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    Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread
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    Re: Milan's l Signature Request l + l Portfolio l
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    Player ratings thread

    On this thread I will be constantly be putting together the latest summary of rating increases. It will be continually updated when the information of which league is revealed by SM. LINKS TO THE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES: UKRAINE DONE - 6/11 55% SCOTLAND DONE - 6/10 60% BELGIUM HOLLAND PORTUGAL SPAIN ENGLAND ITALY
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    Re: SMW (Soccermanager Wrestling) Discussion Thread and Sign Up Thread thanks;):D:p:)
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    Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Welcome to Div 1 Dom.... Won 2-1 against city.
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I would go Gomis. When I watch Leverkusen' date=' Derdiyok doesn't stand out at all. I agree with Infernito.
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Personally I'd plump for Derdiyok (mostly due to his potential); although Gomis is banging them in more frequently than the Swiss and so in SM terms Gomis is the better option' date=' but I don't think either will rise further in the Ligue Un/Bundesliga changes in the horizon. If you're planning on keeping the team for a long time, go for Derdiyok, but Gomis is scoring just over a goal every 3 games for Lyon atm, so he's well worth a punt. [b']EDIT[/b]: @ Magic, keep Villa and ship out Drogba for Ibrahimovic.
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    Alternative to 10000 and 10688

    If you know any well populated and challenged WC, above 55/80 full, please post here. Unless they're almost full, please don't post those in the beginning of a season because usually many managers quit in the first rounds. I'll put the ones i know and i'm in: WC10602 - 65/80 (82.25%) WC10688 - 61/80 (76.25%) WC7801 - 66/80 (82.50%)
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    Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers As we are now well into season 3, I thought it would be interesting to look at an overview of the teams and management changes that have happened. There are just 5 original managers left, but the quality of bosses that have replaced the "drop-outs" has been most welcome
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    Borussia Dortmund Help

    Re: Borussia Dortmund Help
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    Stuart H

    Building Your Own PC

    Re: Building Your Own PC Absolutely no experience whatsoever but from when I bought my laptop I remember being told AMD processors tend to run faster and are therefore more prone to overheating. My Compaq has an AMD processor and is now about one and a half years old and often shuts down due to overheating. Ergo, I'd be more tempted by the Intel but I'd wait for someone a bit more in the know I think Intel are a little more expensive for the performance but given the links you posted that doesn't seem to be a problem.
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    Re: English Championship 5579 -Match Report/Transfer Gossip Thread Malouda and Arshavin dropped Walshe is still serving his five match touchline ban The big news out of Preston North End's team selection is that star duo, Andrey Arshavin and Florent Malouda have been dropped to the bench for tonight's big clash against Season One's Premier League champions Liverpool. Preston have struggled in recent games, seeing them look likely to fall out of the Top Four. The Yorkshire based club have been in the Top Four since the early stages of the season, and it would be considered a 'disaster' if they were to finish below 4th. The future of manager Rob Walshe is still unresolved, and very much up in the air. With the club failing to offer Walshe the terms that he has deemed 'fair', it looks like he could be off to Italian giants Juventus as they are reportedly looking for a new manager after a miserable few seasons. Walshe himself has refused to comment on his future in recent weeks, but did comment on why he has dropped Arshavin and Malouda, and chosen Malden Petric and Torres Juanfran instead. With Malouda failing to perform since his big switch to the clu from Shrewsbury, his future has also been the subject of talk between the clubs fans. Vladimir Weiss has often been chosen to play over the French captain, and it appears as though Weiss will play with Juanfran on the right, and left wing respectively. Andrey Arshavin was deemed 'not fit enough to play' by the clubs medical team after being 'burnt out' in recent games. Arshavin's absence is a risk, but Walshe remained adamant that Petric will finally break his goal duck. Since joining Petric in a shock transfer a few weeks ago, Petric has failed to impress, yet to get a goal in his opening six appearances. Scoring the winner against Liverpool however, would be a real confidence booster for the Croatian attacker, but with the Lilywhites expected to be hammered it seems as though the club won't have a happy ending to whats been a solid first season in the Premier League.
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread shocking that one of the guys in this setup has two jobs at the one time!! DOM!! you have to quit one of the jobs!! you can't be Fulham manager and play Kevin on Corrie
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    Re: My Top 10 Most Overrated Players/Underrated Players How can I possibly hope to succeed where countless others have failed? ty, I only aim to please
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    Re: My Top 10 Most Overrated Players/Underrated Players Because trying to convince you is as effective as this:
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    Re: My Top 10 Most Overrated Players/Underrated Players yeah, so for messis sake lets hope he stays away from the prem ronny got kicked enough by frustrated opponents, imagine the abuse messi would get with his nifty close control.
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    Official Manchester United Thread

