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    Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread Late Night I've just spat out my can of Red Bull!
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    Re: English Championship 8000 - Match/Transfer Report Thread Mr. Clifford is new Bolton boss After a bizarre two today's which saw wide spread sackings across England, Bolton can confirm their new man is widely known Mr. Clifford, The shock sacking of Owen Coyle stunned Bolton fans. But now the squad and the fans alike are getting to grips with Mr. Clifford as new boss and theres suddenly a new fresh hope and optimism around the Reebok Stadium. Mr. Clifford Bolton Fans Notice the one in the middle
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    Re: "Manchester United always get a good group!" I have to say that I think this is really interesting. Love it. Keep on with it, Stu. Basically I wouldn't say that United always get a good group as the only team. But due to the fact that they are always seeded in pot 1 in the draw because of their success in previous seasons, they only can get teams out of the pots 2 - 4. It's the same for Barcelona, Chelsea, Inter or Bayern. Let's take a look on this years seeding pots for example: In pot 2 AC Milan probably was the hardest opponent. But viewing the other teams I would say that there aren't huge differences in quality between Benfica, Donetsk or Marseille for example. All of them are teams that normally aren't as good as United but still good teams with individual strengths that certainly can win against the pot 1 teams on a good day. So purely mathematically viewed I would say the chance to get a real hard opponent (Milan) of this pot is 1/8. And the chance to get a "normal team" of this pot is 7/8. In pot 3 the differences between the clubs are bigger IMO. Teams I wouldn't like to face would have been Manchester City, Leverkusen, Ajax, Lille and maybe Zenit. The teams that doesn't look too strong are BATE, Basel and Olympiacos. As ManUtd can't face an English team in the group stage of the CL, they can't get ManCity. So there were still 4/7 better teams and 3/7 not so good teams. And last in pot 4 Dortmund and maybe Napoli are teams that I certainly wouldn't want to get as an opponent. Viewing the other teams in this pot there are certainly still differences in quality. But I don't want to make it too complicated. So we can say the chance to face a good team of pot 4 is 2/8 and to face a not too good team is 6/8. Let's view the individual probabilities of the clubs United got: Benfica - 7/8. They certainly were lucky not to get Milan but the probability to get them was very small. So I wouldn't say that this was an extra-ordinary luck. Basel - 3/7 Of course they were lucky not to get one of the top teams of this pot. But based on the probability of 3/7 to get a minor team I still would say that this isn't totally lucky. Otelul - 6/8 Again it was much more probable to get one of the minor teams in this pot than one of the top teams. The lesson is clear: United this season got not the toughest opponents but I would say this rather is the normal case than having luck. Based on the probabilities to get a top team of each pot it's rather bad luck to get on of the top teams. Of course I only viewed this year so my explanations can't be used to disprove the statement: "MU always get a good group!". I just want to say that it's rather normal to get a group like United got than to get a hard group. Last but not least I'd like to say something to the users that say: "Meh, you are just a biased City fan who is upset that City got a hard group, and that's why your thread is stupid and certainly untrue" It's not really productive to act like that. Though I agree that the thread title might sound a bit provoking it's certainly a topic that can be discussed about.
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    EC5579 - Wednesday Gazette

    EC5579 - Wednesday Gazette Hey guys, I've decided to make another thread about my match reports I currently do on the 5579 match report thread with my new team Sheffield Wednesday after leaving Northampton. I've enjoyed doing my match reports on the Northampton Reports thread and I've had some brilliant feedback which has lead me to make another thread. I would fully appreciate it if nobody posted on this thread, if you would like to comment on my match reports message me as all feedback is appreciated. Posting on this thread doesn't mean I won't post on the 5579 match report thread so don't worry haha. I hope you enjoy all my match reports.
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    Worldwide Risers

    Worldwide Risers In this thread I will be posting risers from the minor leagues around the world. I haven't really tried predicting a rating outside the major leagues therefore this is my first time. I based my rating predictions on stats because I don't follow these leagues. I make my prediction based on his teammates statistics and ratings. But saying that do take in mind that SM may tend to rate this leagues lower and may not give an immediate +5 so readily. Also, do not mistake the players on this thread for talents because I make my prediction solely on statistics and I don't watch them play. This thread should help you find some good risers and earn you some money. Feel free to post and comment. Enjoy! Belgium Croatia Isreal Japan Slovenia USA
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    Sunderland KNVB Match Reports

    Sunderland - KNVB Have picked up a Sunderland in a brand new English Championship. Planning on making the squad Dutch based, hopefully my Oranje inspired Sunderland can achieve success on both the transfer front and competitions.
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    Official Liverpool Thread

