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    Lets Get Scouting...

    The idea of this thread is to encourage more people to do scouting for themselves and also try and work not so well known players ratings for themselves, rather than only relying on scouts on the forum yo find them 'the next big star'. Over the last month or two I have had endless PM's from a number of forumers asking me where to find Player stats from a certain league. Well this thread will list a selection of different stat centers and the leagues they cover, with a 5* rating system to show how good i rate it. I will also show through text my opinion of the site. 1. Location: http://touchline.onthespot.co.uk/guardian/StatsCentre.asp League covered: England, Spain, Scotland, Italy, Germany, France, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Czech, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Holland, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, USA Rating: **** About this site: This site is full of stats with all players from these league, with goals, cards, and listing dates of the games when players have played. Very good stats updated 24 hours after game, only problem is it is prone to crashing 2. Location: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/?cc=5739 Leagues Covered: England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France Scotland, Holland, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Columbia, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico, USA, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, Australia, South Africa, International competitions Rating: *** About this site: For the main european countries stats are updated regularly and are normally correct, although for other countries in Asia, Africa, and South America the leagues aren't updated very often and are often wrong stats, (although this is not always the case and some South America, Africa, etc stats are very true) 3. Location: http://ukrainiansoccer.net/ Leagues Covered: Ukraine Rating: ***** About this site: No complaints at all with this site. All Ukrainian stats for players are correct, simple to use. Goals, Cards, Games all viewable for each player. The best thing is that you can view most goals scored by most players. 4. Location: http://www.soccerstats.com/ Leagues Covered: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Spain, Sweden Rating: **** About this site: Very in depth facts about the teams and players. The only real problem is getting to the play profile where the stats are shown. Other than that good lay-out and generally correct stats. 5. Location: http://www.squadgod.com/ Leagues Covered: England Rating: **** About this site: This site is used to run Fantasy football so all player stats are correct 100% of the time and always up-to-date. The site Lists: Games started, Used as substitute, Goal assists, Shots on goal, Interceptions, Clean Sheets, Yellow Cards, Red Cards 6. Location: http://www.football.co.uk/ Leagues Covered: England, International - (and match reports from all other European Leagues) Rating: *** About this site: This site is very, very good statistics from England and International Competitions. The stats for Premier League players are of very good detail and include Premier League Players stats in all competitions. The only problem is that stats are only given for the top English league. 7. Leagues Covered: England, Italy, France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Scotland, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Australia, USA, Japan Location: http://en.worldsoccerstats.com/ Rating: **** About this site: This site is very useful for the stats from the countries listed. It has full stats on every player in these leagues (inc. Minutes played) and is updated regularly. 8. Leagues Covered: France Location: http://www.frenchleague.com/indexSite.asp Rating: **** About this site: Top site for stats on French football. All the players minutes, games, goals, etc and additional information. 9. Leagues Covered: All Location: http://www.soccerterminal.com Rating: ** About this site: This site shows stats for every team in every country. The problem it's in German and some stats are very old. 10. Leagues Covered: Most Location: http://www.footballdatabase.com/index.php Rating: **** About this site: Great up-and-coming site with many stats for many teams, in many countries. There is more and more Clubs being added and this site is becoming very useful. Other useful sites: - http://www.football-lineups.com/ - http://www.givemefootball.com/ - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki - http://www.skysports.com/football I have a list of sites which i will continue to post over the next few days. I would also appreciate it if you could list and sites you use. Feedback please...
