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  1. 1st of all I'd like point out I 100% support Cristiano Ronaldo reaching 98! I'm Liverpool fan, and hate Man Utd and i really hate Ronaldo! but he really is the best player in the world. For anyone who doesn't think so and thinks Kaka,Ronaldinho or Messi well i say.. This Season Club Stats for Cristiano Ronaldo. Premiership : 17(1) games | 16 goals F.A Cup : 1 game | 1 goal Champions League : 5 games | 5 goals Overall : 23(1) games | 22 goals He's not even a striker! His influence for Man td is unreal and 96 to 98 may seem alot but if anyone deserves this its Cristiano. ----------------
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  2. I'll start with stoke ratings: feel free to contribute your own club. try to be as least bias as possible: do decreases as well as increases: SIMONSEN, Steve: 84>85 Actim Stats, the official player rating system of the Championship has rated him best keeper two years on the trot, and is currently leading the charts, premier standard, one of few players we'd keep id[f we go up FULLER, Ricardo 84> 85, Just instrumental to our recent success SHAWCROSS, 80>86...WOW 1.2million has been agreed with Man U and what a signing, best Defender in the league thus far, played most games for us
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  3. Sinny

    Speed of SM

    Re: Speed Of SM
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  4. Re: Why did finnan go down 2 like Gary Neville?! To be honest, was he ever at the standard of a 93 rated defender ? i mean really. Should of he ever of been the same rating as Alves and other leading full backs, no no he should. 91 was always the right rating from him imo. He might of played loads and won alot but its not just stats that count its ability and imo he isnt higher than 91. Torress 94 is a little generous, but he does deserve it, he wasnt fantastic in his last year at Ath.Madrid but has played well this year, and he clealry has bags of talent as his performances show. 95 would
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  5. Re: Who will splash the cash when window opens for business? more transfer news FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Remember on the playground, when two deadly rivals would square up, and the whole school would gather round, goading them into kicking lumps out of each other? That's how The Gossip Column feels this morning after reading The Daily Mirror, which reckons that both Alan Shearer and Kevin Keegan want the Newcastle job (despite neither saying anything of the sort), but don't want to work together. The paper quotes the ubiquitous 'friend' of both as saying: "Alan won't be a No.2 to anyone
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  6. Re: Leigh's Comprehensive English Player Ratings - Part 2 When you look though m8 they are crazy sometime's,and whilst i can understand player's dropping because of injury, i don't think they should. As we have seen with Cahill and the way he's come back straight after a long injury,it sometime's does'nt affect how well they perform if they are managed right. In regard's to Micah Richard's and Mcsheffrey,if you compare them with other player's and how effective they are,they should be higher rated than they are. Richards is still young but as we have seen with player's just breaking through,t
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  7. Re: Leigh's Comprehensive English Player Ratings - Part 2
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  8. Smartdoc

    The EPL according to SM

    I'm gonna try something here... and that is to defend SM :eek: . Not the wisest thing to do I know and may get a lot of negative comments for it but someone has to do it . The EPL ratings changes were always going to be contreversial as the majority of forumers know the premiership well and have their favourites and players who they don't rate at all. I'm not gonna look at individual ratings, bt overall team ratings. Following the changes, I looked at all the teams and sorted there best possible team in a 4-4-2 formation according to ratings (I know all the teams do not play 4-4-2 all t
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  9. Re: 30M+Toure+Neuer for Riquelme? I would Counter 0k plus Aguero and Robinho, see if he is stupid enough to take that! Riquelme is a world great in terms of ability but the fact he has not played a single minute at club level this year will definitely harm his rating, I can see it falling maybe to 95, possibly even 94. Yaya Toure will rise, I would say to 93 as he is a regular in a team full of much higher rated players although plenty of them seem set for decreases. I don't think Neuer or Akinfeev will raise anytime soon although both are good keepers and likely to have very good careers.
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