    Re: Official Red Devils thread McCarthy meet Scholes, Scholes meet McCarthy.
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    Borussia Dortmund Help

    Re: Borussia Dortmund Help I would use this formation, try it out.. 4-3-1-2 De Gea Abate - Hummels - Subotic - Cissokho Hulk - Sahin - Grosskreutz Honda Anelka - Suarez Check if Hulk can play there^ Try something like that.. Mentality - Attacking Also for your CB problems get Koscielny who should be quite cheap..
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    Re: Official Red Devils thread http://www.firstrowsports.eu/ ^Should be a decent link there..
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    Official Sky Bet Championship Thread

    Re: The Npower Championship 2010/11 Season I didn't watch the game after I saw Dowd was the ref, I was right not to.
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    BowesFC - Request An Avatar Thread

    Re: BowesFC Request A Avatar Thread
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    Re: uhappy players (auto transfer list) i respected your opinion, i replied to you before you were definately not being selfish for your own sake. i even said i sympahtise with you and i strongly agree with aspects of what your saying. but selfish means looking something from a point of view or doing something to only benefit a specific party... your comment initially did that in some areas. people take great offense to the word selfish but i suggested you did that. anyway to re-iterate im saying you opinions are not selfish, they are the same as mine. but speeding up player concerns would be selfish because look what would happen. you want the best for the game, as do we all. you have a great argument about inactive managers not letting players go etc. nothing currently can solve inactive managers better than concerns. i don't know why that guy brought you into this, as i replied to you before and as i said i agreee with what your trying to do. the IQ comments, not undersanding the game and opinion is pretty much worthless all goes to that poster. not to you. how can i say this you must be thinking? each opinion is equally valid ? well no. ive seen this debated many times on the player concerns thread and it becomes tedious. id rather put an end to nonsenical spam of the same old lets increase player concerns that is all it is. spam. say something constructive fine. otherwise im going to say it as it is. pure and utter nonsense. to point out again: why he involved you i don't know, i replied to you individually. that poster will not be able to come up with a point for me being wrong because i am not. its been the subjects of months of debate and testing so i really doubt im wrong.
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    Re: Does subing a player preserve some of his fitness? Yes it does, and i think its a simple factor like if he only plays half the game, his fitness is only reduced by half the normal amount, but if hes 78% i would either sub him off at half time, or use him as a sub, or you could risk an injury:)
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    Re: Midfielders Xhaka is now a starting player for basel who's avarage 1st team player is rated around 86. Since xhaka has just missed out in the recent changes he should increase quite big. He wil definately rise +4 but + 6 is more likely.
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    Re: ; Fercasti AVATAR Requests/Portfolio! Mate is it possible to get avatar with this picture http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/hxGHhJb5UGD/FC+Barcelona+Training/NzwVwQKB3cL/Lionel+Messi If its not can you find any of Messi pictures,but if its possible with home kits.
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    Mr Rae.

    Serie A Ratings 2010/2011

    Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 He will stay. Palermos first choice right back.
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    Falcao or Hulk...

