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    Glenn Hysén

    Risers from Scottish Premier League

    A few young risers from Scottish League. Gregg Wylde - 20 yrs - Rangers - AM - 75 - 78 Jamie Ness - 20 yrs - Rangers - CM - 75 - 80 James Forrest - 19 yrs - Celtic - WING/FWD - 80 - 82/83 Thomas Rogne - 20 yrs - Celtic - CB - 80 - 83/84 Johnny Russell - 21 yrs - Dundee United - FWD - 77 - 80/81 Keith Watson - 21 yrs - Dundee United - RB/CB - 78 - 81/82 Barry Douglas - 21 yrs - Dundee United - LB/CB - 75-80
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    Risers from Scottish Premier League

    Re: Risers from Scottish Premier League Pretty good predictions. Although I don't think Forrest will rise by more than one. Other risers: William Gros- Killie-75-77 David Templeton- Hearts- 80-82/83 Cammy Bell- Killie- 82-83/84 Anssi Jaakkola-Killie-75-77 Scott Vernon- Aberdeen- 78-80/81 Ryan Jack- Aberdeen-75-80 Chris Maguire- Aberdeen- 82-84 Callum Booth- Hibs- 75-78 Robert Milsom- Aberdeen- 75-78 Martin Scott- Hibs- 75-79 Kyle Hutton- Rangers- 75-77 Emilliano Izaguirre- Celtic-83-85 Mark Wilson- Celtic- 85-85/86 Kris Commons- Celtic- 82-84/85 Charlie Mulgrew- Celtic- 83-84 Beram Kayal- Celtic- 86-87/88(SPL player of the year?) Gary Hooper- Celtic- 85-86/87 Ryan Stevenson- Hearts- 80-82 Craig (not Jason) Thomson- Hearts-82-83 Murray Davidson- St Johnstone- 81-83/83 Steven Anderson- St Johnstone- 78-80/81 Danny Swanson- Dundee United- 83-84 David Goodwillie- Dundee United- 84-84/85
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    Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kunasher and Jor||- No 10k. But much 75 rated players: Ola John Aras Ozbiliz Zakaria Labyad Marvin Zeegelaar Nayib Lagouireh Thilo Leugers Lorenzo Ebecilio Jordy Clasie (78) Kaj Ramsteijn
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    Team Ratings link:- 1.PSV 2.FC Twente 3.Ajax-By BRNL 4.AZ Alkmaar 5.Ado Den Haag 6.FC Groningen-By BRNL 7.SV Roda JC 8.Uterecht 9.Heracles 10.NEC 11.NAC 12.Herenveen 13.Feyenoord 14.De Graafschap 15.Vitesse 16.Excelsior 17.VVV 18.Willem II [/center] Extras Riser's FC Special thanks to BroodRoosterNL and Jor
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    A Guide- How to build a team.