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    Ok. First of all I want to say that I’m new in SM forums and it’s Community, I do like the the idea of this kind of online game and i hope it will still improve all the way around in the upcoming future. The one thing I want to talk about is Alex Del Piero’s Rating, firstly i want to say that I understand that all the real life players registered in SM can’t have fair ratings, as the number of registered players is too much and looking after their ratings by SM workers has to be tiring and mistakes can always be made but… In the case of Alex Del Piero mistakes shouldn’t ever be made as he’s among the most successful players in the world. Ok here’s my reasons why he’s rating must be way higher! 1. He’s Juve’s Icon, Captain and living legend for 15 years now. 2. He’s Juve’s Best goal scorer ever, with 248 goal, overtaking the likes of boniperti (186 goals) and platini.. He’s 15th Best Seria A Goal scorer ever, Champions League 3rd Best Goal scorer and Italian national team’s 5th goal scorer ever 3. He has won multiple awards as much as individual honors taking the Golden Foot award in 2007 and being world champion in 2006 also scoring in the semifinal against Germany 4. He has participated in 8 major tournaments being the only player in Italian football to have ever reached it.. he participated in 4 European championships and 4 world cups 5. and many many other reasons why he is among the best players in the world.. experience, personal awards.. like, best player of italy 1998, best young player so on.. and awards for juve, seria a, champions league, intercontinental cup.. everything...!!!!!!! but as much as I know SM doesn’t give rating for just being GREAT but “GREAT + Form” so the rating is considered as this.. great+form.. ok, I think we’ve cleared out why Del Piero is a legend, but for just being legend SM doesn’t give rating as you also must be on a good form so now let’s discuss he’s form. 1. He was Seria A Top scorer last year with 21 goals, being the motor of Juve and leading them to third place after comeback from Seria B where he was best scorer, fantastic result isn’t it? After having played in seria b and becoming Top scorer you go to Seria A and become Top scorer right away, he was the only player in seria A history to have ever done that. Also being in seria B he got national call-ups from national team into qualifiers time to time. I think he will be nominated as best Italian player of the 2008 year . 2. this season he has scored twice in seria A, and four times in four appearances in Champions league being the top scorer and best player (officially voted by marca & gazzetta) of the competition after 4 rounds. He scored got a brace after real match in Madrid and Spanish fans give them standing ovation and applause, rear fact! But he’s only rated 93! Now let’s see SM official rating change rules! What Can Influence a Rating? The main factors that contribute to a down-rating include: • Long term injury; (no) • Serious dip in form; (no) • Dropping down a league level; (yes, but an year ago, + juve’s relegation that is different that normal league drop down and should be considered as different matter.. if no, then why buffon’s raiting is 96? ) • Lack of regular first team football; (no, played all) • Long term suspension from the game. (no) The main factors that contribute to an up-rating include: • Individual awards and accolades; (yes) • Domestic honours; (yes) • Continental honours; (yes) • International honours; (yes) • Domestic experience; (yes) • Continental experience; (yes) • International experience; (yes) • Reaching the next stage in their career (e.g proving themselves in a higher division or at a continental/international level). ( if juve’s serie B drop down affected rating then comeback is also affected so ratio should be 0. Ok, I also found some strange ratings comparing to del piero’s! Let’s see.. 1. kanoute Whata joke.. how can this guy be compared to Del Piero, considering everything, honors, awars, experience, … I tell you this guy Doesn’t cost even del pieros socks.. you don't need to know football, god bless statistics.. everyone can view it and just compare pls.. 2. mutu Mutu is good player but still comparing to Alex his rating is to big.. 3. raul. Yeah, raul is great player, icon of real and so on.. honors, experience, everthing, but he’s 95 to del pieros 93, at the time when both players are at the same level is not fair.. and more, raul has been struggling with his age, while del piero gets better.. So I don’t understand how come raul is 2 upper then alex.. 4. totti.. totti is also icon of roma, but his 95, comparing to del pieros 93 is crime.. totti has won 1 scudetto, while del piero 7 del piero playes for NT, totti no (same goes to raul’s case) del pieros experience, awards, form, honours is way better than totti’s so how COME?!?!?!?! I DEMAND DEL PIEROS RATING RISE!!!! and for those who think that i'm wrong please tell me why.. and i'll prove you wrong..
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    Martin Morel

