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    Jonathon Horacio De León Ochoa It's difficult to describe this prospect. He's played only 5 matches so far, but has become one of the most essential players in his club's attacks. The 21-year-old plays as a forward, and could soon hit the international stage if his rise in ability continues to accelerate. De León made his debut match for U.A.N.L. Tigres in the 2007 Clausera. The striker didn't impress, nor did his side win the match. He didn't play until the next season, during which he made 3 appearances. Only 1 of them were wins, and 2 of them were substitution appearances. In the 2008 Clausera, he made another appearance, but again wasn't successful. This season, however, De León could be showing much more skill. On the 26th of July this year, he started and played 56 minutes in a 0-0 draw with Pachuca. In the week after, he played the first 60 minutes in a 3-1 win for Tigres and was chosen to take 6 of the corner kicks for the team. Another week passed, and De Leon again started, this time playing throughout the first half of a 3-0 victory over Atlas. In the next match, he wasn't included in the team at all, but the club discovered out how dearly they needed this forward when they lost 1-0 to San Luis Potosi because of his absence. De Leon would make his return in the next match, in which he and his mates won 1-0. Just this Sunday, he again played, making an assist for a goal in Tigres's 3-1 win over Club America. This has all amounted to 279 minutes this season, making him the squad's third choice striker, behind 88-rated forwards Blas Perez and Jose Francisco Fonseca. A rise for this 72-rated forward to the lower 80's is guaranteed. If you don't believe me yet, then you'll see by the end of the Mexican season, as he has become one of the 3 top choice forwards along with those other two. Are you STILL not sure? Well, he's only worth 86k, and chances are, his chairman will likely value him at only 10k. No reason not to give the boy a chance, as the worst he'll do is rise by 4. De Leon is on the right (Old picture from Jan 2007). Player Factfile Name: Jonatan Horacio De Leon Ochoa Nationality: Mexican DOB: June 22, 1987 Age: 21 years old Height: 1.78 meters Weight: 161 pounds Preferred Foot: Right Overall Appearances: 7 Appearances This Season: 6 SM Rating: 72 SM Value: £86,000 Rating Change Prediction: 82+
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    Team of the week for every league...

    Hi I thought i would provide a team of the week from every major league so that if you are interested you can look at the team of the week(s) and see which players are constantly appearing and therefore likely to rise. Obviously I cant watch every game in every league so I will be using a well known site to copy the teams from but it is reliable and therefore you can see who really is playing well
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    Thomas Salamon

    Thomas Salamon Thomas Salamon is an Attacking Midfield/Winger who currently plays for SV Mattersburg, in the Austrian version of the 'Bundesliga'. SV Mattersburg are currently 8th in the Bundesliga, ahead of SV Stadtwerke Kapfenberg and Enjo SCR Altach. Thomas Salamon moved from FK Austria Wien Amateure in the summer. Thomas Salamon only recieved his piece of regular first team football in March through May. He played on the wing for FK Austria Wien Amateure but is now playing Central Midfield and on the Wing for SV Mattersburg. He played 14 times in 2007/08 and scoring 1 goal for his old team. He is currently playing regularly for his new team, making 577 minutes out of a possible 731 minutes, making 5 starts and 2 subs so far. Thomas Salamon is of Austrian nationality and has featured for Austria U-19. The midfielder is currently 80 on the database, playing with midfielders rated higher than 80. He is currently recieving more first team this season than 84 rated midfielders, Mattias Lindstrom and Markus Schmidt and playing the same as 87 rated midfielder Michael Morz. I reckon by the next rating changes, he will increase to around 84-86, as he is currently impressing and at £2.2 million, he can certainly become worth a lot more. Appearances: 2006/07: 15/05/2007 - FK Austria Magna Amateure 2-1 TSV Hartberg - 23 minutes 2007/08: 14/09/2007 - SC Austria Lustenau 1-1 FK Austria Magna Amateure - 12 minutes 21/09/2007 - FK Austria Magna Amateure 0-0 FC Gratkorn - 10 minutes 28/09/2007 - FK Austria Magna Amateure 2-1 SV Bad Aussee - 76 minutes 14/03/2008 - FK Austria Magna Amateure 0-1 SC Schwanenstadt - 15 minutes 21/03/2008 - SV Bad Aussee 2-2 FK Austria Magna Amateure - 31 minutes 28/03/2008 - DSV Leoben 2-0 FK Austria Magna Amateure - 80 minutes 04/04/2008 - FK Austria Magna Amateure 1-0 FC Lustenau - 81 minutes 11/04/2008 - SC/ESV Parndorf 3-0 FK Austria Magna Amateure - 90 minutes 15/04/2008 - ASK Schwadorf 1-0 FK Austria Magna Amateure - 46 minutes 18/04/2008 - FK Austria Magna Amateure 1-3 RB Juniors Salzburg - 62 minutes 25/04/2008 - SV Bad Aussee 1-4 FK Austria Magna Amateure - 90 minutes (1 goal) 29/04/2008 - FK Austria Magna Amateure 3-3 SV Stadtwerke Kapfenberg - 89 minutes 02/05/2008 - SC Austria Lustenau 1-2 FK Austria Magna Amateure - 86 minutes 06/05/2008 - FK Austria Magna Amateure 0-2 FC Gratkorn - 67 minutes 2008/09: 09/07/2008 - SV Austria Salzburg 6-0 SV Mattersburg - 45 minutes 12/07/2008 - SV Mattersburg 2-1 SK Josko Ried - 64 minutes 23/07/2008 - Sturm Graz 3-0 SV Mattersburg - 35 minutes 26/07/2008 - SV Mattersburg 0-1 Rapid Vienna - 90 minutes 01/08/2008 - SV Mattersburg 3-1 Enjo SCR Altach - 90 minutes 09/08/2008 - SV Pasching 2-0 SV Mattersburg - 90 minutes 23/08/2008 - SV Mattersburg 2-1 SV Statdwerke Kapfenberg - 81 minutes 31/08/2008 - FK Austria Memphis 2-1 SV Mattersburg - 54 minutes Quick Recap: Name: Thomas Salamon Date of Birth: 18th January 1989 (19 years old) Club: SV Mattersburg Nationality: Austrian Height: 1.75m Weight: 70kg Position: Attacking Midfield/Winger Rating: 80 SM Value: £2,200,000
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    Final Offer Option