    Re: Falcao or Hulk... I would say Hulk... But some interesting points: 1 - Hulk in the next rating changes should change to Wing/Fwd. 2 - Falcao has only scored 8 goals due to injuries, he recently returned. But he already scored 7 goals in Europa League. 3 - Yes its true that Hulk has scored 19 goals in 19 games, but he doesn't score nearly 1 month.
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    Re: Guida Pizarro, Jonathan De Guzman or Mark Noble Guido Pizarro deff
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    Re: wish i could see the look on timesle's face.
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    ; Fercasti AVATAR Requests/Portfolio!

    Respuesta: Re: ; Fercasti AVATAR Requests/Portfolio! Can't really edit too much this photo tbh. I couldn't find any pic of him. Do you want another avatar or what?
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    Re: The one thing i hate about this game is.......... most people will not agree but the problem is THE FORUM !! while people post ratings threads others will just go out and hog the posted risers if you stopped the threads on ratings and left managers to scout themselves you would find more guys available most sets up you see have these guys who just buy up all the posted risers there are one or two in nearly every set up sorry to say but the forum is the root of all evil well thats just my opinion
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Hello Boy's I have returned
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    Player ratings thread

    Re: Player ratings thread These where my last rating post! Thankyou for following
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    Frank Nouble, West Ham Striker