    Hi i havent seen a thead for this guy yet so i thought id make one this is my first time. Martín Gerardo Morel (born November 5, 1980 in Rosario) is an Argentine football midfielder currently playing for Club Atlético Tigre. Morel was a late developer, not playing professionally until the age of 25. Morel was discovered playing for Sportivo Las Parejas and joined Tigre in 2006. In his first season with Tigre Morel helped the club to gain promotion to the Argentine Primera. The Apertura 2007 was Tigre's first season in the Primera since 1980, and Morel's first taste of top flight football. Morel was not a regular in the first team, but chipped in with three goals in his seven appearances. The club finished in 2nd place which was the highest league finish in their history. He has since been a main stay this season with 6 goals out of 7 starts and 1 sub appearance propelling Tigre to 2nd in the table again. he is second in the goal scoring stakes only to Jose Sand of Lanus. Not sure about predictions but he will rise currently rated 84 think he will hit a 86 2008/09 Statistics TEAM Competition GS SB G A SH SG FC FS YC RC Tigre Primera División 7 1 6 0 11 11 3 11 0 0 hears one of his great free kicks against Boca enjoy. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=aZyr6tB-09g&NR=1 some info from Wiki, ESPN and youtube;) .
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    Collectable Cards (Request Thread)

    This is What i call a Soccer Manager Collectable Card I Was Bored And Though It Would Be A Good Idea This Image is 700x700- BUT I Can Make for Avatars and Signitures , so i just make them what size u request but if you dont request a size you get the 700x700 one i Find These Good and I Think This Could Become A Must Have like Signitures
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    Re: English Champ 2426 - Full Of Chatters/Forumers And all you boys can thank me for buying the setup After the shock departure earlier on today of manager Arsene Wenger. The Arsenal board wasted no time in appointing a new young, hungry manager in Liam Bolton. A statement from Bolton on the club website read "I am extremely excited to be taking over at such a fantastic club and i'm looking forward to testing myself against some of the best managers around." Not long after that statement, the man himself has quickly moved to bring in Young French Superstar Karim Benzema. Aswell as Benzema, Bolton is looking to continue the tradition of the club and bring in some of the top youngsters from around the world.
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    Re: Gold Championship 46 - Match Report/Transfers Blackpool News Blackpool lost 3-2 to Nottingham Forest at Bloomfield Road. Rob Earnshaw found the net after 4 minutes who tapped in after Valverde has parried a long range shot. Blackpool hit back and went 2-1 up on 10 minutes. Gabriel Obertan levelled the game on 8 minutes and Ben Burgess put Blackpool ahead in the 10th minute. Matt Thornhill brought it back to 2-2 rifling in a right foot shot in off the woodwork. Thornhill struck again 6 minutes after the break with a foraging run and strike to send the Nottingham Forest fans wild. Gabriel Obertan hit the post with a diving header and the ball was cleared. Forest winger Lee Martin was booked for diving in the box for a penalty Blackpool travel to The Valley for a away game against Charlton on Wedensday. Maccabi Tel Aviv youngster Maor Buzaglo has joined Blackpool for a undisclosed fee He signed a 2 year contract with the club and will make his debut against Charlton. Shola Ameobi will also make his debut in the same game. Maor Buzaglo
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    Re: Do You Recieve A Cash Injection If Your Someone Big Like Chelsea? yes if youve got a low amount left in the clubs balance at the end of teh season if you have loads of cash you wont!
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thanx for all the replies Must have a think ....
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Davide Petrucci

    Re: Davide Petrucci what happens when you try to exist by pinching other teams kids
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    Collectable Cards (Request Thread)

    Re: Collectable Cards (Request Thread) resize on Tinypic.com
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    Who To (Buy/Sell) From My Barcelona

    Re: Who To (Buy/Sell) From My Barcelona Only need one keeper but i usually have 2 so sell either James/Ceni Defence fine Midfield Riquelme many have called a time bomb for a rating decrease so you could gamble on selling him if you really needed a larg cash sum as if he did drop lowest would be 93 Yaya Toure's not getting games at Barca so he shud stay at 92 as he is a class player lined with arsenal if he goes there expect big things!!! Zanettis ageing and may anouce his retirement soon if rumours are to be believed Longas id sell as he is on loan from relegated Zaragoza at a lower level club Forwards Drogba not playing consistently nobody really understands how he got to 96 newasys and i expect him to drop as hes not scoring enough and is being overshadowed by Anelka! Reserves Gorin Marac is the only one id sell as the rest are in the youth academy at barcelona so are always worth a gamblle keeping
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    Daginator MCFC