    I see many new managers joining setups, then leaving after a couple of bad results. Hopefully this thread will help stop this, as people want to do well in leagues, but end up quitting because they don't know what to do. I will be listing my ideas and suggestions so that maybe, just maybe, new, inexperienced managers who have joined the forum can read this and get on track with their managerial career. And maybe some older members can pick up a couple of tips as well! 1: Getting a good team. This can be easy or hard, as there are more than one way of getting a side you want. The first way is to decide that you will take the first side that is suggested by SM for you, which is extremely simple. I once did this to get myself a decent Valencia in a Spanish Championship. The squad value was just over 200M, and they came with Villa, Ibrahimovic, Reina and Gonzalez, and roughly 20M in the bank. A run down of what I did with them is coming up later. The second way is to search for a club using the search function. This is how I got my Real Madrid, and one of my Internazionale teams. This can get you some really good clubs, like a Barcelona if you're lucky, but most of the time all of them will be managed or offered to someone else, or perhaps even locked. You may decide you want a challenge, and you will get a very poor team and try to transform them, like I did with my Derby side. This is more popular in new setups, and Gold Championships where almost all big clubs are taken within minutes. You could always decide to join a forum filled championship, something like WC10000, EC106 etc etc, which basically guarantees you a test of your managerial skill and know-how. 2: But what to do with them? You've got a club. Know you need to turn them into league winners, but how? Of course you could try to buy Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta, Xavi, Fabregas, as a lot of people do. This will probably get you nowhere, and many a manager quit once they realise that nobody wants to sell Messi or Ronaldo for 50M and two 88 rated 30 year olds. You should instead be clever. Buy risers, or if you can, some stable high rated players. For an example of how this can be done I present to you my 2nd club, my Derby County. This is my first XI, when everyone is fit and not injured, which, without bragging, isn't half bad. I've had this team for 2 seasons, well, I joined the setup with Derby in the play off final, which I lost, my average was 82, Everton's was 89, and narrowly missed out on promotion last season, again losing in the play off final to my mate's team. My last season has just ended, I won by a very large margin and am comfortably promoted as champions into Division 1. In fact that last season I only lost 3 times in the league, and drew 6 times out of 38 games. This is really not that difficult to do yourself, you've just got to have an idea of what you want to achieve. I knew Derby were alright for the division, they finished 5th without a manager, and although the best player was Mark Viduka (84) who has retired, I thought I could challenge for promotion. I joined Derby in about last September, and so the World Cup was still fresh in my mind (sort of), and this is a big point: You'll do much better as a manager if you actually watch football. I signed Di Maria from Real Madrid for about 12M ( I had 45M in the bank) rated 90, and he was my first signing. I recently sold him for 29.4M, which gave me enough money to buy the last 94 at an external, Higuain. If you watch football programmes like Match Of The Day and it's European equivalents, the Champions League and the Europa League, and some internationals, you'll probably do much better than most managers. The approach I went for with Derby is to make them great. I bought some young players, Di Maria, Higuain, Badstuber (on the bench). But the real success has come from me buying stable, high rated players. If you join an English gameworld, look at the clubs like Inter, Barca, Real Madrid, and you should be able to find players left at them, or the players big clubs like Manchester United or Chelsea have traded off in order to gain higher rated player. For example, Manchester United may have swapped Rooney and Berbatov for Messi, which would leave both of them players ready to be bought in a few weeks. I did this quite well last week, a Barcelona manager in a Spanish game world traded Busquets to Arsenal, and Pedro to Man City, who both now play for me. If you're in a Spanish Championship, Italian Championship or any other like that, just apply the same policy. Of course, in a WC or a GC, it's a lot harder. Go for the unmanaged clubs, you can pick up players easily if the Game world isn't too competitive. Set yourself a realistic target. Do you want to blitz the league? Do you want to challenge for a play off place? Mid-Table finish? Survive relegation? Get relegated then destroy the lower division? Don't think you'll be able to win a Division 1 title with an average starting XI of 89, it won't happen. I would say you'd need an average of about 92 to stand a good chance of winning something. 3: How to get that average up? On the surface, it's ridiculously simple. Just buy high rated players. But don't decide to buy the first high rated player you can find at an external, unmanaged or transfer listed, as they may not be suitable. For example, I could buy Ronaldinho for one of my teams for about 15M. I'm not going to though, he will drop to around 90 from 92 in a few months, he's playing in Brazil where the rating cap is I think 90, which means that there shouldn't be any players rated higher than 90 in that league. Of course SM can't just review the Brazilian league just because Ronny signed for Flamengo, and because Fabiano signed for Sau Paulo. You need to be clever with transfers. Search the forum for players that are going to rise, or use sites such as Soccerway and Imscouting to get information on players, like whether they may be transferred to a bigger club, and how many minutes they've played, and they goals they may or may not have scored. Don't expect that managers will sell you players (especially high rated ones) for just cash, I would never let anyone buy my Messi from my Barca for 50M! Messaging managers is a very good option for getting who you want. Speak formally and politely, make sure your spelling and grammar is god and they will hold you in higher esteem. If someone messaged me saying: " hiya m8 dya wana sell me mesi 4 50bar nd lyk ma 2 bst plyerz?????xoxox" I wouldn't even bother replying. Whereas if someone sent me: " Hi, I was wondering if you would sell me Lionell Messi for 50M and Gourcuff and Briand? Regards, NAME" I would probably tell them that the offer is not good enough, and I would prefer Gourcuff, Lisandro and Lloris and cash for Messi, as I don't want a 92 and an 89 for the best player in the game ( Fictional situation, standard Lyon squad) Don't make yourself seem like a fool. Don't try to buy the really high rated players, go for the ones not many people search for, like Gonzalez, Di Natale, Berbatov, Carvalho. In essence, try to buy stable high rated players. If it's a fairly new setup, search the Lyon, Sevilla, Udinese and other clubs that are normally left unmanaged and try to buy from them, you could get players like Navas, Di Natale, and Gourcuff from them for low cash. 4: Getting a balance. Don't buy players that are young and talented if they all play in the same position. Basically, don't do what I did and buy Muniain, Gotze, Canales, Ilicic, Ananidze all for