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    Dutch Eredivisie

    Ismael Aissatti 20-87 -1/-2 Toby Alderweireld 19-78 +1/+2 Vurnon Anita 19-76 +3/+4 Kennedy 28-88 -1 Daley Blind 18-75 +2/+3 Darko Bodul Not on DB *made his debute last week Dario Cvitanich 24-89 +-0 Siem De Jong 20-86 -1 Mitchell Donald 19-76 +-0 Urby Emanuelson 22-89 +-0 Eyong Enoh 22-82 +3 Gabri Garcia 30-88 +-0 Dennis Gentenaar 33-85 -1 Leonardo 25-86 +-0 Rasmus Lindgren 24-87 +1/+2 Javier Martina 22-74 +-0 Oleguer Presas 29-87 +1 Jeffrey Sarpong 20-80 +3/+4 Robbert Schilder 22-85 +0/+1 Bruno Silva 28-88 -1/-2 Evander Sno 21-84 +1 M. Stekelenburg 26-91 -1/+-0 Luis Suarez 22-89 +1:eek: FUTURE BIG FISH:eek: Miralem Sulejmani 20-88 +0 J.A.vd Heijden 20-73 +0 Gregory vd Wiel 21-82 +4/+5:eek: TALENT BUY:eek: Thomas Vermaelen 23-88 +1 Jan Vertonghen 21-88 +1:eek: FUTURE BIG FISH:eek: Kenneth Vermeer 23-83 +2/+3 Rob Wielaert 30-88 +-0 Feel Free to Debate!
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    Money making risers: Vurnon Anita.............Ajax..........18-76...+4..........plays more and more so i think he will rise more than 4 in the upcomming dutch ratings..... Daley Blind................Ajax...........18-75...+2.......2 weeks ago made his debute and also is getting more minutes, sun of legendary danny blind.... Jeffrey Sarpong.........Ajax............20-80...+4.......back from injury therefore played often.......definite riser......maybe +5/+6 if he continues playing.... Gregory vd Wiel:eek: .........Ajax............21-82...+4/+5...Plays oleguer out of starting 11 last games......Very big talent....made his debute in holland squad. Kenneth Vermeer........Ajax............23-83......+3......Played very well when skelenburg was injured...stekelenburg is back but vermeer is talented. Sergio Romero:eek: ..........Az................21-85......+3....Number one of Az and goalie for young Argentina.....he has the talent for a topteam. Niklas Moisander...............Az................23-79....+4....Class defender, is now injured, if he is back and keeps playing there is a posibility for +6. Nick vd Velden................Az.........24-79........+4......A lot of confidence from van gaal....a +4 rise but i don't think he is that good. Dirk Marcellis..................PSV.......21-87.......+2........No doubt he is gonna make it.Defender in holland squad. Leroy Fer...........19-82....Feyenoord...+4.......a pilar for the renovated feyenoord squad. Georgino Wijnaldum....Feyenoord..19-82.....+6/+5.....very talented...plays everything.....will definitely become a 90+ in the future. Kelvin Leerdam....Feyenoord...18-72.....+5......has to show now what his real qualities are. Luis Pedro......Feyenoord......19-74.....+6/+5....also has to show where his limit is. Diego Biseswar...Feyenoord....20-82...+4/+3....nice play,in beginning of season had to leave feyenoord...but is really on fire now... Franco Douglas...Twente.....21-83....+3.....Plays very solid...A beginner in the twente squad(2nd in holland)....ajax tried to transfer him. Wout Brama...Twente........22-85....+2/+3....can deal with a higher level. Eljero Elia.....Twente.......22-86.....+2....has the ability to play at an international level...many clubs interested in him.... Marko Arnautovic..Twente..19-77...+7...same as elia....I see him rise with +10....if he scores in the upcomming weeks... Arnar Smarasson....Heerenveen....20-75....+6....Is doing great at his first weeks with heerenveen......but has also has to prove his real qualities. Paulo Henrique....Heerenveen.....20-80....+4....New generation footballer definite rise.... Danny Holla.....Groningen......21-82.....+4.....Is doing great at groningen.... John Goossens...Nec......19-75.....+2/+3...A little rise but he is from the ajax school.....a favourite of mine.....think he will play a lot for nec next weeks.. Joel Tshibamba...Nec.....20-75....+5/+4...Killing beginning but last weeks not so impressive. Saidi Ntibazonkiza..Nec...21-76...+6/+7....Nec's best talent.... Kees Kwakman....Nac....25-81.....+4.....Can be short about him a money maker. Donny Gorter....Nac....20-72....+9/+8....Plays a lot for Nac also a money maker...Maybe an increase of 10/10+ if he keeps playing. Barry Maguire...Utrecht...19-79....+5....Plays a lot of games for Utrecht, can't tell you about his talents but a definite rise. Rafael Uiterloo...Utrecht....18-74....+5/+6.....Moneymaker...keep you informed about his performances. Eyong Enoh....Ajax......22-82.....+3.....on his comeback of an injury if he plays again so much +5/+4 is a possibility. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- My favourites for now and future who i think are gonna make it: Urby Emanuelson.....22-89............Ajax Jan Vertonghen.......20-88...........Ajax Luis Suarez............22-89............Ajax Gregory vd Wiel......21-82............Ajax Miralem Sulejmani....20-88...........Ajax Sebastien Pocognoli 21-86...........Az D. Mendes da SIlva 26-87...........Az Stijn Schaars..........25-86...........Az Sergio Romero.........21-85............Az Maarten Martens.....24-87............Az Moussa Dembele......21-88............Az Demy de Zeeuw.......25-90...........AZ Dirk Marcellis...........21-87...........PSV Ibrahim Afellay........22-90...........PSV Ola Toivonen..........22-85...........PSV Jonathan d Guzman..21-90...........Feyenoord Georgino Wijnaldum..19-82...........Feyenoord Eljero Elia...............22-86..........Twente Marko Arnautovic.....19-77.........Twente Danijel Pranjic.........27-89..........Heerenveen Roy Beerens...........22-86..........Heerenveen Marcus Berg...........22-89.........Groningen
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    I mentioned him in my scouting mission, but i decided to make it's own thread. Grégory Sertic Grégory Sertic is a highly rated French midfielder currently playing for Bordeaux. Sertić began his career playing for AS Egly in Essonne, before going to the famous Clairefontaine academy to receive further training. Following a two year stint there, he moved to FC Girondins de Bordeaux where he currently remains. He gained recognition and notice from manager Laurent Blanc during the 2007-08 CFA season in which he played in 20 matches and scored 7 goals helping Bordeaux's reserve side finish 1st in their group. He also was apart of the Bordeaux youth squad that finished runner-ups at the 2008 edition of the Coupe Gambardella. For his efforts, he was given the opportunity to play and train with the first-team squad for the 2008-09 season. He was also included on Bordeaux's UEFA Champions League roster for this year European campaign, though he has yet to make his debut. The midfielder finally made his professional debut on November 11, 2008 in a Coupe de la Ligue match against Guingamp appearing as a substitute playing 12 minutes. The match resulted in a 4-2 victory. He is not on SM. 9EFG8Mtnj7g Great goal against Fontenay. Comments Would Be Appreciated
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    Gertjan De Mets

    Gertjan De Mets Club: Club Brugge Age: 21 years old Born: 2 April 1987 Nationality: Belgian Position: Defensive Midfield (DM) Foot: Left Rating: 72 He played a very impressive pre-season with Belgian top flight club Club Brugge. Played every minute in 6 pre-season games and even captained the team on 2 occasions. The Belgian Jupiler League (the Premier League in Belgium) is currently in the 3th week , but Club Brugge hasn't played yet because they had several players at the Olympics , so they could play their games at a later date. Club Brugge ratings are overal very good , between 84 and 86. Stijn Stijnen is the highest with 89 , De Mets is currently by far the lowest at 72. We will have to wait and see if he playes in the League , but it's no surprise if he turns out to be a great player.
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    A Team Of 83-86 Rated Risers

