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    Bad joke competition!!!

    Re: Bad joke competition!!! Manchester City have bid £45m for Raoul Moat. They don't know anything about him but have heard everyone is after him.
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    Best of Belgium - A tale of a Golden Generation

    Julius Caesar once said: "The bravest Gauls are the Belgae." If only we were still now. Throughout the history of football, the Belgian national soccer team displayed a great deal of hard work and dedication, pride and bravery against some of the worlds finest associations. There was no challenge that was too though, every hurdle was to be taken. Numerous times Belgian players won prestigious awards on big tournaments. Michel Preud'Homme was the first ever goalie to recieve the Lev Yashin award in 1994, whilst Enzo Scifo was the best young player on the legendary World Cup of 1986. As one of the founding fathers of the institute that is the World Cup, Belgium has a rich past. As Olmypic Gold Medalist in 1920 for the home crowd in Antwerp, Belgium was a force to be reckoned with. Along with fellow powerhouses, they invented a tournament for countries around the globe without having to resort to Olympic measures. The World Cup was born. In the World Cup, there were nice victories over big countries, but never the taste of silverwear. It's important to know that to date, Belgium hasn't won an international football tournament since the 1920 Olympics. The eighties were an awesome time for this little country: Belgium finished second in the EC of 1980, and finished fourth in the WC of 1986, only to be denied by the genius that is/was Diego Armando Maradona. At club level, golden years emerged: It's fair to say Belgium was the football capital between 1975 and 1986. Since then, decline hit the country hard. Belgium still went on a nice streak as one of the countries that's been at the WC most in a row, only behind 2 others. Since 2002 it stopped. No tournaments were made, coaches got fired, players were simply not good enough. We can all blame the KNVB or Koninklijke Belgische Voetbalbond (Royal Belgian Football Association). The old men that take part of this ancient institute still believe they are in 1982, that everything will turn alright by itself and that there's just a momentarily dip. In short, they are the reason Belgium is performing very below par. In terms of talent, we have a top 10 team in the world, in terms of management we have to be lucky to placed higher than Oman and Tibet on the Fifa-ranking. We'll just have to wait till a miracle occurs. And what do you know, it's happening! Belgium has the extreme luck to welcome what very well could be one the most talented youth squads in the history of football. GK: Simon Mignolet (21), Thomas Kaminski (18) Def: Thomas Vermaelen (24), Vincent Kompany (24), Jan Vertonghen (23), Toby Alderweireld (21), Odoi (22), Funso Ojo (18), Dedryck Boyata (19) Mid: Mats Rits (17), Eden Hazard (19), Maxime Lestienne (18), Kevin de Bruyne (18), Guillaume Francois (20), Yassine El Ghanassy (19), Stijn Wuytens (20), Mehdi Carcela-Gonzalez (21), Axel Witsel (21), Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe (21), Marouane Fellaini (22), Steven Defour (22), Jonathan Legear (23), Dries Mertens (23) Fwd: Romelu Lukaku (17), Moussa Dembele (22) This is our youth squad people! For the record, he are our "older" players: Daniel Van Buyten (32), Jelle van Damme (26), Igor De Camargo (27), Nicolas Lombaerts (25), Maarten Martens (26) and a few others, dependant on form. Our biggest liability is our new coach, Georges Leekens. He's a good coach, but not one that brings out the best of a national team. His habitat is the sort of team that is projected to finish 15th, which he steers to 7th place. That's George Leekens. A squad that's bursting of potential but that needs discipline and most of all tactical awareness is going nowhere. We have got to act now, as the players above are the Wesley Sneijders, Arjen Robbens, Rafael Van Der Vaarts 8 years ago. Our northern neighbours have a country equal in size to ours, and they had the same young and potentially great squad as ours 8 years ago. Today they reached the final of a WC, I can't help but think that's in Belgium's reach too. Here follows what I believe has to be the squad today, in 2 years time should we reach the EC and in 2 years time should we reach the Olympics: Today: Stijnen (29) Lombaerts (25) Kompany (24) Vermaelen (24) van Damme (26) Fellaini (22) Defour (22) Witsel (21) | | Legear (23) | Hazard (19) | | Lukaku (17) | Second option is to drop Legear, move Hazard to left flank, and play Dembele (22) up front. Fellaini would move to the AM slot. EC 2012: Mignolet (24) Alderweireld (23) Kompany (26) Vermaelen (26) Vertonghen (25) Fellaini (24) Defour (24) Witsel (23) De Bruyne (20) Hazard (21) Lukaku (19) Two remarks. Both Alderweireld and Vertonghen are atm NOT able to play consecutive solid games at RB and LB. They need to be re-schooled, or new talent has to emerge fast. Odoi is an option at LB, maybe. Second remark is the emergence of De Bruyne. He's only now breaking through, but he has all what it takes to be a top player. Olympics 2012: Kaminski (20) Boyata (21) Alderweireld (23) Vermaelen (26) De Bock (19) Odjidja-Ofoe (23) Defour (24) El Ghanassy (21) De Bruyne (20) Hazard (21) Lukaku (19) A fair few remarks here. All depends on how talents develop, if new players emerge, will top teams let their players go for the Olympics, injuries and more. At the Olympics, every contry may bring three players over the age of 23, as long as the rest is 23 or below. In essence, we do not need this, but it would be smart to bring along a player like Vermaelen who has plenty of international experience. World class players like Hazard and Lukaku will have multiple seasons at high level under their belt when they take on what could feel like a bunch of kids. As said, it's a bit looking in the dark, but this team would get far, really far. PS: You would have a bench consisting out of a dozen young players all equally as good to play. I hope everyone enjoyed reading this, if they did, and that they keep an eye out for Belgium. You'll never know, one day talent may turn into gold.
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    Young Player Of The Tournament