the same team as starters. It's good for cup matches, but I should've invested more in defence and upfront, I have 2 forwards above 80 (Bojan and Lukaku) and 4 defenders above 84 (Abate, Bonucci, Gonalons and Santon) A good way to achieve balance is to buy versatile players. Take a look at my Valencia team: The versatile players I mean are Busquets, Hummels and Pedro. If Busquets becomes injured, I can move Hummels up to cover him, and vice versa. If Villa or Ibra get injured, Pedro can take their place upfront. This is very useful for teams with small squad sizes, as they may be decimated by injuries and cup matches. My Derby and Valencia only have around 25 players, so it's very important I have players who can cover each over without my Average being let down. 5: The Other Managers Think of this when joining a new gameworld: Yep' date=' you read it right. You should apply this too. Treat every single manager as a complete muppet, even in forum filled setups (They may talk sense, but are they a good manager) That said, I myself didn't start using this until very recently, so I haven't thought of anybody on here as a muppet. This section is important, as what the other managers do can be good and bad for you. For example, you may be in championships where there's a "Player Hogger" someone who has a very large squad and won't sell their players, or someone who has every decent prospect on their shortlist, so that they can try to outbid you. There are a couple of ways to get around managers who shortlist everyone, the first is to distract them with many bids for players you don't really want, so that he/she bids for them. For example, Pedro Leon may be really useful for your team and he's at an external, and is shortlisted by the manager. You could then lodge bids for Ananidze, Ninis, Ilicic and Muniain, as well as Leon, in the hope that he will try to outbid you on one or two of them, and maybe leave Leon alone. Alternatively you could be clever, and look at the times when the managers log in. This could be difficult, as some managers don't have specific times when they log in, like me, I was online at around three-in-the-morning on Tuesday, and I've been on just before midnight. During the rating changes for the main leagues, I'm on before eight AM so I can look at the risers and fallers and talk about them with my mates. Anyway, say this manager is an eleven year old kid, I doubt he'll be on any earlier than three to four PM on weekdays, and online after around nine PM. So you can lodge a bid at around nine-thirty, being pretty confident the pre-teen can't block it. This can be made more difficult when the manager is an adult and is unpredictable to when he/she logs in. Therefore I would advise actively checking their profile pop-up, so that you can have a look to see when they've last logged in. If they haven't been seen for half an hour and it's ten at night, you can be pretty confident that they won't be coming back online, so that's when I would put a bid in. If you're a moral person, you may not like this section, as it involves a bit of trickery. Basically it involves finding a gullible/ not so clever manager, and using them to your advantage. Please note, none of this is against the rules. I wanted an Arsenal side, so I spent a few days looking for one I liked the look of. I found one with around 80M in the bank, and players like David Villa, Aguero, Lucio, Lloris and Ribery. This part is pure luck, but I knew what I was doing, I put a bid in for Pedro who was at Internazionale. My bid was just Ribas Diego, who was rated 93, and Pedro was rated 92. To my joy, this deal was accepted (This was a few days before Diego dropped) and so, I did the best for myself as I could and took advantage of the now ex-Inter manager and practically stole some players from him! [center'][/center] The third deal is not as good for me, but I still think it's a bargain, this league is pretty competitive, and the other manager may have cottoned on to what I was doing. I hasten to add that the other manager was NOT a young child, it was a adult, unless his D.O.B. Was false. So my Arsenal side now had three great players, in exchange for two not so good players, and two better players, who will probably drop. You could do this in your gameworld(s), I can virtually guarantee that there will be a muppet in it, and if you don't mind taking advantage for your own gain, it is a ruthlessly effective way of strengthening your side. A good way to find out which managers are not as hot as you is to look at their club transfers. If you see any that are a bit ridiculous, you have a good chance of having found a muppet. If you're not sure, just post their transfers on the forum and ask everyone what they think. Thanks for reading, I know it's very long, but I hope it helps some people out. New pieces of information may be edited in at some point.
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    Holy **** this new way of reporting cheated transfers is so bad that it is m making me want to quit this game. I had quit once because the stupid system pulled back 3 transfers of mine which were not cheats as cheats. And now I see back and forth on many game worlds. A sh**load of cheated transfers and when I try to report them or do anything about them It is impossible,The system seems to filter out because the cheaters already know how do dribble the system's logic, It is as if the cheaters are paying attention and waiting for the transfers system to be overloaded and not register any transfers from that week on (just look around on and GC in some point after week 15, there simply are no record of transfers) and without a record of transfers you can't report the cheated transfer!!! So you see a wrong transfer like I just saw and you go to The transfer list to report it, You can't, cuz it is not there! so You go to the Manager's list And you can't report it either cuz the system says there is no evidence for the investigation!!! Hello? a Brand new player with a 40 rep takes over one of the best teams in the game world just a few minutes after the first bid for its raiding were accepted? and then the most talented player is traded with the cheater for two guys who are going nowhere? And you post that and you get a stupid "We have analysed the managers of these clubs and there is not enough evidence to take the matter further." I'm gonna start posting Screenshots of cheated transfers and maybe SOMEONE WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT even if it is banning me But I can't stand seeing cheats go around and no one do nothing about it. Hell I can't even submit a common ticket anymore just to explain this I think I'll start sending Cheat tickets through Bug or translation reward tickets.
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    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Division 3 Wrexham celebrate their 3rd straight promotion as champions with a 6-0 mauling of Huddersfield to reach the English Cup Final. Lens, Defour, Witsel and an Andre Ayew hat-trick doing the damage.
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    Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!)
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC95 Bayern Munich - Bayern defeat Bordeaux 1-0 in the SMFA Cup Final to complete the Quad.
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    Re: Right now i'm listening to... -e8WZ9ijgmE&feature=related Joe Bonamassa...Stop
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    Axel Witsel - Worth buying?