    I have recently taken over a Wolves side, and I am in the process of buying a whole squad of risers. I thought I'd post a team of players that will rise in Section's 4 and 5 (over the next month), that will be useful for Championship size teams. Hell, you could even buy them for Prem teams to use for cups, and use the extra cash to improve your first 11. Whatever suits you. NB: The prices are their chairman's value if you took over a team in a new setup. NBB: You may notice a lack of certain players from AZ Alkmaar or TSG Hoffenheim -> this is because I have kept it down to what I believe are the best 3 from that club. GK Sergio Romero 21/85 £6.1m -> 88 LB Sebastian Boenisch 22/85 £3.7m -> 87 RB Andreas Beck 21/85 £6.1m -> 87 CB Neven Subotic 20/85 £5.7m -> 87 CB Adriano Buss Henrique 22/86 £4.7m -> 88 LM Roy Beerens 21/86 £6.7m -> 87 RM Tobias Weis 23/83 £3.3m -> 87 DM Gojko Kacar 22/86 £6.5m -> 88 CM Fabian Lemoine 21/86 £5.2m -> 88 FW Hamir El Hamdaoui 24/84 £3.1m -> 88 CF Mark Janko 25/85 £3.5m -> 88 Total Cost: £43.2m Average Age: 22 Average Projected Rating: 88 If you want subs, here are some options: GK Stéphane Ruffier 22/85 £4.5m -> 87 CB Mats Hummels 20/84 £4.8m -> 86 CB Hector Moreno 20/85 £5.6m -> 86 LM Faton Toski 21/83 £3.1m -> 86 CM Martin Lanig 24/85 £3.3m -> 86 AM Ola Toivonen 22/85 £3.9m -> 86 CF Vedad Ibisevic 24/85 £3.8m -> 87 Total Cost of Subs: £30m Overall Cost: £73.2m If you can fish out for some more expensive players, you might want to consider getting: DM Arturo Vidal 21/88 £10.1m -> 89 AM Soares Renato Augusto 21/88 £8.7m -> 89 FW Patrick Helmes 24/87 £6.7m -> 89 NB: They all play for Bayer Leverkusen, along with Adriano Buss Henrique, so you can only buy three of the Leverkusen players. Have fun with your Rising Team.
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    I tend to have lots of youth prospects on my shortlist but when they have rating changes I am not aware of it, so I'm proposing a small update... So what I think is, if someone on your shorlist has a rating change it should be shown in your club messages. Yes I know that when a player in your squad has a rating change it is shown but my idea goes something like this: (Say I have Giovinco on my shortlist and he plays for Juventus and has a rating change) *Date* *Month* *Player* Juventus AM/F Sebastian GIOVINCO's has increased to 93. This would be useful because it would confirm your interest in the player. I mean your not going to buy a player if they just went down but if a player went up then your gonna wanna buy him... Post your honest opinions
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    Hi, My Names Carl as u all know and im doing this gimp tutorials thread as people are starting to use it more and getting confused Any Way Were going to be making a Karim Benzema Signature i say use 410 x 120 canvas 1. Make The Canvas Black 2. add the player on The Same Layer (i will provide the render with transparant background at the end) Rezise Benzema to 444 x 281 3. Get The Fuzzy Brush (19) and select the smudge tool and put the smudge oppacity on 50% Then Smudge the player outwards http://i44.tinypic.com/63zw9d.jpg Should Now Look Like This 4. You dont need pics for this bit Add 2 New Layers Above That are just black! then where it says normal on the layers toolbar (proberly to the right side of ur screen) set them both to Overlay u should get this http://i39.tinypic.com/x587yd.jpg 5. U WILL NEED TO DOWNLOAD GRUNGE BRUSHES' add the grunge brushes at size 23 and white do this on the top black overlay layer to make bits of benzema shine i did the face the sweatbands and around the badge area' http://i44.tinypic.com/63u8lt.png there all done unless u want to add some text Rounding the Corners is just an effect u dont need to use it http://i41.tinypic.com/2ahdzzr.png I DID NOT CUT THIS IMAGE IT IS ONE OF OUR FELLOW FORUMERS Grunge brushes from Here need help add me Carl_Brereton@hotmail.com
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    I am a massive Arsenal fan and Soccer manager has clearly messed up with the ratings for almost the entire squad. So I have decided to alter them myself. (Decreases in Italics, Bold for increases) ALMUNIA, Manuel GGk 91 ---> 91 FABIANSKI, Lukasz 85 ---> 87 MANNONE, Vito 70 ---> 75 CLICHY, Gaël 92 ---> 92 GIBBS, Kieran 78 ---> 82 SAGNA, Bakary 92 ---> 94 TOURE, Kolo 94 ---> 91 GALLAS, William 93 ---> 92 SILVESTRE, Mickaël 87 ---> 80 DJOUROU, Johan 87 ---> 91 ROSICKY, Tomás 91 ---> 89 MERIDA, Francisco 78 ---> 78 EBOUE, Emmanuel 89 ---> 80 BISCHOFF, Amaury 78 ---> 82 FABREGAS, Cesc 95 ---> 95 DENILSON, Pereira 88 ---> 90 DIABY, Abou 88 ---> 88 RAMSEY, Aaron 84 ---> 84 RANDALL, Mark 76 ---> 72 SONG-BILLONG, 86 ---> 89 COQUELIN, Francis 73 ---> 79 ARSHAVIN, Andrei 93 ---> 93 NASRI, Samir 92 ---> 93 WILSHERE, Jack 74 ---> 84 WALCOTT, Theo 89 ---> 92 VELA, Carlos 87 ---> 88 VAN PERSIE, Robin 92 ---> 94 EDUARDO, 89 ---> 91 FONTE, Rui 74 ---> 78 FREEMAN, Luke 69 ---> 60 SUNU, Gilles 60 ---> 69 ADEBAYOR, Emmanuel 93 ---> 91 BENDTNER, Niklas 88 ---> 88
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    Arnar Smarason (HEERENVEEN) Age 20 - AM/F This Season; 14 appearances, 5 Goals Rated 75 I Predict; (+6) up to 81 BUY HIM NOW! (lots of potential...definate future star). Viwed as the next Eiður Guðjohnsen. ------------------------------------------------------ Erik Falkenburg (SPARTA ROTTERDAM) AGE 20 - CM This Season; 15 appearances, 2 goals Rated 73 I predict; (+7) up to 80 A very solid midfielder with a maturity beyond his years. It is rumoured Arsenal are tracking him! ------------------------------------------------------------ Those are my predictions and tips hope they prove useful
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    Paul Willis

    Name: Paul Willis Date of Birth: 21/08/1991 Position: Midfielder Paul Willis http://www.dafc.premiumtv.co.uk/javaImages/32/36/0,,10288~3749426,00.jpg Date of Birth: 21/08/91 Paul made his first team debut when he came on as a late substitute in the Scottish First Division match against Clyde at Broadwood on 23rd February 2008. At that time Paul was just 16 years 186 days - not quite young enough to beat Alex Edwards 16 years 5 days debut on 19th February 1962 v Hibs. His home debut followed the next week against Livingston. Paul hails from Edinburgh. He attended Davidsons Mains Primary School and the Royal High School playing for Hearts from the age of 7 and then for half a season at Livingston at the age of 12. Paul was at Hutcheson Vale when he was brought to Dunfermline Under 15s by Jim McArthur. Paul had a season at U17 before being promoted to the U19 squad for the beginning of the 2007-08 season. The right sided midfield player stood out in the U19s and not surprisingly has attracted the eye of Jim McIntyre who has given him a chance in the first team. As at 01/07/08: Dunfermline appearances 2 both as sub. Season 2008 - 09 Competition Apps (as sub) Goals Yellow Cards Red Cards League 0 (2) 0 0 0 Career History: Club Season Comp. Apps (as sub) Goals Dunfermline 2007 - 08 League 0 (3) 0 He is not yet on the DB.
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    Andres Iniesta: 96 at last?

