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    ian neller

    Osa Guobadia ICE CREAM

    Re: Osa Guobadia ICE CREAM Will give you all inside information ,will only do it this once ,can become a 99 as long as someone sticks a flake in his head .
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    Chairman value, manipulated

    Ok, here's a little trick on how to use the chairman value to you advantage. I apologize if someone beat me to it, I never saw it on here and it's hard to search such a vague topic. Using my Bradford City as an example. How on Earth does a Bradford get Fabio Quagliarella (24, 91), Lino Marzarotti (21, 87) and Carlos Diogo (24, 91) while only giving up about 10 mil in assets and cash? Easy. Use your keepers. This is valuable information, mainly with small division 2 sides for FC, GC, SC and div 3/4 EC's. Step 1 : Stock up on young keepers who could rise. I bought the following keepers : Sergio Asenjo for 300k, Kenny Steppe for 20k, Rafael Urko for 300k, Stephane Ruffier for 175k, Wayne Hennessey for 400k and Davide Bassi for 20k. Those are the ones I used to get my players. I also bought Sosa, Altamirano, Linka, Martinez and Lamantia for future use. Plus Diego Lopez, my starter. Step 2 : Wait for the transfer ban to expire and for the keepers to rise to about 3 mil value. Asenjo rose to 83, Steppe to 82, Urko to 80, Ruffier to 80, Hennessey to 85 and Ruffier to 82. This is perfect for opposing chairmen. Step 3 : Take a look at division one squads. Who do they have as keepers? First one I noticed was 37 year old Antonio Chimenti at Liverpool. He is usually Udinese's top keeper. Step 4 : Go see Udinese's squad. Who is their current top keeper? In this case, it was Marco Murriero, rated 75. PERFECT. If it is a low rated player, your keeper's chairman value will be amazing. If they have any other keeper about 80, go find another team. Step 5 : Find a player you like on the squad. My eye was immediatly set on Fabio Quagliarella. Chairman Value : 14 mil. Step 6 : Make the transfer. Hennesey to my chairman is worth 2.0 mil. To Udinese, a whopping 8.5 mil. Bassi to my chairman; 1.0. To them, 6mil! So I traded 3.0 of my chairman value for Quagliarella, now my top striker. Repeat steps 3 to 6 as much as you like. My Bradford now has three players using this technique Carlos DIOGO for 3mil, Kenny Steppe and Sergio Asenjo Lino Marzoratti for Stefane Ruffier and Rafael Urko.
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    On this thread I will be predicting rises for players under the age of 21. Like my English U21 thread I will start off with teams from the top half until i eventually finnish with the 5 top clubs in Liga 2. Please feel free to comment or discuss any players whether they are mentioned or not. The table Real Madrid Vieira MARCELO, 19 years old, LB, 89 Stats: La Liga: 18 starts CL: 6 starts Notes: Starting LB for Real Madrid and played in a lot of there games. Will see a rise Rise form 89 ---> 90 Royston DRENTHE, 20 years old, LM/LM, 88 Stats: La Liga: 7 starts, 9 subs, 2 goals CL: 4 starts Notes: Some people will disagree but i feel he is a fantastic player who has played 20 games and scored a couple of goals and deserves a rating of 89 now. Rise from 88 ---> 89 Fernando GAGO, 20 years old, CM/DM, 90 Stats: La Liga: 15 starts, 10 starts CL: 6 starts Notes: This season become a very important part of Real and i think a small increase would be fair. Rise from 90 ---> 91 Villareal No Noticeable Risers Barcelona dos Santos GIOVANI, 18 years old, F/AM, 86 Stats: La Liga: 6 starts, 15 subs CL: 1 start, 3 subs, 1 goal Notes: He has been massively overshadowed by Bojan this season, bu we can't just forget about him. He still has talent, he's still playing well and could still be huge. Needs a positional change to AM/F. Rise from 86 ---> 87 Krkic Pérez BOJAN, 17 years old, F, 87 Stats: La Liga: 10 starts, 14 subs, 8 goals CL: 2 starts, 4 subs, 1 goal Notes: We all know he is simply a star! Personally i think he'll hit around 89/90. Rise from 87 ---> 89/90 Atletico Madrid Escudero RAUL GARCIA, 21 years old, CM, 91 Stats: La Liga: 27 starts, 3 goals UEFA Cup: 3 starts, 2 subs Notes: Along with Aguero, he has been key for Atletico this season. Tipped to be the next Xavi Rise from 91 ---> 92 *****Big Riser***** Ignacio CAMACHO, 17 years old, CM/DM, 75 Stats: La Liga: 3 starts, 1 sub Notes: Started becoming part of the first team in the latter part of March. If he can keep these games up he may get an even bigger rise than predicted. Rise from 75 ---> 82/83 Sergio AGUERO, 19 years old, F, 92 Stats: La Liga: 28 starts, 1 sub, 13 goals UEFA Cup: 5 starts, 2 subs, 5 goals Notes: He's got it all!!, and he's only 19. Great goal-scorer and fantastic build up play. As-well he has played internationally so on the basis Benzema went up to 93, Kun should also rise. Rise from 92 ---> 93 Racing Santander Ivan MARCANO, 20 years old, LB/CB, 77 Stats: La Liga: 2 starts Notes: Got another game since the last Rating Change so a small increase. Rise from 77 ---> 79 Palacios IVAN BOLADO, 18 years old, F, 84 Stats: La Liga: 7 starts, 4 subs, 2 goals Notes: 2nd half of the season he's come to life. Scored 2 goals recently and played Regularly Rise from 84 ---> 86 Sevilla Trinidad DIEGO CAPEL, 19 years old, LM/W, 87 Stats: La Liga: 16 starts, 8 subs, 3 goals CL: 4 starts, 2 subs Notes: Since the last Rating Changes he hasn't stopped playing. And he's been playing very well. Future 94/95 IMO, and he reminds me very much of Ribery who has achieved this rating. Might even get 90 this time round. Rise from 87 ---> 89 Espanyol Francisco CASILLA, 21 years old, G, 80 Stats: La Liga: 3 starts, 1 sub Notes: a few more games he's played, increase. Rise from 80 ---> 83 Almeria No noticeable Risers Mallorca Emilio NSUE, 18 years old, F, 72 Stats: La Liga: 2 subs Notes: 2 sub appearances in the last 2 months, will rise for sure. Rise from 72 ---> 74/75 Oscar TREJO, 19 years old, CF, 83 Stats: La Liga: 2 starts, 9 subs Notes: 5 games in the last 2 months, he has proven he will be one for the future. Rise from 83 ---> 84/85 Athletic Bilboa Aguinaga JAVI MARTINEZ, 19 years old, CM/AM, 87 Stats: La Liga: 25 starts, 1 sub Notes: Haven't watched him play although going by his number of appearances he could easily make 89. Rise from 87 ---> 88/89 Markel SUSAETA, 20 years old, RM/AM, 86 Stats: La Liga: 18 starts, 6 subs, 4 goals Notes: Played a fair share of games and scored goals. Although again I haven't yet seen him play his stats should earn him 88. Rise from 86 ---> 88 So that concludes Part 1. Stay tuned as Part 2 will be in the next few days. Please feel free to discuss any player above or a player from those teams who hasn't been mentioned.
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    Spanish Ratings