    Re: Frank Nouble, West Ham Striker Frank has played all 4 games since moving to Barnsley totaling 356 minutes.Still no goals but this game time is promising.
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread Premier League Turn 17 - Weekend Games – 26/2/11 Game to Watch - Middlesbrough - Chelsea I think this will be a tight affair as a side that can’t stop winning face a side that can’t stop drawing. While this probably won’t be a high scoring game I think it will be a very tactically engaging one. They’ll be a lot of quality on show here and it’ll be interesting to see how the sides match up. Game to Miss - Ipswich Town - West Bromwich Albion Two side’s without a hope between them. West Brom could be the worst side I’ve ever seen and how the manager is holding onto his job is beyond me. Ipswich are slightly better but again some managerial errors is really dragging the side down. With neither side able to field match fit teams I think the highlight of the game will be Jason Donovan’s mini-concert as the half time entertainment. Bolton Wanderers - Manchester United Bolton got a decent result midweek with a 1-1 draw against West Ham. United have extended their lead at the top after another win and look to be back on track. Both sides have injuries to key players, but while United have enough star players to cover it, Bolton do not. Unless the Bolton manager can pull a rabbit from his hat and find a way to counter the much fabled 3-5-2 (hint, check wiki-leaks) they’ll struggle here. Home advantage will give a boost to Bolton’s hopes, but I’d back a far superior United side on good form to come out on top. Bolton Wanderers 1 - 3 Manchester United Fulham - West Ham United Fulham are the side in form at present and another good win midweek see’s them all but break into the top four. Credit for that must rest with the manager as they are above far better teams with nearly half the season gone. West Ham on the other hand remain in indifferent form and with more points dropped midweek they find themselves in the wrong half of the table. Both teams have a similar level of players but Fulham are really on song at the minute and while I’m reluctant to write the Hammers off I think it’ll be Fulham who’ll just about come out on top. Fulham 1 - 0 West Ham United Wigan Athletic - Tottenham Hotspur This could be a difficult one to call. Wigan have been in pretty good form for the most part and a draw midweek against Chelsea should be regarded as a point gained rather than two dropped. Spurs however have been poor and with defeats in their last three games have wasted a lot of good work they did earlier in the season. Spurs though hold a big advantage in personnel; they have a very good starting line-up and while they do have a few injuries should still be able to field a side far superiors to Wigan’s, especially as Wigan have several injuries to key players. I would predict a change of fortune for the teams involved here with Spurs getting a much needed win. Wigan Athletic 0 – 2 Tottenham Hotspur Middlesbrough - Chelsea Middlesbrough had another good win midweek to continue their excellent recent form. Chelsea managed to get a draw (again) and if they don’t improve will find themselves sliding down the table quickly. Both sides are full of match winners but Chelsea just about hold an edge here. Boro though are a side enjoying their football and under the guidance of Jooles D have become a force to be reckoned with. That said, I can see this being a very close game and I think this will come down to Boro playing on the attack all game while Chelsea sit back and play for the draw. I think Jooles will have enough in his repertoire to unlock Chelsea’s stingy defence and nick this. Middlesbrough 1 - 0 Chelsea Newcastle United - Sunderland This could be a hot blooded affair as both sides look to get one over on the other. Newcastle have continued their good form and climbed to second while Sunderland continued their indifferent form with a defeat. Both sides have some quality players and both sides have an injury or two to contend with, but home advantage and better recent form means I think The Magpies will come out on top here. Newcastle manager “The Skin” was asked about the title race on Thursday with his side currently second and chasing United all the way. He was quoted as saying “I’d love it if we won the league, I would, I’d love it….” Newcastle United 2 -0 Sunderland Everton - Blackburn Rovers Everton did a real number on WBA midweek putting five goals past them, and I can see them scoring even more here against Blackburn. Its hard to know what Blackburn Manager Jack Lees is up to as he certainly isn’t do much with his beleaguered side and despite the fact Everton are a fairly average side compared to some I think they will thrash a clueless Blackburn side here. Van Hecke has done a good job with the players at his disposal and deserves credit. As good a job as Van Hecke has done, Blackburn’s Jack Lees has done badly. Lees also happens to be my tip for next managerial casualty and hopefully the next man coming through the door will stick around longer as they’ll almost certainly been playing their football in Division 2 next season. Everton 6 -0 Blackburn Rovers Ipswich Town - West Bromwich Albion This has all the potential to be a stinker. Ipswich won’t be able to field more than a couple of match fit players for this but do have the advantage of a couple of half decent results lately. West Brom however have no plus points at all. They are also struggling with match fitness and in addition the manager has taken to running round the ground with his Y-fronts on his head for some reason. Rumour has it he was working on a counter to the much fabled 3-5-2 when he lost his marbles. This is speculation however as he was also rumoured to have tried to take over another a club but was stopped by the SMFA. All I know for certain is that this will be a game to miss. Ipswich to sneak it though. Ipswich Town 1 – 0 West Bromwich Albion Nottingham Forest - Birmingham City Nottingham Forest could be disappointed with their draw midweek against Arsenal but that’s a testament to how far they have come recently that they could expect to beat Arsenal away from home. Birmingham managed to avoid defeat again and this must give the manager some hope that his team will avoid the drop. While there’s still a lot of work ahead for City’s Avram Grant he holds a massive advantage over the other sides fighting relegation and that’s the fact he has been actively managing his side. It shows as well, his side are one of only two that could put out a match fit starting 11 and I’d back him to save his side from Division 2 oblivion. That said, looking at both teams I can only see one winner. Forest are far superior to Birmingham and with City’s star forward out injured Forest and should win this comfortably. Nottingham Forest 2 – 0 Birmingham City Wolverhampton Wanderers - Arsenal As predicted, Wolves were on the end of 3 -0 thrashing midweek and their slide down the table continues. There may yet be some light at the end of the tunnel though a new man has finally come in to do the job nobody wanted. Kylan is an experienced manager and the fact he seen it all before with likely prove to be invaluable to Wolves side that are currently one of the poorest in all four leagues. Arsenal will have been reasonably happy with a draw midweek as Mohammed Najaf tries to stabilize his stuttering side. This game against Wolves has probably come at a good time for them as I’d expect them to get a sack-full here and restore some confidence. The prediction here is for a heavy Arsenal win, Wolves new manager won’t enjoy a fairytale start to his new job and I think it’ll be a few weeks before he can get Wolves back on track. Luckily for them, they have a comfortable 6 point gap between themselves and the relegation places. Wolverhampton Wanderers 0 – 4 Arsenal Liverpool - Stoke City Liverpool gave themselves some much needed breathing space midweek with a convincing win that has taken them four point clear of the relegation battle. Despite this, Wolves managed to create a worrying amount of shots on target against them and a better side than Wolves could well have taken something out of the game. The hard work begins now though for Stuart J as his side look to get back to back results for the first time in a while. Stoke continue to struggle and despite a valiant effort midweek against champions and league leaders Manchester United, found themselves sliding a little further in the wrong direction. Looking at potential starting line-ups I can only see one winner here, add in home advantage and better form and I think Liverpool should get a comfortable win. Liverpool 3 – 0 Stoke City Note: As i'm limited to 15 images for 20 teams some have missed out on having their logo displayed. I have however chosen the teams that have managers that are "less active", to put it tactfully, as they probably won't even notice... Apologies to Forest this week as they have drawn the short straw this week and have also been missed off.
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    Official French Ligue 1 & 2 Thread

    Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Check out my thread for the latest predictions, http://forum.soccermanager.com/showpost.php?p=1115006&postcount=1
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    Player ratings thread

    Re: Player ratings thread FRANCE Aurélian CHEDJOU [25, CB/DM] - 87 ~ 88 Moussa SOW [25, Fwd/Wing] - 87 ~ 88 Jean-Armel KANA-BIYIK [21, CB/RB] - 84 ~ 86/85 Kévin THEOPHILE-CATHERINE [21, Def] - 83 ~ 85/86 **John BOYE [23, CB] - 75 ~ 80** Yacine BRAHIMI [21, AM/Wing] - 85 ~ 86/87 Yann M'VILA [20, DM/CM] - 89 ~ 90 **Tongo Hamed DOUMBIA [21, CM/DM] - 78 ~ 83/82** Jirès KEMBO-EKOKO [23, Wing/Fwd] - 86 ~ 87 Apoula EDEL [24, GK] - 86 ~ 88/87 Benjamin STAMBOULI [20, Def/DM] - 80 ~ 82/83 Olivier GIROUD [24, CF] - 86 ~ 87 Loïc PERRIN [25, RB/DM] - 86 ~ 87 Emmanuel RIVIERE [20, Fwd/Wing] - 86 ~ 87 Kévin MONNET-PAQUET [22, Fwd/Wing] - 86 ~ 87 Lynel KITAMBALA [20, Fwd/Wing] - 84 ~ 86 Ousmane COULIBALY [21, RB] - 75 ~ 77/78 Marc VIDAL [19, GK] - 75 ~ 77 Adrián GUNINO [22, RB] - 83 ~ 85 **Federico SANTANDER [19, CF] - 80 ~ 84/83** Kévin ANIN [24, CM/DM] - 85 ~ 86/87 Ludovic SANE [23, Def/DM] - 86 ~ 87 **Salif SANE [20, CB/RB] - 75 ~ 80** Anthony MODESTE [22, Fwd/Wing] - 86 ~ 87 **Nicolas ISIMAT MIRIN [19, CB] - 75 ~ 80** Gaëtan BONG [22, CB/RB] - 85 ~ 86 Benjamin ANGOUA [24, Def/DM] - 85 ~ 86 **Tae-Hee NAM [19, Wing/AM] - 75 ~ 80** Romain INEZ [22, RB] - 78 ~ 81/82 Alexis THÉBAUX [25, GK] - 85 ~ 86 Thomas HEURTAUX [22, CB] - 84 ~ 85 Sambou YATABARE [21, AM/Fwd] - 83 ~ 84 **Massadio HAIDARA [18, LB] - 75 ~ 80** Julien QUERCIA [24, Fwd/Wing] - 85 ~ 86 Nemanja PEJCINOVIC [23, LB/CB] - 84 ~ 85 Layvin KURZAWA [18, LB] - 75 ~ 77/78 Nampalys MENDY [18, DM] - 82 ~ 83/84 Serge AURIER [18, RB/LB] - 82 ~ 84/83 **Raphaël VARANE [17, CB] - 75 ~ 82/83** Gaël GERMANY [27, LB] - 78 ~ 82/81 Grégory LORENZI [27, LB] - 83 ~ 84
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    Falcao or Hulk...

