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    Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II)

    Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) He is a massive, massive talent and is in my opinion the future of Napoli and the Azzurri. What he lacks in physicality he makes up in sublime technical skill, superb vision, blistering pace and the ability to score goals from all over the pitch. Because of his size he is being compared to Giovinco and Lavezzi, with many Partenopei tifosi even lauding him as the next Maradona. As for his resume so far, he's developing very well and i think he should be ready to start for us by the 2013/14 season. Some are saying that he could be ready as soon as next season but i tend to disagree, a talent the size of Lorenzo needs to be nurtured properly and i'd hate to see his development hindered by overzealousness. However, i don't think this will be the case as Bigon is definitely going about it the right way. He has excelled under the tutelage of the highly renowned Zdenek Zeman, after a loan spell with his Foggia side in the Italian third tier last season where he bagged 19 goals in 33 appearances. After impressing so much at Foggia, Insigne reunited with Zeman again this season with a loan spell at Pescara where he has made the transition to Serie B seamlessly. As it stands he's scored 14 goals in 31 appearances for a side currently sitting 2nd in the table and well in the fight for promotion to Serie A. As for his international career, things are going very well on that front as well. It was on his debut for the Italian Under-21 side against Lichtenstein, at the beginning of the season, that the big fishes began to sit up and take notice of him in Italy. Scoring 2 goals and providing 3 assists, he has performing well for Ferrara ever since and scored in their most recent friendly against Scotland last week. With him scoring for fun in Serie B he has been knocking on the door of the Azzurri and a call-up is quite possible in the near future, perhaps after Euro 2012. Unsurprisingly there a fair bit of interest in him from some of the Italian heavyweights, but Insigne is as Neapolitan as they come and his current deal doesn't expire until 2016. It wouldn't matter if his contract ran out in July because he isn't going anywhere, Napoli fans are going nuts about him and he hasn't even made his debut for the first team yet!! In terms of his SM potential, being a Napoli fan i'm pretty biased but i genuinely believe he could be a 92 rated player in the future he's that good. As i said, i believe he should be loaned out once more next season to a bottom half Serie A club like Parma, Cagliari or if he gets promoted with Pescara he could stick with Zeman to complete his development. However if Lavezzi leaves this summer (which could very well happen) Insigne is an ideal replacement as they are very similar in style, so we could see him in a Napoli shirt as soon as next season. Whatever happens the lad has bundles of talent and definitely the potential to go to the very top. The future is bright; he's being nurtured by a tactical maestro, is adored by Napoli fans and Bigon is developing him very well by taking it steady. Definitely snap him up if you can fellas! Hope this helps mate
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    Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - End of Season Ratings Up! - by BRNL||- Just thought I'd do an update on some of the transfer rumors that I have seen so far and guess a little on how likely it is to be true Rumors are based on voetbalprimeur.nl and fcupdate.nl and I'll only look at rumors from March or more recent. Nacer Chadli Interested: Rubin Kazan / Fulham / Benfica Likely to happen: 75% I'd say there's a very good chance at Chadli leaving if a foreign club is serious about him. Twente have already signed both Wesley Verhoek and Dusan Tadic which means that together with Bajrami, John and Chadli they now have 5 wingers. With Tadic and John being the best I'd say Twente would be willing to let Chadli go for a nice offer. Luciano Narsingh Interested: Ajax / PSV Likely to happen: 90% With 22 assists and 7 goals it was only a matter of time before the rumors came. Narsingh has been quite sensational at Heerenveen this season, being one of the biggest reasons Dost could score 30 goals so far. Narsingh's contract will end after next season so Heerenveen are probably going to sell him to make the most out of him. Eriksen, Van der Wiel, Vertonghen, L. de Jong, John, Douglas Interested: Man Utd / Man City / Chelsea / Real Madrid / Barca / More Likely to happen: Eriksen: 85% / Van der Wiel: 60% / Vertonghen: 90% / L. de Jong: 50% / John: 50% / Douglas: 65% Today's the day Ajax could win the title and today is also the day some of the very best players in the Eredivisie will go head to head hence the huge interest from foreign scouts. According to numerous reports, scouts from all major European clubs will be attending the match. Eriksen: The biggest talent in the Eredivisie by miles and according to many one of the biggest talents in Europe. Decided not to leave last season because he wasn't done learning at Ajax, but also announced that it would be likely that he'd leave after the season. With all the big clubs after him its more a matter of when rather than if he'll leave. Vertonghen: Has already stated he's up for a new challenge and didn't leave this winter because Ajax needed him (and they did!). Jan has been the best defender in the league this and last season and will surely attract a lot of interest its just like Eriksen a matter of when, not if. Van der Wiel: Injured for a while this season but nonetheless popular among transfer rumors. Seemed certain to go to Valencia a few months ago but the deal seems to have blown, but then again with enough other clubs interested there's a very good chance he'll leave Amsterdam this summer. L. de Jong: Imo his big breakthrough came this season after the departure of both Bryan Ruiz and Marc Janko as he now had to do things on his own and take the leading role up front. And the leading role he took, not only did he prove to be a great goal scoring striker, he's also shown that he's much more than that, setting up and leading Twente when others didn't. Only thing is that Twente are asking 15 million and out of De Jong and John they're willing to let just one of them go, so things aren't certain yet. John: Together with Maher probably the biggest surprise of the season, John showed that he has Robbenish potential with a good delivery and very skillful on the ball. The winger looks destined to end up at the biggest stages in Europe, but as already mentioned, only one out of John and De Jong will be allowed to leave. Only difference could be if Twente don't qualify for the Champions League which means they'll miss out on some money. Douglas: Looked very promising when he first came to Holland, but sadly hasn't developed to the brilliant defender he once looked like. Sure he's a decent defender but after years he still makes silly mistakes or loses his temper. Nonetheless there'll probably be clubs interested and with a decent offer I think Twente might just decide to let him go, especially as they already signed a replacement for him with Andreas Bjelland.
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    Rafael Baca- Mexico's number 8?

