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    Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread N-Power Division 2 Previews & Predictions Ipswich Town v Burnley Burnley have won their last 3 games, but havent beaten Ipswich in two previous occasions. Burnley do have a stronger side, and with a dangerous attack of Quagliarella and Niang they should cause Ipswichs defence some problems. With home advantage, I'd expect Ipswich to give them a game, and it should be a tight encounter. A win for Burnley would see them rise above Ipswich and rise into the play-off zone. Prediction: Ipswich 1 - 1 Burnley Queens Park Rangers v Middlesborough 8th take on the league leaders in this match. QPR's home home has been solid, being defeated only twice in 12 games at Loftus Road. Both sides have quality players, but with World Cup winners Xavi and Casillas in their team, Middlesborough will be a tough side to beat. The away side are in good form, winning their last 5 league games. I think it'll be a tough game for Borough, but their quality should prevail here. Prediction: QPR 1 - 3 Middlesborough Doncaster Rovers v Bristol City Both sides are currently in the play-off zone, but if Doncaster don't win they will struggle to remain in that position come tomorrow night. Bristol have a stronger side, but were easily beaten by Doncaster earlier in the season. Both sides havent had the most consistent form off late, and I would see this being a tight game. Prediction: Doncaster 0 - 0 Bristol Watford v Swansea City Watford currently lay in 3rd place, and are desperatly looking to push for automatic qualification. On the other hand, Swansea are only 1 point outside the relegation zone, so avoiding defeat here would be a help. Watford have one the last 5 games out of 6, while Swansea have only got 1 win in 6. Both sides have good teams, and Swansea did beat Watford earlier in the season. Prediction Watford 3 - 0 Swansea Derby County v Sheffield United Both sides are currently in mid-table, but Derby are in more need of the win as they are only 4 points from the bottom 3. Sheffield have a slightly stronger team, but will be without defenders Marcano and Topal through injury. This game finished 1-1 in the reverse of this fixture previously in the season, and I think it could be the same scoreline. Prediction Derby 1 - 1 Sheffield United Hull City v Nottingham Forest This is a must win for Forest as they need to keep the pressure on Middlesborough. Hull havent got much to play for, as they're 12 off the playoff zone, but should also be safe from relegation. Forest also have a stronger squad, and their best player Eto'o could be the difference between the two sides as he looks for his first goal. Prediction: Hull 1 - 3 Nottingham Forest Other Games Portsmouth 2 v 0 Norwich City Reading 1 - 1 Leeds United Leicester City 2 v 1 Preston North End Barnsley 0 v 3 Cardiff City
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    Dom Latouche