    Re: Andres Iniesta: 96 at last? 95+ - A player who has proved his class both on the domestic and continential or international stage. This is on Soccer Manager website, now if that doesn't describe Iniesta then well I don't know what rating he is in. Proving his class for the best International team in the world AND proving himself for probably the best football club in the world. He's keeping a 95, albeit possibly in for a drop, Fabregas out of the spanish national team so surely he deserves that 96.
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    Sky Blue Lee

    SM Friends!

    Re: SM Friends! What influences your ideas? The influences on my humour stem from watching and, more particuarly, reading various comic things. I like to write in a style involving quick one-liners mixed in with some bouts of comic timing, and these stem from various backgrounds. Other influences, mainly for some gags, stem from the chatroom. Why do you take ages to write a new one? It all comes down to the production process. I first have to think of a plot. What will happen in this episode that works well, is funny, and can last long enough to count as an episode. Next comes the setting. The plot and setting come together usually. After that, I start to thicken the story out some more; we know what will happen, but what will happen during/before/after?Next, it's time I thought of some gags/jokes/general funny antics that will occur during the episode. After all of this, it comes down to having the time, patience, and correct mood to sit here and write. Why do I always get the shortest parts and sound like a ming mong? Because you are a ming mong. Nah, I always try to make sure that each character plays a big part in at least one episode. The fact that you get some daft lines and situations is because you're Nath, and you're bloody awesome.
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    Andres Iniesta: 96 at last?

    Re: Andres Iniesta: 96 at last?
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    I mentioned him on my scouting mission, but i decided to make it's own thread. Michael Lumb Michael Lumb is a highly talented danish left back currently playing for AGF. He has shown to be a very realiable and a promising young left back. He was named the young gun "Shooting Star" of the autumn season 2007/08. he has so far attracted offers from English and German clubs (Said to be Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa and Hamburger SV), while also Ajax Amsterdam have been linked to the talented Danish U-21 International. He has so far made appearances for AGF and he has scored 2 goals. He is on SM and he is rated 81 and i think he would rise to 85. Comments Would Be Appreciated
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    Hassan YEBDA of Benfica

    Re: Hassan YEBDA of Benfica I have him down for 88.
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    Urgent Veira Deal!

    Re: Urgent Veira Deal! Use him in a deal for a younger player 13million is not worth it as people have said get hamsik
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    Re: More from Russia! - Georgi SCHENNIKOV He plays the CSKA way. On the ball he is very good. He loves dribbling with the ball, is a good passer and he yesterday shown us he had good quick feet. His weakness was in the air. He's still quite small a thin, and struggled especially in the first half to win headers. I think Martin's men noticed this as Youngs ball were all floating towards Schenni in the second half. Like I said though, he did very well with the ball at his feet, even under pressure always finding a pass or taking on the player (successfully) and also he made some key tackles and blocks (most notably his sliding tackle in the first half, which if he didn't time right could have resulted in a free-kick / goal). Overall his performance was solid, especially considering his opposition and their aerial ability. On the official CSKA website, each game fans vote for player of the match (from CSKA), and Georgi is currently in 4th place with 14.2% (which is very respectable). He also got ratings around 6.0/6.5/7.0 from websites such as Sky, Goal and other companies who rate players. I am part of the English CSKA forum and the fans are speaking highly of him. I doubt he'll start in the next game when Grigoriev and Semberas are both available again, but he should see many more games throughout the Russian season for sure.
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    Re: Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers nice report, look abit like my layout
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    Re: Gold Championship 47 - Match Report/Transfers Vs. Lyon Vs. Marseille As Lyon and Marseille walked on the pitch the thing that would be stuck in there head was Lyon 1 Marseille 0 that was the final score at the Olympique de Marseille when these two meet on the 13 of December. Lyon was without there star Defender Clerc and Nasri,Clerc to suspension and Nasri to Injury. The game started well for both teams as they were getting into half - time. Both teams hit the woodwork 3times and both keepers had to make saves. Unfortunately for Lyon Per Mertasacker was given a yellow card for shouting abusive language. 2minutes after Half - Time Robbie Keane chiped the keeper and the commentators said this Cicinho and Casquero got booked for a scrap on the pitch.In the 81minute Per Mertasacker brought down Kone whilst being the last man and got himself sent off the commentators said Full-Time and the score was 1-0 and a good win because 2nd place Paris Saint-Germain lost so Lyon go 4 points clear at the top. Robbie Keane goalscorer and MOTM with an outstanding game.
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    Ryan Giggs- Most underrated player ever!?

    Re: Ryan Giggs- Most underrated player ever!? The only people I know that underrated him were the Utd fans, people inside football always talk of him in the legend status, rightly so. 1. Talent beyond 99% of other footballers 2. Professionalism beyond most also 3. Scored some of the best goals in utd's history - '99 fa cup, the one he scored against Tottenham i think in his first season when he just ran through the defence etc etc 4. Being tipped for player of the year at 35 yrs old.... how many have achieved that in the last 50 years? 5. Utd and the UK's most decorated player of all time 6. Utd record appearance leader 7. Being in Utd first team for nearly 20 years should alone be enough to gain legend status. 8. Getting caught with his pants down by fergie when in his teens = legend. 9. Only him and Becks shook my hand at the pre season Oldham centenary Match back in the early 90's ('94 i think) when Becks was still breaking in to the first team. Beck's is a legend for other reasons also.... 10. Best, Law, Charlton, Cantona & Giggs has a nice ring to it. How many more reasons do you need to make Giggsy Wiggsy a True living legend?
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    Urgent Veira Deal!

    Re: Urgent Veira Deal! Agree with all the others 13mil for a 93 rated player isnt that good, try and get a p/e because then you dont have to go looking staright away for a replacement. But try and get rid of Veira because I think he will drop in the ratings.
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    Urgent Veira Deal!

    Re: Urgent Veira Deal! Like the other have said, 13 m for 93 rtd player too small. Maybe he doesnt play much n will drop to 92,but you can still use him in p/e n get younger player or player who'll rise like Fellaini,Manuel Fernandes,Barry,Gago,Lass Diarra,Hamsik,Makoun,Gourcuff
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    Urgent Veira Deal!

    Re: Urgent Veira Deal! I would make a counter-offer of 16M because he's still a 93 rated player. However, Vieira is going down, may drop by 2 on the italian ratings update, so try to get rid of him. Replace it with Hamsik, Hernanes or Lass Diarra.
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    riser 8++++must buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Re: riser 8++++must buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mate about the rep i gave suggestions didn't i? Bruekers etc....
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    Who to buy?

    Re: Who to buy? asamoah and goncalo brandao will rise +7/8 rausch will rise to 84 and pezzoni to 82 you could also get sergio busquets,who will rise to 87/88,shouldn't cost more than 4-5 million gignac and hoarou will rise to 89
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    Im the manager of Real Madrid in SC 2k8 and i will be posting updates and match reports of my team
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    Re: Portuguese rating predictions (2008/09) I will take the liberty to answer the question. He is playing more minutes than I was expecting. I would say a +2/3 is more probable.
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    *Custom Formations*

    Custom Formations would be great since many managers have good players but for the wrong positions and need to move the positions about instead of having to be stuck with the formations given. Of course there will be many managers who cheat using formations such as : 0-0-11 or 11-0-0 so a limit on how many players you can put where would be great Defence: Min-3, Max-5. Midfield: Min-3, Max-6 Forward: Min-1, Max-4 I hope they add this to the game then it would be perfect so yeah vote people
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    Urgent Veira Deal!

    Re: Urgent Veira Deal!
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    Andres Iniesta: 96 at last?