    Re: Spanish Ratings It's not all about rep man. We don't help for rep, we help to help.
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    Talent mAn

    Young Talents

    I have found three young talents that I believe will raise. The first is a young Brazilian, who I believe has not been mentioned on this forum, Vinícius TARTÁ. Tarta is an 18 year old who is making some noise for Fluminense. Tarta is mainly used right now as a substitute, but in a recent start against Mesquita he got the start and scored a goal. Fluminese is currently first in Futebol Brasileiro and for an 18 year old to be making an impact surely warrants a better rating than a 73! The other doesn't quit have the ability to become a star such as Tarta but he can earn you some money if he continues to play his name is Sainey NYASSI of the New England Revolution. He made his debut yesterday for the Revolution scoring a great goal. He played for the U-20 Gambian national team that shocked many by advancing to the knockout round. For only 10K he is easily worth the gamble! My final talent is a teammate of Nyassi's on both the U-20 Gambian team and the New England Revolution, Abdoulie Mansally. Mansally also made his debut for the Revolution yesterday and was subbed out late in the game. During the U-20 World Cup Mansally scored the winning goal in Gambia's shocking 2-1 win over Portugal. Keep in mind that the Revolution are always one of the top teams in MLS. Right now I don't believe that Mansally is on the DB.
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    Portuguese (future) stars

