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    Sebastian EGUREN, great rise!

    The 27 year old Uruguayan international Sebastian EGUREN (CM/DM) has had so far an undistinguished career. Having been tested positive for cocaine, and having had a transfer canceled due to "psychological reasons", i would say his career has also been quite dramatic. Therefore, it came as a surprise when the Hammarby IF player was loaned to La Liga's Villarreal, and managed to acquire a starting position! The midfielder has started every single game for Villarreal except the very first game after he joined. That's 9 starts in a row. Villarreal have the option to sign him for 1 million euros, and do plan to take this option. Currently rated only 85. If he keeps his position in the team, which he probably will, he will have a rise to 88/89 by the time the Spanish ratings roll around. Have to say, one of my best finds yet Sign him, but not before me
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    DP 91

    Gold Championship 7

    Re: Gold Championship 7 AS Roma confirm sale of Douglas Maicon Roma today confirmed that right back Douglas Maicon (94) was sold to Chelsea FC after just 2 months at the club. Roma boss Dan Payne has made it clear that he intends to build his squad for a top 5 finish every season and has stated that the sale of Maicon proves that the club are not powerful enough to command a position within the top 10 clubs in the world just yet. Maicon Payne stated that he had sat down and negotiated with good friend Auston and they spoke of their intentions for the season. Chelsea are in a position to get the best players in the world and challenge for the SMFA Champs Cup where as Roma need to build a squad capable of reaching those heights in years to come. The negotiations started and ended quickly. The starting offer was Ashley Cole (92) and Shaun Wright-Phillips (90) or Allesandro Rosina (90) who wanted to move back to Italy where he was more comfortable. After viewing his side and looking at what he would need to cover Maicon he negotiated for Vedran Corulka (91) and Allesandro Rosina (90) which came as no suprise to the Chelsea manager who quickly decided that he was happy for the deal to be made. Roma now have a healthy 25 player first team squad with two possible first team players out on loan and an average rating of 90. Paynes main target for the season is to make the top 5 and not many will argue that; that is a realistic target, even for a club that has underachieved of late. Corluka Rosina
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    Uros Palibrk (15 Year Old)