    Re: Andres Iniesta: 96 at last?
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    Re: Gold Championship 4 Transfers / Match reports Thread FC Porto 4-2 AEK Athens FC Porto last night beat their title chasing rivals AEK Athens to move up to 4th in the league table. In a such close encounter and a stadium full of 51,000 people managers Jake Alexiuk and Simon SoP both picked their full 16 squad and at 10:00pm the game was under way. There was already a goal with just 15 minutes gone after Vladimir Bystrov beat the offside trap and finished neatly to put FC Porto 1-0 ahead at such a crucial time in the game. Shortly after Veteran Nuno Gomes made it 2-0 on the 23rd minute after a poor clearance from the AEK Athens defence it fell to Nuno Gomes and he finished like an on form striker to make it 2-0 in just under 25 minutes. AEK Athens then pulled a goal back on the 34th minute and the goal was scored by CB Slylvain Distin and it was no game on at 2-1. 4 minutes after half time it was 3-1 to FC Porto as Miguel Hugo Almeida scoring a superb goal for 25 yards more or less killed the game off and it looked like at this point FC Porto were gonna take all 3 points from the game. AEK Athens never gave up and in the end they was rewarded with a goal from ex Manchester City Striker showing he's class by lobbing the ball over Arruda Helton in the FC Porto goal. But just a minute later Miguel Hugo Almeida made it 4-2 and this was definatly game over for AEK Athens as he darts past the tired AEK Athens defence to score and send the crowd wild. At the end of the amazing game we caught up with FC Porto and he had this to say "I am amazed at how my team perfromned today and I hope performances like this continue, we beat a great and on form AEK Athens here tonight and I am giving the players the day off training tommorow due to their effort." MOM Arruda Helton was awarded FC Porto's MOM by fans and manager Jake Alexiuk.
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    Urgent Veira Deal!

    Re: Urgent Veira Deal! depends on who ur other CMs are. what players u can get with that 13mil. and if it is one of those setups where money doesnt really matter
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    risers +4 or more.

    i've rated the whole eredivisie last 3 days i'll now summarize all predicted risers with a rise of 4...4+ Vurnon Anita (76) +4/+3 Jeffrey Sarpong (80) +4/+3 Gregory vd Wiel (82) +4/+5 Niklas Moisander (79) +4/+3 Nick vd Velden (79) +4/+5 Mounir el Hamdaoui (84) +4/+3 Leroy Fer (82) +4/+3 Georgino Wijnaldum (82) +4/+5 Kelvin Leerdam (72) +4/+5 Luis Pedro (74) +6/+5 Diego Biseswar (82) +4/+3 Marko Arnautovic (77) +7 Arnar Smarasson (75) +6/+5 Paulo Henrique (80) +4/+3 Silva Luciano (81) +4/+3 Danny Holla (82) +4/+3 Gregory Schaken (75) +4/+3 Barry Maguire (79) +4/+5 Rafael Uiterloo (74) +5/+6 Joel Thsibamba (75) +5/+4 Saidi Ntibonkiza (76) +6/+7 Donny Gorter (72) +9/+8 Kees Kwakman (81) +4 H. Leo Veloso (73) +8/+7 Rens van eijden (72) +9/+8 Mehmet Akgun (79) +4/+3 Sergio Zijler (78) +4/+3 D. Claudemir (82) +4/+3 R. van Wolfswinkel(72) +11/+10 Alexander Buttner (73) +8/+7 Donovan Slijngard (73) +9/+8 Erik Falkenburg (73) +8/+7 Kevin Strootman (73) +8/+7 Joshua John (77) +6/+5 Eduard Duplan (79) +4/+3 Joey Godee (72) +8/+7 Tim Breukers (74) +8/+7 Willy Overtoom (73) +8/+7 Bas Dost (75) +7/+6 Csaba Horvath (78) +4/+3 Christian K um (77) +5/+4 A. Rankovic (78) +4/+3 L. Resodihardjo (74) +7/+6 Jordy Buijs (77) +5/+4 P. Jungschlager (79) +4/+3 Stijn Wuytens (75) +8/+7 Steve de Ridder (77) +5/+4 O. assaidi (76) +4/+3 Luuk de Jong (74) +6/+5 ------------------------------------------------- Buy--->Rise--->Sell--->Xavi?Iniesta?Diego?VanPersie?Sneijder?Maicon?
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I wouldn't do either. GC 44: Rossi looks good for an increase to 91, With 11 goals this season in La Liga. And Ibagaza looks to keep his 91. Vagner Love is a good player, and has a chance of hitting 93, but he's not a Brazilian International Regular, so I doubt he can hit 93, and even if he can, the Russian changes are far away. Euro: Wouldn't give two very good players for one. Just way too much to give for me.
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    Ashley Cole for Chiellini?

    Re: Ashley Cole for Chiellini? Don't do the deal. First tell us who are your other defenders? A.Cole is 100% certain to stay 93 for a long time and IMO one of the best LB's in the World.Him playing for Chelsea and England NT will eventually bring him even higher rating. As for Chiellini, he is also an excellent player with big future.He is meant to get 93 in upcoming rating changes and even higher in the future(playing for Juventus and Italy NT). Only problem is if you need CB or LB because Chiellini played a lot of games as CB (Molinaro is first LB) so SM could even change him to classic CB. (small chances but who knows ) Personally I would try to swap some other players plus some money for Chiellini. Best regards, MM!
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    Re: The Arsenal Squad Rated how they should be In my time here, it seems only ARSENAL fans are the bafoons who make these sort of threads. They are quite annoying, and show how biased and obnoxious some of the fans here are. Honestly, I have seen 3 of these stupid threads, and every single time they are from an ARSENAL FAN. Do the gunners have a lower average IQ? or more vacuous outcasts?
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    Re: Ars4nal_4ever's Brentford, 80 million to spend... If rooney and robinho are available to me the no brainer option is to buy them. They may not be available for long, and they are definitely worth it, a 96 and 95 in division 2 will absolutely destroy the opposition. It seems you already have risers in most positions, and can probably keep turning them over and developing other aspects of your squad. The only downside to buying those high rated players is that it probably will reduce the chairman value of a lot of your youth, but with p/e available as a viable option, especially with trying to improve the general average rating of your risers I say go for the galacticos:D Surely that's why you started this challenge in the first place, to make a team of nothings into a team of superstars:cool:
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    Re: Ars4nal_4ever's Brentford, 80 million to spend... From a long term point of view only, will pick the best from each category: Marcellis, already NT, a dutch that can defend Carrick, stalwart at Man U, cant see fergie letting him go, will slowly work his way up to 93/94 Walcott, injury ruins ST promise, but LT he's big, don't need me to tel you that. Sulejmani/Rossi, hard to decipher between the 2 in terms of LT, both huge talents, but Sulej has has the more solid up bringing and this could see him through in the long run.
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    Re: The Best Defender In The World How dare you for not putting this legend up. oP3jbpcCo2E Best goal of his career
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    Re: Gozgoz8 rating prediction: ALL PLAYERS FROM ALL COUNTRY!!!(including Youth player i think gomez has 50/50 chance to drop. He is Stuttgart best player n scoring lot,but Stuttgart not too good this season and Gomez also cant show his ability in international football
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    Big Money Making in Europe