    Re: Young Player Of The Tournament
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    I know that there exists a similar thread for all summer transfers. But I want to focus on the important transfers of the Bundesliga and I will add my opinion on the chances of the respective players. Please note: This is not a Bundesliga rating thread. If you need advice regarding a Bundesliga player, then please ask in Phil's Bundesliga thread. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Arne Friedrich Hertha BSC Berlin >>> VfL Wolfsburg Transfer fee paid: 2.000.000 € Current Rating: 90 Expectation: ► After a bad season with Hertha Friedrich rightly dropped to 90. Actually it was a very, very bad first half of the season of the whole Hertha team. In the second half of the season they only got 17 goals against (Bayern got 16 in the second half of the season!). But nevertheless it was very surprising seeing Friedrich as a starter at the WC 2010 then. And it was even more surprising how good he played. He outshined his partner Mertesacker in central defense – especially at the group stage. So I think Friedrich will keep his 90 at Wolfsburg for now and depending on how Wolfsburg will do next season regaining 91 is possible for sure. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Simon Kjær US Palermo >>> VfL Wolfsburg Transfer fee paid: 12.000.000 € Current Rating: 90 Expectation: ▲ Kjaer played very well in Serie A and did constantly rise up to 90 even at a smaller club. Now with his move to Wolfsburg he IMO made the next step forward – even if some had expected him to move to a bigger club. But sometimes smaller steps are better. If he can prove himself in another league aswell he of course has the chance to rise further – of course depending again on how Wolfsburg in general will do. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Toni Kroos Bayer Leverkusen >>> Bayern München *was on loan* Current Rating: 89 Expectation: ▲ This could be either the big chance for Kroos or the big flop. I personally would liked seeing him at Bayer for another season, where he gets regulary game time. But now with his move back to Bayern he has to face Ribery, Robben and Müller on his possible positions and I'm pretty sure that it will be impossible for him to replace Ribery and Robben. And currently I also see Müller in front of him even if I think that Kroos is the better player ability-wise. But as Bayern will play in CL next season I'm sure Kroos will get his chances and it's up to him to use them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Christian Gentner VfL Wolfsburg >>> VfB Stuttgart *on a free transfer* Current Rating: 89 Expectation: ► Up to now this seems like a confusing transfer. If Stuttgart continues playing with a 4-4-2 with two wingers and two CM/DM's, I really don't know where Gentner is needed. He is no real winger who would fit in the system. He is rather a CM or the LM in a 4-4-2 diamond. With Khedira, Kuzmanovic and Träsch, Stuttgart already has 3 good CM/DM's. So with the current squad I can only see him on the wings and I doubt that this will be the position where he can perform at his best. So I can't see a rise here for now. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Cristian Molinaro Juventus Turin >>> VfB Stuttgart Transfer fee paid: 3.800.000 € Current Rating: 89 Expectation: ► Molinaro already played the second half of the season at Stuttgart and he did very well. Now VfB took the option to buy him. If he keeps playing like he did last season a rise to 90 should be possible if VfB does well the upcoming season. For sure he is a safe 89. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Jaroslav Drobny Hertha BSC Berlin >>> Hamburger SV *on a free transfer* Current Rating: 88 Expectation: ► Another confusing transfer. Though Drobny was a good GK last season (even in the poor performing Hertha team), I really don't understand the need of signing him if you have Rost as GK. The official statement is that HSV want to have some competition on the GK position. IMO that's unnecessary as a GK needs the full backing by his coach. I could imagine that HSV want to make a change in goal. So I can see Drobny starting. But however I can't see a rise in the nearer future. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Robert Lewandowski Lech Poznań >>> Borussia Dortmund Transfer fee paid: 4.500.000 € Current Rating: 86 Expectation: ▲ I've never seen Lewandowski playing in Poland but his stats are impressive. And Dortmund's scouts already did well once they scouted Barrios. Lewandowski will get some playing time for sure after Valdez wants to leave Dortmund. So again you can't never know what will happen but I think he has good chances to rise in the Bundesliga by 1 at least. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Christoph Metzelder Real Madrid >>> Schalke 04 *on a free transfer* Current Rating: 88 Expectation: ► Actually it seems a bit like a miracle that Metzelder still is rated 88. Only 2 league games for Real last season. So I don't think that Metzelder has big chances to rise. But Metzelder is supposed to replace Bordon in the central defense of Schalke. So he at least will get playing time which should avoid a drop at first. And the future development depends on his performances. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael Ballack Chelsea London >>> Bayer Leverkusen *on a free transfer* Current Rating: 93 Expectation: ▼ Even if I still think that Ballack is a great player, I really have doubts that he can keep his 93 at Leverkusen. I think he can only keep his rating if Leverkusen will establish themselves under the top 4 of the league (of course with good performances of Ballack). And the chances that this will happen I rate 50-50. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Marko Arnautovic FC Twente >>> Werder Bremen Transfer fee paid: 6.200.000 € Current Rating: 85 Expectation: ▲ I think Bremen with their offensive playing style and their good midfielders might be the perfect club for this young talent to develop. He might be the striker number 2 behind Pizarro as Hugo Almeida and Rosenberg might leave the club. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- More players in this thread: Dennis Diekmeier ▲ Mario Mandzukic ► Heiko Westermann ► Gojko Kacar ► Raúl ▼ Philipp Degen ► Johan Audel ▲ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- So far I've only done the 'high rated' transfers and I'll try to update the list with other important 'high rated transfers' which will be done this transfer period. If you want an opinion about another not mentioned player rated 85+, who moved to a Bundesliga club this transfer period, then let me know. Please note, that I won't give advice on players rated lower as most of them won't be starters for their respective clubs at first.
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    Paraguay Primera Division Risers