    Re: Portuguese (future) stars thx. Well, he is not playing a lot. He returned to Porto to replace Tarik during the CAN, but Morocco were eliminated early and he not have enough time to show himself. Porto will probably win the title this weekend(today) and in the other 5 weeks that remain will surely use the less used players and give time to youngsters. If he profit good exhibitions when called he will be surely in next year with first team. For now what i can say is that he is a step in front of Bruno Gama and Vieirinha because was re-called when the others weren't. With the most probable quit of Quaresma at end of season one will have his place at the team and i think the player that i have more chances is Barbosa, he showed better football then both and is more similar to Quaresma than the others.. in terms of creativity and is also dangerous in free kicks.
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    Baseball Furie

    EPL Rating Changes Thread

    Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread
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    Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread !!FORZA MILAN!! The Second season gets underway in 2 days, and Milan manager Sam Wainwright has made the time to talk with us... and a Unlikely return from Dougal McDougall Dougal: Well Sam, are you looking forward to the new season and what are your main aims? Sam: First of all, welcome back Dougal we've bloody miss you. I am looking forward to the new season no doubt about it, It will be tougher, it will be rougher and you can bet your bottom dollar it'll be one heck of a season. I think our main aims are to get our second promotion in 2 seasons, so we can get up to the top flight with the best of them. Still, If we don't make it, I'd love for us to get the top 4 spot at least. Dougal: Well Good luck to you in it. In the transfer market it's been relatively quiet for you so far, is this likely to change? Sam: Well we bought in Monnet-Paquet and Albohassan Jafari to strengthen the youth, but I'm not so sure what position we need to fill, there has been alot of speculation that Kaka could well be on the move, this is partially true, we were quizzing a few managers about certain Player Exchanges and I feel that is the only way he will be going anywhere. Dougal: Ah reet, You've been in the management business for an awful long time, is there anybody you respect? highly? as a manager and somewhat a friend? Sam: Mark Farine and Mitu Ahmed. Definately. Us three have known each other a long time and have got on extremely well, i'd go as far to say as though i treat them like brothers, they are true friends of mine, despite Mitu losing it a bit with his Arsenal team, they are fantastic managers. Dougal: Finally, whats this I hear about the Ezequial Garay situation? Sam: Haha, well it's just a tell tale isn't it. Yep, we were going to bid again for Garay Bla bla bla. It isn't true of course, I haven't been in touch with the player, the team or his agent to be honest and I have no intention to do so either. Dougal: Ok Sam, thank you very much. Sam: Pleasure to see you after such a long abscence mate. TRANSFER TALK Milan have signed Youngsters Kevin Monnet-Paquet and Albolhassan Jafari to boost their youth ranks. Monnet-Paquet who was signed from RC Lens for a total of £2,010,000 on Tuesday night. The French whizz said: "I knew a few Big teams were interested in me, but not as big as Milan, I really cannot wait to play for them in the next few years, I can wait." Albolhassan Jafari who was signed for a fee of £6,000,000 from Sepahan said: "I know me and Kevin will have to wait till we get first team opportunities, but when you join a club like Milan, Waiting is the last thing on your mind." Monnet-Paquet for French Under 21's AC have loaned out Yoann Gourcuff & Daniel Bonera to Blackburn Rovers this week. Gourcuff who went on loan to Fiorentina last season said: "I don't mind going on loan, I can understand it, the manager wants me to play frequently but I am not good enough for the first team, I can accept that, I can't wait to play in England but I have heard it is cold so I am worried." Dmytro Chyhrynskyi, who has gone on loan to PSV Eindhoven is said to be very happy with the fact he will get first team action. Dmytro said: "I played for Milan last season and this season I get to play in Holland, it is very good time for me. I love my career." The Man With The Long Name. MATCH PREVIEW V Milan travel to the Friuli in the first game of the season to take on Division 3 champions Udinese. Sam Wainwright said: "It'll be tough, To be honest I hope to scrape a point. It will be a big turnout for us if we do, He is a great manager and at their ground I don't favour us, but we shall find out on sunday night." Milan will be without Brazilian sensation Ricardo Kaka for the game and assistant manager Gianfranco Zola said: "It's a big blow, but we have replacements." Udinese will be without Daniel Montenegro and Antonio Di Natale through suspension whilst Turkish whizzkid and Milan target Arda Turan is also suspended. Prediction: Udinese 1-0 Milan
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    EPL Rating Changes Thread

    Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread Just gonna give you a second Boro fan's view on the upcoming ratings. Downing has been our best supplier and finisher of goals this season' date=' which just shows how poor we have been in the forward department this season for a winger to be top scorer! Downing should hit 90 for playing regularly for club and country (although he's not the same player when in an England shirt), but I'm afraid any higher than a 90 is a long way off, as Boro would have to be in European places next year for this to be possible IMO. His form has been even better of late, along with that of the team. At the moment, I think there are 3 players worthy of a 90 in the Boro team (though not all will hit this rating), who are Stewart Downing, David Wheater and Tuncay Sanli (already rated 90). I've already mentioned Wheater earlier. IMO worthy of 90, would hit 89 if playing for top half club, but will hit 88 for sure. Grounds has made a few appearances this season. IMO he should reach 80-82, to match Omozusi's rating change for Fulham earlier in the season. Although Grounds has just signed a 2-year contract, I can't see him making many more appearances for Boro ever to be honest. At the moment, he's behing both Pogatetz and Taylor in the pecking order for left-back, and I really don't think Grounds is, or will be, better than Taylor. I think he'll end up at a respectable Championship side in future. I think your assessment of Aliadiere is a bit generous, but I can see where you're coming from. He'll definitely make 87 just from appearances, and could even make 88 for his recent goal spurt, but he just doesn't seem to be the same player against smaller sides. Against Arsenal he was dangerous and lively, but the next game against Derby he was very quiet for the whole 90 minutes. If he was more consistent, and played as many games next season as he has this season, I believe he could be our best striker. He was described as one of the best products of the French national academy, and ARsene Wenger always said he'd come good...you never know! Will definitely make 87/88, but if he has a good season next season I think he could be an outside shout for a 90. I like O'Neil, but annoyingly he hasn't shown the same goalscoring prowess with the Boro as he did with Pompey. He's got good technique, good passing and crossing, and links up well down the right flank with Luke Young, but 89 is too generous for a non-international player playing decent for a mid-to-lower Premier League side. I think 88 would be fair. Overall, Boro have been playing better recently, and the rating changes should reflect this. If you're going to buy a Boro player, make sure it's one of: David Wheater (Future England player) Robert Huth (If he keeps fit, will be a German regular) Stewart Downing (Quality player, needs more confidence at international stage) Jeremie Aliadiere (If he can be more consistent he'll be a top class striker) Another player to look out for is Josh Walker. Currently on loan from Boro, and playing regularly, for Aberdeen - including UEFA Cup experience - Walker is 19 and has captained England from Under-15 to Under-19 age levels. He has been likened to Steven Gerrard, but don't expect too much of him straight away. When Boateng and Rochemback leave in the summer, he should start getting games for the Boro. He'll hit 83 for sure in the next rating changes - an increase of 4 from his current 79 rating, but could definitely be a future star! You heard him here first (I think )!!!!
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    Gold Championship 3!!!

    Re: Gold Championship 3!!! Sochaux keep dream alive SOCHAUX 3 - 3 MAN UTDSochaux's Welsh manager was delighted after his teams performance tonight against a very strong Manchester United team. Winston picked his strongest starting 11 to try and pick up a result which will give his team confidence going into the last 2 group games. After losing in the first match against Man Utd at Old Trafford 3 weeks ago after an amazing performance Winston was determined to get his own back especially as his team is proving to be hard to beat at home. Man Utd took the lead after just 2 minutes when Ryan Giggs rounded 2 defenders and slotted home to give Sochaux the absolute worst of starts. The lead lasted just 8 minutes as Sochaux started to play after going behind and got an equalizer after Gael Givet found him self in space following a corner and he smashed the ball into the roof of the net making the score 1-1. Man Utd went in at half time luckily 2-1 up after a rare attack earned them a corner and from that resulting corner Rio Ferdinand rose above everyone and neatly glanced the ball into the far corner. The goal was against the run of play and Sochaux seemed to let their heads drop. (Giggs and Ferdinand gave Man Utd a half time lead) (Gael Givet scored the first half goal for Sochaux) Sochaux came out for the second half looking like a different team, Winston must of given the speech of a lifetime and really given his players a boost. Man Utd were under pressure for the first 10 minutes of the second half and were lucky not to concede, they broke forward in numbers with even defenders getting up and supporting the attack resulting in them taking a 3-1 lead after Mikael Silvestre of all people smashing the ball home. It was looking like being another disappointing Cup defeat ahead for Sochaux unless Winston could get his players up for the task in hand. The response by the Sochaux players was very impressive as they were knocking the ball around with intent and just 7 minutes after going 3-1 behind a lovely passing move was finished off by Momo Sissoko to give Winston's team a chance. The game was level within 10 minutes as a wonderful curling strike from Momo Sissoko flew into the net making the scores level and capping off an amazing comeback to earn a draw for his Sochaux team. (Silvestre scored to make it 3-1 to Man Utd) (Momo Sissoko scored a 15 minute brace to give Socahux a well deserved draw)
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    Gold Championship 2