    Uros Palibrk Name: Uros Palibrk Club: Milan Nationality: Slovenian Age: 16 DOB: 22/03/1992 Position: CF Number: 9 Club Career ND Triglav 2000 Kranj News - The prodigious hitman is currently owned by Slovenian outfit Triglav Kranj, but the club are ready to cash in their prized asset. (March 2008) - “We believe in Uros – he is a natural born goalscorer,” director Miran Subic stated. - “The fact that he scored in an important game for Milan is just further proof of his abilities and we all want the best for him.” - Uros has a phenomenal goal scoring record at youth level after scoring 55 goals in 26 matches last season and finished the season in the U-14 category as top striker, hitting nearly 20 goals more than his closest rival. - He has 15 goals in the Slovenian Under-17 championship this term - Despite only being 15 years old. - Triglav Kranj are not surprised that he is being coveted by the likes of Milan and Chelsea, and have hinted they would be willing to let him go. (March 2008) - Palibrk joins Milan from Triglav, whose director Miran Subic admits the deal is ‘the biggest in our club’s history’. The player was equally excited by the prospect of joining The Rossoneri. (June 2008) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brief Uros began his career in the youth team of Slovenian club Triglav Kranj where he had a phenomenal scoring record netting over 70 goals for the club. In 2007 he finished the season with 55 goals in 26 matches in the U-14 category, a record. His move to Milan was described as ‘the biggest in the club’s history’ by Miran Subic. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stats Appearances [Goals] 2006-2007 = U'14 Slovenian Championship - 26 [55] 2007-2008 = U'17 Slovenian Championship - ? [15] Chelsea News - The 15-year-old is being tracked by a host of top European clubs and recently impressed on a successful trial with Chelsea. (August 2007) - “At Chelsea I trained for a week and played against Fulham and Swindon managing to score three goals,” Palibrk explained. (August 2007) - Chelsea Invitation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brief Palibrk had a brief spell at Chelsea where he scored 3 goals in two games whilst on trial with the club. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stats Appearances [Goals] 2007-2008 = Friendly - 2 [3] Milan News - But despite the Blues’ attempts to make his presence permanent, Palibrk is playing with Milan’s youth side and seemed settled after scoring the only goal in a friendly against Sampdoria. - “But Milan wanted to see me in action and I must admit that Italy, besides Spain, has my favourite League.” (March 2008) - Palibrk enjoyed his stint in Milan and it would appear as though the feeling is mutual. (March 2008) - The Rossoneri are ready to begin talks over a transfer that would be completed in the summer. (March 2008) - “It’s a dream come true,” he said. “Everybody wants to play for such a great club. I know there is still a long way to go but I’m extremely happy.” (June 2008) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brief Uros officially signed for Milan in June 2008 and is a part of their youth team, he described his move to Milan as 'A dream come true'. He made his debut for the club in a friendly against Sampdoria in 2008 where he managed to get himself on the score sheet whilst on trial with the club. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stats Appearances [Goals] 2007-2008 = Friendly - 1 [1] Other News - Palibrk was reportedly targeted by several other European clubs such as Tottenham, Lecce and Inter before signing for Milan. - Uros Palibrk has been described as a 'wonderkid' by various sources. - It is said he has a very similar style to Slovenian legend Zlatko Zahovič. SM Palibrk is currently not on the DB as he is yet to make a competitive first team appearance. The average rating for a player in the Milan senior squad is 87. Photos: Celebrating for Milan - http://uploads.forumfree.it/av-2948957.jpg [Please do not quote this post as I will be constantly editing it.]
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    I thought that i would give the turkish rating a go , as they are only a few weeks away. This is my first atempt at this so Opinions would be appriciated. Here is the Table: 1. Fenerbache 29 34 66 2. Galatasaray 29 32 64 3. Silvasspor 29 25 61 4. Besiktas 29 17 61 5. Kayserispor 29 18 48 6. Trabsonspor 29 3 41 7. Denizlispor 29 -1 39 8. Genclerbirligi 29 -2 36 9. Ankaragucu 29 -6 36 10. Istanbul BuyukSehir BSK 29 2 35 11. Gaziantepspor 29 -9 35 12. Bursapor 29 -4 34 13. Ankaraspor 29 -4 33 14. Konyaspor 29 -29 29 15. Genclerbiligi 29 -7 28 16. Manisaspor 29 -15 26 17. Cancur Risespor 29 -24 26 18. Kasimpasa 29 -30 22 I will start with the First six teams and will do six for the next 3 days. 1st Fenerbache VOLKAN, Demirel G R 88 26 Played all of Fenerbache's games this season)88 SERDAR , Kulbilge G R 85 27 Hasn't played any games for Fenerbache this season)84 VOLKAN , Babacan G R 73 19 No games played , still young! No change IMO 73 ROBERTO CARLOS, da Silva LB L 92 34 Played 3 , Scored 1 92 TURACI, Onder RB/CB R 87 26 Played 3 games , might get a small increase88 GOKHAN , Gonul RB R 86 23 Played 6 this season , won't quite get a +15 increase this time:) 87/88 LUGANO, Diego CB R 91 27 Played 6 this season91 EDU DRACENA, Luis CB R 90 26 Played 7 could get an increase91 BARIS, Deniz CB/DM R 88 30 87 YASIN, Cakmak CB/DM R 85 23 84 CAN, Arat CB R 84 24 Not played to many this season either83 VEDERSON, Gökçek LM/LB L 88 26 Only played one sub-in this season 87 UGUR, Boral LM/LB L 87 25 Played 7 this season 88 ALI , Bilgin RM/CM R 86 26 Played 1 with 2 sub - ins 86 MEHMET AURELIO, Brito CM/DM R 90 30 Played 8 scored 1 may get a rise 91 APPIAH, Stephen CM R 89 27 May stay as has not played to many as yet89 SELCUK, Sahin CM/DM R 86 27 Played 5 , with 2 sub-ins87 MALDONADO, Claudio DM/CM R 89 28 Only played 1 this season , won't decrease , just stay.89 ALEX, Souza AM/LM L 92 30 Played 8 scored 3 92 KEZMAN, Mateja F R 89 28 Good Form , played 8 scored 7 90/91 KAZIM, Colin F/AM R 86 21 Played 3 , 1 sub- in 87/88 DEIVID, de Souza CF R 90 28 Played 6 , 2 sub - ins , scored 2 91 Galatasaray ORKUN, Usak G R 87 27 Played 2 this seasons matches in goal, good form 86 AYKUT, Erçetin G R 82 25 Played 6 matches in goal. good form 85 VOLKAN , Yaman LB L 88 25 Played 5 , starting left back. 88 HAKAN KADIR, Balta LB/LM L 87 25 Good match morales, good performances 87 UGUR, Ucar RB/CB R 88 21 Not been playing well 87 SERVET, Cetin CB R 89 27 Playing in CB , good player 90 SONG, Rigobert CB/RB R 88 31 Only played 3 , no goals87 SABRI, Sarioglu CM/RM R 87 23 Not playing very well , might stay 87 AYHAN, Akman CM/AM R 86 31 Played 3, good performances 87 OZBEK, Baris DM/RM R 87 21 88 LINCOLN, Cassio AM R 89 29 90 ARDA, Turan AM/W B 89 21 89 HASAN SAS, Gokhan W/F R 87 31 88 UMIT KARAN, CF B 89 31 90 NONDA, Shabani CF R 89 31 88 HAKAN , Sükür CF R 88 36 87 Sivasspor PETKOVIC, Michael G R 85 31 87 FRAN, Sergio LB L 82 27 83 HAYRETTIN , Yerlikaya LB/RB L 86 26 84 MAHMUT HANEFI, Erdogdu LB/LM L 85 24 84 ABDURRAHMAN , Dereli RB R 86 27 85 SAIDI, Karim CB R 84 25 85 SEDAT , Bayrak CB/DM R 86 26 87 MURAT , Sözgelmez CB R 85 22 87 SERDAR , Topraktepe LM L 81 31 80 MUSA, Aydin RM/AM R 86 27 87 DEVRAN, Ayhan RM/DM R 86 30 86 YASIR , Elmaci CM/DM R 85 26 85 ILHAN , Ummak W L 85 29 86 GURBANOV, Ilqar F R 82 21 84 BALILI, Pini F R 87 28 87 MOHAMED ALI , Kurtulus F/AM B 85 33 84 TZVETKOV, Ivan CF R 83 28 83 MEHMET , Yildiz CF L 88 26 89 Basiktas RUSTU, Recber G R 87 34 87 HAKAN, Arikan G R 87 25 88 IBRAHIM, Uzulmez LB/LM L 88 34 89 MEHMET SEYFETTIN, Sedef LB/LM L 83 20 84 DIATTA, Lamine RB/CB R 87 32 86 SERDAR, Kurtulus RB/DM R 86 20 87 IBRAHIM , Toraman CB/RB R 88 26 89 MUSTAFA KORAY, Avci CB/DM R 87 29 87 GOKHAN, Zan CB R 87 26 87 BAKI, Mercimek CB/LB L 86 25 87 SCHILDENFELD, Gordon CB R 85 23 86 TELLO, Rodrigo LM/LB L 89 28 90 ALI, Tandogan RM/RB R 87 30 86 MEHMET, Yozgatli RM/AM R 85 29 85 RICARDINHO, Luís CM/AM L 89 31 88 CISSE, Edouard CM/DM R 88 30 88 SERDAR , Ozkan CM/RM R 86 21 86 DELGADO, Matias AM/CM B 89 25 89 BATUHAN , Karadeniz F R 80 16 83 BOBO, Deivson CF R 90 23 89 MARCIO NOBRE, Ferreira CF R 88 27 88 HOLOSKO, Filip CF R 88 24 Green=New rating Blue= some small info about them More tommorow:cool: (btw , this took me ages
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    David Moreno (Real Madrid)