    Paraguay Primera Division Risers This thread focuses on players rated from 70-79 in the Paraguay Primera Division. Some Rating Caps may increase, so some players may rise higher (especially players playing for Rubio Nu, Trinidense & Tacuary). I do not follow the Primera Division closely, and these predictions are based entirely on stats from uk.soccerway.com. Although this thread is based on players between 70-79, I will happily answer questions on players rated higher at any club. Enjoy, but please keep in mind that some will be wrong so don’t moan for the sake of it. Constructive criticism only please. 3 de Febrero (Rating Cap - 82) Miguel Caballero (Def) 77 ---> 80/79 Milton Benitez (AM) 78 ---> 80 Cerro Porteno (Rating Cap – 87) None. Guarani (Rating Cap – 85) Pablo Aurrecochea (GK) 78 ---> 80-82 83 Jose Babak (CM) 73 ---> 74 75 Jose Burgos (Fwd/AM) 78 ---> 80/79 Juan Romero (Fwd) 75 ---> 76/77 Libertad (Rating Cap – 87) **Ismael Benegas (CB) 75 ---> 80/81** 82 **Victor Ayala (CM) 75 ---> 81/82** 82 **Jorge Gonzalez (CM) 70 ---> 75/76** 77 **Rodolfo Gamarra (AM/Fwd) 76 ---> 83/84** 85 Club Nacional (Rating Cap – 86) Arturo Aquino (LB) 78 ---> 80 **Marcos Riveros (RM/AM) 77 ---> 82** 84 Olimpia (Rating Cap – 88) None. Rubio Nu (Rating Cap – 82) **Tomas Bartomeus (RB) 76 ---> 81/80** 80 Wilfrido Bazan (RB/LB) 78 ---> 82 80 Oscar Ayala (CB/RB) 78 ---> 82 80 Eduardo Aveiro (LM/LB) 76 ---> 78/79 David Alcaraz (CM) 70 ---> 71/72 Luis Closa (CM) 77 ---> 79/80 Arnaldo Rodriguez (CM) 77 ---> 79 Eric Ramos (CM/AM) 77 ---> 81/82 80 Nestor Camacho (AM) 75 ---> 80/79 80 Victor Gomez (AM) 77 ---> 81/80 80 Sol de America (Rating Cap – 85) Richard Matto (LB/RB) 78 ---> 80 **Felix Vargas (CB) 70 ---> 79/80** **Luis Acosta (DM) 77 ---> 82** Lorenzo Frutos (Fwd) 77 ---> 81 Sportivo Luqueno (Rating Cap – 86) **Carlos Alberto Valencia (LB/RB) 75 ---> 82/81** 78 **Javier Cohene (CB) 76 ---> 81/80** Bladimiro Duarte (CB) 77 ---> 79 78 Yimmy Cano (CM) 78 ---> 82 Trinidense (Rating Cap – 82) Kevin Diaz (CM) 77 ---> 79 Rolando Renaut (AM/RM) 77 ---> 78 Tacuary (Rating Cap – 82) Carlos Servin (GK) 76 ---> 80 Juan Nunez (CB) 75 ---> 77/78 Ricky Kitawaki (RM/RB) 79 ---> 83 Alfredo Mazacotte (AM) 77 ---> 81/82 **Carlos Martinez (AM) 78 ---> 82/83**
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    Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread. Ohhh stop whinging and get back in the kitchen. Some of us men are getting hungry.
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    Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread. O God your not taking the setup name literly are you
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    The Intercourse, General Banter Thread.

    Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread.
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    The Intercourse, General Banter Thread.

    Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread. Quite right Becky
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    Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC93 El Derbi Madrileño An old friend bites them in the back.
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    JinxMillion's Graphics

    Re: JinxMillion's Graphics Here are two suggestions, champ: Measurements (470 x 120) Tags: Bradford, EC3480, Pique Measurements (470 x 120) Tags: Bradford, EC3480, Pique Measurements (470 x 120) Tags: Bradford, EC3480, Pique Measurements (470 x 120) Tags: Bradford, EC3480, Pique
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    Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Thread

    Re: Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Discussions Thread Well I thought that was a great game, had everything really. I really enjoyed watching it. Muslera was very dodgy though. Great effort from Uruguay this World Cup. EDIT: Rob it was only on ITV weren't it?
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    Re: Avatar of the Week Submission Thread Here' mine
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    Ok me and Kieran have decided to do another rating prediction thread, after the success of our Dutch one a few months ago. We plan to review the whole Western and Eastern Conferance League's in the MLS over the next few weeks. We hope you find our predictions useful and feel free to comment and ask questions. Thanks Kieran and James Current League Standings - Eastern Conference 1. Columbus Crew 2. New York Red Bulls 3. Toronto 4. Chicago Fire 5. Kansas City Wizards 6. Philadelphia Union 7. New England Revolution 8. DC United Current League Standings - Western Conference 1. Los Angeles Galaxy 2. Red Salt Lake 3. Colorado Rapids 4. Dallas 5. San Jose Earthquakes 6. Houston Dynamo 7. Seattle Sounders 8. Chivas USA Top Goal Scorers 1.Buddle - La Galaxy - 10 2.Angel - New York - 9 3.De Rosario - Toronto - 8 4.Saborio - Real Salt Lake - 7 5.Casey - Colorado Rapids - 6 6.Wondolowski - San Jose Earthquakes - 6 7.Papa - Chicago Fire - 6 8.Kamara - Kansas City - Wizards - 6 9.Le Toux - Philadelphia Union - 6 NOTE: Tables Updated On A Weekly Basis!
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    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread 7 games - 2 defeats, 1 draw, 4 wins. Chelsea 1-3 Everton ; SMFA Shield beckons for next season after another horrible defeat. Lyon 3-1 AJ Auxerre ; Bastos with a brace and Pjanic with a ginish to keep the pressure on Gridirons in 2nd. Port Vale 6-1 Rushden and Diamonds ; Secured a few loans prior to this game as the Play Offs are soon. Got Rajkovic and Griezmann on loan, already had Gonalons. Felix Kroos played due to Austin's suspension and he bagged a terrific hat-trick. Gamarra scored along with Ayala who both had big rises. Griezmann scored also. Sold Licas Rath for £4.1M, have a LB rated higher bidded on for a million more:) Hartlepool 2-0 Exeter ; Made changes to my team after 3 draws in a row, and it paid off. jessen scored along with Cura. Real Madrid 3-1 Valencia ; Pjanic, Diego Milito and Arshavin do the business for me. Very happy with my team just one defeat since the start of the season. Middlesbrough 1-2 Derby ; Didn't even bother checking who scored, just quit the team after winning only one game since the start of the season. Dundee United 1-1 Hearts; happy with that, my players weren't 100% fit but Bianchi was.:)He scored the equaliser in the 85th minute. Steve Finnan joining next.
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    milan jovanovic