    EC2933 Reporting Thread

    Re: English Championship 2933 Reporting thread The special one has arrived at bradford Yes you have heard it you are not going crazy , Dominic Latouche is the new manager a debt ridden league 1 side bradford. Dominic has said this ' Why not im a great manager who is looking for a challenge and bradford city is a big challenge but i will turn this club around because im simply the best my managerial style is better than everyone and i will get this bradford team to the premier league because i belive this is a great club and im a great manger so what can go wrong? Dominic was paraded around valley parade with about 12,000 turning up to see him amazing reception for The special one!
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    Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Building on Ed's work and in contrast to SJ's predictions ('cos I agree with you Ed' date=' many do seem to be writing off the new boys, with no really substance behind those claims), here's my final league position predictions based on something tangible rather than just seemingly plucking them out of thin air. I took 4 measures, each team's average rating and value (according to the current gameworld info), the team's average points under the current manager, and each manager's average points across all the gameworlds they've been in (I did have a 5th one, number of trophies won, but that seemed to duplicate the manager's average points somewhat so I dropped it). None of these measures are perfect in their own right but by combining them it gives a somewhat more accurate assessment of how a team might do in EC5579's division 2 this season (though admittedly there are still many other variables at play). I then ranked each team from 1-20 for each of the 4 measures (1 being best), combined all 4 results for a total score, and then ranked the teams accordingly, with lowest total score again being the best score. Here's the positions I got with total scores in brackets: =1. Hull City (17) =1. Millwall (17) - - - - - - - - - - 3. Derby County (26) =4. Aston Villa (28) =4. Crystal Palace (28) 6. Cardiff (29) - - - - - - - - - - 7. Watford (31) 8. Shrewsbury (32) 9. Brighton (34) 10. Swansea (41) =11. Sheffield United (42) =11. Reading (42) =11. Wolves (42) 14. Coventry (43) 15. Ipswich (50) 16. Bristol City (51) 17. Peterborough (52) - - - - - - - - - - 18. Middlesbrough (53) 19. Barnsley (70) 20. Queens Park Rangers (71) As you can see at times there is considerable variation in the scores from teams adjacent to one-another in the league positions. For example, although Barnsley & QPR come in a distant 19th and 20th, if you agree with the methodology, the contest over who finishes as the 18th place team will likely be much closer. Similarly for the playoffs. I suppose time will tell how accurate all these predictions are, and remember, the positions above are based on previous form/results/player ratings etc. and does not account for significant variance in effort put into EC5579 or other teams, risers, or that sort of thing. Here's SJ's odds/preditions for contrast:
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    Alex Chamberlain Southampton Youth Acadamy When you think of the Southampton youth acadamy you can pretty much name a group of individuals that have made it to the top or are currently there either with Southampton or Without. Mathew Le Tissier one of Southamptons greatest ever players came through the ranks at the south coast team aswell as toon ledgend Alan Shearer who started his Carrear at the dell. More recently the emergence of players such as Welsh left back Gareth Bale and English left back Wayne Brigde have shown the defensive quality of the acadamy and when Theo Walcott was transfered to Arsenal from Southampton in 2005 the club now situated at St Marys had built up quite the reputation for the production of talented players. Alex's rise to the First team Alex joined the Southampton youth acadamy at the age of 7 (2000) after a succsesful trial at the club. However Alex's teenage footballing carrear did not start as brightly as it may of seemed. His father Mark Chamberlian a former Portsmouth and England winger of 10 caps was a youth coach at the cluband decided that the best way to improve young Alex was to discouraged him from playing 11 aside football until he had caught up in size with the rest of the boys. Due to this Alex was restricted to 11 aside football until the age of 13 by which time his ball skill and clever runs with the ball were already noticiable to many of the coaching staff at the club. However again Alex had another set back when at the age of 16 the club held there young star back a year in order to again catch up with the players his age and Alex was left to sweat over a possible contract offer but there was no need as the club fulfilled the offer and Alex signed the deal. Since this Alex has been working hard in the gym and has considerably bulked up under the guidence of many experts and coaching staff at southampton. Chamberlain then made his big impact last year with many impressive outings for the under 18s and the reserves which ultimatly lead to him being subbed on late in the 5-0 thrashing of Huddlesfield in March 2010. He then made his full team debut this season in the carling cup first round victory over Bournemouth in which the young winger scored. He has since player 4 more matches for Southampton one of which was last weeks game at Tranmere after he replaced Punchon in the second half and from the performance i saw he could easily be a fixture in the side by the end of the season. My View With Punchon not making a big impact at the moment there are calls for young Chamberlain to get the nod of Adkins and start to play more regually. The games hes played in so far have been on the wing after coming through the ranks as a centre midfielder but his pace and skills are obvoiously more useful out wide and the position transition can only be a good one. If Chamberlain isnt a first team regualr by next season ill eat my hat Ratings At only 10k and rated 70 he is a decent buy , with minutes for a team challanging for the league one trophy this season and a definate oppurtuinty to play a more starting 11 role this season his rating will only go up. This is my first scout/player talent thing by the way i was thinking of doing this ages ago but as hes just been added to the DB there was no better time
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    Was thinking about making a forum filled setup World championships are not my type. English championship could be a suggestion. Can anyone come up with a new setup we should join?? Would like to see if there's enough interest. People who are interested: Gustavo. David Vilos JamesO'D Eziekel Gurnak tecalee said7fabregas KopStar swindon1991 Valentia fc rule gump0787
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    FIFA 11 Official Thread

    Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Really Happy with my UT: French/Ligue 1 side Carrasso (81) Fanni (79) Planus (81) Rami (79) Tremoulinas (79) Hazard (81) Lucho (82) Cabaye (78) N'Zogbia (79) Hoarau (78) Briand (81) Just signed N'zogbia for a vut down 3,85k which pleased me. Would'nt mind either Cissohko or Toulanan now to strengthen, but that team is doing well. Briand scores for fun and him and Hoarau have telepathic understanding
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    FIFA 11 Official Thread

    Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread VERY VERY VERY BIZZARE game. Please read because it's important Okay, I start the game, he goes 1-0 up, I then go 1-1, then 2 minutes before half time he goes 3-1 up and I'm thinking oh no...he then sends me a voice message saying how "sh**" I am. I then go up 6-3 with 10 minutes to go. I get 2 men sent off "for cropping Scholes the dirty Manc" and he pulls it back to 6-5. I win..6-5. At the end of the game I get a death threat (lol) and loads of abuse. he is about 13 years old though haha cause his voice is sooo funny! Anyway, look at the goal I scored against him with Walcott (bear in mind this was from the HALFWAY line) http://www.ea.com/uk/football/videos/ugc/47028699
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    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread WON THE CHAMPIONS CUP :D:D My Villareal (in GC119) beat a much stronger Real Madrid on penalties, after a 1-1 draw during the match Just need a World Cup and I'll have everything to have in GC's
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Should stay at 88 though it also depends on how Nancy do in Ligue 1 and if he continues to get games on a regular basis like he is now
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    Dom Latouche

    The Trenches Championship

    Re: The Trenches Championship - The Toughest League On SM * FIGHTERS WANTED! sorry THE playmaker i was just being lazy but my team is coming along maybe a draw perhaps?
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    Gareth Bale

    Re: Gareth Bale What I don't get about all these pessimists is why should we not go overboard over Bale right now? In football, so many things can change things, be it injury, loss of form, transfer, lack of first XI time, etc. This doesn't concern just up-and-coming stars, but also so-called "proven class players". What makes a player proven? Does playing several seasons at top level guarantee an x-number of goals per season in future? No, just look at Sheva. Bale produces right now and that's what matters. Of all of us here, who can guarantee that any single player will be at the top in 10 years? None, so why not enjoy the ride while it lasts? For some reason, it's ok to hype Lukaku and Neymar but NOT ok to hype Bale? Why the eff not?
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: Avatar Request's Here! Anyone want a Avatar ?
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    Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread

    Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Gourcuff should stay. Sure' date=' he's had his ups and downs in his career, but who hasn't? In Lyon, he has been one of the better despite playing for a team that is still looking for their ''identity''. He will stay, no worries. Azpilicueta's done well. I've seen around the forum here that many aren't rating this guy and that got to be a big joke, as he has been one of the best defenders in the whole league and despite coming to a new league and country, he has adapted to it very fast. To be honest, I haven't seen him doing one bad game in the l'OM kit. I personally think Rami should be getting that 90. Regular for the national squad and for one of the better clubs in France should give you 90 in my books. Not to mention that he is playing quite well too. Whenever I've watched Rennes, he has been looking decent - not bad but not that good aswell. He should get a rise to 87 though given his minutes + the fact that Rennes are doing as good as they are doing at the moment.
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    Re: English Championship 5579 -Match Report/Transfer Gossip Thread The special one has arrived to sunny torquay!! Dominic latouche has signed a 5 year contract with league 2 club torquay united. Dominic latouche is the self proclaimed special one and has worked with the best players in the world but has chosen to go back to basics and fight it out in league two Dominic had this to say , '' Im so pleased that I managed even when I applied first of all i knew the job would be mine because how can they turn down a manager of my calabre?? I think Torquay has a good side with some good players but have been poorly managed but im here and torquay will be promoted to the premier league by 5 seasons because im the special one and better than everyone else period!'' This will the image at the end of the season!
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread For completeness, and seeing as a few people asked, here’s the Div 3 & 4 prediction tables based on ranking teams according to their average rating, value, the current manager average points at the club, and the manager’s average points for their whole SM account. Each team/manager was ranked for these 4 factors, the scores/rankings were then collated, and then ranked again according to the totals (the lowest being best). Not perfect by any means but something to work with. Division 3 rankings/predictions (points scored) [and position finished last season]: 1. Hartlepool (13) [7th] =2. Bury (21) [n/a' date= promoted] - - - - - - - - - - =2. Southend (21) [11th] 4. Notts Forest (26) [5th] 5. Sheff Wed (29) [12th] =6. Charlton (30) [4th] - - - - - - - - - - =6. Tranmere (30) [10th] 8. Colchester (33) [8th] 9. Oldham (37) [n/a, promoted] 10. Wycombe (39) [16th] 11. West Brom (41) [n/a, relegated] 12. Plymouth (43) [9th] 13. Shorpe (45) [3rd] 14. Dagenham (46) [n/a, promoted] 15. Stoke (47) [n/a, relegated] 16. MK Dons (50) [14th] 17. Bristol Rovers* (54) [15th] - - - - - - - - - - 18. Norwich (56) [13th] 19. Southampton (67) [17th] 20. Doncaster (69) [n/a, relegated] * = Indicates that at least one factor was missing a value (say, a new manager with no games played, or no SM manager average points [funnily enough this was because: “This SM Member has either had their membership cancelled or their account has been suspended.”?!!] and so was given the lowest rank/score for that factor) Division 4 rankings/predictions (points scored) [and position finished last season]: 1. Bradford (11) [15th] 2. Northampton (13) [3rd] - - - - - - - - - - 3. Huddersfield (20) [8th] 4. Walsall (24) [7th] 5. Crewe (26) [16th] 6. Leyton Orient (36) [13th] - - - - - - - - - - =7. Swindon (37) [5th] =7. Yeovil* (37) [6th] 9. Carlisle (39) [9th] =10. Hereford (40) [10th] =10. Brentford* (40) [n/a, relegated] 12. Burton Albion (41) [18th] 13. Leeds (43) [n/a, relegated] 14. Exeter (44) [n/a, relegated] 15. Rochdale (53) [11th] =16. Stockport (54) [14th] =16. Torquay* (54) [12th] - - - - - - - - - - 18. Notts County (61) [19th] 19. Barnet (68) [17th] 20. Gillingham (71) [20th] * = Indicates that at least one factor missing a value and so was given the lowest rank/score for that factor) Just out of interest, the ‘average’ average club points scored by current managers across each division was: 1. Div 2 = 1.98 2. Div 1 = 1.96 =3. Div 3 = 1.78 =3. Div 4 = 1.78 And the ‘average’ average manager points for managers’ SM accounts per division was: 1. Div 1: 2.04 2. Div 2: 1.98 3. Div 3: 1.90 4. Div 4: 1.79 The last comparison was telling as just compiling the division 4 rankings showed how easy things get can distorted. Division 4 seems to have the most comings and goings with managers, and as such it’s easy to get the rankings misrepresented. For example, if someone manages to get the best Div 4 club (in value and Ave. rating) and has just played 1 game (in EC5579 & also the whole of SM), say a cup game against a higher opponent and wins, he’d come 1st in each of the 4 rankings (averaging 5 points for his ‘1’ win). But clearly that is no indication of how he is going to do over the whole season. So basically the longer people have been at clubs the more accurate the rankings will likely to be, providing of course that all things are equal (that they put in the same effort over time, and that sort of thing). There’s a whole load of other factors that have the potential to distort the rankings, too many to go into really so the rankings shouldn’t be taken too seriously, more of just a measured guide, and even then based on the assumption that there’ll be no/few changes throughout the season (which of course there will be). I suppose just for completeness, I chose the 4 factors I did for the following reasons: 1) Average team rating (taken from the Game World Info screen, so just a rough figure rounded to the nearest whole number): It gives an idea of the potential of the team and what a manager has to work with on the pitch 2) Value: It gives an idea of what the manager has to work with in the transfer market (I considered including squad size but I think SM only takes into consideration the first however many players for the Ave. team rating and so there’d be no easy way of seeing if those 100+ players in a squad were 70-rated no hopers or all decent players in the 80s and upwards. Effectively squad size could mean anything, and although admittedly a small squad could be a disadvantage once injuries kick in and perhaps should be taken into consideration, in reality based on numbers alone a large squad could be just a small squad with 80+ no-hopers added in) 3) Ave. manager points with current EC5579 team: This gives an idea of how well the manager has performed relative to others with this team in EC5579 4) Ave. manager points across his SM account: Gives an idea of the overall ability of a manager, the idea being that a decent manager with a crappy team and little money might still be able to do something others can’t (I also considered including trophies won, as it would give an indication of how well a manager can deliver over longer periods of time, though that is kinda captured in 4)) So there you go. Like I say, lots of flaws here but it’s a base to build on for future seasons. Feedback has been positive so far (many thanks!) but I welcome constructive criticism too on the methodology employed. I’ll not be redoing anything anytime soon but if there’s any glaring problems do point them out and I’ll take them on board or respond accordingly, or if you have anything to add that might tweak things a little (without significantly increasing the future workload) then send it my way. Oh, and apologies if you think this should perhaps be on the match report thread. I just followed SJ/Tom’s lead in posting the rankings on here…
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    Re: Under rated because of big teams? Haha, that made me laugh.
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    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I haven't seen much of Vargas and Ansaldi so don't know how they're doing, but you should definitely sell Albiol as he's in for a drop and maybe Carragher too if you can replace him with someone better as he is only getting worse every year.
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    Phil (GT)

    Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (I)

    Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (I) He's basically only been playing due to Owomoyela's injury, and I'm quite sure that he'll have to move back to the bench once Owo is fully fit again as tbh, he's often been the weak spot in Dortmund's defense. However, a rise to 87 is definitely possible should he get further playing time, but I think he's rather limited ability-wise, and will reach his peak SM rating-wise quite soon.
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    Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Torquay United free!
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    Best Prospects List - By TPM.

    Re: ThePlayMaker's Top Prospect Summary - 2010/2011
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread :)ok i want to stat a quote ive said already today i want to come back and make myself a legend in this setup whether its fulham (preferablebly ) or notts county please let me know im willing to start from the bottom and work my way up so if any offer comes please PM me!! whats done is done now arsenal is not my club anymore and i want to prove i wont walk when i dont have a my big amazing awesome club beside me i will make a name for myself with a lower side and work my way back to the premier league one way or anorther
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    Very Cheap CMs?

    Re: Very Cheap CMs? Santos Silva Reynaldo - AM/Wing - 77 - Cercle Brugge - 890 mins, 4 goals Nacer Chadli - AM - 77 - FC Twente - 787 mins Davy Propper - AM - 75 - Vitesse - 1080 mins (played every minute of every game) Andrew Crofts - CM/RM - 75 - Norwich City - 1260 mins (played every minute of every game + Wales international), 3 goals Andy Najar - AM/Wing - 73 - DC United - 1968 mins, 5 goals Michael Stephens - Mid - 73 - LA Galaxy - 1819 mins Tony Tchani - CM - 72 - New York Red Bulls - 1607 mins James Bailey - CM - 72 - Derby County - 1260 mins (played every minute of every game) Adam Barton - CM - 72 - Preston North End - 777 mins Nick Ross - CM/LM - 70 - Inverness Caley Thistle - 787 mins Giannis Fetfatzidis - AM/Wing - 75 - Olympiakos - 436 mins Nemanja Gudelj - CM/DM - 75 - NAC Breda - 775 mins Alex Marrow - CM/RB - 74 - Crystal Palace - 880 mins Blair Gavin - CM - 73 - Chivas USA - 1368 mins Kyle Nakazawa - Mid - 70 - Philadelphia Union - 800 mins Here's some more options for you, with minutes played to help judge what they could rise by. I've bolded ones I'd go after first. Hope this helps.
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    Serie A Ratings 2010/2011

    Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 He isn't getting that much game time ( although the fact that Palermo is playing in EL is giving him some chances), but he got injured last match against Lazio after 10 minutes of getting on as a sub, it looked bad, so I don't know if it will be lengthy or just a game. Regardless I don't think he will rise. Good player but with Ilicic Pinilla and Pastore playing decently, he will face difficulties to become a regular.
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    Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Easily Viviano. Starting over Sirigu for Italy now.
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    Help with 70-80 rated players

    Re: Help with 70-80 rated players Once in while a thread like this needs to be summarized... (+ my suggestions) So he goes my favorites: Marc Albrighton Mario Götze Nampalys Mendy Phil Jones Manuel Schmiedebach Peniel Mlapa Jeffrey Bruma Deniss Rakels 70 Nacer Chadli 77 Lopez Juanmi Filip Kiss 74 Filip Djuricic 78 Patrick Herrmann 77 Nicolai Jorgensen 77 Sekou Oliseh 80 (He is playing alot, which is really impressive considering the great bunch of players in CSKA Moscow) PS. Zohore is a great talent. Probably the best attacker/greatest talent in Denmark at his age, but he won't rise this time. Know you'll like it!
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    Tactics Help Thread

    Re: Tactics Help Thread your wasting your time with tactics. there all randomly generated results and have no reflect on your team or tactic.
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    Official Sky Bet Championship Thread

    Re: The Npower Championship 2010/11 Season Poor effort really. That picture made no sense for a number of reasons which there's no point in explaining Sky Blue Lee where did your comment go??? Did you realise that it was a terrible attempt of an insult? That picture looks a bit like Ross Noble the comedian...
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