    Name: David Moreno Age: 17 DOB: January 24, 1991 Nationallity: Spanish Position: F/W Club: UD Almeria Foot: Left Height: 177 cms Weight: 77 kgs From wikipedia: David Moreno Estívariz (born January 24, 1991 in Madrid, Spain) is a Spanish footballer who currently plays for UD Almeria. Moreno has represented the Spanish U-17 national team in 2 matches, scoring 0 goals. Moreno is a second striker and is also deployed as a left/right winger. Speed, balance, pace and great vision are the main qualities young Moreno possesses. Moreno is also capable of taking great left free kicks, dribbling and passing (although his coaches say that is an area of his game that can be worked upon). Moreno has been compered to last year Real Madrid Castilla player, and this year Atlético Madrid player Jurado because of his style of play and his small size. David Moreno is also described as the answer to Barcelona FC's Leo Messi as they have the same style of dribbiling Techniques, shape and speed. David Moreno has Been Linked with a move to Lazio football Club in Italy for free as long as it is before he turns 16 under FIFA Law. It is also rumored that Liverpool are interested. In September, 2007 up represents to the Spanish U-17 national team in the European of the uefa. On May 14, 2008 David Moreno signed for UD Almeria. Video - (Seriously recommend you watch)Messi Vs David Moreno - Official website: http://www.davidmoreno10.com/ Photos: Currently NOT on the DB.
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    Another full report, this one will be completed. It will be the Italian Rating Changes, although they are some way away, I am still going to do this because I think I'm not going to be home when the rating changes are done. Table 1 Inter 29 20 8 1 55 18 37 68 2 Roma 29 18 7 4 52 28 24 61 3 Juventus 29 15 10 4 49 24 25 55 4 Fiorentina 29 14 8 7 43 29 14 50 5 Milan 29 12 10 7 43 25 18 46 6 Sampdoria 29 13 6 10 41 36 5 45 7 Udinese 29 12 8 9 37 38 -1 44 8 Atalanta 29 9 10 10 44 43 1 37 9 Lazio 29 9 10 10 36 37 -1 37 10 SSC Napoli 29 10 6 13 39 43 -4 36 11 Palermo 29 9 9 11 37 45 -8 36 12 Genoa 29 9 9 11 33 41 -8 36 13 Siena 29 7 11 11 31 38 -7 32 14 Torino 29 5 16 8 30 36 -6 31 15 Parma 29 6 11 12 35 45 -10 29 16 Catania 29 6 10 13 24 36 -12 28 17 Livorno 29 6 10 13 29 43 -14 28 18 Reggina 29 5 11 13 26 42 -16 26 19 Empoli 29 6 8 15 23 41 -18 26 20 Cagliari 29 7 6 16 26 45 -19 24
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    Federico Raúl Laurito

    Search but didnt find any topics anywayz...... Federico Raúl Laurito Federico Raúl Laurito also was born in Rosario on the 18th May 1990 and he is an Argentinien footballer whos currently playing for Udinesse. Although hes very young he has got a good progression and a good head shot. Federico Laurito was brought up in the ranks calcisticamente team argentina of Newell's Old Boys, Laurito in dispute 'in October 2005, the South American Championship Under-15 in Bolivia. Argentina camed second, in the final 6-2 defeat by Brazil of equal age, and graduated Laurito leading the event with 7 goals in 6 games. In 2007 he participated in the South American Championship Under-17 in Ecuador, but infortuna Corsican in the first match against Paraguay. After in summer 2006 he was bought by the italien club Udinesse.
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    Chalkboard Formations

    Re: Chalkboard Formations Its all about the money!! Erm... Ye, awesome idea Gets my approval any day of the week
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    Serie A Rating changes part 2

    Re: Serie A Rating changes part 2 Giovinco defo up to 87 but sissoko will probably stay as he hasnt been at juve for long:) Also on my spanish posts i seemed to get lots of rep but on this i have only recieved 1 lol:D
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    Rep points???

