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    l couldnt find any report about him so there it is. sorry if there is spelling mistakes english is not my first languages. this is my second Scout:D Mushaga BAKENGA Full name: Mushaga Lusa Bakenga Joar Bahati Namugunga Date of birth : 8 August 1992 Age : 17 Place of birth : Trondheim, Norway Playing position : striker Current club: Rosenborg Number: 21 SM rating: 75 Future Rating: 90 Career BAKENGA was born in Norway in trondheim is Parent l from Democratic Republic of the Congo.( thats where am from too ) Bakenga began his career with Nationalkameratene and joined in February 2007 to Rosenborg BK, he was on trial with Chelsea's academy in the spring.From 2009 he trained with Rosenborg's senior team twice a week. He also played on the Norwegian u-19 national team, despite not being 17 years old yet.His first match in the senior squad came in August 2009 against Bodø/Glimt, but he did not play.His actual début in the Norwegian Premier League came on 23 September 2009 against Tromsø. He nearly scored in the goalless draw—a goal would have secured the league title for Rosenborg. he is one of the best young prospect of Norwegian football. International career Bakenga has represented Norway 28 times at various Youth Levels Scoring 13 goals. he played for under 15, 16, 17, 19 Honours Norwegian Premier League Championship: 2009 Norwegian U-19 Championship 2009 Compared Style of Play he plays like Adebayor using is high to jump and header the ball is quick and got skills. good finisher aswell Reason you should sign him. he is still in the Chelsea radar as much as want him to sign for Arsenal but Chelsea looks like the team he will end up at but it still too soon to say whether he will move or not here is the Video l find Watch is goal at 3:56
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    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread EC 106 ALIVE AND KICKING After coming under attack from some of 106's highly respected managers, Crystal Palace head coach Paul Holt has leaped to the defence of his South London compatriot David Izod. There has been whispers for a few weeks now from some managers north of Watford that 106 has been quiet and is not what it used to be, but Holt refutes these claims and has put it down to the usual mid-season silence. Holt, who has been quiet for about 3 weeks now due to his commitments with sponsors believes the silence in 106 always happens around the mid-season mark as managers start to ponder if they can push for promotion or decide to bury down the hatchets to stave off relegation. Holt is said to have received many a call from other managers blaming Izod for setting up rival leagues in his native country of France but Holt has not even bothered to entertain these views and called it a load of "codswallop". Doesn't come in XXL! "I dont know where all this is coming from to be honest. I know that other managers in 106 have been studying towards other qualifications and because of this have not been their usual self. Unfortunatly for me I have been trying to lose weight so I can fit into some of Dave Izods new clothing line even though he promised me that XXL WOULD be widely available. I know some managers have tried to blame Mr Izods new setups over the English Channel but its codswallop. There is always a lull around this time. Now that the winter is almost over, im confident that there will be more scandals, more gossip and possibly even bigger upsets than ever before. I just hope these gossiping managers would get a grip of reality, although im guessing I would be jealous too if I was managing a club outside our countries capital."
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    Graphics Design Feedback