    Re: milan jovanovic I cant picture him as a regular starter for pool. Maxi and Kuyt are my predictions on the wings if Gerrard stays. If Stevie leaves, then Maxi wud be on his position and Jovanovic wud battle with Babel for the wing position.
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    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Unlucky. Thanks haha, just a laugh btw.
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    Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) no one cares;)
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    Kieran Smith

    Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Thread

    Re: Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Discussions Thread i thnk forlan has been one of the players of the tournament, and theres more proff in the game goin on now
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    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Got off to a 1-1 draw in GC123, will post teams later.
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    Which forward???

    Re: Which forward??? They are all good but SM wise I think Chamakh is the best. Just moved to Arsenal where he should be the first choice, scoring few goals and get a rise to 91 and later even more.
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    Re: English Championship 5579 -Match Report/Transfer Gossip Thread THE HIGGY PIGGY BANK'S CHAMPIONSHIP CHAMPIONSHIP CHECK - UP - TURN 9 Yes, its alredy Turn 9! Were nearly at our first milestone of the 2nd season - the big 10! Its gone so quickly the first 8 games though. Alredy, weve had no less than 24 points fought for by each team! I can tell you safely, nobody has gained all of their 24 allocated points. But by no means has anyone gained 0! It promises to be another tightly contested season - as it ever is! Lets look at what no.9 has to offer us... I strongly advise you having or even watching the theme music to this turn. For the majority of us, it'll be a perfect relaxer into the turn for sure ;) RCXRIJudoyM Blackpool vs Sheffield Utd Positions = 1st vs 4th New man in at Bloomfield Road. His name is recognized as "Biscuit". The new Bisbuit of EC5579 will look to make his mark loud and clear to the Higgy Championship tonight. He will want to make his mark on the rather conpuzzled Blackpool fans too. Should they be angry that Farine left? Happy with their league positition and season start? Maybe they should be worried they will fall now Biscuit is in? A toughie tonight for them in the Blades, and Brain Sandalls! Prediction: 1-1 Barnsley vs Leicester City Positions = 9th vs 3rd Its the first time these two go head to head in EC5579! Its James Duff vs Matty AVFc and it has what it takes to be a great encounter! Can Barnsley upset 3rd in the table Leicester - or will the Foxes continue their terrific season start? This week we caught up with one of the stand out names of EC5579 - Matty AFC of Leicester City FC: Q: Hello, well, how are things at Leicester right now? Q: You were losing playoff semi finalists last season. Close, but no cigar! Were you dissapointed not to do anything special in the playoffs, or happy to get there as a season's whole? Q: You have brought in some terrific players during your time here so far. Are these kind of purchases important to the long term success of the club? Q: You began this season in superb fashion! A friendly win over EC5579 Champions Liverpool was the no doubt highlight of that. Do you like to use this result as inspiration it can happen? Q: Finally, what are your early goals for the end of the season? Can you make the jump to the top flight? Confident Leicester. I think they are considerably better equipped for a promotion assault this season. Lets hope they live up to their expectations... Prediction: 1-3 Preston N.End vs Coventry City Positions = 2nd vs 19th Preston are another team making an impression so far. Its been a good start for everyone involved at Deepdale - none the less - credit to Terrence Griffin, and his magic powers he's sprinkled onto the club. Can they keep up the tempo tonight against struggling Coventry suprisingly. Rick James has not found his feet in EC5579 quite yet in all honesty. Still its far too early to play guessing games, so can tonight inspirate a start to their season? Prediction: 2-1 Swansea vs Millwall Positions = 5th vs 12th Milwall make their first trip to the Liberty Stadium, in Wales in EC5579 tonight! Can liverpool_rules's Lions roar away at Swans, and cause a big upset? Swansea havent been the most consistent of sides in this division so far, but consistency is a gem of a collectors item in this hectic, jingly, jangly division - trust me! I would probably say, the most consistently positive result gathering team will win the league this season, if not 2nd for sure! Swansea have it in them, and at least its been a much, much better start to the season than what they did last season - and they were in the playoffs safely then! Prediction: 3-2 Wolves vs Doncaster Positions = 18th vs 20th A bottom of the table scrambler here at Molinuex. But you wouldnt of thought it would have included newly relegated Wolves would you? Doncaster, are no doubt struggling at the moment. Their only win so far has came at Bristol City's expense, but other than that - its 1 draw and the rest have been losses. They need to act - but, like Coventry - they have no doubt got time on their team! Can they send Wolves into misery tonight? Prediction: 0-1 Peterborough vs Reading Positions = 15th vs 7th A good game is in store tonight at London Road. Its Dan Tomlins vs Villa. Reading are slowly pouncing into the season I feel. Close season I tipped them for a magic season, and I still think they'll be around that sort of mark! Worst case, I think they'll just fall short of the playoffs, but certainly best case - they'll be inside the top 2 and into the big time!!! Can they upset the Posh tonight who are performing very well so far, and out of trouble? Prediction: 1-2 Stoke City vs Cardiff City Positions = 14th vs 11th Two sides locked up in the middle of the table clash here at the Britannia knowing how big a win could be! It could be the kick start that their season needs. For Cardiff - to be in the Premier League would be a real fact filer to keep over their fierce rivals Swansea. They'll be aiming for a top 6 finish as will many others! As for Stoke - they'll be hunting down the immediate return to Premiership football. A run of form between now and maybe turn 20 could be the all so telling factor to the success for either side! How doe the Bluebirds react to the derby day beating though? Prediction: 2-1 Ipswich Town vs Hull City Positions = 6th vs 17th Alarm bells to be rang at the KC Stadium? Eeeeek tricky oen to call. They were just tipped to be destroy the division in close season. They sit just outside the relegation zone after 8 games. There's 20 games to go (yep thats a fact for you) and they are well below where they should be! On the other hand, theres tonights hosts - Ipswich. You'd of expected these 2 to be in the opposite league positions at the start of the season, but the never guarentee style of the Higgy Championship, and EC5579 kicks in again. They sit 6th, in the playoffs, and probably can not wait for the end of the season now!!! This could be a good day for the Tractors. Prediction: 4-2
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    Kieran Smith