    Re: Rep points??? That is not possible. Unless you have a rep power of 11, no member can recieve 11 rep points from you. How do u know how much he/she recieved btw:p .lol
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    Aaron MCLEAN

    Re: Aaron MCLEAN This player as impressed me a lot this season and if he carrys on doing as he is a rise will definatley be on the cards.
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    Aaron MCLEAN

    Re: Aaron MCLEAN I watch this guy every week And I got season ticket, so will do next season aswell He is a very good player, good goalscorer, but he does miss a few chances as well, I have to say I was shocked to see that he didn't increase last time round, I would expect an increase to about 79, maybe 80. Posh should be playing League One football next season, and if he can re-create this goalscoring form then I can see him becoming 80+ Goin to watch him tomorrow as well
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    Rep points???

    Re: Rep points??? Well it depends on whos repping you. If someone with a rep level of 8 reps you then u get 8 rep points. If i rep for example, u will only get 3:o .
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    Daniel Sikorski

    Daniel Sikorski Daniel Sikorski is an 20 years old Austrian footballer who currently plays for Bayern Munich II. He has been promoted to FC Bayern's first team for the 2007-08 season, but will continue to play for the reserves. Lately he has voiced interest in playing for Poland. 07/08 Stats: Matches Played: 20 Subs In: 2 Subs Out: 7 Red Card: 0 Yello Card: 0 Red/Yellow Card: 0 Goals: 6 Assists: 0 Hes also played 3x juniors matches for Austria, also he said that his sporting modle is Andry Shevchenko
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    ian neller

    Greatest Footballing side ever

    Re: Greatest Footballing side ever Sorry they play a certain style of football and are doing well with it ,but for what this thread is about Greatest footballing side then this team at the moment has no part to play in it .
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    Spanish Ratings

    Re: Spanish Ratings Merida Of Real Sociedad On Loan From Arsenal Should Go To 80/81
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    Re: Gold Championship 11 - News, Transfers & Match Reports Juvents steady in first SMFA shield round ! Juventus 1 - 0 Auxerre Juventus second string team defeated French oppositon to qualify for the next round. Juve dominated play with over 60% possession but could only muster up 10 shots. but at the end of the day it was enough to go through. NOCERINO headed powerfully past the keeper to win the game. After the match Johnson said how he liked Juventus's new maskot, the Penguin as seen above.
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    Spanish Ratings

    Re: Spanish Ratings i think that he'll go to 95 for sure but don't u think that G.Milito will go to 94 ? he was better than marquez and barca defence was very strong
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    Re: Gold Championship 12 - News, Transfers & Match Reports Fiorentina join Dortmund in round 2 Fiorentina 3 - 0 Olympiacos Goals from Marco Donadel, Giampaolo Pazzini and Adrian Mutu ease te Florence team into the next round.
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    Re: TomOwen's Italian Rating Changes-Full Report My net is faster
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    Gold Championship 3!!!

    Re: Gold Championship 3!!! Bernabeu sees Real dumped out by Sochaux Real Madrid 0 - 3 SochauxSochaux manager Dai Winston is singing the praises of his team after the impressive and surprising victory over Real Madrid. Sochaux not only won tonights match but they completely dominated possession and performed out of their skins. The first half saw only one goal through Pavel Pogrebnyak who gave Sochaux the lead after slotting home from a rebounded shot. (Pogrebnyak gave Sochaux a 1-0 half time lead) Sochaux had their tails up in the second half and really started positively, they created numerous chances and eventually took one as right winger Jerome Leroy skilfully took the ball around Casillas and finished from a tight angle to make it 2-0. (Leroy impressively put Sochaux 2-0 up) Just one minute after extending their lead Sochaux suffered a blow that could have cost them a win in tonights match as defender Fernando Salazar received a second yellow card for a rash challenge. (Salazar received a red card for Sochaux) Sochaux were put under pressure after Salazar's sending off and Real were finally showing some signs of being the team that they have been in the past. They were unable to break through a very dogged and determined Sochaux defense who were not going to give their lead up without a fight. As Real pressed they were leaving massive gaps at the back and it was looking inevitable that they would be hit on the counter attack and with just 2 minutes to go a break away by Karim Ziani left him one on one with Casillas and he dummied him and passed the ball into the empty net to round off an amazing away performance from Winston's team. (Ziani capped off a brilliant night for Sochaux as he made it 3-0 late on) With tonights victory Sochaux move onto 10 points in Group B just 1 point behind leaders Manchester United. Real's loss tonight means they have only 5 points and no chance of catching Winston's team. Standings:
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    Re: TomOwen's Italian Rating Changes-Full Report stefan radu arrived at lazio this year and he became a regular on the left side so he might not fall if he keeps playing
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    Australian Setup 1

    Re: Australian Setup 1 Melbourne Win Cup On Penaltys A 5 - 4 Victory For Kevin Makes Him The First Man To Win A Australian Cup On SM In A Proper Setup! Newcastle United Jets Manager John Thomas Would Not Comment On The Game! But Melbourne Manager Kevin Heaton was over the moon with happiness He Said "Its the best feeling winning a cup nothing better and i am over the moon it was a closely battled match but the better team won" Also Kevin's Melbourne Are Second In The League But On Exact Points Adelaide United!
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    alexandre pato, bojan and others?