    Re: Graphic Design Feedback Ok well I decided to give it another shot today, everything is default from photoshop CS4 apart from the render. What you recon? I know text could do with more work, but im lazy haha. My first soccer/football sig
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    Re: MSL USA low rated players with lots of 2009 minutes I've now analysed all the 70 rated players at SM teams in the MLS in my setups, and collated their stats below I've highlighted the ones I think will rise most in blue italics Chicago Fire Peter Lowry +7to 77 (07/04/2010) MLS - 8 starts - 1 sub app 660 Minutes 3 MLS Goals Columbus Crew Alex Grendi MLS - 1 start 2 sub apps 129 minutes Kevin Burns got + 5 to 75 (6/1/10) MLS 4 starts 4 sub apps CONACAF - 1 starts 2 sub apps 433 minutes total (363 MLS) Cory Elenio MLS - 1 sub app 18 minutes DC United Brandon Barklage MLS - 1 start - 3 sub apps 101 minutes Milos Kocic - been released? MLS - 3 starts - 1 sub app CONACAF - 3 starts 579 minutes total (309 MLS) Kansas City Wizards Boris Pardo 0 minutes Graham Zusi MLS - 5 starts - 8 sub apps 532 minutes New England Revolution Nico Colaluca MLS - 1 start - 5 sub apps 164 minutes Stephane Assengue Ombiogno - been released? MLS 2 sub apps 38 minutes Chivas USA Lance Parker - been released? MLS - 3 starts - 1 sub app 315 minutes Colorado Rapids Ross Schunk MLS - 3 sub apps 13minutes FC Dallas Perica Marosevic MLS - 4 sub apps (51 mins) Under20 international - 1 sub app (45 mins) 95 mins total LA Galaxy Julian Valentin - now at Tampa Bay Rowdies? 0 minutes Israel Sesay - now at Cleveland City Stars 0 minutes Tristan Bowen 1 sub app - only 1 minute…. Real Salt Lake Kyle Reynish MLS - 1 sub app 56 minutes David Horst MLS - 1 start - 1 sub app 87 minutes Raphael Cox MLS - 2 starts - 4 sub apps 209 minutes 1 goal San Jose Earthquakes Jamil Roberts 0 minutes Toronto FC Emmanuel Gomez MLS - 6 starts - 3 sub apps CONACAF - 2 starts 675 minutes (495 MLS) Amadou Sanyang MLS - 3 starts - 4 sub apps 315 minutes 1 red card O’Brian White MLS - 5 starts - 4 sub apps CONACAF - 2 sub apps 2 MLS goals 468 minutes (445 MLS) Again, I don't claim to be an expert or even a fan of the MLS - I am just posting the 70 rated players and their stats for 2009, and a guess at which ones will rise There are some 70 players who got +2 for just 1 sub appearance at the last USA ratings review Remi Johansen in Norway recently got a +5 for 4 starts/4 sub apps - might be a good indicator, might not Again these are just basic scouting - please don't moan if you waste 10k AllyVito has started a more comprehensive ratings prediction for MLS - link MORE POSSIBLE RISERS? 71-74 possible risers Gerson Mayan - 73 MLS - 5 starts - 7 sub apps U20 - 1 start 436 MLS minutes Michael Kraus - 73 - been released? MLS - 11 sub apps - 1 goal 158 mins Michael Lahoud - 73+4 to 77 MLS - 9 starts - 7 sub apps MLS P/O - 2 starts 999 total minutes (878 MLS) Steven Purdy - 73 MLS - 4 starts - 1 sub app 339 minutes Kyle Davies - 74 MLS - 10 starts - 1 sub app U20 - 1 start - 1 sub app 796 MLS minutes (54 U2 international mins) Daniel Cruz - 70 MLS - 6 sub apps CONACAF - 1 start - 1 sub app U20 - 2 starts 200 MLS/CONACAF minutes (180 U20 International mins) Bryan Jordan - 74 MLS - 2 starts - 17 sub apps 1 goal 485 mins Quincy Amarikwa - 75 MLS - 1 start - 23 sub apps 1 goal 610 mins Sanna Nyassi - 73 MLS - 2 starts - 12 sub apps MLS P/O - 1 sub app 355 minutes (345 in MLS)
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    After the checking the amount of comments in the main thread (despite my efforts to avoid having them there) and PM's both through the forum and in-game, I decided to create this thread so that you can post your questions here, along with praise, insults (be careful if you stick in this route though ), and basically just general discussion about Portuguese football. So basically, if you have a tiny doubt over the Portuguese league and it's players, post here and I'll reply ASAP. Cheers guys! Link to the main thread: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=44596 DO NOT POST THERE, OR YOU SHALL FEEL FEAR MY WRATH.
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    10... Overrated 90 and above players