    Re: Axel Witsel - Worth buying? Definately worth buying, i've been trying to get him for some of my teams with no success. Been linked with every big club going, Milan, Bayern, Man utd and sure i have seen Real Madrid as well. Seen him play a few times and he looks the part.
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    Axel Witsel - Worth buying?

    Re: Axel Witsel - Worth buying?
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I would go with Menez but they are all top players.....Arda is being linked with a few clubs as well but I would still go for Menez
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    Magic J

    Late Results!

    Re: Late Results! Utter garbage. The general age of people on this game is well under 18, meaning the vast majority will still be in full time education. Meaning for large parts of the day they have the time to go on this site. Get off your pedestal. What on earth has your taxes got to do with any of this. If your suggesting only people who are unemployed ( which it sounds like ) can only make time for this game thats ridiculous and offensive, suggesting they have nothing better to do. I know for a fact there are many people who have full time jobs on this forum yet manage to get on ! But there time , ofcourse is far less precious than yours.
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Menez. Pjanic is being underused by Lyon so won't rise and while Turan's in Turkey, I don't see him rising much. Menez is about the only thing that's come good out of Roma's season.
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread
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    Official Manchester City Thread

    Re: Official Manchester City Thread so just mix your vodka in with your coke bottles people!
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... What are you talking about? Asamoah has started 31 of their 32 games and was a sub in the other. He's a 100% a starter and has been extremely good this season.
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    |.CFC Request Thread |

    Re: .CFC Render Request Thread
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    Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kunasher and Jor||- And Excelsior done: Excelsior Goalkeepers: Nico Pellatz 77=77 Lex Van Haeften 75=75 Cees Pauwe 80->82 Defenders: Daan Bovenberg 78->81 ***Must buy*** Miquel Nelom 78->81 ***Must buy*** Wouter Gudde 80=80 Norichio Nieveld 79->81 ***Must buy*** Leen Van Steensel 80=80 Tobias Waisapy 75=75 Kaj Ramsteijn 75->80 ***Must buy*** Tim Eekman = To be added on DB Midfielders: Ryan Koolwijk 80->81/82 Adnan Alisic 78=78 Kevin Wattamaleo 79->80 Geert Arend Roorda 82=82 Jordy Clasie 78->81 ***Must buy*** Edwin De Graaf 85->85/84 Benjamin Baltes 76=76 Shabir Isoufi 75=75 Forwards: Tim Vincken 79->80 Guyon Fernandez 80->81/82 Roland Bergkamp 78->80 Nayib Lagouireh 75->78/79 ***Must buy*** Andrea Fillecia 75=75 Andras Simon 75=75 Marvin Zeegelaar 75->78/79 ***Must buy***
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    A Guide- How to build a team.