    Re: Official Liverpool Thread Charlie Adam <3
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Yeah I'd that one alright. Haha Schmelly I'd go with Schurrle.
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    Official Liverpool Thread

    Re: Official Liverpool Thread Brilliant performance. I can not believe how much Lucas has changed over the years, definitely one of the best DM's in the game atm. Suarez is unbelievable i'd have him over Torres any day. Great team performance.
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    Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread dream on.
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... the first offer is the better one!
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    Re: Can you change a private gameworld to public?
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    Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) very good Leverkusen gc 96-bids already in hurry:)
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread DIVISION 1 PREDICTIONS WEEK 27 Charles Wesley With resident division 1 pundit Darren expected to be released from his 2 week captivity in Turkey later this week, the first half of the divison 1 previews falls to another guest analyst. This week it’s the turn of Shorpe united’s fittness coach and heavyweight hymn writer Charles Wesley to take a break from torturing the tonsils to ponder over the first half of this weekends division 1 games. Arsenal v Man Utd Running out as victors in the so-called battle of the 3-5-2ers, Man United blew the title race wide open on Wednesday night as they edged out faltering leaders Spurs, at a packed old Trafford. And despite growing disquiet amongst football puritans at the continued use of the Devils formation, few would failed to notice their menacing climb up the divison as they sit just 7 points off of the vanquished Spurs in 3rd place. Just two places below them Arsenal have also established their title creditails of late with the easy 4-1 victory over Wolves making it 2 wins on the bounce for the imaginative North Londoners. Both clubs come to the game with full squads and in what is by far the nights biggest game I expect the unpopular United to continue their fine run of form with a comfortable away win. Arsenal 1 v Man Utd 3 Chelsea 3 Wolves 0 If two clubs found themselves at different poles of form then few could be further apart than Chelsea and Wolves. The Blues have been like great white sharks circling a newly wed honeymooner as they continue their relentless pursuit of Spurs, and the tight 2-1 away win at Anfield on Wednesday leaves them within reach of sinking their razor shark railings into their fast sinking North London cousins. Wolves on the other hand find themselves in a qaurmire of misery as they come to West London in dreadful form by loosing their last 4 successive games. If Spurs fail at Fulham I fully expect Chelsea to be top at close of play tonight as they inflict yet more misery on their visitors. Chelsea 3 Wolves 0 Newcastle v Liverpool As predicted the Geordies destroyed Belkevitz’s baggies during the week, running out comfortable 4-1 winners. Nevertheless I have a feeling in my bones that they may well falter tonight against relegation threatened Liverpool. Despite falling back into the bottom 3 after the defeat at home to Chelsea , the Scousers nevertheless held their own for much of the game and with the season rapidily disappearing I suspect big names Messi and Rossi to step up to the mark and snatch an unlikely away win for the ailing giants. Newcastle 1 v Liverpool 2 Bristol Cty V West Bromwich Albion What the likes of Liverpool and indeed Spurs would do for an ounce of the fighting spirit of brave Bristol City, as the divisions newcomers continued to claw their way to safety with a fine 4 -1 destruction of Everton at Goodison on Wednesday night. Sadly whilst many in the Shorpe based football congregation would love their form to continue at home to relegation fodder West Brom tonight, I suspect the increasingly desperate Baggies may well spoil the party with their dour formation stifling the life out of the game which shall end in a dull 1-1 draw. Bristol Cty 1 West Bromwich Albion 1 Nottingham Forest v Everton Rumours have circulated this week that Forrest boss Mo Al-Hendy had under gone a partial castration in the hope of turning around a shocking campaign that sees Forest nailed to the bottom of divison and now odds on for drop into second tier. Where did it all go wrong for Forest after the glories of their 3rd place finish last season? and how once more they will suffer tonight as midtable Everton bolster their claim to divison 1 football next season with a narrow away win. Nottingham Forest 1 v Everton 2 West Ham vs Leeds West Ham are slipping ever more closely to the relegation zone and if they aren’t careful they could get sucked into an end of season relegation battle. Leeds moved back into the top 10 after beating whipping boys Forest 1-0 and they will be looking to do the double over the Hammer this season. West Ham 1-2 Leeds Bolton vs Wigan This is a very easy game to predict; Bolton are having a great season and just keep on winning at the moment, Wigan on the other hand are only 8 points off relegation and are struggling desperately for goals. An easy Bolton win here. Bolton 3-0 Wigan Middlesbrough vs MK Dons Middlesbrough go into this game as the in-form side after beating Sunderland 2-0 to leave them 1 point off the top half. Franchise lost to Bolton last time out and are doing their damnedest to ensure they maintain their European spot. These two are very evenly matched but I fancy Boro to avenge their early season defeat to MK with a win here. Boro’ 3-2 MK Dons Stoke vs Sunderland Stoke are fighting for their Div 1 status and are making themselves very hard to beat. Sunderland are going through a bit of a rough patch and lost easily to Boro midweek. Stoke come into this game on the back of a very good victory over Dom’s Fulham and I expect them to get a point here. Stoke 1-1 Sunderland Spurs vs Fulham Ben’s Spurs side are capitulating just at the wrong time and need to turn their form around if they are going to win this league. They were unlucky not to get something at Old Trafford and with Chelsea and the resurgent Red Devils breathing down their necks, the last person they want to face is Dom. A man who would like nothing better than to upset the apple cart, despite some poor results lately I expect his Fulham to raise their game and compound Tottenham’s misery. Spurs 1-3 Fulham Longnose Jozua
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    Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) all in GC 21 - fenerabche bale and kagawa and loads more , hertha bsc with van der vaart song rami and costa to name a few and last wolfsburg with 90s and 89s and a good youth team
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    Re: Ferguson - "The FA treat us like ****" No it isn't I thought Ferguson's statements were very bemusing. He's spent hundreds of millions on young English talent to get through the home-grown quota then moans when they get called up for England duty Moron. EDIT: You spelt dumb incorrectly
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    Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Probably not the best to compare to. They were both pretty bad for Liverpool lol
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    Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread
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    Official Manchester United Thread