    Re: Falcao or Hulk... eh some correction to be done hulk is oni 4 months younger than falcao but looking at the current form hulk is indeed more consistent then falcao and hulk is showing why there was so many interest abt him ard two years back
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    Re: The one thing i hate about this game is..........
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    Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP! What on earth makes you all think, now Asre and Utd are managed by forumers, that they're suddenly going to start doing transfers left, right and centre with everyone? You've all been clamouring for weeks thinking your piddling non-Big Four clubs have a chance at signing Messi and Ronaldo. Looking at both sides, I wouldn't want to lose anyone from either - Utd especially. I can't speak for Jooles, but you're going to have to do something pretty spectacular to make Glory (the Utd manager) part with any of his stars, especially when most won't be 100% fit until Sunday at the earliest. I think you're all dreaming if you think for even one second that Glory is going to suddenly start selling everyone. Otherwise, what's the point in joining such a major club with such an awesome squad? Being a forumer shouldn't automatically mean uber-awesome transfer deals - common sense would suggest that deals will be rare, no matter who is in charge.
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    ; Fercasti AVATAR Requests/Portfolio!

    Respuesta: Re: ; Fercasti AVATAR Requests/Portfolio! I will post the avatars tomorrow (Feb 25). Sorry for the delay guys, I am having problems with my free Photoshop:p
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    Re: Olympique Lyonnais - World Championship 10688 SMFA Champions Cup - OL 4-1 Girondins de Bordeaux Olympique Lyonnais got back to winning ways at the Stade de Gerland in the SMFA Champions Cup with a win over French rivals Girondins de Bordeaux in the French "derby" tie in Group G. Lyon were forced into making a change to their side that drew 3-3 against AC Milan at the San Siro last weekend due to left back Aly Cissokho picking up a sprained ankle, Éric Abidal moved across to the left, with Cris being partnered in the middle of the defense by Pape Diakhaté. Bordeaux were also missing first choice right back, Mathieu Chalmé, with left back Florian Marange coming in to replace him. Hernanes also made his first start for Lyon, Kim Kallstrom being left on the bench. Bordeaux started the game much the better side, with play being dictated by Czech winger Jaroslav Plasil, supported by Tremoulinas, Diarra, Modeste and Wendel, the latter coming close to opening the scoring on the 12th minute, his heading beating Hugo Lloris in the Lyon goal, but also going the wrong side of the post. Lyon barely got out of their half in the opening 20 minutes, their Division 2 rivals not just taking the game, but controlling it. However, it only takes 1 chance to score a goal, which Lyon's Éric Abidal proved, beating his marker to powerfully head Michel Bastos' corner past Carrasso and into the net. Abidal, who some Lyon fans had branded "Judas" after he left Lyon for Barcelona, seems to have won himself back into the hearts of Les Gones fans after that goal. However, Bordeaux were immediately back into the game. As Lyon pushed for a second goal, Bordeaux's Plasil made the most of some bad defending from Cris, before taking the ball around Lloris and slotting into the empty net, putting Bordeaux back on level terms, which is no more than they deserved after dominating the opening 20 minutes. Bordeaux came closer to adding to their lead, but Lyon's defense made sure that the scores were level at the break. It was a first half to forget from Lyon, but the second half could barely have started any better for them. On finding his route to goal blocked by 2 Bordeaux defenders, Lisandro flicked the ball towards Jimmy Briand, making a determined run into the box, placing his shot first time past Carrasso at his near post - not one of the goalkeeper's finest hours. Wendel managed to blast his shot wide when Lloris was beaten at his near post by Modeste, and some smart goalkeeping from the France international maintained his side's lead, before a moment of brilliance from left winger Michel Bastos, who received the pass from Lisandro, before confidently beating Bordeaux's make-shift right back Marange and hitting a strong right-footed shot past Carrasso to make it 3-1 for Lyon. For a team that hardly created a chance in the first