LB/LM M. JANKULOVSKI 91 LB/CB K. KALADZE 91
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    Clint Dempsey

    Re: Clint Dempsey
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    Re: Team of the Premiership at of the 1st October:
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    The Original Gooner

    Player Positions

    Re: Player Positions Yeah he would do okay on the wing as that is his second position and he will also perform pretty well in his secondary position i imagine he will play like an 88 rated player on the wing. So yes he could fill in while Quaresma is injured.
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    Re: Outstanding Young Talents! From U17 world Cup add bojan to that list aswel.
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    Rep points???

    Re: Rep points??? 1000 mate , not a hundred a thousand
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    Baseball Furie

    Rep points???

    Re: Rep points??? we (Me and Teb) think it's when you refer someone to the forum so i should have 3 really :/
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    Toro De Líbano

    Boca Juniors thread

    I saw Roscoee's thread on Bradford city, and decided to make my own on Boca Juniors. I searched and found no other thread about this. you can make match reports on your team, talk about anyone you have signed or sold, or talk about the real team itself.
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    some germans

    some german talents and underrated players. it'd be better to post this in a few weeks after some league games have been played, but I'll let you decide if they're worth it. Andreas Ottl: 21, DM, rated 80 Plays for Bayern Muenchen. Made 8 appearances late last season. Played the whole game of the season opener alongside Owen Hargreaves last week. (http://www.kicker.de/fussball/bundesliga/startseite/artikel/353624/) If his form stays the same, he'll likely be seeing consistant playing time. Regular on U21 national team Jermaine Jones: 24, rated 82 Currently injured, but otherwise is the captain of 1st Division side Eintracht Frankfurt. Regular on U21 national team. 32 Bundesliga appearances last season. 53 2nd Bundesliga appearances. Philipp Tschauner: 20, G, rated 70 Currently back-up keeper for 2nd Bundesliga Club 1860 Muenchen. Regular on U21 national team Mustafa KUCUKOVIC, 19, CF, rated 78 Highly rated talent from Hamburger SV. Currently on loan to 2nd Bundesliga side Greuther Fuerth i'll keep you updated on what happens as the season progresses
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    - RANDOLPH, Darren G 20 76 - BERCHICHE , Yuri LB 17 75 - RINCÓN, Carlos LB/LM 20 68 CORLUKA, Vedran CB/RB 21 89 0 - CONNOLLY, Matthew CB 20 77 - KANYUKA, Patrick CB 20 76 - NORDTVEIT , Havard CB 17 75 - IVANOV, Simeon CB 17 72 - IMHOLZ, Sascha D 18 76 GUARDADO, Andrés LM/LB 21 90 - VAINQUEUR, William LM 18 78 0 - SUAREZ, Jeffrén LM 19 75 - IDRIZAJ, Besian LM 19 74 - MERIDA, Francisco LM/CM 17 72 HUDDLESTONE, Tom CM/DM 20 88 - ESTRADA , Daniel CM 20 79 - SANKHARE, Younousse CM 18 73 - RANDALL, Mark CM 18 73 - NGOYI, Granddi CM 19 73 - MORGANELLA, Michel M 18 73 BANEGA, Ever DM 19 87 - SISSOKO, Moussa DM 18 75 - MARIN, Marko AM/W 18 77 LULINHA, Luiz Marcelo AM/F 17 75 LENNON, Aaron W 20 89 PIATTI, Pablo W/F 18 85 - WORRALL, David W/F 17 63 GIOVANI, dos Santos F/AM 18 82 - PUKKI, Teemu F 17 73 - SIMON, Andras F/AM 17 71 - STURRIDGE , Daniel F 18 70 - SUNU, Gilles F 16 60 The above is a list of my youth team. I feel it is too large so i want to cut it to about 18 players. could you please give me advice on who to keep and who to get rid off. thanks
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    Stevie Blade

    Toni Kroos

    This guy is amazing he is only 17 and he has the potential of becoming Germanys best ever player! he is outstanding! the next rating change should see him go up to atleast a 83!
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    Luca Rossettini, Siena DEF 70 to 78

    This post features another ideal signing for lower league sides. Luca Rossetini (22/70/10K) was transferred from Padova (Serie C) to Siena in the summer. I've resisted posting until now as I wanted to see if he played for Siena. Well he has now, he played 90 minutes for Siena in yesterday's 1-1 draw at home to Milan (quite a debut). Luca's real justification for increase is coupled in that A) he plays for a Serie A club now and for Padova last season he played in 23 matches (21 starts, 2 subs and 1 goal). In total 1922 minutes of onfield time for Padova last season. (NB: Some might think Serie C - An increase to 78? but many Padova players are in the 78-82 rating area. So the future's looking good for Rossetini and a £15K investment once again is a no-brainer! At best he might get to an 84/85 by next June but for now a 78 definitely looks in order. Get stuck in. No links as yet, it's probably too early just now.
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    Ronaldo rating

    Jealous! You freaky little english "boys" are so jealous about Ronaldo! AhAhAh! I bet you guys wanted him playing for England! Stop crying just because he's just the best player in Premiership! He could dribble England's hole team! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
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