    Re: Gold Championship 2 Ajax complete 3 out of 4 - The Quad is on! Ajax 3-1 Marseille 2 goals from Emmanuel Adebayor and a goal from star man Alou Diarra gave Ajax a well deserved victory against Marseille in the Champions Cup Final. Alfonso Alves did manage a consolation for Marseille but it was all in vein as Auston's team were just too strong! Ajax have now won both domestic cups and the Champions Cup and currently lie 8 points clear at the top of their division. Manager Auston has stated that he is 99% certain his team can go on and create history by becoming the first team in History to complete a Quadrouple! He said "The squad have worked immensely hard this season and deserve their success. Since I joined at the back end of last season I saw we had the potential to do great things but to complete a season such as this was even beyond my wildest dreams! We will have to try and match it next season now which will be incredibly tough!" Ajax Celebrate their success!
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    Soccermanager/Forum Rhyme

    Post some made up poems about the forum of soccermanager. Here is a little 1 : Fee-Fi -Foe - Fum I love talking on the forum Here is a more complex 1 On the soccermanager forum , you can talk to everyone, You mention to keep sm Clean! Or mention the word Gold Championship 15, You can sum up a peformance of Alexandre Hleb, Or have a word with Neller, Nathan or teb. On The actuel game itself , its better to manage teams with good players and welth, you can send them a PM, or go on chat to talk to them. Soccermanager is a fun place to be. espeisielly when your talking to me
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    Soccermanager/Forum Rhyme

    Re: Soccermanager/Forum Rhyme No problem. We're here to encourage people so they make posts that we can enjoy (and threads in this situation).
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    Grudge match set-up...grrrrr

    Re: Grudge match set-up...grrrrr
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    Re: European Championship 198 Match Report Thread - Forumers Setup Mattis jets into Spain! After English manager Louis Mattis heard that the job at Spanish champions Real Madrid was available he jetted straight out from his seaside cottage in Cornwall and landed in Madrid air port to agree a three year deal with the Spainsh club which will keep him there until 2011, we interviewed Mattis after he was annouced the offical Real Madrid manager and he said this: Transfers Real Madrid manager Louis Mattis has been fast into the transfer market and hopes to complete the signings of one or two talentened players tomorrow morning in time for the new season tomorrow. Mattis has also stated that he is looking for a new Winger and Centre back to bring into the club, and the likes of Pepe, Robben, Metzelder have all been transfer listed, Mattis willl also listen to offers for vetran striker Gonzalez Raul. Loans Mattis has also stated that all youth sqaud members are availabe to loan, which include young stars like, Gago/Higuain and Drenthe, Mattis will also let hot prospect Miguel Torres go out on loan. I would also like to state, i would only really like to loan these players out to third division teams so they get first team football.
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    Re: World Championship 2017 - Division 1 Race For The Title!!! So here it is ....... happy friday...... were waiting for forumers to come on we all vote a euro , but it hasnt yet begu-u-un Now there is a vote
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    My milan new in a custom set-up...

    Re: My milan new in a custom set-up... Souza Alex is a class player and cud be a good sub for you. and when you sell dida buy frank rost or hugo lloris.
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    Miralem Pjanić