    10) - Mesut Ozil - absolutely terrible. 9) - Lionel Messi - terrible against Real Madrid, too short... Laughable that he was put on the database to begin with. 8) - Xavi - Basically just a big Spanish numbnuts, this guy is rated higher than Bojan for flip's sake, has he even scored 1000 goals at youth level? Yeah, exactly. 7) - Julio Cesar - Apparently a top class goalkeeper. Ludicrous, he hasn't even played in the premier League. 6) - Sergio Ramos - Isn't even a footballer. 5) - Andrei Arshavin - When you're a less famous Russian than a meerkat your life's a bit of a shambles... 4) - Cristiano Ronaldo - It's hardly fair on poor old WPOTY Marta when this woman's allowed to play in the men's game is it? 3) - Carlos Tevez - Can't score a goal in the Prem to save his life. How this guy's keeping Jo and Roque Santa Cruz out of the starting XI is beyond me... 2) - David Beckham - says it all... 1) - The Dark Lord Cthulhu - Barely even turns out at the back for Barca anymore.
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    I haven't seen any one else comment on this yet, so I thought I'd add my 2c... A New York based investment company the Rhône Group have officially made a bid for a stake in Liverpool FC While the details of the bid are still uncertain, I thought that I'd comment on what is known. IMO, we can glean some important information from the few details that are out there. Who is the Rhône Group LLC...? It's basically a private equity firm that looks for existing smallish companies who need financing. They give these smallish companies financing in exchange for a stake in the company. It's based out of New York City, but with some banking operations in London & Paris. It's the company that is looking at making the investment. It is not the individual owners of the the Rhône Group that are looking to make the investment. This isn't a case of Daddy Warbucks with deep pockets. This is a case of a professional investment company looking to invest and hopefully make a profit. Why...? I am not going to go into the trials and tribulations of Hicks and GG, as we all know what they are... But suffice it to say that Hicks is having one hell of a time raising capital throughout all of his business. GG seems in pretty good shape, but his hands are tied without Hicks getting his financing somewhat in order. The guy can't even sell his baseball club because of all the creditors involved and it looks likely that he'll have to sell his hockey club, too. LFC's main creditor, RBS, is chomping @ the bit to get new funding into LFC, so they need a new investment fairly soon, and you have their best acquisition over the past year, Christian Purslow, trying to line up investments. Why now...? Over the past 3 months, the worldwide credit markets have been on a roller coaster ride. A few months ago, the credit markets took a slight turn for the worse when the Dubai real estate bubble burst. The market shrugged it off and rebounded once Big Brother, Abu Dhabi came to Dubai's temporary rescue The market rebounded enough to where Manchester United and a number of other corporations were able to get respective bond offering out in the biggest bond offering week in over 3 and a half years. Then Obama, with his oh-so-daft Midas touch, entered the picture and declared that he was going to limit how banks could trade and make money. Bank CEOs got scared and threw a blanket over their money, because they weren't sure what Obama was going to do to it. Because of this, the credit market took a turn for the worse. Then Greece imploded, and banks' willingness to loan to corporations started to dry up because of the uncertainty of Greece. Once it became apparent that Greece wasn't going to go under, an increased confidence in this frail stitched-together worldwide banking system started to occur and the credit markets were back up. Rhône's potential investment represents somewhat important news. Not so much because it is some investment company that the majority of us have never heard of making a play at one of the most valuable futbol properties in the world. Rather, it is important because and it means that the credit markets are again thawing. Corporations are finding it easier to get credit. Firms like Rhône are finding it easier to get funding, which they in-turn use to fund other companies. It's a vicious and dangerous cycle, but that's how it works, and that's what it takes. Apparently the Rhône Group has tabled a bid for a stake in LFC. None of the really important details of the bid have been mentioned yet, but LFC has leaked some of the details. IMO, you can glean some important information from the few details that are out there. The valuation of Liverpool and what it means... I have seen at least 3 sets of numbers being thrown around concerning how much Rhône are potentially investing in the club. In each case, it involves Rhône acquiring 40% of the club at some point. Scenario 1 : If Rhone gets 40% @ £118.5M, both sides are valuing the club at £296M Scenario 2 : If Rhone gets 40% @ £110M, both sides are valuing the club at £275M Scenario 3 : If Rhone gets 40% @ £100M, both sides are valuing the club at £250M That's an 18.5% swing between the high-end valuation and the low-end... That's a pretty big difference, but leaves all the parties with enough wiggle-room In any event, we are talking about a substantial increase in value for LFC as a club. Considering that in 2007 the club was purchased for £218.9M, the following are the increases in value for LFC for the various scenarios that I listed above since Hicks/GG purchased the club: Scenario 1 : Valuation increase for LFC of £77.35M, which is +35.4% since Hicks/GG Scenario 2 : Valuation increase for LFC of £56.10M, which is +25.6% Scenario 3 : Valuation increase for LFC of £31.10M, which is +14.2% That is a significant valuation change if you consider that during that exact same time the value of Microsoft is DOWN 3% the FTSE 100 (UK stock market) is DOWN 11% the S&P 500 is DOWN 17% the Dow Jones Industrial Average is DOWN 16% the British Pound is DOWN 27% versus the Euro the British Pound is DOWN 23% versus the US Dollar Here's something else to strongly consider, these valuation scenarios listed above put LFC's value increase in roughly the same ballpark as: Manchester United, which according to Forbes has increased in value somewhere between +30-37% Arsenal, +30-35% Real Madrid, +30% Bayern Munich, +30% Because of these ⇧ last 4 bullet-points, I find it somewhat difficult to believe that LFC is going to see a valuation increase close to United's or Arsenal's. It just doesn't make much sense, does it? LFC has done relatively nothing over that time to increase real assets of the club. No new stadium. Very limited improvements on the current one. Meanwhile Arsenal have built the hotel/housing complex not to mention a brand new stadium. Even United have built a substantial amount of additional luxury boxes over this time-frame, have re-financed their debt overhang, and have won a closet-full of titles. Based on that, it's hard for me to believe that LFC is going to see anything close to a 30% increase in value. If however, the value for LFC comes out to something in the neighborhood of United & Arsenal's respective +30% valuation increases, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is ONLY due to the new television distribution deal that was signed for the EPL. That is the ONLY reason. Furthermore, it should tell you how little the things that used to matter will actually matter going forward. If LFC get that 30-ish % valuation increase, it should tell you that TV Rights Contracts RULE in this century, and will be the driving force (along with new stadiums geared towards the corporate dollar) going forward. Now for figuring out how much Hicks/GG potentially make or lose on their investment of LFC... Unfortunately, it's impossible to figure this out right now. We simply don't have enough information yet... So what's the information that you need to figure out Hicks/GG's profit/loss on their investment...? It basically all comes down to (1) what the new capital from Rhone actually is (cash equity, debt or a combination of the two), (2) where this new capital is invested along the LFC capital structure and (3) how any new ownership structure is put into place. IMO, I find it VERY difficult to believe that Hicks/GG are going to see the value of LFC increase over their ownership and not realize a profit. These guys are going to make money on this investment. There are plenty of ways to re-configure their corporate structure to make it happen. For starters we need to take a look at #1 that I just listed two paragraphs above. What is this new potential capital investment from Rhône actually in the form of? Is it actual cash equity? Or is it a debt to Rhône? As you all know, this really matters. So to get an understanding of what it might be, let's take a look and see how Rhône Group LLC typically invests.... As it turns out, Rhône has a recent investment in the apparel company, Quiksilver. You know them... They make the Sport/Surf gear. Rhône's investment in Quiksilver is easy to go through and it represents a typical investment by Rhône. Rhône provided £100M in capital to Quiksilver.... The capital was in the form of a 5-year debt that carried with it a 15% interest rate. That is an astronomically high interest rate, and it speaks to sheer desperation by Quiksilver. Furthermore, Rhône was given the ability to acquire 20% of Quicksilver at a marked-down valuation of the company. So not only were Rhône collecting 15% interest payments from Quiksilver, but they also were able to acquire 20% of the company. One on hand you could look at this and say that Rhône's goals/interests were completely aligned with Quicksilver's success. That they needed Quiksilver to be very successful. On the other hand you could look at this and say that Rhône were going to clip 15% interest coupons from Quiksilver and even if the company didn't succeed and went under, that Rhône would still be paid back its £100M, because the debt was at a higher level of the corporate structure. And that the 20% ownership of the stock was basically a lottery ticket for Rhône. That Quiksilver deal with Rhône was announced on June 9th, 2009. Let's take a look at what happened to Quiksilver's stock after the deal with Rhône was announced.... Here's the stock chart. Look back @ June 2009. See that peak and subsequent sell-off. The sell-off occurred because Rhône received the 20% stake in the company @ below market prices. In the case of Quiksilver they received the 20% @ $1.86. Once Quiksilver's other investors heard that they were holding on to shares @ $3 that only were worth $1.86 to Rhône, they sold... And the stock cratered to that $1.86 level. Interesting Aside: I think it's interesting to note that Rhône's investment in Quiksilver marked a bottom for the stock, so it would seem that these guys have pretty good timing. Why am I telling you this...? Why is this important...? It's important because Rhône (like most investors) wants to get to get in @ a level that they think they can make money on. They did it with the case of Quiksilver. Furthermore they will do it with the case of LFC. It's what any professional investment company would do. Because of this, and the Arsenal/Bayern/United/Madrid comparison that I laid out before, I am somewhat convinced that the value of LFC isn't going to be +30% like Arsenal's or United's, but rather closer to Scenario 2 or Scenario 3 that I listed above (which is still good). Anyway, this Quicksilver deal is how Rhône does most of their deals... Here's the typical progression: 1. Rhône takes a stake in a company by providing equity capital to the company in the form of debt that has to be repaid. 2. With this new capitalization, the company then goes to their existing creditors (in Liverpool's case it would be RBS) and they refinance their existing debt to push out the time-frame in which it has to be paid. So substitute in the word "Liverpool" for the word "company" in the previous paragraph and you can see how it will play out if (big "IF") Rhône invests in Liverpool in the form of debt that has to be repaid. I read in The Times tonight, that LFC "club sources" are saying that cash Equity will be involved in the deal. This changes things. The investment could be Debt (as I detailed above) or it could be Cash Equity + Debt. Something to keep in mind about any Cash Equity piece from Rhône, is that the Cash Equity would be backed by Rhône's other business. And all of their other businesses are backed by high-yield debt (i.e. junk bonds) in questionable companies like Quiksilver. We all know that the Rhône Group (or another company like it) is not the ultimate answer. Could an investment be a short term fix which works towards a longer-term solution...? Who knows. I doubt it. But it's too soon to tell. However, this tabled bid by Rhône is important because it signifies that other potential new investors/owners could be on the horizon in the very near term. LFC is in a situation where they are soliciting investments from professional Investment Companies. On one hand, this isn't a great thing if everyone involved in ownership is basically an investor looking for a selling point. However, on the other hand, by reducing the ownership stakes of LFC's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, it basically consolidates more power around Christian Purslow and theoretically should allow the football people in the club to do their jobs more efficiently. The ideal situation would of course be an investment in LFC by a ludicrously wealthy individual (1) who has a genuine interest in futbol and (2) whose wealth is backed by something real. Purslow could bring them on board initially as a limited investor and then work a situation out where they buy Hicks/GG's positions outright. Unfortunately right now, beggars can't be choosers. That statement doesn't mean this potential Rhône deal is going to be a decent one or one that LFC should remotely accept. It just means that LFC need to consider investments in the club from every avenue possible. At least someone @ the club is doing their job in uncovering some realistic & qualified potential investors. Good work Purslow. Anyway, please feel free to comment. .
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    Fran Merida for Thomas Muller