    Re: A Guide- How to build a team.
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Both of are brilliant deals
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    Magic27 Signatures

    Re: Magic27 Signatures Can i have a Rooney sig with the goal vs city and in the background the old trafford? http://www4.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Wayne+Rooney+Manchester+United+v+Manchester+PYVql2Tu9Ntl.jpg Thanks hurrdurr!
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    Re: Official GC132 Discussions/Transfers/Reports Thread Lille OSC Eltringham Issues "Hands off Warning" Lille manager Ian Eltringham has warned rival clubs that his star players Eden Hazard, Adil Rami and Yao Kouassi Gervinho are not for sale. All three players have persistently been linked with moves away from Grimonprez-Jooris and keeping them at Lille is one of new manager Eltringham's top priorities. Eden Hazard is considered the most talented of the three and has been attracting envious eyes from the biggest clubs in Europe as one of the mosted gifted young players in world football. Eden Hazard "As far as we are concerned Hazard is a Lille player and we want him to remain a Lille player. He is not for sale and we don't welcome any offers for him. We want to keep him."
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    Official Liverpool Thread

    Re: Official Liverpool Thread R.I.P!!! 3500 posts.
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (II)

    Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (II) Gentner may stay next time' date=' but if he doesn't improve soon he'll drop next season at the latest. I personally would get rid of him. Which Altintop? I really don't expect a rise in the next ratings - though as you said Hannover is doing well and he is a regular. But if Hannover can keep up their good form next season, he may have chances to rise (if he will do well).
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    Magic J

    Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread
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    Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP! Welcome Ben Elton! did I get that right??
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    Luiz GUSTAVO of Bayern München

    Re: Luiz GUSTAVO of Bayern München In any case, SM ratings don't work that way, like timesle said. Otherwise, Andy Carroll, rated 95? Eww.
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    Turkish Super Lig

    Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything Basically, apart from a few players from Galatasaray (if any), Besiktas and Fenerbahce be careful when buying from these clubs. The real bargains are at Gaziantepspor, Kayserispor and Trabzonspor. After a brilliant season for these clubs, their average ratings are most definitely likely to increase.
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    |.CFC Request Thread |

    Re: .CFC Render Request Thread
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    Graphics Design Feedback

    Re: Graphics Design Feedback ''Back'' after a while:D What do you think?
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    Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP! what is it with people using their keeper's to take freekicks and penaltys surely it would make more sense to have a high rated striker or midfielder take them.....No?? had to double post after seeing austins Sig
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    Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kunasher||- SV Roda JC Goalkeepers Przemyslaw Tyton 84->86 Mateusz Prus 75->76 Collin van Eijk=To be addded on DB. Defenders Davy de Fauw 85->86/87 Eric Addo 84->83 Pa-Modou Kah 85->86/87 Vincent Lachambre 82->81 Eelco Horsten 75->76 Rob Wielaert 87=87 Yani Urddinov=To be added on DB. Midfielders Ruud Vormer 83->86 Sebastian Svärd 80=80 Willem Janssen 86->87 Jimmy Hempte 83->85/86 Sutchuin Djoum 82->85 Laurent Delorge 83->84 Boldizsár Bodor 84->83 Antonio Stankov=To be added on DB. Ken Staelens=To be added on DB. Attackers Mads Junker 86->88 Anouar Hadouir 85->86 Morten Skoubo 83->84 Stijn Huysegems 83->80 Rihairo Meulens 77->79/80 Aleksandr Stankov 75->76 Guus Hupperts 75->76 Wiljan Pluim 80=80
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    Late Results!

    Re: Late Results!
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    Help Raise Funds For CHSS

    Re: Help Raise Funds For CHSS some of you may know that I'm a STROKE victim and support the Chest, Heart & Stroke charity thru my website at UKFSC. I started UKFSC to keep my brain active - thru the early difficult days of my Stroke - while learning to speak & walk again. I hope you find this video of interest. ycnY6XDf3eg&feature=channel KIND DONATIONS HELPED ME TO RECOVER TO THE STAGE I'M AT JUST NOW AND COULD HELP OTHERS IN THE FUTURE. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE THANK YOU
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    Ronaldo for Pique+40M ?

    Re: Ronaldo for Pique+40M ? As first,it would be a stupid to buy Pique when he wouldnt be in your first eleven because of vidic and Puyol,and Ronaldo is your best or second best player (with Messi),and you dont need money because you already have it too much,you have too many good players,so Pique wouldnt change anything,he can only get concerns in your club.
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