    Re: Miralem Pjanić He is now 85. what a find he was , a 10K player becoming a superstar:D
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    Re: Gold Championship 14 (News, Gossip, Match Report, Etc) Thread Standard De Liege go shopping Liege (AP) - Standard de Liege manager Garrett Lyons put his faith in the MLS and J-League to help build his squad's depth in order to compete at a level with Holland & Belgium league favorites Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord. "Most people consider the MLS to be a weaker league. It may not be the Eredivisie, but there are some talented players over there who can make an impact here," Lyons said. The key addition for Liege is 23 year old American left-back Jonathan Bornstein. The 85 rated back already made an impact with two starts for the side. The other new starting defender for Liege is 39 year old Italian right-back David Balleri. Balleri provides instant starting capacity and a voice of experience to the team. Other defenisve additions include veteran American defender Jimmy Conrad and Mexican centre-back Duilio Davino. "Conrad can play anywhere on the back line and Davino gives us a steady head who can push the performance of Sarr and Onyewu," Lyons said. Lyons said he was happy with the starting talent in his midfield, but was concerned for a lack of depth come cup matches. As such, he added veteran American Ben Olson and rising American star Ricardo Clark. The key new midfielder for Standard is Brazilian Juninho Paulista, who comes to the team from Sydney FC in the Australian A-League. Japanese left midfielder Yukihiro Yamase rounds out the midfield additions. "We're absolutely thrilled we could get players like Olson and Juninho. These players have massive experience and can help us in tough cup games," Lyons said. The forward line got a complete makeover with 2 new back-up forwards. Argentine Guillermo Barros Schelotto arrives from Columbus Crew and his countryman Hector Bracamonte arrives from a spell in Russia at FK Moskva. When asked why he spent so heavily in the MLS and other lesser leagues, Lyons answered. "Soccer is a universal game. Just because a player isn't playing for a team like Chelsea or Barcelona doesn't mean they don't have potential. Besides, Standard is not a rich club. I had the priority to build depth on my side and by getting some undervalued players I was able to do that." So far Bornstein and Balleri have both featured for Standard which has earned four points from its first two games, including a hard-fought draw at SC Heerenveen and a nail-biting win at home against Club Brugge. "I think we can compete for a spot in the SMFA Champion's League next season. We have the players capable of playing with any side in the Holland & Belgium league. With a little bit of footballing luck everything should fall together nicely," Lyons said.
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    Creme "your shout"

    Re: Creme "your shout" Da Creme got off to a goal bonanza as throughout the two divisions Roma were the only side to draw a blank in a shock 3-0 win for Shels Celts. Barca beat Lyon 3-2 to open their campaign with 3 points,Quaresma and Shrek among the goals again already this season. Sam got life in div1 off to a solid start wiv a fine 2-2 draw at the Mestalla,Allan will be lookin at 2 points dropped. Dave Knapes yella Submarine found out wat a top4 club is when he went down 3-2 at home to big guns Chelsea.Dave will have to tighten up the defence if hes to hav any ambition of top6. Manu and Inter cudnt be seperated in a 1-1 draw that will leave both managers contented but the result of the day goes to Kevs Marseille Millionaires who took last seasons title winnin form to the bernabeu and came away with a superb 3-1 win.Tom will be gutted. Div2 saw 2 relegated clubs square off on the first day and it was Georges PSG who once again lay down their title credentials with a great 3-2 win against Tommys Juve in Turin. Biggest scorers of the nite were Jacks Milan who trashed Naths Bayern 5-1 at the San Siro.cud Jack possibly be constructin a promotion challenge? Shels takes the plaudits for best result as he masterminded a superb 3-0 win over Justys Roma at the Stadio Olympico while Henrik Larsson inspired his Arse to a lucky 3-1 win over the Bears at da Bin Laden. Sheenz Pool and Toms Spurs fought out a 1-1 draw at Anfield which doesnt do both clubs any good. Next up for me is a wee trip to St James to see how good Newcastle really are;)
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    Re: Golden Oldies - brought to you by Nathan, Ben, & Tom Sergej Barbarez Sergej Barbarez is an attacking midfielder currently playing for German side Bayer Leverkusen. Barbarez's favored position is attacking midfielder (AM) but he can also play forward (F) so he needs a positional change to AM/F. Barbarez was born on September 17th 1971 in Bosnia & Herzegovina. He has had a successful career with the Bosnian National Team, playing there 46 times and scoring 17 goals, quite an impressive figure for an AM playing for a team like Bosnia. Barbarez started his professional career for Hanover 96 in 1991, playing there 18 times and scoring 2 goals. He then moved to Union Berlin two years later where he managed to score an amazing 46 goals in 88 games. Barbarez stayed at Union Berlin for three years before moving on to Hansa Rostock, where he underachieved when he scores just 13 goals in 59 appearances for two years. In 1998, he moved to German giants Borussia Dortmund but had two terrible seasons there, scoring just 6 times in a mere 36 games. Sergej Barbarez then played very well for Hamburg from 2000 to 2006 where he played 174 times, scoring 65 goals, including 22 goals in his first season which won him the Golden Shoe for the German League. In 2006, he then moved on to his current club Bayer Leverkusen. Up until now, Barbarez has played 51 times for Bayer and has scored 11 goals. Club: Bayer Leverkusen Age: 36 Rating: 90 Last RC: 0 Value: 1,404,000 (1.4M) Salary: 57,190 Position: F/AM
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    garay or caceres

    hi guys, i no theres alot of threads containing both these players but i havnt seen one comparing them and which one to buy. ive just won the cup and have got enough money to buy either player. whats you opinion on which to buy. cheers lads.
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