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... go for it m8, great deal for you
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    A-League Risers

    Re: A-League Risers lol ok will do
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: Gold Championship 46 - Match Report/Transfers Primera División Una jornada de (Match Day One) Barcelona-Valladolid Preview Barcelona's La Liga 08/09 season opener saw them take on Primera minnows Valladolid. The Catalan giants were expected to take all three points, and with the recent concealment of boss Nasir Ali from the media, it showed he was there for strictly business. The boss only had one day to get his team prepared seeing Pep Guardiola left the club in a shocking state which surprised the whole city. But chairman Joan Laporta believed that Ali was the man to drive them towards success. In the early hours of the day, Barcelona saw numerous changes in their squad...The most shocking one would be the departure of Samuel Eto'o who had left Barcelona for league rivals Valencia. Eto'o moved earlier today leaving a massive gap in the striking position for Barcelona, a gap which they would have to improvise with on match day, and a gap which boss Nasir Ali promised to fill. But it seemed Barcelona concentrated on bringing in width to the club, they have been criticized in the past and the boss smartly retaliated as he brought in gifted playmaker David Silva and right winger Joaquin in return. It was said that David Silva would make his debut against Valladolid tonight. Despite their new acquisition, Barcelona would carry on fielding a central formation, in a team which boasted numerous star players and over an average rating of 94. Puyol lead the defense whilst Xavi control the midfield. Iniesta would go into the playmaker's role whilst Messi and Henry would lead the attack. David Silva also made his debut on the left wing along with Sanchez Joaquin. Valladolid on the other hand were shocked after their manager decided to walk out on them at the very last minute. The minnows who have had no new faces coming in, or anybody leaving...They were up against a very strong Barcelona side. Match Analysis Barcelona 3-1 ValladolidVenue: Camp Nou Attendance: 98,460 Josué DAVID SILVA (2) Fernández BORJA (29) Thierry HENRY (32) Lionel MESSI (35) Yellow Cards: Sanchez Joaquin, Hernadez Xavi:Pedro Lopez Man Of The Match: Thierry Henry (95) (10/10) A fantastic 98,460 were there at the Camp Nou to witness the first game of the Spanish 08/09 season. No one can remember the last time there was this much optimism at the club as the fans turned in numbers and weren't afraid to make themselves heard. It seemed the crowd's early encouraged had a massive effect as Barcelona took an early lead through new boy David Silva who toe poked it in after a goalmouth scramble. The playmaker starting off the best possible way! David Silva Scores On Debut! The pressure from Barcelona carried on early on as Gabriel Milito, Xavi Hernandez and Joaquin Sanchez missing chances before David Silva had the chance to double his tally, and double Barcelona's lead as he headed inches over! But the Catalan giants were shocked when unmanaged Valladolid equalized through a screamer from Fernandez Borja who rasped in a thunderous strike! Borja Scores A Screaming Equalizer And Xavi would come close once again as he smashed the crossbar. But only minutes before Thierry Henry would give Barcelona the lead once more after a Spectacular long range effort flew into the top corner! The French striker showing he means business in this La Liga game! Henry Scores A Scorcher The rout was then completed by Argentinian Lionel Messi who ran onto a brilliant through ball from Iniesta and smashed it into the top corner. Barcelona on fire! Messi too showing his capability in the first game. Lionel Messi Fires Into Top Corner Barcelona pressed and pressed but were unlucky not to have extended their lead even further as chances from Henry and Iniesta went begging. The Match ended 3-1 to Barcelona. Manager Nasir Ali told El Pais: "It's a fantastic win, especially when we had just a day to prepare. I'm proud of the lads and hopefully they can take this win onto the next match. I was extremely happy with three players...David Silva, Andres Iniesta and Thierry Henry. The trio played fantastically and Henry may have just got himself off the transfer list with this performance" La Liga Round Up Barcelona's next opposition are Recreativo De Huelva on Wednesday. Reports From The Nou Camp will be brought here exclusively.