    Not sure if this has been suggested before but couldn't find anything using search. How about an option when bidding to make it the final offer for the player, so that when the other manager recieves the offer he only has the option to accept or reject. I'm sure i'm not the only one who has recieved many ridiculous counter-offers for players, things like Henry for Ben Arfa or Gerrard for Aquilani, and I would rather the other manager just rejected the offer than make me a pointless counter-offer of which my acceptance would also require my acceptance into a mental institution. The other manager can still use pm if they wish to negotiate a deal, but in situations when what your offering is the best you can or are willing to this could prove useful. Anyway, i've made a quick mockup to show it a bit better, so feel free to discuss....
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    End Of The World

    Re: End Of The World
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    Luigi Vitale Luigi Vitale (born 5 October 1987 in Castellamare di Stabia) is a young promising Italian player from Napoli and can play at left midfielder or at left back. On the database he's down as a LM/LB. Bare with me on this kid as its very hard to find any information on him that isn't in Italian, but i'll do my best. He made 28 appearances on loan at Lanciano last season and after impressing there, came back to Napoli where he started the first game of the season away to Roma where it finished 1-1, yesterday. He made his Napoli debut back in 2005 when he would of only been 17 and made 4 appearances before going on loan to Lanciano. As you can see he's currently rated at 75 but if he continues to start for Napoli he could rise very quickly. Napoli thoroughly deserved their draw yesterday away at Roma and did it with 10 men after Santrcroce was sent off. The team is also expected to do very well this season with a number of players expected to come through including the likes of Russotto and Vitale. So get him whilst he's cheap.
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    My River Plate Challenge

    I was on the Computer, bored (nothing to do in the summer holidays ) so I decided to give my self a challenge. I decided to take a River Plate in Division 4 of World Champ 3030. I know what your thinking - " So what, not the hardest challeng ever" - but I urge you to try it. All you have to do is get a River Plate in a new WC, and try your best with them. Post how you do here I will post mine soon
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    Players you should sell!

    Almost every single forumer makes a list on which players to buy. Nobody has ever thought of making a thread to do with players to sell or not to buy until today. I will make a list of players that are going to drop down from their current rating that you need to sell and i also am going to add a player you should replace him with! Your replies would be greatly appreciatted:
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    Kyle Turner

    Kyle Turner's Sig Gallery

    Kyle Turner's Sig Gallery This is a thread for all of the sigs i create in the upcoming months! This thread will hopefuly keep all of my sigs together. This can also be a feedback thread for people to give me positive or negative comments. I don't mind, it will help me become a better sig maker! I will be posting examples of my work later today and in the near future! Feel free to request any sig you would like. I am also creating Profile pics which are to be requested on the other thread run by me and Liverpool99. Profile Pics Requests. I will also create wallpapers but please request on my other thread at Player Wallpapers. Thanks Kyle Turner
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    Biggest Upcoming Risers