    Re: Fran Merida for Thomas Muller Yes, Muller is way better than Merida, he has been one of the best performers for Bayern so far plus he will be in the World Cup. Also, he will have a nice rise as well, maybe to 88.
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    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Yer, I'm going to catch some Zs soon as I'm tired from my football game today. But I don't have a blanky. PS - We won 10-1 and I didn't even score! I'm gutted.
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    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread A very pleasing night of results for me tonight with the highlight being a victory in GC76 which means FC Porto complete an undefeated league season GC66: Fiorentina 3 - 4 Internazionale - Inter earn a valuable 3 points in a high scoring game against Fiorentina. The victory sends Inter up to 2nd place. GC67: Atletico Madrid 3 - 2 Tenerife - A tight victory keeps Atletico top of the table. Real Madrid continue to match our result so they remain only 2 points off the pace. GC76: FC Porto 2 - 0 Sporting CP - Goals from Raul Meireles and Radamel Falcao ensure that FC Porto complete their unbeaten season. Chuffed Also well done to Andy for securing 2nd spot and an SMFA Shield place with his Sporting de Braga. GC86: Nottingham Forest2 - 0 Millwall - Forest are now 7 games unbeaten in all competitions. I'll be looking to bring in a few new faces into the club in the upcoming days after the recent arrivals of Dries Mertens and Gianluca Nijholt GC95: CSKA Moskva 3 - 0 Rubin - A brace from Tomas Necid and a goal from Keisuke Honda extends CSKAs lead at the top of the table to 9 points. GC97: Pacos de Ferreira 1 - 6 Sporting CP - Sporting put 6 past Pacos to extend their unbeaten start to the season to 10 games. GC100: Deportivo 0 - 2 Atletico Madrid - Atletico move up to 2nd spot after a comfortable win over Deportivo. Not much to report on the transfer front, I've got plenty of cash to spend so I'll be targeting any unamanged clubs for now. GC101: Villarreal 2 - 6 Deportivo - An embarrassing defeat to say the least. Deportivo were very clinical, with 6 goals coming from just 6 shots on target GC102: Barcelona 0 - 2 Sevilla - I gained my first win of the season in arguably the toughest fixture of the season. Hopefully this will get the ball rolling...... 8 Wins 0 Draws 1 Loss
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    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread A quite extraordinary night for me .... Played 18, Won 17 Lost 1 - taking 94% of the available points. Sweet.
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    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread SEVILLA KEEP ON ROLLING IN GC91 Tonights result make that 4 out of 5 big teams in Spain beaten, first way 2-0 win away at Barcelona, 2nd was 2-0 at home against Villareal, 3rd was 3-2 away at Real Madrid and Tonight I won 3-2 homew against Atletico Madrid. Part timers Borriello and Thiago Motta scored, with LB Fernando Navarro adding the third. This wasn't the best Spanish rsult, because I saw Mallorca thrash Getafe 8-1! Keep on Rolling, as I have Getafe next
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    Turkish Super Lig

    Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything 1. Trabzonspor are doing extremely well since Senol Gunes took over which has seen them climb up to 5th place, which is where they probably will finish the season, the average for a first XI at Trabzonspor is between 86-88. I reckon Kivrak should be getting at least a 85, he's also been called up to the national squad but hasn't played for them yet. There was nothing wrong with Sylva in terms of injury, he arrived very overweight when he first and became very cocky that the position was his, he also wasn't a very good GK. However, with the arrival of a new manager who was a GK himself, Kivrak impressed and kept his position in the squad. 2. Topal and Balta are good players. Topal is consistently being linked to Spain (Sevilla), England (Everton) and Russia (Rubin Kazan). However, I doubt he'll leave. Both are good players who are regulars in the national team, they're safe at their 88 and 89's at the moment and no increase is due for them at the moment IMO:) 3. Gokhan Gonul, Arda Turan and Sercan Yildirim are the three most likely to leave Turkey to play for bigger clubs. There is definitely a lot of talent in Turkey who could play in the big European Leagues, however, bar the above 3, from the top of my head (Turkish players) would be joining a regular Champions League team and getting into the first XI.
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    Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Nicely done by Barcelona, as expected. Next round: Barcelona x Inter 0 x 0 in both legs, with Quaresma scoring the goal in the 120th minute of extra time in Camp Nou :p.
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    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Not that bad a night for me overall with highlights coming in GC's 19,26,31,50,70,71,97,99,103 GC19- Parma carry on their impressive start to the league campaign and beat Sampdoria 2-1 to sit 2nd in the table after 6 games GC26- Newcastle United beat Stoke City 3-0 at home goals coming from Michael Owen to take his season tally in the league upto 23, Next person is on 15 GC31- Milan beat Rimini 3-0 at home to stay in the mix for the league 2 points from top. GC50- VFL Wolfsburg beat Bayer Leverkusen 4-1 at home to stay in touch with the shield places. GC62- Villarreal start with a 2-1 defeat home to Mallorca but not fussed as picked them up this morning and the 1st team is wrecked GC70- CSKA Moskva thump Dynamo Kiev 5-1 away to get back to winning ways. Maccarone with 2 goals, Krasic with 2 and one of the twins with the other. GC71- Shakhtar beat FK Moskva 2-1 at home to make it 1 win 1 draw in the opening 2 games. GC74- Manchester City season finished but still looking to do deals in this dead setup GC75- Ajax have a semi final tomorrow with a chance of still doing the domestic treble. Negredo can leave looking for offers. GC84- Fiorentina batter Sampdoria 4-1 at home, done ok with these so far considering lot of NMF when i took over 2 wins from 2 games, and got Catania next who i wish i had never left. GC94- Internazionale can only draw 1-1 away to Catania GC97- Liverpool keep up their impressive start to the season with their 10th win in a row in the league with a 3-2 win away at Chelsea, Maximum points in the league 7 ahead of nearest rivals. GC99- Sevilla tonk Deportivo 5-0 away with the 2nd string as i forgot to change the 1st team for the cup game monday GC100- Everton beaten 2-1 at home off Bolton reckon i could have won had i changed the cup team. GC102- Milan battered away at Juventus 3-0, Mancini the muppet got sent off after 23 minutes and then conceded 3 goals in the 2nd half. GC103- Valencia beat Valladolid 2-0 away and stay top of the table on GD GC104- Lyon beaten 1-0 away to OCG Nice GC105- Barcelona start the season Saturday but have been very busy in the marketplace with Ribery the next big signing. GC106- Spartak Moskva don't need to sell anyone and plan on doing just that going to bring in some externals and i'm sorted but if you want anyone just make an offer cash or part ex and will be looked at when the GC opens.
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    Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Stuttgart are about to come back and score 3 goals. Mark my words!
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: Almost certain risers in the next rating changes 89+ i agree with the original supporter Reina has been by far the best goalkeeper in the premier league being behind a dodgy defence this season that has been injury prone all season anyone whos watched Liverpool week in week out would no this and he deserves 94 as without him we would be midtable. I believe Agger will go to 90 as well as he is quality when not injured. the only other player that deserves to go up or has a chance is Benayoun. Insua,Gerrard,Carragher,Skrtel,Kuyt, deserve to go down. To the poster that says Skrtel is c**p he isnt coz he's a international defender and premier league player wat would that make the likes of me and u?
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    ; Fercasti AVATAR Requests/Portfolio!