    Bad joke competition!!!

    Re: Bad joke competition!!! wat bout this one A few days after Christmas, a mother was working in the kitchen listening to her young son playing with his new electric train in the living room. She heard the train stop and her son said, "All of you sons of b****es who want off, get the hell off now, cause this is the last stop! And all of you sons of b****es who are getting on, get your a55e5s in the train, cause we're going down the tracks." The mother went nuts and told her son, "We don't use that kind of language in this house. Now I want you to go to your room and you are to stay there for TWO HOURS. When you come out, you may play with your train, but I want you to use nice language." Two hours later, the son comes out of the bedroom and resumes playing with his train. Soon the train stopped and the mother heard her son say, "All passengers who are disembarking from the train, please remember to take all of your belongings with you. We thank you for riding with us today and hope your trip was a pleasant one. We hope you will ride with us again soon." She hears the little boy continue, "For those of you just boarding, we ask you to stow all of your hand luggage under your seat. Remember, there is no smoking on the train. We hope you will have a pleasant and relaxing journey with us today." As the mother began to smile, the child added, "For those of you who are p*ss*d off about the TWO HOUR delay, please see the b***h in the kitchen."
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    EC2933 Reporting Thread

    Re: English Championship 2933 Reporting thread Louis Furrier's Debut Louis looking forward to his first game as a manager at Shorpe United. Only four games left from the season, his job is to deliver all the 12 points to get a chance to reach one of the play-off places. But first, he has to beat his first opponent, Southampton to complete the first mission in his management. He said that he has problems with setting up the starting squad for the upcoming fixture. He also talked about his first signing, Roberto Jimenez, who will be the starting goalkeeper in the match. Southampton - Shorpe United tonight on Sky at 20:00 p.m. LIVE
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    Re: Why is Vermalen so miserable!. Maybe start by getting him name right then he might respond too you.
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    Football Manager 2010

    Re: Football Manager 2010 Going to be quite an interesting challenge this actually. Already signed Hird and a bunch of youngsters. Donny want £850k for Woods and Cardiff want £3m for McPhail, both seem a little crazy but whatever. Can't afford them so will try against next summer. As I will eventually have to sell off my best players, I've just got to make sure that I don't get promoted too soon, otherwise my home-grown players will be forced into the PL and they'll have no chance.
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    English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Dave Izod overseeing his first Forest training session at the City Ground in Nottingham.
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    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? almeida, cos he always plays international footy
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    Ramadhan Thread