    Re: alexandre pato, bojan and others? Pato 88/89 bojan 88/89/90 giovani dos santos 87 garay 91 guardado 92 sneijder 93/94 puyol 95/96 g.milito 92/93/94 messi 97 eto'o 96 aguero 93 abidal 94 sergio ramos 94/95 buffon 96/97 casillas 96/97
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... which players have u gt that u dont relli use?
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    "Glory XII Hunter's"

    Re: "Glory XII Hunter's" Manchester United News Manchester United 3-0 Sao Paulo Manchester United host Sao Paulo at Old Trafford, being Wayne Rooney's and Rio Ferdinand's last game for the Reds before moving to Real Madrid to open up way for Raul, Adebayor, Gago, Higuain and Cannavaro. Sao Paulo have only won one point so far while Manchester United have got 6 out of a possible 9 points. In the 39th minute, Rio Ferdinand scores his last ever Manchester United goal after dummying 35 year old goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni and then sliding the ball into the empty net, opening the score for the English side. There were complaints of an offside but English referee Mark Clattenburg denies it. Ferdinand scores his fifth for United as a Glory Hunter and also wins the MoM Award. ((Rio Ferdinand scores his fifth and last goal for Manchester United)) In the 42nd minute, for shouting abusive language, Portuguese winger Sabrosa Simao gets warned with a yellow card by Mark Clattenburg but just ten minutes after the break, Simao head butts Escudero Raul Garcia and gets sent off, leading to a three-match ban. ((Sabrosa Simao is dismissed for an early bath)) After that, Filipe Joao Moutinho shines when replacing injured Juninho. In the 74th minute, Moutinho finishes from a yard and just six minutes later, Moutinho casually rolls the ball into the back of the net, all of the blame goes to the Sao Paulo defense as they were terribly half-asleep. Joao Moutinho was bought for 21.1M from Sporting and has played 13 games for Man United so far, scoring 3 goals and assisting 2. ((An exceptional performance by the Portuguese))
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    Battle of the tribes setup

    Re: Battle of the tribes setup Linfield 4-0 Chickenville Linfield continue to lead the way in Tribes after this 4 goal demolition of a brutal Climville side. Only surprise was it took Daryll Murphy 32 mins to open the scorin cos the Blues shud hav been 3 up b4 that but a series of missed chances and good goal keepin meant it was Murphy who broke the deadlock with a superbly timed run to lose his marker and thump a low shot past the keeper. Goal of the game arrived just 7 mins later when wee Sprouler scored with an overhead kick from the edge of the box which near bust the net at the Railway end. Blues kept her lit straight after the break and it was no surprise when Michael Svec made it 3-0 on 50 mins volleyin home for his 7th goal of the season,an impressive total for the attackin midfielder. Linfield made their usual flurry of subs as Cally continues to rotate all his fine young 85s but it was a home grown lad Martin Paterson who took the plaudits afte scorin his first goal in front of the Kop with a superb header just a minute after comin on,a moment the young lad will remember for the rest of his life.
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    Daginator MCFC

    Your Best Player From Your SM Team

    Re: Your Best Player From Your SM Team Bayern munchen: Best player: Berbatov, 8.15 Highest rated player: Kaka, 98 Wellington Phoenix: Best player: Acosta, 9.00 Highest rated player: Fabiano Eller, Cardozo, 90 Valencia: Best player: Messi, 9.12 Highest rated player: Kaka, 98 Weder Breman: Best player: Puygreiner, 8.50 Highest rated player: Diego, 94 Chelsea: Best player: Drogba, Cech, 8.50 Highest rated player: Drogba, 96 Man United: Best player: Jo, 8.14 Highest rated player: Ronaldo, 98 Inter Milan: Best player: Ibrahimovic, 7.67 Highest rated player: Ibramhimovic, 96 Barcelona: Best Player: Messi, 8.50 Highest rated player: Messi, Ronnie, 97 Real Madrid: Best player: Diarra, Guti, 7.50 Highest rated player: Casillas, 96
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    EUFA Cup

    Re: EUFA Cup Rangers Were simply stunning what a goal from Steven Whittaker as a rangers supporter im definetely booking the trip to florence Bayern Munich how luck were they
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    Top 32 Chatroomers - (Easter Edition)