    I will no longer be updating this thread. These rating predictions are now out of date, and may be inaccurate. Radebe20 has decided to continue this idea, so if you want to find up-to-date predictions, ask questions, etc, go to the following thread: Biggest Upcoming Risers - Revisited (2008/09) None of the credit for these players are mine, they are all mentioned in various topics on the forum. Please click the links if you wish to find the main topic. Spain (Week 11) LB Pablo 19/78 -> 82 Rose to 83 LB Marcano 21/77 -> 81/82 LB Mikel Balenziaga 20/74 -> 79/80 RB Laure 23/75 -> 79/80 CB Chico 21/74 -> 79/80 Rose to 83 CM Mario 23/80 -> 83 CM Sergio Busquets 20/75 -> 80 Rose to 85 CM Óscar Sielva 17/74 -> 77 CM Ander Iturraspe 19/74 -> 77 AM Kike Lopez 20/75 -> 78 W Pedro 21/72 -> 78 Rose to 78 F Adrián Colanga 23/82 -> 85 CF Jonathan Pereira 21/82 -> 84 CF Ion Velez 23/80 -> 83 Portugal (Week 11) GK Rui Patricio 20/86 -> 88 Rose to 87 LB Cissokho 21/75 -> 80 Rose to 82 LB Sílvio 20/74 -> 78 LB Igor 23/73 -> 77 Rose to 77 CB Vasco Fernandes 21/81 -> 83 Rose to 82 CB Joao Guilherme 22/75 -> 80 Rose to 82 CB Halliche 22/74 -> 80 Rose to 80 CB Matheus 23/74 -> 79 D Maicon 20/72 -> 78 Rose to 80 CM Fernando 21/84 -> 86 Rose to 86 CM Celsinho 20/77 -> 81/82 Rose to 80 AM Rafael 23/77 -> 80 Rose to 82 F Cop 18/73 -> 77/78 Rose to 76 Italy (Week 12) RB Berardi 20/77 -> 81/82 LM Vitale 20/75 -> 80/81 RM Nainggolan 20/75 -> 78 RM Patinali 26/74 -> 77/78 W Nsereko 19/71 -> 77/78 DM Isla 20/82 -> 85 DM Fabiano 26/80 -> 82 CM Marchisio 22/86 -> 88 CM Szetela 21/78 -> 81 AM Pasquato 19/72 -> 77/78 M Tricarico 25/75 -> 78 M De Falco 22/74 -> 77/78 F Balotelli 18/84 -> 86 Russia (Summer Ratings Week 1) GK Ryzhikov 28/85 -> 88 GK Khomich 24/85 -> 87 GK Lika 28/83 -> 85 GK Amelchenko 23/80 -> 83 GK Narubin 26/78 -> 84/85 GK Pesyakov 19/76 -> 82 LB Skoblyakov 31/85 -> 87 LB Dudnik 23/75 -> 78 RB Yatchenko 22/85 -> 87 RB Nemov 24/85 -> 87 RB Parshivlyuk 19/84 -> 86 RB Kisenkov 27/84 -> 86 RB Nababkin 22/83 -> 85 CB Sharonov 32/86 -> 88 CB Belozerov 26/85 -> 87 CB Amisulashvili 26/85 -> 87 CB Jokic 27/84 -> 87 CB Romanovic 29/83 -> 86 RM Odiah 24/86 -> 88 RM Kaleshin 28/85 -> 87 RM Mamaev 20/82 -> 86 RM Dineev 20/76 -> 80 W Dzakhmishev 28/84 -> 86 W Kuzmichev 29/83 -> 85 DM Gorelov 23/71 -> 77/78 CM Mashukov 23/85 -> 87 CM Geteriev 23/82 -> 86 CM Kulik 23/82 -> 84 CM Kuznetsov 24/78 -> 81 CM Dzagoev 18/75 -> 84/85 CM Sovetkin 19/75 -> 80 CM Glushakov 21/72 -> 83/84 AM Vujovic 26/80 -> 83 F Siradze 26/83 -> 86 F Prudnikov 19/82 -> 85 F Bukharov 23/82 -> 84 F Kalimullin 24/78 -> 84 F Bikmaev 22/78 -> 81 F Stavpets 19/77 -> 81 F Nikiforov 19/76 -> 79 F Felipe 23/73 -> 80 CF Topic 32/86 -> 88 CF Ricardo Jesus 23/84 -> 86 CF Zhilyaev 21/83 -> 85 CF Sikimic 26/81 -> 84 CF Smolov 18/78 -> 81 Ukraine (Summer Ratings Week 1) GK Stoiko 22/73 -> 76/77 -> 80 By End Of Season CB Kryvtsov 17/73 -> 75/76 -> 78/79 By End Of Season CM Ninkovic 23/84 -> 88 CM Aliev 23/83 -> 87/88 AM Shevchuk 23/77 -> 79/80 -> 83 By End Of Season AM Willian 19/85 -> 86 -> 87/88 By End Of Season M Skoba 26/75 -> 78 -> 81/82 By End Of Season CF Zeniov 19/75 -> 77/78 -> 79/80 By End Of Season CF Vasin 19/71 -> 74/75 Sweden (Summer Ratings Week 3) RM Zatara 23/70 -> 77/78 AM Sosseh 22/71 -> 79 F Anselmo 28/82 -> 85 F Freddy Soderberg 23/74 -> 82/83 CF Söder 17/74 -> 80/81 CF Dauda 20/72 -> 80 USA (Summer Ratings Week 4) CF Ibrahim 16/72 -> 75 Rep. Of Ireland (Summer Ratings Week 5) W Killian Brennan 79 -> 83/84 Brazil (Week 1 + 2) GK Edson 22/80 -> 85 LB Marcio Azevedo 22/82 -> 85/86 LB Helder 19/80 -> 83 RB Apodi 21/80 -> 83 CB Rever 23/83 -> 86 CB Anderson 21/80 -> 85 CB Negretti - 20/80 -> 85 CB Jeci 28/80 -> 85/86 (Replacement for Henrique at Palmeiras) CB Aislan 20/75 -> 80 CB Bruno Aguiar 22/75 -> 83/84 CB Sandro 20/75 -> 80 CB Danny 23/74 -> 83 CB Felipe 21/71 -> 81/82 DM Fernando 22/80 -> 83/84 DM Marquinhos 22/80 -> 83/84 CM Pituca 29/80 -> 83/84 CM Rafael Carioca -> 19/80 -> 86/87 CM Chico 21/72 -> 77 AM Madson 22/80 -> 83/84 AM Marquinhos 18/80 -> 83/84 AM Tarta 19/77 -> 81 AM Taison 20/75 -> 83 AM Renan Oliveira 18/75 -> 80 AM Willians Santana 20/76 -> 83/84 F Lima 25/83 -> 86/87 F Willian 21/81 -> 83/84 CF Hugo 19/82 -> 85/86 CF Roger 23/80 -> 84 Mexico (Week 1 + 2) RB Chaves 21/78 -> 82 CB Efrain Juarez 20/74 -> 81/82 M Partida 19/75 -> 82 F Rivas 19/75 -> 83/84 F De Leon 21/72 -> 82 Bulgaria (Week 3) RM Gadzhev 21/80 -> 83/84 RM Tiberkanine 23/78 -> 84 W Joaozinho 19/82 -> 85/86 CF Iliev 20/76 -> 81/82 Germany (Week 4) CF Allagui 22/81 -> 85 Holland (Week 4) RB Akgun 22/79 -> 84
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    Rating Change Dates