    Re: ; Fercasti AVATAR Requests/Portfolio! Im not the best making texts. Anyways, this is the result:
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    Re: English Championship 5579 -Match Report/transfer Gossip Thread The Hartlepool Herald The Gloves Are Off Howat all set for top of the table clash. Hartlepool United will be looking to deliver a knockout blow to Brighton this evening. Hartlepool United manager Andy Howat will be looking to continue his side's tremendous form as the Division Four outfit face off with their promotion rivals, Brighton and Hove Albion. Since taking over the club just three games into the season, Howat has led the team to the fringes of the automatic play-off places, and victory tonight shall see the Monkey Hangers dispose of their Southern rivals in second position. The new boss has revitalised the squad by bringing in a host of new faces, whilst getting rid of almost every single memeber of the original squad, which didn't go down to well with the local fans. But he has gone on to prove that he was right after signing countless young, precocious talents who have improved the overall quality of the squad no-end. Tonight, Hartlepool shall be facing a Brighton side coached by up-and-coming young manager, Ed Moses - someone who has had a rocky relationship with Howat in the past. Moses has been instrumental to Brighton's early season success, even winning the Manager of the Month award in February for Division Four. But their more recent form has been rocky and they run into a Hartlepool side this evening who are enjoying a good run of form, with just one defeat in their last eight league games. Here's what Howat had to say on Moses, and in preparation for tonight's top of the table clash: As usual, Howat comes out with his trademark fighting talk, which has won him no friends so far in his tenure at Victoria Park. But his positive, confident attitude continues to be conveyed into the player's minds as they show, week after week, that they are strong candidates for promotion to Division Three. So, for the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching around the world.....LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLEEEEEEE!
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    Official Liverpool Thread