    I don't have time to update this anymore. Will leave it up for the player bio's, but for upto date ratings prediction see my other thread. Sorry. So the start of the season is over, things are taking shape and new players are emerging from within a lot of top clubs in Europe. Over the next 2 weeks or so I will profile a number of players rated 80 and under, who will be rising big and making you a tidy profit. Disclaimer: Some of these players are not unknown to the forums, and some may have threads. However they are the rsult of my own personal scouting and will be unknown to most who aren't around every day, and only have time to read collectional threads like this. Enjoy I was looking at Clubbers Argentinian's thread, and thought the overview at the top of the thread would be useful for the lazy forumers out there, so I hope he takes it as a compliment that I implement it here. Youssef Adnane ------------------------ 74 > 80 (+6) Marvin Martin--------------------------- 74 > 81 (+7) Christian Bekamenga -------------------- 75 > 83 (+8) Bakary Soro ---------------------------- 75 > 81 (+6) Aurelian Chedjou ----------------------- 78 > 84 (+6) Nicolas N'Koulou ------------------------ 77 > 84 (+7) Conceicao Emerson --------------------- 80 > 84 (+4) Gertjan De Mets ------------------------ 72 > 80 (+8) Sven Ku ms ---------------------------- 78 > 83 (+5) Cheik M'Bengue ------------------------ 76 > 82 (+6) Ideye Brown --------------------------- 78 > 83 (+5) Guillaume Faivre ------------------------ 78 > 82 (+4) Mathias Zanka Jorgensen --------------- 80 > 85 (+5) Ousman Jallow ------------------------- 75 > 82 (+7) Saidi Ntibazonkiza ---------------------- 76 > 83 (+7) Niklas Moisander ------------------------ 79 > 84 (+5) Rens Van Eijden ------------------------ 71 > 80 (+9) Alexander Buttner ---------------------- 73 > 82 (+9) Stijn Wuytens -------------------------- 75 > 86 (+11) Carneiro Paulo Henrique ----------------- 80 > 84 (+4) Henrique Leo Veloso -------------------- 73 > 81 (+8) Rick Van Wolfswinkel -------------------- 72 > 82 (+10) Ivan Strinic ----------------------------- 73 > 82 (+9) Youssef Adnane Club: Caen Age: 23 Nationality: French Position: Fwd Rating: 74 SM Value: £322k My Rating Prediction: +6 (80) Adnane wears the number 11 shirt for Caen, who he has joined for the start of the 2008/2009 campaign. The seasons before he spent on loan at Cherbourg, bagging 33 goals in 50 games. So far this season he has started 3 times, appearing another 2 times from the bench, which altogether has clocked up 186 minutes thus far. The Caen starting 11 is rated from 86 to 89, with the fringe players obviously just below this. Adnane has come to Caen and is comfortably on the fringe of their first team, and will be looking to break into it and continue his fantastic goalscoring record as the season progresses. If he does that then his rating change could be astronomical, but for now, with his consistant appearances, 80 is the bare minimum. ____________________________________________________________ Marvin Martin Club: Sochaux Age: 20 Nationality: French Position: CM/AM Rating: 74 SM Value: £351k My Rating Prediction: +7 (81) Next to no information on this player, other than he wears the number 26 shirt, and has come into the struggling sochaux team and got himself right on the edge of the 1st team. The Sochaux 1st team rates between 88 and 86, so with Martin right on the edge he should be rated around 83/84. So far he has started 6 and come off the bench twice, totalling 554 minutes. With 10 weeks left to the french ratings, there is time to see just how far into the team he progresses, but I'd say a rating of 80/81 will be a bare minimum. ___________________________________________________________ Christian Bekamenga Club: Nantes Age: 22 Nationality: Cameroonian Position: CF Rating: 75 SM Value: £517k My Rating Prediction: +8 (83) Bekamenga's goalscoring record preceeding to his time at Nantes was phenominal. In his time in Malaysia, he netted 46 times in 72 appearances, then moved onto Indonesia, where he scored 17 in 19. He then scored 3 times for Nantes B in his short time with them, which helped to concrete his promotion this season. He has proved his worth this year in a much superior league, already having 2 goals to his name. So far this year he has started 6 times, and been subbed on 4 more times. This takes his total minutes to 633. With the Nantes 11 averaging between 85 and 88, 75 is an absolute bargain. He has appeared more than every striker other than Ivan Klasnic, who is rated 88, and even then Bekamenga has more goals this season than the croat. Taking into account his involvement in the National team, and the fact that he looks to be working his way into the Nantes first team, 83 could prove to be a rather pesimistic prediction. _______________________________________________________ Bakary Soro Club: Lorient Age: 22 Nationality: Ivorian Position: CB Rating: 75 SM Value: £517k My Rating Prediction: +6 (81) Soro has already had a call up to the ever improving Ivory Coast national team, where he remained unused on the subs bench. He has made an encouraging start to this season, starting 4 times and appearing another 4 times from the bench. This has helped him reach 541 minutes for the season so far, which is very respectable for a young defender in an established french team. The Lorient 1st team is rated from 89 to 87, and by the looks of it Soro will be used as a rotation player, which would give him a rating of around 84. However, with this being his first successful season in Europe, I would predict that llike with the other players I have mentioned, SM will be slightly cautious in their approach, meaning 81 will be a reasonable estimate. _________________________________________________________ Aurelian Chedjou Club: Lille Age: 23 Nationality: Cameroonian Position: CM Rating: 78 SM Value: £1,279k My Rating Prediction: +6 (84) I'm honestly unsure how Chedjou is still rated only 78. Before settling at Lille he had unsuccessful periods at Villarreal and Auxerre. He is a member of the Cameroon national team and appeared at the olympics. This year he has finally had his break. He has started 7 games and appeared in a further 2 from the bench, working up 664 minutes in the process. Lille's midfield is rated 88 to 90, and Chedjou seems to be a regular fixture in it. Nobody can predict how long he will be there, but he is not covering for any injuries, and is not disappointing when he plays, so I'm going to risk saying he will continue to ply his trade regularly this season. If he stopped playing now he has already done enough for a slight rise, but in all honesty I think he will go on to clock up over 1500 minutes this season, which would surely secure a rise to 87. Both a short term and long term money maker. ________________________________________________________ Nicolas N'Koulou Club: Monaco Age: 18 Nationality: Cameroonian Position: CB/RB Rating: 77 SM Value: £1,129k My Rating Prediction: +7 (84) N'Koulou has really taken to Ligue 1 life well. In his first season, he has now strung 9 consecutive starts together gathering 794 minutes. The youngster began footballing life at the same academy that produced Samuel Eto'o, and featured in Cameroon's team at the Olympics. His performances have been solid and he seems to have cemented his place in the Monaco defence, which rates between 87 and 89. Only time will tell how far this starlet can go, but with many top clubs after his signature, his future is particularly bright. If he continues his run of starts in the Monaco starting 11, he could surpass my expectations of 84, and really be a huge one time riser. One for the future also. _______________________________________________________ Conceicao Emerson Club: Lille Age: 22 Nationality: Brazilian Position: LB/CB Rating: 80 SM Value: £2,051k My Rating Prediction: +4 (84) Sao Paulo born Emerson is no stranger to big rises. People may recall his rise of 8 back in January, as he made a couple of appearances for Lille. Well now he's back, and doing his upmost to break into the first team. So far this season he has made 11 appearances out of a possible 13, including 5 starts, adding up to a total of 595 minutes. It seems he is on the fringe of the first team and being gradually rotated in. 80 is not acceptable for a player appearing with regularity in a team rated between 90 and 87. 84 is a conservative estimate until we see how much game time he goes on to create for himself. _____________________________________________________ Gertjan De Mets Club: Club Brugge Age: 21 Nationality: Belgian Position: DM Rating: 72 SM Value: £86k My Rating Prediction: +8 (80) De Mets has a huge future ahead of him. After only 5 appearances, including 4 starts, his 363 minutes have been of top quality. He is currently being used as cover, mostly at right back, but he has already built a reputation in Belgium, and it is only a matter of time until he is a fully fledged starter for Brugge. The starting 11 is rated between 88 and 85, and De Mets is already knocking on the door. If he secures his place within the next few weeks, we have a potential +10/11 on our hands. _________________________________________________________ Sven Ku ms (Had to separate for filter ) Club: KV Kortrijk Age: 20 Nationality: Belgian Position: DM Rating: 78 SM Value: £1,395k My Rating Prediction: +5 (83) The highest rated player for KV is 83, so when you research Sven, and compare him to the team, he should be 84. He really is a special player, standing out in all 11 starts this season (974 minutes). He has already appeared for the Belgium reserves at the age of 20, and is running the midfield for KV. He has 3 goals this season to his name already, and KV are going to really struggle to keep hold of the Anderlecht youth. Expext big things very soon. __________________________________________________________ Cheik M'Bengue Club: Toulouse Age: 20 Nationality: French Position: CB/LB Rating: 76 SM Value: £787k My Rating Prediction: +6 (82) M'Bengue made a 3 appearances for Toulouse last year, and must have impressed over the summer months, as this year he has come to the first team and appeared in 9 out of 13 games. His 5 starts contribute to the 514 minutes of Ligue 1 football he has undertaken this year. It is clear from this that the 20 year old is part of Toulouses plans this year as they push for a UEFA cup spot. The teams regulars are rated 86 to 88, so with M'Bengue's early flurry of performances, 82 is a reasonable step on the ladder to 86. __________________________________________________________ Ideye Brown No more pictures allowed I'm afraid. Club: Neuchâtel Xamax Age: 20 Nationality: Nigerian Position: CF Rating: 78 SM Value: £1,395k My Rating Prediction: +5 (83) Most will know about Brown by now, but a reminder won't hurt. He has been highly rated for the past two years, being heavily involved with Nigerian international youth teams. A move to Europe was inevitable and it was Xamax that snapped him up. Anyway this season has been a revelation, which was reflected