    Well, this is the follow up of the Rating Change Idea I had which was very popular. This thread is perfect for forumers doing there scouting as they will know how many appearences a player has made since the last rating change. (The colour of which the countries are in is based on the countries flag but since there is so many flags which contain the colours red and blue, for some countries I have chosen a different colour that best suit them. e.g- Australia play most sports in yellow so I put them yellow) MAIN RATINGS CHANGES Section 1 + 2 Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay Last Reviewed: approx. around the 12th May Section 3 Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia Last Reviewed: Monday 11th August - Sunday 17th August / 11/8/08 - 17/8/08 Section 4 Bulgaria, gary, Poland, Romania Last Reviewed: Monday 18th August - Sunday 24th August / 18/8/08 - 24/8/08 Section 5 Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia Upcoming Review: Monday 1st September - Sunday 7th September / 1/9/08 - 7/9/08 Last Reviewed: Monday 17th March - Sunday 23rd March / 17/3/08 - 23/3/08 Section 6 Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia Upcoming Review: Monday 8th September - Sunday 14th September / 8/9/08 - 14/9/08 Last Reviewed: Monday 24th March - Sunday 30th March / 24/3/08 - 30/3/08 Section 7 Belgium, France, Switzerland Upcoming Review: Monday 15th September - Sunday 21st September / 15/9/08 - 21/9/08 Last Reviewed: Monday 31st March - Sunday 6th April / 31/3/08 - 6/4/08 Section 8 England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales Upcoming Review: Monday 22nd September - Sunday 28th September / 22/9/08 - 28/9/08 Last Reviewed: Monday 7th April - Sunday 13th April / 7/4/08 - 13/4/08 Section 9 England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales Upcoming Review: Monday 29th September - Sunday 5th October / 29/9/08 - 5/9/08 Last Reviewed: Monday 14th April - Sunday 20th April / 14/4/08 - 20/4/08 Section 10 Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Malta, Turkey Upcoming Review: Monday 6th October - Sunday 12th October / 6/10/08 - 12/10/08 Last Reviewed: Monday 21st April - Sunday 27th April / 21/4/08 - 27/4/08 Section 11 Portugal, Spain Upcoming Review: Monday 13th October - Sunday 19th October / 13/10/08 – 19/10/08 Last Reviewed: Monday 28th April - Sunday 4th May / 28/4/08 - 4/5/08 Section 12 Italy Upcoming Review: Monday 20th October - Sunday 26th October/ 20/10/08 - 26/10/08 Last Reviewed: Monday 5th May - Sunday 11th May / 5/5/08 - 11/5/08 SUMMER RATING CHANGES NOTE: This is presuming that the SUMMER RATING CHANGES will follow straight after the MAIN RATING CHANGES. (The last time the summer ratings were reviewed the dates were not organised but i will give you the dates they started and ended) Section 1 Belarus, Russia, Ukraine Upcoming Review: Monday 27th October - Sunday 2nd November / 27/10/08 - 2/11/08 Last Reviewed: Started 2nd June - Ended 4th July Section 2 Australia, China, Japan, Korea Upcoming Review: Monday 3rd November - Sunday 9th November / 3/11/08 - 9/11/08 Last Reviewed: Started 5th June - Ended 9th June Section 3 Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden Upcoming Review: Monday 10th November - Sunday 16th November / 10/11/08 - 16/11/08 Last Reviewed: Started 10th June - Ended 17th June Section 4 Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, USA Upcoming Review: Monday 17th November - Sunday 23rd November / 17/11/08 - 23/11/08 Last Reviewed: Started 18th June - Ended 26th June Section 5 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, South Africa, Rep Ireland Upcoming Review: Monday 24th November - Sunday 30th November/ 24/11/08 - 30/11/08 Last Reviewed: Started 27th July - Not sure of end date (Prob a week after)
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    Daniel Carriço

    Daniel Carriço A 20 year-old Portuguese central defender who has spent the past few campaigns on loan to Olhanense and AEL Limassol from Sporting. According to Wikipedia he was elected one of the best players at the U-19 European Championship in 2007. With some impressive pre-season performances Sporting have decided to keep him in the senior squad and he's been handed the #3 jersey for the 08/09 campaign. An unused sub in victories over Trofense and Braga respectively it's likely he'll get his top team chance sooner rather than later. DANIEL CARRICO, Filipe, aged 20, rated 75 Notes: (a) The player is still listed as AEL in SM, however unless various sources including season ticket holders in Lisbon are wrong, he's definitely back in Portugal. ( I know this player has been mentioned before, but couldn't find a specific thread for him, my main aim is to let people who are unaware know he's on the fringes of Sporting's first team. © Not as much info as I would like in my first player thread, but at the same time the main points are covered.
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    Rewarding Loyalty

    Through all the swap tool furore on the forum over the last week or so, it appeared one of the things SM are looking for is loyalty from managers. The phenomenon of 'club-hopping' and also the scenario where members join a club for a few games at the start of the set-up and then leave having spent all the money once results have not gone their way ruins the experience for many. So many set-ups remain less than half-full. Perhaps it would be prudent if some of us could put our heads together and think of ideas/suggestions which will reward loyalty to a club and also to a set-up . An idea which I posted on that thread, but was perhaps lost amongst some of the disappointment many were experiencing at the time, was to incorporate a loyalty points score within the set-up history. You currently have total points and average points. Could we have a loyalty points for all members within the set-up. Could this be incorporated into the formula which SM use to determine the best manager for a job when one becomes available. This could be something as simple as adding for example 0.5 point per game in charge. Could be greater or smaller depending how important loyalty is to be in the job offer scenario. So in theory you will now have 3 figures: e.g I'm manager of X. I've been in charge for 50 games. My set-up history shows Manager..........Average Pts..........Total Pts..........Loyalty points Me...................2.50.....................125. ..................25 Loyalty points will be zero'd whenever I change clubs (although perhaps if you have amassed a huge number of points, perhaps you will keep some of your loyalty points). The exact way you use the figures I cannot say as I'm uncertain of the current stipulations/formula involved in job offers. But by incorporating the loyalty points somewhere in the formula, loyalty will become more important and long-standing managers in the set-up who have been loyal to their club will be conferred an advantage when it comes to offering jobs. As I've said, this could be as small or as great as you want it. Such an idea may encourage members to stay-on within a set-up or with a particular team when things have suddenly gone awry. I've seen managers who have performed quite well one season suddenly leave their teams when they suffer 3 losses at the start of the next season. Having a good loyalty score may encourage them to stay within the set-up longer term . A loyalty score could also help set-up owners in deciding which sorts of managers they would like to invite to their set-ups. Anybody have other ideas to reward loyalty and keep set-ups from emptying?
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    Jan POLAK... no rise?