half, Lyon look a different side after the break. Lyon managed to add a 4th after a Bastos corner was poorly dealt with by the away side, a bad clearance finding Diakhaté, who knocked the ball down for Hernanes to smash past Carrasso from range. Hernanes, making his first appearance for Lyon in Juninho Pernambucano's old shirt #8, would've made the Lyon icon proud with such a strike. There was still time for Bordeaux to come close through Wendel, and for Jimmy Briand to have a penalty shout turned down, but there were to be no more goals as the match finished at 4-1 to Lyon. Most of the talk after the game was directed about Lyon's second half performance in comparison to their poor first half, as well as new signings Abidal and Hernanes both scoring their first goals in their new colours. With Lyon the only French side in Division 1, matches like this one are all the more important to the fans, and, at least most Lyon fans, are already booking travel arrangements for the return match, scheduled for 8th March. Lyon's next match is at the Stade de Gerland against English side Chelsea, who currently lie 2nd in the table, winning all 3 of their games. Chelsea will be without top striker Didier Drogba, but should still provide Lyon's toughest challenge to date. Cissokho is still out of action for Lyon, so Diakhaté is expected to keep filling his place in the side. Lyon-Bordeaux: 4-1 (1-1) Attendance: 33,764. Referee: A.Haines. Goals: Abidal (22), Briand (48), Bastos (59), Hernanes (72) for Lyon; Plasil (30) for Bordeaux. Lyon: Lloris - Réveillère, Cris, Diakhaté, Abidal - Toulalan, Hernanes, Gourcuff - Briand, Bastos, Lisandro. Bordeaux: Carrasso - Marange, Planus, Henrique, Tremoulinas - Plasil, Diarra, Fernando, Wendel, Jussie - Modesto. League Table 1. Lyon 2 4 6 2. Milan 2 3 6 3. Everton 2 -3 0 4. Bordeaux 2 -4 0 Most Goals 1. Michel Bastos - 2 2. Éric Abidal - 1 3. Jimmy Briand - 1 4. Anderson Hernanes - 1 Most Assists 1. Lisandro López - 2 2. Kim Källström - 1 3. Michel Bastos - 1 4. Pape Diakhate - 1 Injuries & Suspensions Aly Cissokho - sprained ankle (23rd Feburary) Jimmy Briand - 1 SMFA match
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    Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 90+ Risers Luís Nani 92 -> 93 Branislav Ivanovic 92 -> 93/92 Yaya Toure 92 -> 93/92 Bacary Sagna 92 -> 93/92 Rafael van der Vaart 92 -> 93/92 Vincent Kompany 91 -> 92 Alex Song 91 -> 92 Nigel De Jong 91 -> 92/91 David Luiz 90 -> 91 Santos Ramires 90 -> 91 Joe Hart 90 -> 91 Luis Anderson 90 -> 91/90 Ji-Sung Park 90 -> 91/90 Darren Bent 90 -> 91/90 90+ Droppers Fernando Torres 95 -> 94 Michael Essien 95 -> 95/94 Nicolás Anelka 93 -> 93/92 José Bosingwa 92 -> 91 Gaël Clichy 92 -> 92/91 Kolo Toure 91 -> 90 Marouane Chamakh 91 -> 90 Jermain Defoe 91 -> 90 Glen Johnson 91 -> 91/90 Yuri Zhirkov 91 -> 91/90 Tomás Rosicky 90 -> 89 Sebastian Squillaci 90 -> 90/89 Joe Cole 90 -> 90/89 Mark Schwarzer 90 -> 90/89 Brad Friedel 90 -> 90/89 89-87 Risers Javier Hernandez 89 -> 90 Pablo Zabaleta 89 -> 90 Jack Wilshere 89 -> 90 Benoît Assou-Ekotto 89 -> 90 Leighton Baines 89 -> 90 Aleksandar Kolarov 89 -> 90/89 Joleon Lescott 89 -> 90/89 urent Koscielny 89 -> 90/89 Johan Djourou 89 -> 90/89 Lucas Leiva 89 -> 90/89 Adam Johnson 88 -> 89 Michael Dawson 88 -> 89 Ranieri Sandro 88 -> 89 Clint Dempsey 88 -> 89 Leon Osman 88 -> 89/88 Peter Odemwingie 88 -> 89/88 Ryan Shawcross 88 -> 89/88 Robert Huth 88 -> 89/88 Matthew Etherington 88 -> 89/88 Chris Smalling 87 -> 88 Seamus Coleman 87 -> 88/87 Dickson Etuhu 87 -> 88/87 Kieran Richardson 87 -> 88/87 Jordan Henderson 87 -> 88/87 Chris Brunt 87 -> 88/87 Joey Barton 87 -> 88/87 Asmir Begovic 87 -> 88/87 Jermaine Pennant 87 -> 88/87 Dean Whitehead 87 -> 88/87 Chung-Yong Lee 87 -> 88/87 89-87 Droppers Shay Given 89 -> 88 Neves Denilson 89 -> 88 Ledley King 89 -> 88 Richard Dunne 89 -> 88 Wes Brown 89 -> 89/88 Niko Kranjcar 89 -> 89/88 Jean Makoun 89 -> 89/88 Owen Hargreaves 88 -> 87 Jens Lehmann 88 -> 87 Carlos Cuellar 88 -> 87 Emile Heskey 88 -> 87 Gaël Givet 88 -> 87 Roque Santa Cruz 88 -> 87 Micheal Owen 88 -> 88/87 Alves Jo 88 -> 88/87 Christian Poulsen 88 -> 88/87 Micheal Bradley 88 -> 88/87 Craig Gordan 88 -> 88/87 John Mensah 88 -> 88/87 Stephen Ireland 88 -> 88/87 Martin Petrov 88 -> 88/87 Manuel Almunia 87 -> 86 Robert Pires 87 -> 86 Mauro Formica 87 -> 86 Jonathan Woodgate 87 -> 87/86 Marcos Angeleri 87 -> 87/86 Christian Riveros 87 -> 87/86 Carlos Vela 87 -> 87/86 Abdoulaye Faye 87 -> 87/86
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    More Sub Options In-Game