    Re: Ramadhan Thread does anyone one when the predicted eid day will be? eid-ul-fitr and eid-ul-adha
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    Help with the Czech Republic League

    Re: Help with the Czech Republic League I personally use http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/ but both of the two listed are useful.
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    Football Manager 2010

    Re: Football Manager 2010 Seft: Go into My Computer -> Documents -> S.I -> FM10 -> and create a folder in here named 'screenshots' then press alt + F9 at any time in game to take a screenie and it will be saved in the folder. simples.
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    Ramadhan Thread

    Re: Ramadhan Thread I didn't prepare anything. I love Ramadhan. I woke up early in 3 A.M for Sahur (Suhoor) in 1 months. When i'm still in elementary, it's hard for me to fasting as sometimes it's very hot in Indonesia. I can't wait for Ramadhan!!. Are you Moslem too?
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    Bad joke competition!!!

    Re: Bad joke competition!!! Dear Walkers Crisps, Your crisps are really tasty. When will you be making a full bag?
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    Help with the Czech Republic League

    Re: Help with the Czech Republic League Use www.Soccerway.com Its very helpful. Go through the Czech league teams and see if theres any low rated players that have alot of minutes.
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    Official Liverpool Thread

    Re: Official Liverpool Thread http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/latest-news/the-22-names-linked-to-lfc Out of those, the players that id want to see would be: Van der Vaart, Gervinho, Rene Krhin, Bryan Ruiz, James Milner and Joe Cole. What about you guys?
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    Re: AdaM D Graphics Thread Hope you like
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    Re: SM Elite League - Discussion Thread/Sign Up sheet - Negociations/Trading thread. ATTENTION (confirmed) TWO BIG CHANGES FOR THE DRAFT (1) Beginning with Round 16 (pick #481), the duration between selections will be 6 hours. In previous rounds the duration between selections was 10 hours. We continue to re-iterate to please send any Short-Lists in to ALL of the Admins. We are more than happy to post your selections for you. (2) Beginning immediately, ANY MANAGER can announce an Auto-Pick if they see that the time duration for the selection has expired. This will be a BIG HELP to all of us in terms of moving the Draft along, and we appreciate you doing so. Just a simple post saying something like: "6 hours are up. (So-and-so) gets the next Auto-Pick." Don't worry about trying to figure out who the next pick is. We have a running list that is continually jumping around. We will continue post a current Auto-Pick list every few days on the Drafting Thread so it should be easy to figure out anyway. However, please note that all picks made after an auto-pick are (still) provisional until approved by an Admin, with possible adjustments taken afterward, (i.e. for example upcoming members having to pick again). One such example of why such an action would be necessary is if a specific manager sent a Short-List to the Admins and an Auto-Pick was selected for that manager before the Admins had an opportunity to submit the manager's Short-Listed selection. EDIT: Let's just see where these changes take us. Again, all of this is a work in progress, and like with any new process there are going to have to be tweaks and improvements made along the way.
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    CB urgent!

    Re: CB urgent! RB / LB Pisano , Diego Renan (likely change to RB only)
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    EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN

    Re: English Championship 2933 Discussion Thread I did mine woop
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    MCFC James

    Bad joke competition!!!

    Re: Bad joke competition!!! Got a couple of United jokes -How do you confuse a Man united fan? Give him a map of manchester -So Jose Mourinho has allegedly punched a manchester united fan, no way should he be charged, I mean he was only checking they were real Come on, a manchester united fan in manchester, you'd have to check it wasn't an apparition -manchester united have announced that their open-top bus celebrations for winning the premier league will take place this Sunday. The starting point will be at Trafalgar square. Phew......thank goodness for that.I thought I might have to travel to manchester. Buying Cristiano Ronaldo - £80 million Wages per week - £225,000 Signing on bonus - £3 million Future goal and assist bonusses - £1.5 million The look on manchester united fans faces next season when they realise they were in fact a one-man team - Priceless. Got a book full of footy jokes, I'll try and find it in the morning a post a few up.
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    Official Arsenal Thread

    Re: Official Arsenal Thread http://www.footballfancast.com/football-blogs/how-barca-can-afford-a-e89m-splurge-this-summer I thought this was a very interesting piece about Barca's financial side.
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    Forum profile pic

    Re: Forum profile pic It says "Edit Avatar" not profile picture, just so you know where to go
  43. 1 point