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    Re: 007 Nas' Bargain Bucket--Risers Around the World United States of America -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mike Banner Age: 24 Club: Chicago Fire Position: Centre Midfield/Right Midfield Stats: 2 starts, 9 subs Rating Prediction: 71--73/74 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daniel Woodlard Age: 24 Club: Chicago Fire Position: defender (def) Stats: 2 starts, 6 subs, 1 goal Rating Prediction: 71--73/74 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stephen King Age: 22 Club: Chicago Fire Position: Midfielder (mid) Stats: 8 starts, 12 subs, 2 goals Rating Prediction: 74--78 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- John Thorrington Age: 29 Club: Chicago Fire Position: Right Mid/centre mid (positional change to winger) Stats: 21 starts, 2 subs, 5 goals Rating Prediction: 77--80/81 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Justin Braun ***Great Buy*** Age: 21 Club: Chivas USA Position: Forward Stats: 12 starts, 12 subs, 4 goals Rating Prediction: 75--79/80 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jordan Harvey Age: 24 Club: Colorado Rapids Position: Left Back/Centre Back Stats: 13 starts, 2 subs Rating Prediction: 74--77/78 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Andy Iro ***Good Buy*** Age: 23 Club: Columbus Crew Position: Centre Back Stats: 11 starts, 7 subs Rating Prediction: 70--74/75 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brad Evans ***Great Buy*** Age: 23 Club: Columbus Crew Position: Forward Stats: 18 starts, 8 subs, 5 goals Rating Prediction: 75--80 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gino Padula Age: 26 Club: Columbus Crew Position: Left Back Stats: 14 starts Rating Prediction: 76--78 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ryan Cordeiro Age: 22 Club: D.C United Position: Midfielder (mid) Stats: 1 starts 7 subs Rating Prediction: 65--70 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zach Wells Age: 27 Club: D.C United Position: Goalkeeper Stats: 17 starts Rating Prediction: 78--80 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blake Wagner Age: 20 Club: FC Dallas Position: Left Back/Centre Back Stats: 23 starts, 1 sub Rating Prediction: 77--81 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roger Espinoza ***Good Buy*** Age: 22 Club: Kansas City Wizards Position: Left midfield/Centre Midfield Stats: 12 starts, 10 subs, 1 goal Rating Prediction: 73--78 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Troy Roberts Age: 25 Club: Los Angeles Galaxy Position: Centre Back/Right Back Stats: 14 starts, 3 subs Rating Prediction: 76--78/79 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sainey Nyassi Age: 19 Club: New England Revolution Position: Winger/Forward Stats: 18 starts, 7 subs Rating Prediction: 77--80 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tony Beltran Age: 21 Club: Real Salt Lake Position: Right Back/Left Back Stats: 10 starts, 5 subs Rating Prediction: 75--78 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shea Salinas Age: 22 Club: San Jose Earthquakes Position: midfield (mid) Stats: 2 starts, 21 subs, 2 goals Rating Prediction: 74--77/78 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Julius James Age: 24 Club: Toronto FC Position: Centre Back Stats: 10 starts, 3 subs, 1 goal Rating Prediction: 72--76 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abdus Ibrahim Age: 17 Club: Toronto FC Position: Centre Forward Stats: 4 starts, 8 subs, 2 goals Rating Prediction: 72--75/76 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- That is it for the American Ratings, i have included many,many players to boost your cash
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    Ecuador ratings