    Re: More Sub Options In Game.
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    Re: uhappy players (auto transfer list) Imsure there are alot more but, I think I have seen one auto transfer put up in a gold league of an 88 rated player. And I have searched in may gc's out of interest so see how much it is in play. I my opinion the player happiness system is way too slow at the moment. It very easy to find clubs with 60 plus senior players and non are really very unhappy, this makes it very unfair for OTHER up and coming managers. It's also makes lower league teams less attractive to join once new players realise that there is a kind of player vacuum at certain lower league levels. I don't think it's selfish at all having more teams engaging in transfers would end up benifiting everyone. A chairman would have to be a idiot to let the manager he employs have literally dozens of players that he doesn't ever play on his books forking out millions of pounds every season in wages just to stop other teams playing them.
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    Re: Wingers
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    Rodriguez,Pedro Offer!

    Re: Rodriguez,Pedro Offer! If it's competitive you should keep him, he'll most likely hit 93 at the end of the season and with Barca he can probably get 94 in a year.
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Both have a good chance on rising, if not this ratings then they should on the next one. Aguero won't rise as long as he stays with Atletico and it doesn't seem he'll leave there unless Atletico get a huge offer (Aguero likes Atletico a lot and Atletico don't want to lose him). So I'd say that's a good deal if you don't use Aguero.
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: Wingers Although he's been injured for much of this season at Utd, Valencia has the best platform to rise whilst last season after Rooney he was Utd's best offensive option. So barring a possible move to Udinese (as part of a Sanchez deal, I really can't see that happening) He'd be my second choice. Krasic is comfortably the best pick. Had Juve not been in such poor form this season he could have been looking at further rises. He has the talent and team (should it perform) to rise beyond 91 in the future for sure.
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