    Re: Top 32 Chatroomers - (Easter Edition) hello people Jamie here just wondering why i got moved down ffs i agree i maybe a little outspoken but to move me down for maybe a few small references to events during nazi regime is not backed up i would also like to say good job to everyone who got above me and by the wya where is sheenz and gazlad
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    Re: Daniel Bolam's Turkish Rating Predictions Gaziantepspor Part one Green- Increase Red- Decrease Black- No change Name-Position-Rating Change Omer Catkic-GK-85>>84 (The main goalie for the team but has missed many games this season and hasnt played as much as last season.) Oguz Daglaroglu-GK-80>>80(Has played a few but not enough. More or less the third choice goalie for the team.) Murat Sahin-GK-80>>81(After 3 miserable seasons at Besiktas, he has now established himself as the second choice goalie this season and has played a few games) Ivan-LB/LM-85>>82/83(Hasnt played nearly enough to retain his rating of 85) Ergun Penbe -LB/LM-84>>84/85(Has played a few this season but hasnt really been a regular. PLayed once for Turkey in the qualifiers. Most likely to stay the same) Mehmet Cogum-RB/CB-84>>83(Was a regular last season but it hasnt been the case this season.) Ozgur Bayer-RB/CB-82>>83(Has had a better season this time around and has appeared in a few games) Armand Deumi-CB/RB-86>>86/87(After 5 successful seasons in Switzerland, he has come to Turkey and proved to be a very crucial defender for his team) Mehmet Polat-CB/DM-85>>86(Another crucial defender in the team and is getting a lot more chances than last season) Bekir Irtegun-CB/LB-83>>82(Was a regular last season but hasnt played as much this season) Kodjo Afanou-CB/RB-82>>79/80(Played quite a lot last season but hasnt played a single game this season) Ekrem Dag-LM-85>>86(Another key player this season) Metin Tuglu -LM/LB-83>>84/83(Has been playing more this season) Bulent Bolukbasi-RM/AM-86>>84/83(Hasnt played nearly enough this season to stay an 86) Murat Ceylan-RM/W-82>>84/85(Has been a key player this season and at a very young age. He signed in 2004 and he made only a few appearances that season. He sat out for the next two season without getting a single game and this season he has played nearly all the games. A good buy and a good talent!!) Volkan Arslan-CM/AM-85>>84(Hasnt played enough this season to retain his rating of 85) I have a lot more to finish of in this team and i will continue on part 2:D .
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    Re: Kyle Turner's Serie B Rating Changes Come On People!!!! This took me aegis to reserach and write up.. It would be nice if some people were actually going to read this :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    Re: Gold Championship 11 - News, Transfers & Match Reports Atletico Reserves Suffer Heartbreaking Loss!!! Sparky's first game in charge saw him field a rather weak side due to injuries and tiredness. The only firt team player to be in the starting line up was goalkeeper Christian Abbiati - who conceded an embarassing 3 goals! Right back Valera and attacking midfielder Jurado were recalled from loan, but they made no big impact as they lost to league strugglers Almeria 3-0 at the Juegos Mediterraneos. A solid second half performance from Almeria saw them score 3 goals in 30 minutes - sinking Atletico's chances of heading to the top of the table. First placed Barcelona however, managed a 2-1 win over Real Murcia taking them 5 points clear at the top. "We Need More Players" - Sparky Atletico Marid manager Mitu Ahmed told the press about how his team is lacking in depth and how there just aren;t enough players in the squad. He told SMTV: Atletico Madrid are at home against Scottish side Kilmarnock in the SMFA Shield round 1. The Spanish side revealed their ambitions in winning the trophy, and their journey strats here.
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    col lufc #

    The One

    Re: The One League Two Great away win for Adam who will be glad to see the season end so he can build for next season Zazoon will be disappointed at dropping points but a good point for Kev G in he's fight to avoid the wooden spoon Shel's stays 6 points clear and with 13 goals in there last 3 games there look good for the title 9 games unbeaten now for Gordon but have there left it too late Good win for Luke that keeps him in touch with Shel's 3 wins in a row now for Bestpay and with some big signings this week look a good bet to go up A much needed win for Gerry after going 8 league games with out one
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    EUFA Cup