in his rise of 8 back in september. Since then he has not slowed up, appearing in all 14 games this season, starting 13 of them. He has 5 goals from these 1075 minutes, equal to 85 rated partnering striker Rossi. Brown won't hit that rating just yet, but he has proved to be an integral part of the team and a rise to 84 is not out of the question for the youngster. __________________________________________________________ Guillaume Faivre Club: Neuchâtel Xamax Age: 21 Nationality: Swiss Position: GK Rating: 78 SM Value: £1,356k My Rating Prediction: +4 (82) Staying in Xamax, they have a young and upcoming squad that is worth checking out. Faivre has been at Xamax through the youth systems, and this season has made the vacant keeping position his own. He has maximum minutes from this seasons games, and is now the first team goalkeeper. He doesn't have the outstanding features of Brown, but is a solid young keeper who will continue to improve in an exciting team. 82 seems to be the lower end of the first team, so don't put 83 out of the question. _______________________________________________________ Mathias Zanka Jorgensen Club: FC Kobenhavn Age: 18 Nationality: Danish Position: CB Rating: 80 SM Value: £2,292k My Rating Prediction: +5 (85) Zanka is on the verge of becoming permanent first team material at Kobenhavn. He has been involved in the National youth setups since under 16's and is now a regular fixture in the under 21's. This season he has started 9 out of 13 games in the league, and come off the bench for an extra 2. That's extremely regular minutes for an 18 year old defender. He has also played in 4 UEFA cup games this season. So far in his short career he has turned down an offer from Arsenal, and is attracting interest from around Europe. Last season he featured 12 times, which resulted in his rise to 80. However he has this season proved he is worthy first team material, and the members of that are rated between 86 and 88. He is highly rated in Denmark, and it is unclear as to how long Kobenhavn can hold onto him, but his rating is only going to rise and rise. Should make 85 this time, but quite possibly a future 90+. __________________________________________________________ Ousman Jallow Club: Brondby IF Age: 20 Nationality: Gambian Position: CF Rating: 75 SM Value: £547k My Rating Prediction: +7 (82) Another huge talent hidden in Denmark. Problems with work permits kept him from arsenal and chelsea and he wound up at Brondby. All the better for them, as this season his has started 6 of their games and grabbed 4 goals. Add this to his UEFA cup minutes and he becomes a rotation player, starting half of their games. This would give him a rating of 80 to 82, as the first team is rated 86 to 83, but due to his goal scoring record already, and the expectation that he is to become more influential in Brondby's season, I think 82 is more than reasonable. ________________________________________________________ Saidi Ntibazonkiza Club: NEC Nijmegen Age: 21 Nationality: Burundian Position: Fwd/Wing Rating: 76 SM Value: £765k My Rating Prediction: +7 (83) Saidi is a Burundian international, with 7 appearances and 1 goal. He moved to Holland in 2005, and began training with NEC. He worked his way through the youth team and in 2006 made his debut for the first team. Since then he has gradually become more of a regular, and this season seems to have cemented his place in the NEC first team. Out of NEC's 10 games this season, Saidi has started nine and come off the bench in the other, collecting three goals along the way. He has also started 3 UEFA cup matches and generally has impressed those around him. He has the 5th most minutes on his team, and is a permanent fixture in the first team now, which rated 84-86. He is joint top scorer of NEC who are sat 6th, so he should be looking at 85 by the end of the season, and 83 is a reasonable stepping stone on the way to that. __________________________________________________________ Niklas Moisander Club: AZ Alkmaar Age: 23 Nationality: Finnish Position: LB Rating: 79 SM Value: £1,616k My Rating Prediction: +5 (84) Moisander arrived in the summer from Zwolle, and has made an immediate impact. Following two years of first team football there, he brought his experience and has walked straight into the first team. Ten games into the season Moisander has started 8, clocking up 730 minutes in the process. He scored his debut goal in only his third game, in the 6-0 trouncing of Sparta Rotterdam. AZ's first team has a wide rating range from 90 to 85, with the most regulars being upwards of 87. At his current rate, that is where Moisander should be heading, and 84 will be his stop on the way to that rating, as he proves himself for the rest of the season. _________________________________________________________ Rens Van Eijden Club: Willem II Age: 20 Nationality: Dutch Position: RB Rating: 71 SM Value: £22k My Rating Prediction: +9 (80) Van Eijden made his first professional appearance against Liverpool in the Champions League for PSV back in 2007. He came on as a substitute and put in a good performance, but until the start of the 2008/09 campaign he had still not been seen in the Eredivise. However a loan move to Willem has kick started his career, and he has walked into the first team. Of the ten games this season he has appeared in nine, including seven starts. The Willem starting 11 is rated between 82 and 86, and with Van Eijden seemingly having his place secured, a raise to 80+ is almost certain. __________________________________________________________ Alexander Buttner Club: Vitesse Arnhem Age: 19 Nationality: Dutch Position: Fwd/Wing Rating: 73 SM Value: £203k My Rating Prediction: +9 (82) There is not a lot of information available on Buttner, other than his minutes and stats. Of the ten games this season, Buttner has started eight and appeared off the bench in a ninth. This means he has clocked up 639 minutes out of a possible 913, and the 8 starts show he has found his feet in the first team. Using this little information, I could predict his rating from one of four numbers. The team is rated 87 to 85 and it seems Buttner is a starter, so a rise to 84 isn't out of the question, but considering he rarely finishes the game, I think 82 is a fair guess, and nobody can complain at a plus 9. ________________________________________________________ Stijn Wuytens Club: PSV Age: 19 Nationality: Belgian Position: DM Rating: 75 SM Value: £563k My Rating Prediction: +11 (86) Don't need to elaborate on Wuytens, as he is already well known, but I could hardly leave him out. I will simply explain my rating prediction and move on. The PSV starting 11 is rated between 91 and 88, with some fringe players also rated 88. Wuytens has started 8 out of 10 games and has 1 goal to his game. Under the assumption this run continues, there is no reason that Wuyten's rating should not join the higher rated fringe players, especially with Dzagoev and Busquets recieving such raises. ________________________________________________________ Carneiro Paulo Henrique Club: Heerenveen Age: 19 Nationality: Brazilian Position: Fwd Rating: 80 SM Value: £2,232k My Rating Prediction: +4 (84) Henrique moved to Heerenveen in 2007 from brazilian club Atletico. In his first season with them he appeared 13 times, scoring 3 goals. This helped warrant a rise to 80. This season he seems to have been given a more important role in the team, and after 10 league games he has 5 starts and an extra 4 appearances from the bench. Whats more are his 4 UEFA cup appearances, consisting of an extra 2 starts. He is the clubs second top scorer this season (3 league goal, 1 UEFA cup goal), behind 89 rated Pranjic, which shows he is proving his worth to the club in his second season. Interestingly, he has started the last 3 games, so he may have done enough to make the starting role his own, which would call for an increase to 85/86. However, until that is more than just an educated guess, I will predict his rated upon the assumption that he is a fringe player, and that alone should be enough to get him to 84. Watch this space for updates though. ____________________________________________________________ Henrique Leo Veloso Club: Willem II Age: 21 Nationality: Brazilian Position: LB/LM Rating: 73 SM Value: £192k My Rating Prediction: +8 (81) Veloso started his footballing life back in Brazil at Atletico Mineiro. Despite never having a starting role, he moved to Willem and within half a year has cemented his first team place. This season he has started 10 games out of 10, and has the fourth most minutes on his team. This looks to continue for the rest of the season, which means to fit in with the Willem first 11 range of 86 to 83, he should be looking at an 84 by the end of the season (one of the more important players). 81 will be the stepping stone SM use to get him there, which is a rather healthy rise of 8. ___________________________________________________________ Rick Van Wolfswinkel Club: Vitesse Arnhem Age: 19 Nationality: Dutch Position: Fwd Rating: 72 SM Value: £91k My Rating Prediction: +10 (82) RVW is well known amongst the dutch national youth ranks, and this season has become well known in the Eredivise itself. Having been at Vitesse all his playing career, it was only a matter of time before he got his chance. Following a brief substiution appearance last season, RVW has been an integral part of Vitesse's early season. Starting 9 out of their 10 matches, and appearing in the other in the 72nd minute, he has scored 3 goals which has made him the clubs joint top scorer. He shares this accolade with Nicky Hofs, who is the clubs highest rated player at 87. The rest of the starting 11 range from 86 to 84. RVW seems to have made himself the first choice striker, and with that position comes a high rating in the squad. Assuming RVW keeps up his appearances and form, he should be looking at an 85/86 for the end of the season, and will most probably stop at 82 on the way. _________________________________________________________ Ivan Strinic Club: Hajduk Split Age: 21 Nationality: Croatian Position: LB/LM Rating: 73 SM Value: £192k My Rating Prediction: +10 (82) Strinic started his footballing life at Hajduk, and after a brief unsuccessful spell at Le Mans, and a brief successful spell in the Croatian second tier, he returned to Hajduk. From Hajduk's 16 league games this season , he has started 11, collecting 945 minutes. The 5 games he has missed include a suspension for a red card, and along with this he also has 5 yellow cards, naughty boy! He also has 3 UEFA cup appearances to his name, and 2 U21 appearances. Hajduks starters are rated 88 - 85, and with Strinic looking to be an integral part of the team this season, 82 is the ideal stop on the way to 84/85.
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    Re: What is the best way to counter 4-4-2 ? 433 winger will be good Buffon; Sagna--Toure--Gallas--Clichy; Nasri--Fabregas--Hitzlesperger; Farfan--Adebayor--Walcott
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    Squad Limit?