    The Czech ratings seem to be over, and one of Czech's Republic most promising players didn't have a rating increase. Polak is rated only 81 and has been a regular first team player since last season. Here are the links to his stats: season 07-08: http://www.transfermarkt.de/de/spieler/62530/janpolak/default/2007/leistungsdaten.html season 08-09: http://www.transfermarkt.de/de/spieler/62530/janpolak/default/2008/leistungsdaten.html He really deserves an increase... hope SM will still review him. Some other czech players deserved an increse and didn't get it: Radim Reznik ; Jan Moravek ; Jan Krob and Jakub Mares who are all regular first team starters!
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    The Phenom

    Eto for Berbatov

    Re: Eto for Berbatov unless u can get gud players from that money i wont do that deal....wud be better if u can get 1 more player along with Berb... Eto wont decrease soon & it will take time for Berb to reach 96...so really no need for that deal....
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    Team of the week for every league...

    Re: Team of the week for every league... Zarate really does impress me and now he plays for a decent team in the form of lazio I feel he could press on to become a 91/92 within a year does anyone disagree/agree?
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    Eto for Berbatov

    Re: Eto for Berbatov I'd go for it mate, 60m is a lot of money and asking for more may just be pushing your luck. There are also speculations about Eto'o rating whilst Berbatov has proved himself in the EPl and now is playing champions league football. It may be a difference rating of three, but I'd be happy to do a straight swap!
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    Re: Right now i'm listening to... Kanye West - Slow Jamz Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop Rating (Out of 5): *****
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    Eto for Berbatov

    Re: Eto for Berbatov
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    Re: Gold Championship 22 Match Report / Transfers Thread Two Out Of Two For Madrid Real Madrid 2-0 Osasuna Venue: Santiago Bernabéu Real Madrid have now won both of their La Liga games after an impressive 2-0 win over Osasuna at the Santiago Bernabéu. Los Merengues fielded the same team that beat Valencia on Saturday, only difference being was that Joe Cole had to watch from the stands after being sent off. So Van Der Vaart went on the wing, and up stepped Jose Mari Guti taking the playmaker's role in central midfield. It was a one sided match which saw Real Madrid dominate possession and offensive play but the Galacticos failed to take their chances which resulted in a goalless first half. The second half saw the Los Blancos dominate once more and this time they made it count as new summer signing Rafael Van Der Vaart capitalized from the Osasuna defensive mistake and slipped it past keeper Ricardo Lopez. And just a minute later, new boy Samuel Eto'o dummied the keeper and slid it into the net. New signing Mohamed Zidan came on for Ruud Van Nistelrooy late on the second half and came close numerously, but the new man has yet to get his first of the season. Dutch Sensation Van Der Vaart Gets Madrid's First Scorers Rafael VAN DER VAART (59) 1-0 Osasuna Samuel ETO'O (60) 2-0 Osasuna Match Statistics Real Madrid 62% Possession 38% Osasuna Real Madrid 24 Shots On Goal 12 Osasuna Real Madrid 11 Shots On Target 11 Osasuna Real Madrid 7 Corners 7 Osasuna Real Madrid 1 Yellow Cards 4 Osasuna Real Madrid 0 Red Cards 0 Osasuna No surprises then as league favourites Real Madrid and Barcelona head the table, the only Spanish teams to win both games. Villareal, Espanyol and Sevilla also cause no shocks as they are also following the giants. Atletico Madrid however are 15th after 2 disappointing draws. Madrid play Cruzeiro in a friendly on Friday, but after that are at home to play city rivals Atletico Madrid.
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    My Arsenal rating changes...

    For the next changes in the English ratings here are my views on each player in the current real life squad of Arsenal. (May also change this nearer the time of the changes) Increase Stay The Same Decrease No Comment Manuel Almunia - Stay the same, hasn't done anything special or anything horrid, 90 is a fair rating. Lukasz Fabianski - Same as Almunia hasn't done anything to move up or go down in the changes, 85 is about right. Vito Mannone - Possible slight rise to the mid 70s after being promoted to the first team and making the bench for a few games so far this season. Gael Clichy - Until he makes the French squad, which could happen over this International break he won't go higher than 92, he's omni present in the Arsenal team playing about 52 games last season, should stay 92. Bacary Sagna - Is at the same level as Clichy imo, should be chosen for the France NT this week with Clichy therefore should rise to 92 imo. Kolo Toure - Justified 94, not done anything to drop or rise. Johann Djourou - Small possibility in a rise to 88 although he isn't a stand out player, has played twice this season I believe, full games. Mikael Silvestre - Just signed but should probably remain 87. William Gallas - Possibility of a drop for Gallas, spent a lot of time on the injury table last season although he is starting to become even more of a leader now than he was last season. Gavin Hoyte - Unfortunately hasn't been promoted to the first team, which I believe he should of been so stay at 72. Tomas Rosicky - Has been injured for some time but dropped a rating last change so should stay at 92 for me. Fran Merida - Not yet managed to get on the bench for the first 11 although has bags of talent should stay at 78 for me touching 80. Keiron Gibbs - Same as Merida close to 80 but still in the reserves, stay the same. Emmanuel J'Eboue - Hate the guy but I must admit he is looking more composed this season possibility of a 90 if SM are generous. Amuary Bischoff - Haven't seen ANYTHING whatsoever of him so i'm not going to comment. Cesc Fabregas - Including the Euro's in this change he should be an obvious 95. He's also Arsenal's star tbh, world class. Abou Diaby - If he's of continued without his injury i'd be saying 89 now but seen as he is injured once again he should stay at 88. Denilson - Slowly becoming a strong CM partner for Cesc, should be a guaranteed 88 for so far this season but if he continues his performances, could see a 89. Aaron Ramsey - Has played a game in the EPL this season which should trigger an automatic 80 at least, an average Premier League player is about 85 so a fringe player should be an 82 imo. Mark Randall - Rise to 78 has signed a deal to play in the first team which is very good for him could be a mid 80 by the end of the season. Henri Lansbury - Stay at 72 unfortunately , I really like him as a player and he has BAGS and BAGS! of talent. Alex Song - Should rise to 87 at least, not forgetting last seasons African Cup of Nations where he was superb and got them to the final, he is also starting to make appearances in the EPL. Samir Nasri - Been my player of the month by a mile, saved us early on against WBA and kick started our bashing of FC Twente and is always involved with everything, plus he is making his 13th appearance for France over the next week and dare I say this, he might even be on the same footballing level as Cesc , rise to 93! Theo Walcott - Tricky one, he is a regular player and isn't really bad at all in any game, I think 89 is optimistic but could happen if he starts scoring before then, picked for England once again too, who knows? Carlos Vela - I think by the changes he will deserve an 88 for sure, but for now its still 87. Jay Simpson - Should be an 80 for me although I can't see him rising tbh. Robin Van Persie - If he stays fit by the end of the season he could be as high as 93 as he is our danger man and our Ronaldo basically, but because of that 91 for now 92 if he stays fit and scores before the changes. Eduardo - Hate to say this as I am one of Dudu's biggest fans I love the guy lol, but he has had a terrible injury and could face another drop, I hope SM are generous but its unlikely they will be. Luke Freeman - Can't comment as he's a youth player atm. Gilles Sunu - Same as Freeman. Emmanuel Adebayor - After the trouble over the summer I would and Should be wishing a drop on him but he's a quality player and 92 is justified. Niklas Bendtner - After last seasons ending and a few sub apps this season he should be an 89 at least for me, probably will trade ratings with Eduardo
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    Graphics Request Thread

    Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! yh and you should actually cut the picture out m8:o
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    Rating Change Dates

    Re: Rating Change Dates Good thread;)
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    My Arsenal rating changes...

    Re: My Arsenal rating changes...
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    Re: Hex`s Champions League 4-th edition! (new) everyone keep off Greig spence and Adebayor as they're mine lol. I'll send you a friend request mate, just neeed to find your name...
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    Re: Gold Championship 24 Discussion I predicted that too myself when i saw this > Would you like to test yourself against some of the best managers in the game by participating in the elite Gold Championships? For full details please visit the SM Blog. Incidently, BenReado how did you manage to reply to that blog entry before the entry was even made?
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    End Of The World

    Re: End Of The World
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    Re: Hex`s Champions League 4-th edition! (new) as soon i get 2 know all teams
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    SM Kits

    I was looking at the kits currently on SM and think that they could also do with an update. How about something like this? Just some examples i came up with;
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    Rewarding Loyalty

    Re: Rewarding Loyalty Something has to be done for the good of the game as too many setups seem to have people getting a club spending all that sides money then leaving after 2-3 games if they've lost a game or 2. Then nobody wants those sides because of the rubbish they've been left with, personally i cant see why a managers rating cant be decreased by say 10 for everytime they quit a side, maybe need a 50+ rating to manage a prem side, 45+ champ etc.....just a suggestion to stop the hoppers
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    Players you should sell!

    Re: Players you should sell! Its a good idea for a thread Van Persie? Why he's not completely injured and scored 2 in his last game - when did Rooney last score Neither is a sell player though - form is temporary as they say!
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    My 500 Posts !!!

    Re: My 500 Posts !!! This is my 5000th
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    My 500 Posts !!!

    Re: My 500 Posts !!! An old thread, but i just passed my 500th post... almost 2 years after this thread was created l:D ol
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    Shelbourne FC

    GC-9 Awards Presentations

    Re: GC-9 Awards Presentations Please use other AWARDS Thread For Debate ect ect http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=15755 - http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=15755 Well Welcome Back For Season 3, Once Again Exclusive To Gold Championships Are GC-9's Managerial Awards !Augusts Managers Of The Month! England Premiership* Dave Walker-West Ham United 2nd In The League, Level On Points With Chelsea. {This Is Dave's 2nd Award, He Previosly Won An Award With Watford In Division 2} English Division 2 Chris Coleman-Wolverhampton Wanderers 2nd In Championship To Blackburn Rovers & Advanced In Round 1 of The FA Cup. {This Is Chris's First Award} English Division 3 Chris Pearson-Derby County 2nd In League Behind Unmanaged Swansea, Promising Future Ahead For Derby Perhaps. {This Is Chris's 1st Award} English Division 4 NO CLUBS MANAGAED ------- Spanish La Liga Dr. Weidi-Villareal CF Currently 2nd In The League Behind Real Zaragoza But Had Tougher Fixtures This Month. {This Is Dr. Weidi's 3rd Monthly Award, Aswell As Previosly Picking Up The Overall Manager Of The Month Award On 1 Ocassion} Spanish Segunda Conan Norton-Sevilla Atletico Currently 3nd In Segunda. {This Is Conans 1st Award} ------- Italian Serie A Dustin P-Juventus Serie A Was Usless This Month AGAIN Again Again.. .. Sits Top Of League After Augest. {This Is Dustins 4th Montly Award} Italian Serie B Matt Burnett {Mr Nice Guy}-Internazionale Back In Serie A For Next Season? Has Had Just 6 Matches At His New Club & Won Them All. {This Is Matts 1st Award} ------- Scottish Championship Neil Devaney-Hearts Beat Celtic At Parkhead & Are Currently 2nd In The SPL {This Is Neil's 1st Award} ------- French Ligue 1 Baz McCann-O'Lyon, 3 Leagues Ina Row Watch Baz Go , 10 From 10 In August. {This Is Bazza's 4th Award} French Ligue 2 John John-Le Mans Top Of French Lique Deux. {This Is JJ's 2nd Award} ------- German Bundesliga Doug Haggerty-Hannover 96 Great Start For 96 As They Sit Top & Are Unbeaten. {This Is Dougs 1st Award} German 2nd Tier Dave Lee-Eintracht Frankfurt 3rd In League & Hoping For Promotion With His New Club. {This Is Daves 1st Award} ------- Holl-Bell Elect Jimi Hendrix-RSC Andelecht Currently 5th In League After Tough Months Worth of Fixtures. {This Is Jimi's 2nd Award.} ------- Eastern Region Patrick Rowgowski-Wisla Krakow 12th & 5th Place League Finishes, Will This Be There Year?. {This Is Patricks 1st Award} ------- American Super League Danny RSCA-River Plate Currently 2nd In League {This Is Danny's 3rd Award} ------- Mediterranean Adam Storo-FC Porto 8 Wins & A Draw In August. {This Is Adams 1st Award} ------- Central/East Euro League Omer Suleiman-Slavia Praha Sits 3rd In League {This Is Omer's 1st Award } ------- Scandinavia Region League Fraser Merchant - FC Kobenhavn Top of League & Has Not Lost Since Day 1 This Season {This Is Fraser's 3rd Award} ------- Gold Championship 9 Overall Manager of The Month For August Baz McCann Olympique Lyonais
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    Zabaleta or Lell