    Re: EUFA Cup i think bayern are going to lose in getafe. so with that said i think Sporting is going to win it
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    Re: Gold Championship 5 official match thread Champions!! Elfsborg secured the Scandinavian title tonight as they beat Brondby 3-0 at home. Despite Kobenhavn winning 4-1, Elfsborg'c victory kept them 8 points ahead with now just 2 games left. Both sides will play in the SMFA Champions Cup next year. Second half goals from Samuel Holmen (48), Pavel Pogrebnyak (58) and Stefan Ishizaki (77) were enough to secure the comfortable win. 1 ELFSBORG 36 29 3 4 110 39 71 90 2 FC København 36 26 4 6 98 38 60 82 -------------------------------------------- 3 Hammarby 36 22 8 6 82 40 42 74 4 IFK Göteborg 36 23 4 9 72 26 46 73 5 OB 36 19 6 11 56 40 16 63 6 Lillestrøm SK 36 16 8 12 44 41 3 56 7 Esbjerg 36 15 7 14 52 54 -2 52 8 Lyn Oslo 36 16 4 16 53 59 -6 52 9 Malmö FF 36 15 6 15 52 59 -7 51 10 SK Brann 36 13 11 12 30 36 -6 50 11 Rosenborg 36 15 3 18 51 64 -13 48 12 Djurgårdens 36 13 7 16 50 59 -9 46 13 Brøndby IF 36 13 6 17 50 50 0 45 14 Helsingborgs IF 36 11 8 17 38 50 -12 41 15 Viborg FF 36 12 4 20 43 62 -19 40 16 FC Midtylland 36 10 6 20 45 58 -13 36 17 Valerenga 36 9 9 18 38 56 -18 36 18 HJK Helsinki 36 10 3 23 37 76 -39 33 19 AaB 36 8 3 25 37 89 -52 27 20 Honka 36 6 8 22 28 70 -42 26 Bigger post tomorrow or Friday Just too surprised with this atm, 1st ever title in a GC
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    Re: Daniel Bolam's Turkish Rating Predictions cheers , i'll rep ya for your help
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    Re: Daniel Bolam's Turkish Rating Predictions Really sorry to be the one to inform u Daniel mate, but those stats are incorrect. I think your source is old:o Potential Risers Demirel Volkan-88>>89/90 Best keeper in Turkey atm in my opinion. 22 league starts, hasnt played every single game this season by the way. 5 appearances for Turkey in the Euro 2008 qualifiers. PLayed all the games in the UCL. Onder Turaci-87>>87/88 Getting more games once again at Fenerbahce. Edu Dracena-90>>91 Key centre back for Fenerbahce this season. He has only missed 5 games. Gonul Gokhan-86>>88/89 Is starting to get more and more games now and is established at RB. Has a little bit of competition from Onder Turaci. Ive seen him a lot in the champions league and hes also played a fwe for Turkey in the qualifiers. Yasin Cakmak- 85>>86 PLaying much more this season and has appeared a few times in the UCL. Vederson-88>>89/90 Has appeared in most games this season in the league and played most of the champions league games as well. Worthy of a rise. Mehmet Aurelio-90>>91. He is another key player this season and his experience is vital. Played most games this season. Ali Biglin-86>>86/87. Appears mostly as a sub but could see a rise of 1. Selcuk Sahin-86>>87. Is playing quite a lot this season and has appeared a few times in the UCL as well. Ugur Boral-87>>87/88. Has played quite a lot this season. Deserves a rise of 1, but could stay the same. Mateja Kezman-89>>89/90. Has had a very tough career since moving out of Holland but is starting to re discover some of his form this season, but needs to play more. Semih Senturk-88>>89/90. This guy has been brilliant this season. He didnt score many last season but this season he has a whoping 16 in all competitions and has also chipped in for a couple of appearances for the national team. He also tops the top scorers table in Turkey. I think he deserves 90 but i have a feeling that SM will only give him 89:p Deivid-90>>90/91. He has played a lot this season and has a good scoring record in the UCL. MIght get a +1. Has been much better this season so really does deserve an increase. Ill do other teams, if i find the time. These are my opinions anyway:)
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    $$££ Millionaires Row

    Re: $$££ Millionaires Row MATCHDAY 32 Wins for.. Daegu(Teje),Atletico Junior(Greig),Colo Colo(Ruud),Kaizer Chiefs(Wolfcatt),Yokohama(Cally),New England(George),DC United(Niks) and Melbourne(Sheena). Its all happening at the top of the table as Sonofplutos Barcelona SC seem to have the title jitters and lose out on their first spot to Callys Yokohama who like many a Grand National winner have come up on the rails and taken first place with 6 games to go. Who needs the Prem this is a more exciting finish:). Match of the day winner is Sheenas Melbourne who put Bobos Pirates to the sword!! Darren Bent struck twice for the Aussie side. TOP SIX YOKOHAMA 69 BARCELONA 67 KAIZER CH 61 MELBOURNE 55 DC UNITED 55 AL HILAL 53
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    Stuck for who to sign with my Barcalona

    Re: Stuck for who to sign with my Barcalona I'd try getting Nasri, Benzema and possibly Veloso Walcott might also be a good rise when the ratings come next to about 90 and as for a goale, I'd say either Ochoa or Akinfeev
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    Re: The Forumers Glory Seekers Match/transfer rummers thread Turn 1 season 2 div 1 Vaprus parnu 0-4 Ajax cape town Well mark left vaprus and now they need a manager fast beacuse last seasons div 2 champs ajax destroyed them kevin will be very pleased with that result. Las palmas 2-1 Marca Jinky did not get the result he wanted after been prmoted last season watwl did well to get a win. Lorca 0-4 Linfield cally's side beat jacks poor preforming team cally's side no longer all norn iron but 2 of there internationls gettin goals. Carsile 0-0 Ujpest Wolfcatt gets a good result agaisnt a top side in div 1 and will go for a win next game sir mike giggs will be pleased with a draw. Cork 3-1 Fc Dallas Tom Pham starts his defence of div 1 title and doas it well with a easy 3-1 agaisnt georges full american side. Al Hilal 3-1 Exieter Crazy bones gets a good start to the season steive will be disapointed but its doubtfull he'll be very upset. 1 Ajax Cape Town 1 1 0 0 4 0 4 3 2 Linfield 1 1 0 0 4 0 4 3 3 Al Hilal 1 1 0 0 3 1 2 3 4 Cork City 1 1 0 0 3 1 2 3 5 Las Palmas 1 1 0 0 2 1 1 3 6 Carlisle United 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 7 Ujpest 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 8 Macará 1 0 0 1 1 2 -1 0 9 Exeter City 1 0 0 1 1 3 -2 0 10 FC Dallas 1 0 0 1 1 3 -2 0 11 Lorca 1 0 0 1 0 4 -4 0 12 Vaprus Pärnu 1 0 0 1 0 4 -4 0 Table there great start for kevins ajaz vaprus need a good manager it could be a long season for lorca if they doint improve. Vaprus parnu need a manager they have a good sqaud any one up for a chalange in a good setup ? gimme a pm
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    Pick A Number!