    Re: Squad Limit? There is a squad limit of sorts. I believe this limit is somewhere between 200 and 250, i'm trying to work out exactly where this is! All I know is past a certain point bids fail where your squad size will grow. This now works like this for either direct sign-up of players and/or free agents. The only way to get around this is to buy a player and offer a player in part exchange (i.e. no squad growth). Free Agents can't be bought anymore these deals fail above the limit, this was a recent change confirmed by SM. I don't believe in a poll on this subject either - ridiculous idea. When I assembled my squads I did so at a time this was legal and have paid all the wages and have most squads with £100M+ cash. The tens of hours i've put into these squads decided by a poll - don't think so. It's all been said before see the squad sizes thread, the "pandora's box" and probably the best ever thread on the forum in my opinion. A bigger problem is clubs hogging 30+ 92 rated players and no one else can buy them. If you want to talk about realism there are plenty of other areas where SM can improve on realism before they even touch squad sizes. We've got a great game here, squad sizes are an easy target but not really a big problem.
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    Aladin Gol

    Nasri or Silva

    Re: Nasri or Silva I agree with much of what was said above. I believe Nasri is a talent but Silva has both a stronger short & long term upside. Also worth mentioning, despite Wengers soft spot for Nasri he will soon have stiffer competition for 1st team status with Arshavin & soon with Rosicky et al coming back from injury.
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    Nasri or Silva

    Re: Nasri or Silva in a couple of years david silva will be an easy 94 and one of the best midfielders in europe. he was one of spain's best players at the euro's and didnt look out of place next to xavi and iniesta, i would expect silva along with villa to be playing with man u , barcelona , real madrid next season. valencia are in a lot of debt and they will both be auctioned at the end of the season. also juan mata is progressing a lot at valencia and could be the next silva very soon. snap him up, hes 50/50 between a 90 and a 91 next ratings
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    olof mellberg

    Re: olof mellberg i think he will stay at 90 as he's not regular for juve n just play when chiellini,legrottaglie or grygera doesnt play
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    olof mellberg

    Re: olof mellberg bad defender at Juve, should not rise... but who knows
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    The Rating Schedule

    I have noticed a few people talking about the rating schedule when discussion a player's increase, and they refer to it as it says on SM. So for instance Italy is Week 9, people are saying Italy is in 6 weeks. I can assure you, this is NOT the case. When SM say "Week 4" or "Week 5" they really mean "Section 4" or "Section 5". I've been looking at the duration of time each country is taking, and how long they've taken in the past, and made a rough guess as to how long it will take each section. The idea is, that this should help clear up it is 'til a country is reviewed. (Starting with this week) Week 1: Bulgaria Week 2: Austria, Denmark, Czech Rep, Slovakia Week 3: Germany Week 4: Netherlands Week 5: France Week 6: Belgium, Switzerland Week 7: Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales Week 8: England Week 9: Greece, Turkey, Albania, Cyprus, Israel, Malta Week 10: Spain Week 11: Portugal Week 12: Italy (Those colour coded could be switched around with another of the same colour). I don't know if this could be pinned or what, but if it's not I guess it can still be referred to in future. Feel free to debate it. Edit: Ste has said it should take approximately 12 weeks, so I've edited to fit that approximation.
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    Haydn's guide to different formations.