    Re: Official Liverpool Thread i was only kidding , tryin to scare stones lol , anyway i predict a 2-1 win for liverpool against man utd
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    Re: Right now i'm listening to... GmHgdLKwU8U The death of Mr. Mercury aside, 1991 was an amazing year for music (not just because it's my year of birth ). Don't like Mick Hucknall much, but I have a guilty pleasure known as early Simply Red. izOdvBmTDh0 But besides that.... vabnZ9-ex7o Okay, this next one was from 1990, but late 1990, so it was getting airplay in '91. jrwjiO1MCVs And here's Sir Psycho Sexy - the magnum opus from the Chili's magnum opus - BloodSugarSexMagik, released in 1991. OAoAIU-IURU
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    Raheem Sterling QPR superkid

    Re: Raheem Sterling QPR superkid Liverpool debut 6SxjwKe03Qk
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    Re: When Sir Alex Leaves who will be Manager ?
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    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Highlight the signature in your profile and just click the centre formatting button
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    top 10 UNDERRATED players

    Re: top 10 UNDERRATED players I agree with Tom about Busquets. He's another overrated player in this forum just because he's 21 and plays regular for Barca. No way he's better than Yaya Toure who in my opinion is more complete DM than Busquets. He's regular for Barca because Pep already preferred him since at Barca B. And with some decent form,he made an image like he'll be new Guardiola. But he isn't even better than Senna
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    Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Nice one Ray And too keep it on topic before Dai kicks my rear end' date=' loads of good teams still available in [b']GC106[/b]
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    Re: Gold Championship 106 Match Reports and Transfer News
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    Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Thiago Motta
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    Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread
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    Re: Right now i'm listening to... zTcu7MCtuTs
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    Re: The 4 region challenge - Match reporting thread Over the last two days, new Celtic manager Adam Johnson has set about stamping his name on the current Celtic team. Upon arrival Johnson transfer listed every single player at the squad, slating their poor diet of deep fried mars bars and inners of sheep was not acceptable in his team, and so all must leave. This local "delicousy" has been banned from all the players diets. Within a few days, new faces crept into Celtic Park, in the form of rising stars Lukaku, Neymar, Granero, Sandro, Alderwiereld, Otamendi & Djuricic. With a certain Samba feel to the signing so far, many are wondering if the current newbies will be able to cope with the weather. Looking stunned as the presenter tells Toby just how cold it is in Scotland today With several players leaving for cash sums this morning, many believe Johnson will bring in up to 7 new players in the 24 hours, with fans excited at the prospect of watching half decent football.
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    Hey everybody!

    How's it going? 4leaf here, I have played SM before about 3 years ago I managed PSG for a season, I just managed to stay up, however I cannot say the same for my buddy who was managing another team in the league . So anyway good to be back and good luck in the upcoming season! 4leaf
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    Magic J

    Hey everybody!

    Re: Hey everybody! By no means should you ever slander the beard of bob either. Dont say i didnt warn you He has court orders relating to beard offfences Welcome to the forum fella, its usually not this weird.
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    World Cup 2010 - Predictions?

    World Cup 2010 Information: Hosts: South Africa Teams: South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France?, Argentina, Nigeria, Greece, Korea, England, United States of America, Algeria, Slovenia, Germany, Australia, Serbia, Ghana, Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Cameroon, Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia, Brazil, Korea DPR, Cote D Ivoire, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, Chile. Favourites: The likely winners would be Spain, who have won the Euro 2008, and Brazil who have won the World Cup more then any other team. I tink that Germany, England, Portugal and Italy will pose threats, but its out of their hands. Out the the four possibilities, England are the best, then Portugal, Germany and Italy being last. PREDICTED FINAL(s): Spain v England Spain v Brazil Brazil v Portugal England v Brazil Germany v England. Yes, in every single final, there is either Brazil or Spain, but they are favourites according too bookie. The most likely is Spain v Brazil, with Spain/Brazil v England next. The least likely is Germany v Spain/Brazil. Previous winners: 1930: Uruguay 4 - 2 Argentina 1934: Italy 2 -1 Czechoslovakia 1938: Italy 3 - 2 Hungary 1950: Brazil NO RESULT Uruguay [Winners were Uruguay] 1954: Germany 3 - 2 Hungary 1958: Brazil 5 - 2 Sweden 1962: Brazil 3 -1 Czechoslovakia [The second time Czechoslovakia got into the final, only to lose out.] 1966: England 4 - 2 West Germany [The first time the Brits ever won the World Cup.] 1970: Brazil 4 -1 Italy 1974: West Germany 2 - 1 Netherlands 1978: Argentina 3 - 1 Netherlands 1982: Italy 3 - 1 West Germany 1986: Argentina 3 - 1 West Germany 1990: West Germany 1 - 0 Argentina 1994: Brazil 0 - 0 Italy [brazil win 3-2 on Penalties.] 1998: France 3 - 0 Brazil 2002: Brazil 2 - 0 Germany 2006: Italy 1 - 1 [italy win 5-3 on penalties.] Who won the most WCs? Brazil: 5 Italy: 4 Germany: 3 [Previously West Germany.] Argentina: 2 Uruguay: 2 France: 1 England: 1
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    Bob Loblaw

    Hey everybody!