    Re: Ecuador ratings Macara Get in quick with these players This team are serious under rated This team may be the whipping boys of the 2nd phase but at least they are there and won their group. ZUMBA, Wilmer GGk Right 80 29 P35 (15) +5 rise 85 QUINONEZ, Carlos LB-LMLB/LM Left 80 26 confused stats VELAZCO, Marcelo CBCB Right 82 38 P30 (9) Sb0 G0 +1 rise 83 COROZO, Yason CBCB Right 80 21 P20(12) sb1 G1 +4 rise 84 GUERRERO, Wimper CB-DM Right 79 26 P13(6) sb 11 g1 +3 rise 82 CASTRO, Kelvin CBCB Right 78 27 P1 s2 drop -4 to 74 MARCHESINI, Matías CBCB Right 76 29 P4 sb0 stay 76 ESCOBAR, Ángel LMLM Left 82 27 P27 (12) sb2 G3 +1 rise 83 VILLIGUA, Danny LMLM Left 80 26 P9 sb0 g 0 stay 80 ASENCIO, Nicolás RMRM Right 84 33 P15 (5) sb9 g 5 -1 drop 83 COTERA, Manuel RM-AM Right 80 28 p6 sb4 g1 CASTRO, Christian RMRM Right 78 30 P26(13) g 3 s0 +5 to 83 ZAMORA, Jairon CMCM Right 82 30 P21(7) sb 4 g 1 +0 to 82 CAICEDO, Edison CMCM Right 80 18 P34(15) sb1 g 0 +4 rise 84 LASTRA, Mario AMAM Right 79 29 P23 (11) s4 g5 +4 rise 83 CUERO, Christian F-AMFwd/AM Right 77 18 P3 sb4 g1 stay 77 GAMEZ, Enrique RB- 27 82 P30 (11) sb1 g 2 +1 rise 83 CHALAR, Edwin FW 21 80 P10 stay 80 HERRERA, José FFwd 83 p14 sb 1 G6 +1 rise 84 DUARTE, Troadio CMCM 31 82 p10 sb1 g 0 +0 stay 82 POROSO, Augusto CB 34 81 p9 sb3 g 0 +0 stay 81 Ok if SM are fair my predictions will be pessimistic as this team are effectively the 6th best of 12 therefore their best players should be rated 85 – 86. They also won the first group phase beating much better sides. Big risers ZUMBA, Wilmer 29 80 +5 to 85 COROZO, Yason 21 80 +4 to 84 CASTRO, Christian 30 78 +5 to 83 CAICEDO, Edison 18 80 +4 to 84 LASTRA, Mario 29 79 +4 to 83 Recommended buys Castro Christian at 30 he will be cheaper and will rise to 83 at least possibly more Caicedo Edision deserves to go to 85 – 86 and at 18 a great talent
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    Big Money Making in Europe