    Re: Official Red Devils thread As I said it happens to everyone but it happens more to United at more important times. It isn't just united, look across football, Barcelona I find even worse to watch the ref surrounding the simulation the ref favouritism because they are Barcelona. Not every manager gets away with it though thats the difference FA Seemingly started to crack down on Fergie last year and then he was being 'Victimised'. He even just moaned about the England team selections and that the FA doesn't respect him, 'Deluded' comes to mind. Fergie really does he can be the difference between reffing the final or the semi final, the big game or a little game. If your going to be completely blind and not discuss is and just flame it because IMO you are right all the time then whats the point of answering.
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    Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) Won't let you change it at the moment. That pathetic excuse for a picture was put up pretty recently. It's an absolute joke and each day I look I see more players affected. One of the admins needs to get his head checked out.
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hahaha:p not biased or anything
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    Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) GC 102 Olympiacos 1 90 7x 89 including Gotze 9x88 Total value 222mil Avr rating 89 Manchester united is looking to do deal involving Gotze
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    Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread It's a miracle,Sheff. United isn't reserved =).
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    Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread
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    Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread
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    Dan Martin

    Ferguson - "The FA treat us like ****"

    Re: Ferguson - "The FA treat us like ****" the thing is with fergie, he doesn't mind sounding crazy if it gets him what he wants if he kicks up a fuss saying we are the b all and end all of english football(regarding international setup) then there's a very good chance he will rile up capello & the f.a to a point that he/they pick very few if any of the untied player's almost to prove a point to fergie, thus fergie getting what he wants keeping most or more of his squad togehter over the international break. he's far from losing the plot, infact the guy over the years has been the master of tactical play, not only on the pitch but off it too, how many times over the years has he got into the heads of his opponents and destroyed them before they've even stepped on the pitch? everything he says is said for a reason, even if it doesn't seem like it at the time to most. plus one thing i love about fergie, is he takes the pressure off his players majorly alot of the time by doing/saying things like this, maybe other managers should take a leaf out of his book, when they find there young star's being shoved into the limelight by the media for one reason or another i mean some managers choose to praise them along with the media heaping more pressure on them or refuse to comment on said player which pretty much does the same thing still keeps there names on the front/back pages of the papers, what does fergie do say summin a lil' crazy and all the focus is back on him and not his players, a stroke of genius really if you think about it
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    My desert island discs.

    Re: My desert island discs. 3j8mr-gcgoI&feature=related Dave Gilmour...Wish You Were Here. Sure glad I grew up with real musicians and not electronic sheite.
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    Re: Tactics or Trading what is your preference???
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    mister keegan

    Official Arsenal Thread

    Re: Official Arsenal Thread It does make me laugh the things people say about Wenger. I like the way Arsenal are viewed as the underdogs all the time but at the same time they are rich! oh and by the way news just in... He is never happy is he
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    Re: EC 8000 - LESS THAN 20 EC's LEFT! Im Newcastle United
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    Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III)

    Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) "Brought" there you go .. seriously some people. I wont bother giving my opinion next time
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    Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III)

    Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III)
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    Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP!
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    Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
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    Re: Ross Barkley- Another Everton Homegrown Player coming through the ranks!! I hope they don't xD
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