    Re: Zabaleta or Lell Lell -first RB for Bayern Munchen and will soon deserve chance in German NT. -has advantage in front of Oddo who has been loaned to Bayern just to replace on RM injured Ribery. -Lell will definetly be standard as Oddo is no match for him and Jansen has been sold. -rating change to 91. Zabaleta -as Ćorluka left to Tottenham he will definetly be first RB.He is very talented player that will surely have good games in Manchester City. -new owner has plan to make big Manchester City so we can easily see them playing for top 6 positions. -rating change to 90.
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    Zabaleta or Lell

    Re: Zabaleta or Lell Lell for me, especially as he will rise this week. Buy Zabaleta before the English changes as well. After you have both, keep an eye on them to see who is doing the business. Lell is a starter at a top European club, and that is worth a lot to his rating. I don't know how Man City will do this season, maybe top six, but they will not be playing in the Champions League.
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    would c.ronaldo join man city

    Re: would c.ronaldo join man city Mark Hughes is in managerial heaven.
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    Diogo luis santo

    This kid just at the age of 21 is one of the hottest prospects in brazil. He plays for portugesa and has helped them gain promotion by scoring an amazing 22 goals in 29 appearances. Arsenal are the latest club to try to sign him but have had their bid rejected after his club said they will not sell for anything under 14 million pounds. Here's the statement from goal.com: Diogo has attracted enormous interest of late, having earned recognition as one of Brazil’s hottest prospects since helping Portuguesa to the top-flight last season. The Sao Paulo native joined the senior squad in 2005 and has scored 22 goals in 29 games for his hometown team, alerting some of the world’s most prestigious clubs in the process. The 21-year-old told Goal.com recently that he is ready to fulfil his dream of playing on the biggest stage, while Portuguesa president Manuel da Lupa insisted he would cost over €20million. Arsenal have been linked with a move, as manager Arsene Wenger is desperate to add some firepower given the injury problems of Eduardo da Silva and Robin van Persie and the fact Emmanuel Adebayor could be leaving for AC Milan. And club director Andre Heleno confirmed that the Gunners – among others – have already had a formal approach rebuffed. "We have already refused an offer from Arsenal because it was too low," Heleno told Correio Manha. "Until now, the biggest offer made to us came from Italy, with £9 million. We will only start to think of selling him from £12 million. "Benfica have approached him via representatives that intend to bring him to Portugal, but there has not been any proposition yet. "We have previously been contacted by Sporting but an offer was not made." Now i realise he has been mentioned but doesnt hurt to have an up to date thread!
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    Rating Change Dates

    Re: Rating Change Dates Thank you very much for the brilliant feedback. It is just what this thread needed. Please if someone visits this thread, feedback as well.
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    Youth Team Experiment

    Re: Youth Team Experiment I like your experiment. I've found a bunch of 91's (year that is) and therefore suitable for your team. Most names are probably mentioned somewhere, but still... I don't know if there all on the database, but I do know they had some minutes in the first team. Trecarichi plays for Sevilla B, but the team plays second division(like the Championship in England) in Spain. Hartmann(Hertha) Radjabali-Fardi(Hertha) Trecarichi(Sevilla Ibrahim(Toronto) Bambam(Fortaleza) Fleck(Rangers) Hazard(Lille) Borysiuk(Legia Warschau) Kayali(Ankaragucu) Ze Eduardo(Cruzeiro) Roni(Sao Paulo) Ticinovic(Hajduk Split) Wellington(Sao Paulo) Albayrak(Bursaspor) Daprela(Grasshoppers) 92's Barkroth(IFK) Shelvey(Charlton) Hope you can get some of these
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    Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup - announcements, news, discussing League Prepared For Game of the Season It is already been dubbed the game of the season, 1st placed Bayern Munich and 2nd placed Barcelona. It has been a tug-o-war at the top of the table betweenthe two sides for the past couple of weeks. Bayern regained top spot after Barcelona had a shock loss against Arsenal. The two sides sit 1 point between them but arent the only ones fighting for top spot. Surprise package Atletico Madrid are 1 win from drawing level with Barcelona if the lose at home to the league leaders. "They are just quietly moving up the table and are a threat to both teams." Read is confident that his side can pull ahead on Friday and has his hopes boosted after the return of cesc Fabregas at training "I can confirm he will play. This is a real boost for my team and we now have the upper-hand in the midfield. If we can win the midfield battle i am positive that we will win."
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    Re: The manchester united assistance thread! I will pose you a difficult question then With the arrival of berbatov, how will SAF field his players (berba, rooney,tevez, ronaldo) ? I have thought of a few options. 1) 4-2-1-3 (4-3-3) This was man utd's most used formation last year, which was used to great effect. Ronaldo on the right, rooney on the left, tevez in the center and scholes as the playmaker. Berbatov's arrival would mean scholes will be dropped, rooney moved deeper as the playmaker and berba as the center forward. 2) 4-4-2 Ronaldo on the right of midfield, giggs/nani on on the left. Tevez and berba up front. Rooney benched. 3) 4-2-3-1 Berba as CF, ronaldo, tevez and rooney support. Scholes dropped. Similar to option 1. what do you think? Eithe way, it would mean less playing time for players like rooney, scholes and nani. cheers
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    German Changes