    Re: Big Money Making in Europe This is crazy, 300+ views and no replies From now on I shall do 1 player for each reply recieved, and I have some huge risers lined up
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    up gunners


    Re: Risers Harmeet Singh Harmeet is a 17 year old midfielder currently playing for Valerenga. He has only featured in a hand full of games but considering his age he has pretty much done well. He is also a regular in the Norwegian U19 side. This season he has started 5 times and appeared 4 times off the bench totaling to 480 minutes played. Harmeet is currently rated 70 but i predict him to rise to 77. Quick Summary Name: Harmeet Singh Age: 18 Club: Valerenga Nation: Norway (Youth International) UPDATE Harmeet Singh rose by + 6 to 76
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    007 Nas

    Nas' World Scout for Future Superstars

    Re: Nas' World Scout for Future Superstars Donovan SLIJNGARD Donovan is a 21 year old defender, playing for Sparta-Rotterdam. His preffered position is left back, but he can play at centre back particularly well. He stands at approximately 5ft 8inches. Donovan was born in Amsterdam, on the 28th of August, 1987. He is one of the quickest players i have seen, who is also very handy with the ball at his feet. He is an attacking defender, who takes it to the other team, and does not wait around. He likes to play quick football, and his shooting is tremendous. Career in Football so Far He has been ascociated with 3 clubs, throughout his career so far. His first club was Dutch giants, AFC Ajax. At Ajax he has only made 1 appearance ever, against FC Twente. He was then sent on loan to FC Gronigen, where he participated in 3 games. This season (2008-2009), he has been sent on loan to Sparta Rotterdam. Already this season he has started 5 and been subbed on 1 time. Which is a super start to the season. I am not just saying this for the fun of it, but you must watch this goal scored by him. This is possibly in my top 20 of goals i have ever seen, it is just super: dphENIM5HvM This player is currently on the DB rated 73, and if he keeps stacking up the minutes, i predict a rise of 73--79/80. So a very big rise in store perhaps. If you are a club who likes to make a profit...then this lad is definately for you.
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    Re: Gold Championship 33 - Match Reports/Transfers Valencia News Venue - Manuel Ruíz de Lopera Attendance - 54,976 Real Betis 2-3 Valencia David ODONKOR (15) Sánchez DAVID VILLA (23) Sánchez DAVID VILLA (40) David ODONKOR (60) Carlos MARCHENA (79) Man of the Match (Carlos Marchena) Last night was a night to remember for all Valencia fans !! Valencia managed to pull off a stunning 3-2 victory over Real Betis at the Manuel Ruíz de Lopera, in front of an full capacity Betis home crowd. This is what manager Rishabh Desai had to say about the win:"Ah well, what can i say. It really was a good win. We played well at times and deserves the result. We did take a bit of time to get into the game but after we did manage to find our feet we just took off and showed why we are the better club. We donimated possession and for once we played a good clean game without getting a singe card. All i have to say is well played Valencia !!!" The game stated off in favour off Real Betis. First in the 11th minute Morientes was tripped in the box by Juan Melli but the penalty was not given much to the anger of manager Rishabh who was sent to the stands for shouting at the ref too much !!! Just 4 minutes after this incident matters were made worse for Valencia when David Odonkor headed Betis in front thanks to a brilliant corner from Luis Edu !!! But Valencia soon found their way back in the game when Villa shashed the ball into the back of the net from 25 yards out making the score 1-1. (Villa celebrating his barce !!!) Just before the break Valencia when in front thanks to start striker Villa again. Some lousy defending resulted in Villa tapping the ball in, in front of an open goal !!! So as a result Valencia went into the break 2-1 up, but in the second half Betis came back with vengence and scored a well deserved equilizer 60 minutes into the game. Once again it was Odonkor who headed in the goal at the back post. Just when Betis were reall gathering momentum and were asking way to many questions to the Valenica defence, substitue Carlos Marchena smashed the ball past the Betis keeper from way outside the 'D' making the score 3-2 in favour of Valencia !!! At the end of 90 minutes the scoreboard read Real Betis 2-3 Valencia. (Carlos Marchena-Scored Valencia's winner !!!) Valencia are now currently 2nd in the table and are the only club apart from Real Madrid that have won both games so far. They face Huddersfield Town tonight in a friendly and the mighty Barcelona after that. More news Later
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    Just Another Money Making Guide

    SECTION 1: Player Wages Player wages is a large part of the game and it affects everyone’s financial budgets. The following list basically shows you the average range of wages for each rating. In the making of this list, I’ve tested factors such as Morale, SM/Chairman’s Value, Age, Contract Length and Rating. My research has shown me that the Morale, AGE and Chairman’s Value plays absolutely NO role in wage adjustments. Also, the option of choosing the duration of the contract is meaningless in terms of player wages. In fact, the only variable is the PLAYER RATING itself. Here is some RAW DATA I obtained which I thought I’d post:
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    Guide on Free Agents

    For all the cheap-pocketed managers , I have done a guide on Free Agents which are 87 rated and above in all positions that I can find.These will be updated as soon as I find more and some will be removed when they have a club . On the note of confusion of some players names, I have highlighted the last name red! Goalkeepers: Santiago Canizares - GK 90 Defenders: Marcos Cafu - RB 88 David Jemmali - RB/CB 87 Mario Yepes - CB 88 Gordon Schildenfeld - CB 87 Vladyslav Vashchuk - CB 88 Patrick Muller - CB 87 Cláudio Serginho - LB/LM 87 Midfielders: Fredrik Ljungberg - W/AM 88 Stephen Appiah - CM 89 Thomas Gravesen - CM 87 Edgar Davids - CM/LM 88 Jorge Valdivia - CM/AM 90 Gabriel Pablo Garcia - CM/DM 88 Aparecido Cesar - LM/LB 90 Paulo de Oliveria Pedrinho - LM/CM 88 Ariel Ortega - AM/F 88 Vitor Rivaldo - AM/F 90 Strikers: Luiz Ronaldo - F 91 Sükür Hakan - CF 88 Pedro Pauleta - CF 88 Barbosa Alecsandro - CF 88 Ricardo Lucas DODO - CF 89 Note: These players may increase or decrease in rating, not my fault if they do! Or they might retire . Feedback also welcome
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