    I have decided to come up with my own personal views on each formation to try and help other managers. I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages they can offer. These are my personal views, and you may have different views, they might be right, they might be wrong, who knows, but this is what i think. 4-4-2: Advantages: Well first off, you have all of the four positions at the back covered, from RB through to LB. The same applies to the midfield. With 4 at the back and in midfield, you have a solid foundation for your team. The RB and the LB are covered to a certain extent by the RM and LM ahead of them. This can be of help against wide midfielders making advanced forward runs. Disadvantages: You have nobody specialised to cover the back 4 (such as a DM). A team with good AMs would exploit this space to their advantage. The same as the defense situation really, but going forward this time. There isnt a specialist player behind the front two who can link the play from the midfield and play that defence splitting pass into the strikers. 4-3-3: Advantages: The back 4 positions are covered once again. You have a bigger presence going forward with the 3 strikers which, if they are good enough, will put the opposition defence under pressure. If your team has 3 good CMs, then this formation would suit them as the 3 in midfield are for the CMs. Disadvantages: With the 3 in midfield, if the opposition are playing with wide midfielders, there isn't nobody out wide to help prevent them from making forward runs. If the opposition has more than your 3 midfielders, they your midfield be out-numbered and possibly concede a lot of possession. 4-5-1: Advantages: A 5 man midfield makes for a tough time for the opposition if they can't match it and could lead to more possession for your team if the passing style is suitable. The position in front of the midfield 4 can make forward runs to support the striker and if the opposition plays with a DM, their DM will be occupied sometimes by this player and shouldn't have that much time on the ball as they would if that player wasn't there. Disadvantages: The lone striker up front can have a very tough time if up a good defence, so the sriker should be a good CF. 3-4-3: Advantages: A 4 man midfield and 3 man striker force makes for a good offensive force going forward. Due to the 4 man midfield, attacking runs can be made anywhere through the middle and out wide. Disadvantages: 3 defenders can leave you vulnerable to conceding goals. If the opposition plays with 3 strikers, this should occupy all 3 defenders and anymore advancing midfield players would mean trouble for your team as they will be unmarked unless you have players coming back from midfield. Free wide postions in the back four is a paradise for the advancing wingers to get in behind and supply crosses to their strikers. 3-5-2: Advantages: As always, a 5 man midfield provides a solid base in the middle of the park. You have a DM who can be used to help out the back four from advancing midfield players from the opposition. Disadvantages: Once again, 3 at the back invites the wingers from the opposition to advance forward and get crosses in. 3-3-4: Advantages: A really efficient offensive force goind forward with 4 strikers. This is certain to cause the opposition defenders trouble. Disadvantages: 3 defenders invites wingers forward yet again. 3 midfielders doesn't provide much protection out wide for the back 3. This formation provides a lot of force up front, but so little at the back. 5-4-1: Advantages: A stable defence with 5 to protect your GK and the DM position also adding to that. Useful to use in towards the end of the match when winning to protect your lead. There is an AM, so despite having a lot of players defensively based, there is also a reasonable threat going forward if the AM can make forward runs to support the striker. Disadvantages: 1 lone striker will find it difficult if up against defenders with nobody there to support. No wide players to advance forward to cause the defence more problems. 5-3-2: Advantages: Basically the same as the 5-4-1 apart from no AM. The AM from the 5-4-1 is now a striker, so there is more of a presence up front. Disadvantages: Like the 5-4-1, there are no wide players to advance forward. 5-2-3: Advantages: 5 at the back to protect your GK from conceding. 3 strikers which will give the opposition defence a hard time. Disadvantages: No wide players to advance forward. 4-4-2 diamond: Advantages: 4 at the back with a DM covering them makes it harder for the oppostion to advance forward from midfield. Wide players can either protect your full-backs or make forward runs to support the strikers. The AM behind the front 2 can recieve the ball from the other players and play it through for the strikers. Disadvantages: No CMs makes it easier for the opposition to play against you, going 'through the middle'. 4-3-3 wingers: Advantages: A solid defensive foundation. Advanced wingers out wide can either advance further forward inside towards the striker or further down the wing to try and get around the back of the opposition defence. Disadvantages: As the wingers are so far advanced forward, they leave your full-backs vulnerable to opposition wingers and advancing wide players. 4-5-1 defensive: Advantages: A solid defence and midfield with the DM should limit the opposition to going forward (it wont totally stop them). Can be used to close out a game towards the end if you are winning. More likely to have the majority of possession in midfield. Disadvantages: The lone striker doesn't have no advanced wingers or AMs to recieve support from if nobody from midfield is advancing forward. Chances going forward may be limited. 4-2-3-1: Advantages: Has a bit of everything at the back and going forward. The 2 DMs provide a good source of protection for the back 4. The 3 advanced midfielders provide the lone striker with plenty of support and are always a threat to the oppostion backline. Disadvantages: With the wide midfielders so far forward, your full-backs are vulnerable to good oppostion wide players. 4-3-2-1: Advantages: Has a DM to protect your back four against teams playing 'through the middle' against you. The 2 AMs behind the striker will stop the oppositions DMs from having time on the ball and can help form a 3 man attack if advancing even further forward. Disadvantages. Once again, with nobody to protect your full-back, teams can play down the flanks against you. 4-4-1-1: Advantages: Solid base in defence and midfield. The AM playing just off of the striker can recieve a lot of the play from the midfield 4. Your full-backs have some protection to a certain extent. Can play down the flanks and through the middle. Disadvantages: Not the biggest threat going forward. 4-3-1-2: Advantages: As with all AMs, they can link the play from the midfield to the strikers. Provides a good threat going forward with 3 players in advanced positions. Disadvantages: No protection for the full-backs which allows teams to play out wide. No wide players going forward to try and get around the back of the oppsition. 3-4-1-2: Advantages: A 4 man midfield prevents the wide players from the oppostion advancing forward down the wings to a very small extent. With the AM behind the stikers, at least a 3 man force going forward provides a constant threat. Disadvantages: Advanced wide players from the oppostion can get around the back with no full-backs. 5-3-2 sweeper: Advantages: 5 defenders provides a good amount of protection. Defenders pushed out wide can help deal with the threat of wide players advancing forward. The 2 strikers can help each other out and work together if no support from midfield. Teams find it hard to play 'through the middle' and down the flanks against you. Disadvantages: No wide men means you don't have the oppurtunity to get around the back of the defense to support the strikers. If the opposition defence are good enought to deal with the threat of your strikers with no midfield support coming forward, chances going forward might be limited. 5-3-2 Defensive: Advantages: Full-backs can help deal with the threat of wide players. The extra defender behind the CBs can really help out i last ditch situations. If there are advancing midfielders to help out the strikers, this might create chances without having to worry about the defence as much. Disadvantages: Another formation where you have no wide players to advance forward. 4-2-4: Advantages: A very offensive minded formation with 4 attacking players. With 4 attacking players, you are almost certain to create chances. Your advanced wide players can either continue down the wing to get around the back of the defence or come inside towards to 2 CFs. This would really cause chaos for the opposition CBs. Is a good formation to use when losing towards the end of the game and you need to get a goal or 2 back. Disadvantages: The 2 in midfield can easily be out-numbered by the opponents midfield and possession in that area of the pitch might be hard to come by. 4-2-2-2: Advantages: 2 DMs to nulify the threat from the oppostion midfield advancing forward. 2 AMs to increase the threat to the oppostion going forward. Your players are spread out through out the pitch and short passing could really work with this. Disadvantages: Teams can play down the against you, knowing they only have your full-backs to beat. 3-4-2-1: Advantages: Can play down the flanks with the wide midfielders and through the middle via the two AMs and also the wide midfielders making diagonal runs inside towards the AMs. The 2 CMs can drop back slightly in front of the back 3 to help them out to a certain extent with the AMs maybe occupying the opposition DMs. Disadvantages: With always 3 at the back, a lot of goals can be conceded, so make sure you have 3 really good CBs. The oppostion can, yet again, play down the flanks using advanced wingers and get around the back of your back 3. 4-1-3-2: Advantages: You have a DM protecting the back 4 to a certain extent. The is a large force going forward with 3 AMs behind the 2 strikers. Disadvantages: If the oppostion have more than one advanced midfielder through the middle, you DM may have his work cut out. The oppostion may look at your formation and decide to keep possession with a slow tempo, using 2 or more AMs. 3-2-2-2-1: Advantages: 2 DMs to protect the back 4. 2 wide midfielders to advance down the wing and try and get around the back of the opposition. 2 AMs to support the lone striker when it comes to going forward. Wide midfielders can tuck inside towards the AM and with the 'through the middle' attacking style, the opposition's main central defenders should have a tough time. Disadvantages: Any CMs from the oppostion will have more space and time with nobody in the middle of the park for your team. Once the opponents get into advanced positions down the wings, they have the opportunity to get around the back of your defence with no full-backs. I realise some of the advantages and disadvantages are the same for some of the formation, but that's probably because they are lol. I have tried to re-word it slightly. I hope this helps. Any views?
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    HOW TO MAKE AN GOOD MATCH REPORT Seeing that people have praised me for my match reports and I have earned a lot of rep points for doing them, I think I might share it with the forum of how I do it. I actually have no idea why I should post this but seeing that this is the forums about setups, I felt it was most ideal. In this guide, I will take you through all the steps you could do to make a good match report. On the top of the post, always have the badge and the club colors. This will make the post aesthitically pleasing (looks good). Usually what I do is that I take the home shirt on the left, the club badge in the middle and the away shirt on the right. Below the club badge and club colors, have the name of the club and say something like "Barcelona News" or "Barcelona Latest" or "Barcelona News". I would advice you to make it size 5 or more. Always have sub-headings. That is very important in a post. You should never, in a match report, have everything under one title or one paragraph. Always split it up to make it easier to read and so the reader actually wants to read it. The news part is easy, you just type what you mean. My advice is that you give information that is either funny or interesting to read. You should add facts that makes the reader be interested in or even laugh. Pictures are very important in a match report. Without pictures, match reports are usually more boring than the ones with pictures. If you want to know how to make a picture, use Bobo's Guide To Post Pictures. Do not post attachments, they really downgrade your match reports. Color, to add interest as well. I advice that you should use the color that your team wears, for example if I was doing a match report on Liverpool, I would choose red, if it was Chelsea, it would be blue... If the team wears two or more different color, you could rotate the colors for each new paragraph and title. The language you use in your match reports are also very important. Never, ever, ever, ever use text language! Use proper Queen's English and try to make the least amount of spelling mistakes as possible. Also the format of the whole match report should be centred, never leave it to one of the sides, they would turn out to look absolutely terrible. Centering makes the match report look more professional. Excellent Match Reporters Arsenal 123 Rishabh Desai Sparky Ben Read Welshman RossDAFC Offside Kevin Doyle All of the people above have absolutely excellent match reports, even I sometimes have to copy stuff of them! Thank you for reading my guide, I hope you learn a lot about making match reports.
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