    Re: Pick A Number! Mate, seriously now, just read all the thread instead of skipping and just randomly posting, I've said already... I pick random forumers.
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    EUFA Cup

    Re: EUFA Cup talking about what is more important.. Sporting deserved completely be in semi finals.. Rangers for me was a completely image of bad football.. Sporting played better, created more chances, they risked more. is hard be beaten by a..team(?) that played all game in their defense waiting an error for he opponent.. because teams/things like that i am supporter of anti-brittish game(like i am supporter of anti-bush..) and i hope teams that play football like rangers played today should be irradiated from football.. if they want play all game in defense they should go for female volleyball.. also Sporting showed that they aren't the weak side..
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    WHo shall i sell

    Firstly i'm sorry if this is in the wrong lace please forgive me i need some ideas who to sell or buy i am Tottenham with 78.5m My players: ROBINSON, Paul G R 28 89 £7.1M - CERNY, Radek G R 34 86 £1.5M -ALNWICK, Ben G R 21 81 £2.5M Nmf -ASSOU-EKOTTO, Benoit LB L 24 85 £4.2M £3.3M - -LEE, Young-pyo LB/RB R 30 87 £3.7M -CHIMBONDA, Pascal RB/LB R 29 89 £6.5M -STALTERI, Paul RB/RM R 30 85 £2.9M -IFIL, Philip RB R 21 78 £1.3M -RODRIGO , Defendi CB L 21 75 £532k £270k -DAWSON, Michael CB R 24 88 £6.1M -KING, Ledley CB/DM B 27 90 £10.9M -GARDNER, Anthony CB L 27 86 £4.2M -TORRES, Miguel D R 22 89 £11.4M < (loan) -O'SHEA, John D/DM R 26 89 £6.3M £8.1M < (loan) -ROTAN, Ruslan LM/AM L 26 89 £6.3M £8.1M -GHALY, Hossam RM/CM R 26 85 £4.0M -ROUTLEDGE, Wayne RM/W R 23 85 £4.4M -BANEGA, Ever DM R 19 88 £10.8M -ZOKORA, Didier DM/CB R 27 89 £5.9M £5.8M -GABRIEL, Donizete CM R 20 75 £547k < (injured) -FELLAINI, Marouane CM R 20 89 £13.6M -TAINIO, Teemu CM/RB R 28 87 £4.4M -HUDDLESTONE, Tom CM/DM R 21 87 £5.9M £5.9M -MURPHY, Danny CM/RM R 31 86 £3.0M -LULINHA, Marcelo AM/F R 18 82 £3.2M -ADU, Freddy AM/F B 18 83 £3.8M MORALEZ, Maximiliano AM R 21 88 £8.9M - LENNON, Aaron W R 20 89 £13.6M - YOUNG, Ashley W/F B 22 90 £7.9M -LARSSON, Henrik F R 36 89 £1.5M -DERBYSHIRE, Matt F R 21 86 £5.3M -PIZARRO, Claudio CF R 29 88 £4.5M -PEKHART, Tomas CF R 18 74 £370k -YAKUBU, Aiyegbeni CF R 25 91 £15.1M
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    Here are my views on what i think will happen in the bottom half of the Serie A hope this helps with many peoples teams:) Serie A rating changes part 2 Lazio Lorenzo De Silvestri 85 Rated RB Played in 20 games this season although 5 are sub appearances totaling up 1330 mins Should rise to 87/88 Tommasso Rocchi 91 Rated Striker Played in 32 games this season but 4 are sub appearances totaling up 2536 mins scoring 12 goals Should rise to 92 Palermo Edison Cavani 87 Rated Striker Played in 28 games this season although 13 are sub appearances scoring 5 goals and totaling up 1611 mins Should rise to around 88 Giulio Migliaccio 87 Rated CM Played in 31 games this season of which only 3 are sub appearances and totaling 2079 mins Should rise to around 88 Siena Daniele Portanova 86 Rated CB Played in 32 games this season totaling up 2984 mins also scoring 1 goal Should rise to 87/88 Simone Loria 87 Rated CB Played in 30 games this season scoring 4 goals and totaling up 2839 mins Should rise to around 88 Paole De Ceglie 85 Rated AM/LM Played in 27 games this season and scoring 2 goals totaling up 2218 mins Should rise to around 87 Fernando Forestieri 77 Rated Forward 3 Starts and 12 sub appearances this season totaling up 576 mins also scoring 1 goal Should rise to around 81 Torino Alessandro Rossina 90 Rated W/AM 26 games this season also 3 sub appearances totaling up 2212 mins scoring 6 goals Might Rise to 91 but not for sure Gianluca Comotto 87 Rated RB Played in 23 games this season also scoring 1 goal and totaling up 2036 mins Should rise to 88 Catania No risers, all ratings are fine for now Parma No risers, all ratings are fine for now Livorno Francesco Tavano 89 Rated Striker Played in 25 games this season scoring 10 goals totaling up 2062 mins May rise to 90 but might stay on an 89 Giovanni Pasquale 87 Rated LB Played in 31 games this season totaling up 2897 mins Should rise to 88 Empoli Sebastien Giovinco 85 Rated AM/LM Played in 29 games this season but 13 were as a sub scoring 5 goals Should rise to around 87 Cagliari Robert Acquafresca 85 Rated Striker Played in 27 games this season although 12 are sub appearances scoring 6 goals Should rise to 86/87 Reggina Maurizio Lanzaro 86 Rated CB Played in 29 games this season totaling up 2671 mins Should rise to 87
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