    Re: German Changes Hi Mr How, Here's what I think would be fair for your beloved Bayern (both based on last season and the first 3 games of the 2008/09 campaign. Rensing - 89 (+2) Demichelis - 94 (+1) Lahm - 94 (+1) Lell - 90 (+1) Lucio - 94 (+/-0) Sagnol - 90 (-2) Van Buyten - 92 (+1) Breno - 87 (-1) H. Altintop -91 (+/-0) Kroos - 86 (+3) Ottl - 87 (-1) Ribery - 96 (+1) Sosa - 87 (-1) Van Bommel - 92 (+/-0) Ze Roberto - 93 (+1) Klose - 93 (-1) Toni - 95 (+1) Poldoski - 91 (+/-0) I know Jansen has moved to HSV but I think he should keep his 91 (+/-0).
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    Kyle Turner

    Profile Pics Requests

    Re: Profile Pics Requests Yh m8 i will do this one tomorrow or the next day cheers kyle
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    Rating Change Dates

    Re: Rating Change Dates I know this thread is pretty pointless atm but in a few months time it will be really helpful to scouts on the forum. So dont immediately think this is a waste of time bcoz it isnt. thank again. beardo. feedback appreciated:D
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    Hex`s Champions League 4-th edition! (new)

    Re: Hex`s Champions League 4-th edition! (new) Looking forward to the setup. What is the table idea?
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    Re: Gold Championship 20 Match Reports/Transfer Thread Gomez to quit Stuttgart ? Wallis has again signalled his intent on swapping Mario Gomez saying he has no future at the club , but there seems to be noone interested in his services , to make it a little bit easier for managers to make some offers Wallis wants a replacement striker 90 or above and is desperately searching for an attacking midfielder as hes had numerous bids turned down . So a replacement striker 90 or above and a attacking midfielder 90 or above for his services please Bid away !
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    International Setup Idea

    Edit: Please read the entire post b4 declaring ur interest... a large number of teams are already taken and i am sick of telling people they cant b Spain!!! I am looking for a setup which can do mock international management. Each manager would only be allowed to play players from one particular country and it would be up to them to arrange tactics and squads to compete. A basic idea for the divisions would be as such (the first two are taken from the official FIFA World Rankings while the third division consists of international teams we may prove the most popular of those remaining.) Spain - Real Madrid Italy - Internazionale Germany - Bayern Munich Brazil - AC Milan (Ronaldinho, Kaka and Pato makes for a good base!) Netherlands - Arsenal (They both share the same attacking style of play) Argentina - Barcelona (Has Lionel Messi - my reasons are getting a little thin ) Croatia - Tottenham (Luka Modric for a good starting base) Czech Republic - Juventus (Pavel Nedved...) Portugal - FC Porto France - Lyon Russia - Chelsea (Mr Abramovich...) Romania - Fiorentia (Andrian Mutu....) Cameroon - Valencia (Dont know y!) Turkey - Fenerbache England - Manchester United - lingering in 15th Scotland - Rangers Mexico - America Ghana - Villareal Ivory Coast - Roma Ukraine - Shakhtar Donetsk Greece - Olympiacos Australia - Everton Sweden - Sevilla All other nationalities - Hamburger SV This would play much as an Europeon Championship with 14 games a season and one cup - namely the World Cup in this instance. The rules would be: 1)No buying players not of your chosen nationality. 2)No playing players not of your chosen nationality past the 5th turn, if this is unavoidable you must play a player of the wrong nationality out of position as a penalty. 3)If you own a player wanted by the manager whos team holds that nationality you must sell the player to them at the chairman value. 4)P/E deals are allowed but remember if you are signing a player of incorrect nationality you will not be allowed to play him past the fifth turn. 5) No putting out inadequate teams for the World Cup Competition this dosent happen in real life Note: I can not start this setup as I am under 18, so we will need some1 willing to buy a setup for it. Is any1 interested in participating/funding this setup? P.S. Bagsie England, Spain or the Netherlands Here is the list so far: Spain - Real Madrid - Juve Fan Italy - Internazionale - Phillipthomas Germany - Bayern Munich - Steven H. Brazil - AC Milan - Leemuir Netherlands - Arsenal - Ars4nal_4ever Argentina - Barcelona - Seftinho Croatia - Tottenham - Slavan Bilic Czech Republic - Juventus - Seftinho's m8 (non forumer) Portugal - FC Porto - Souper Mario France - Lyon - Angelo Rafael Russia - Chelsea - hexinaator Romania - Fiorentia - King Kolo Cameroon - Valencia - Adamski Turkey - Fenerbache - Mad Lepruchan England - Manchester United - scarleos Scotland - Rangers - kingjamie Mexico - America - El Torres Ghana - Villareal Ivory Coast - Roma - hujnkh Ukraine - Shakhtar Donetsk Greece - Olympiacos Australia - Everton - WillC Sweden - Sevilla - lewisd91 All other nationalities - Dobstar All without a name at the end are available and if u r the setup creator u hv the right to take any team u like, even if its taken
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    Doe ©

    A Guide To The Americas Part 2

    After the incredible success of my first thread, I have decided to create Part 2! offering stats, pictures, videos and my own personal viewpoint on the latest and greatest South, Central and North American talents, in this beautiful place, we call Earth. My aim, is to provide you (the reader) with one hundred sublime reports that you will not find anywhere else on the forum. The reports will be more reader friendly, as I thought they were slightly boring and intimidating to read last time. Everybody's views, criticisms and comments are very helpful to me, so please speak up!, I hope you enjoy viewing and reading this thread, because all I want is to help and educate people about young prospects in the Americas. Please feel free to PM me any questions you may have, I am online every day (apart from holidays), so responses will be quick and useful. A hyperlink database will be used just like Part 1, so your desired player is just one click away. Only players of 21 years of age or younger will be used. HASTA LA VISTA! Hyperlinks To Each Specific Player Mentioned #1 Carlos Carmona #2 Ricardo Verduguez #3 Emir Faccioli #4 Taison #5 Franco Fasciana #6 Ronald Vargas #7 Guilherme The Biggest Talent Playground On Earth, And I Am Going To Use It!, AGAIN! Link To Part 1 - http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=17913
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