    Forum profile pic

    Re: Forum profile pic click on User CP and on the left it says edit profile picture then from there its easy
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    Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread 8 new faces in the door at QPR Club scout returns after his whistlestop tour of Europe QPR's newly appointed scout Pete Doherty has returned from his first scouting appointment on behalf of the club & has arrived back with 8 new signings onboard. In regular contact with QPR's manager, David Martin, Mr Doherty made his assessment of the players involved & completed the club's transfer negotiations. Starting his trip in Bosnia, Mr Doherty spent his first morning & afternoon finalising the deals for three players from his hotel room in Sarajevo. First on the list was Ogngen Todorovic, the 21 yo. DM has performed well in a poor Slavija side and signed a 2 year contract. Next up was Muamer Svraka. Is he the next Pjanic (even though he's older)? No, but still a good buy. He signs a 3 year contract with Rangers. Following a hearty Bosnian lunch Mr Doherty met with Elvis Karic. He's 30 years old & rated 60 but only costing 10k and on a pittance of a wage he is the easiest signing to make. "Got Karic, 4 yr deal at £285 week! I'll be in the toilet celebrating!" After a short rest, Mr Doherty hopped on a short evening flight to Sofia where he met with officials from Slavia Sofia to discuss young right winger Radoslav Dimitrov. The negotiations with the Slavia officials were relaxed & very hospitable. They went on rather late into the night but finally a rather weary looking Mr Doherty was able to confirm the deal was done. "The deal's sorted and so am i. Cheers!" The following morning it was straight off to Budapest for a couple of morning meetings. Not wanting to hang around, Mr Doherty quickly completed the signings of two young Magyars, versatile right footer Simon Haladas & promising defender Gergo Kovacs. After a light liquid lunch it was back to the airport for QPR's diligent new scout. Another brief flight later he found himself in Slovakia to look at a young keeper. A penalty competition had been arranged between Mr Doherty & the young keeper in question Martin Dubravska. Understandably given Mr Doherty's world renowned penalty skills, young Martin was only able to save one from the twenty penalties Mr Doherty took. But still, he impressed enough to earn a two year contract. A titfer, a snout & a penalty shootout! Still QPR's man did not stop & that evening he was on a flight to Malmo in Sweden. The final leg of Mr Doherty's journey was to seal the deal for the young CM Ivo Pekalski. Young Ivo accompanied Mr Doherty into Malmo for a night out following the deal. The young swede has stayed in Malmo for a short stint in rehab before joining the club. So with 8 new players on board in under 48 hours, it was finally back to London. A job well done. Where will QPR's intrepid new scout be off to next?
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    Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Keep: Kroos and Badstuber. Buy: Khedira and Pjanic should be top of your list. I don't know anything on Erikson, sorry. On Badstuber though, he will be the future German LB or CB as he's already starting for them (a couple of times at this WC). Kroos was voted like the second best player in the Bundesliga last season and has so much talent, I'd buy him because he is fantastic and he probably will feature quite a bit for Bayern this season coming as he has proven himself in the Bundesliga. Ribery is dodgy. Great player one of the best on his day, but has so much going wrong for him atm. His attitude and his personal life, also his poor performances on the pitch. On Gomez I have no idea have he still has his 93, I don't rate him at all. Khedira will be at the heart of the German NT for quite a while now IMO, and has Chelsea and Madrid interested in him, and I'm sure you know all about Pjanic, superb player.
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    Which Is The Best FIFA?

    Re: Which Is The Best FIFA?
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    Chelseaboi's Avatar Request

    Re: Chelseaboi's Avatar Request Here You Go Mate' date=' Sorry It Took Long (: [img']http://i580.photobucket.com/albums/ss249/sm4um97/RGJOHNSON.png[/img]
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    Re: English Championship 3951 Disscusion thread Welligton and Olic can leave. Alitdore i want to sell him but he has a fantastic goal scoring record. Alitdore has played 48 games scored 36 with assits 27. Alitdore has played 9 games this season scoring 7 . Last season it was 29 games 27 goals. Really glad when i was in the setup for this first time i did not sell him Up to 6th but i could go if lose down to 8th or up to 5th And Welcome Jon
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    Dani Pacheco wonder kid

    Re: Dani Pacheco wonder kid Maybe he can become new Macheda for us as we really need quality strikers as backup for Torres
  50. -1 points

    Krkic Bojan or James Rodriguez

    Re: Krkic Bojan or James Rodriguez Bojan played alot for Barcelona at the end of last season (Got alot of goals aswell) But now Villa has joined he probably will be a sub. But he is the future of Barca and Spain, so I would definately get him ahead of Rodriguez. Just my personal opinion.
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