    Re: Hey everybody!
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    Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread I'd happily keep my Hartlepool over any other team in this setup. Your team is what you make of it - embrace the challenge and build your team for the future.
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    FIFA 10 Official Thread

    Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Don't have a dream team as such, but decided that my main aim is to go for Serie A players / Italians from wherever. As it stands: Manager - Ancelotti Goalkeepers: Handanovic Amelia Defenders: LB - Vargas LWB - Riise RB - Grygera RWB - Zambrotta CB - Nesta CB - Legrottaglie CB - Juan CB - Bochetti Midfielders: CDM - Cambiasso CM - Aquilani CM - Montolivo CM - Marsichio CM - Inler CM - Asamoah Attackers: CAM - Giovinco CF - Rossi CF - Lavezzi CF - Quagliarella CF - Mascara ST - Vucinic I play 4-3-1-2 that's why there's no wide men btw. Still nowhere near the funds to compete for the likes of Pato and Chiellini yet, but that's the aim. The St Patrick's online tourney (on the ps3 anyway dunno about Xbox) could be a big help. 2.00 multiplier and a 10k coins win bonus
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    Shelbourne FC

    Real Life Club/On Loan To?

    Re: Real Life Club/On Loan To? Has come up before, my view then is the same as now. Jack Wilshire should be at bolton in a new gameworld, but only on loan till the end of the first season {Can't be recalled} Every other season after that arsenals manager can decide if he wishes to loan wilshire out again, if he wishes to loan wilshire out again then boltons manager has first choice if he wants to re-loan wilshire.. Arsenal manager gets message he must respond to [Yes or No] For wilshire to be loaned out again at the start of each season, Choosing yes will send a message to bolton wether they wish to take up this offer. Yes will result in wilshire going to bolton for the season {Arsenal not being able to re-call & Bolton not being able to send back} if the arsenal manager choses no wilshire is not available for loan then arsenal must keep wilshire for the remainder of the season and may not send him out on loan to anyone. {If bolton choose no then wilshire can be loaned out to another team} This should happen every sesason allowing boltons manager to loan wilshire at 88/89+ rated at the start of every season as long as he has not rejected arsenals offer the previous season.
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    Re: English Championship 5579 -Match Report/transfer Gossip Thread Swansea delighted to reach the FA Cup Quarter Finals A Gary Hooper penalty sends Swansea into the 1/4 Final of the FA Cup Swansea City will face Sunderland in the 1/4 Finals of the FA Cup after they beat Divison 3 side Plymouth Argyle on penalty to the managers delight. Swansea took the lead early on 6 minutes, with Stefano Okaka being played through on goal with the Italian not going to miss that sort of a chance, making it 1-0 to Swansea. But Plymouth soon found themselves in the lead, with Chris Clark scoring a brace in the space of just 4 minutes. Clark managed to put the ball under the body of De Vries in a flukey shot, before breaking into the box and finding the far corner. In the death, Swansea equalised to bring the tie into penalties. A low cross from Zoran Tosic was cleared out back to the Serbian who delivered a much better cross right onto the head of Gary Hooper who headered low and hard to send the tie into penalties. In penalties Hooper was once again the hero for Swansea, with everyone missing from the spot, Hooper had the chance to win the game for Swansea and he did so finding the top hand corner. Sunderland will be a different test altogether for Swansea, their on great form with a truely tremendous squad built under there manager. A lot of depth is on display at Sunderland and that could well come into test against Swansea.
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    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread Izod up to no good again Only a couple of weeks after the roumored affair with Rochdale's Karen Brady after the pair were seen entering a hotel together Dave Izod has once again but up to no good this time with a 20 year old woman named Cassandra recently acquired internet logs from an unnamed third party clearly show that Mr Izod has been frequenting chat rooms posing as an 18 year old from Germany Izod's deception was only discovered by the poor 20 year old when Izod left his web camera on with the poor woman getting the fright of her life This is what greeted the poor cassandra While Dave Izod was unavailable for comment this morning a small group of people had gathered in the surrounding area of the New Den to protest the recent events that have gone on at the club with Izod clearly having trouble keeping it in his pants the recent events are also unlikely to help Izod on the pitch with the manager seemingly losing his confidence and the club slowly slipping down the table.
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