    So yeah a talent scout from me, which isn't usual. I think I did one on Martin Montoya a while ago. Anyway... This is Rafael Baca. I stumbled across him when researching players for a forum team a month or two ago, during the MLS Offseason. He plays for the San Jose Earthquakes, as a midfielder. On SM he's rated 75 and plays at Wing/AM. In real life he's more AM than Wing, but whatever. Last season he played quite a bit, getting about 15 appearances in the league. This season he's played in all seven of the Earthquakes games, and started all but one of them. That's fair enough, but what makes this nicer is that his team are top of their league. In the MLS it's split into two leagues, and the Earthquakes are top of the Western Conference. At only 22 years of age, he's got a pretty decent future ahead of him. Mexico like to put younger players in their side, Hernandez for example, and he could fill a role that they lack, a real ball playing midfielder, who can play anywhere across it. These are a couple of graphics that show this. First one is the recoveries he made vs Vancouver. Second one is the passes he completed against New York, earlier in April, one week after the Vancouver game (OPTA). I could type a load of stuff out, but as I'm lazy, I'm going to quote this, straight from the MLS website. Isn't that nice? If you've read to here, well done Sir. Video of him getting his ankle nearly being broken: OlQjy3lg_KA Baca finishing off a great move by the Quakes: t06dEdmT0k8 And he gets an assist here: LvMJ8QXAyTM So yeah, buy him, he's cheap.
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    Official Liverpool Thread

    Re: Official Liverpool Thread fqaNcMY3e6I&feature=youtube_gdata_player Liverpool reserves goal of the season contenders
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    Evra for Alba

    Re: Evra for Alba Evra has been poor this season and Alba has been fantastic, If that trend continues next season Alba will catch him up sooner rather than later. Its a hard one But I would probably go with the youth .
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    Re: EC Anno Domini - General Discussion, Banter etc.. VACANCIES IF YOU WANT IN oh how awkward lol, this season has gone so quickly :/ It's up to you, but I'm sure everyone in AD would want you to stayyyyyy! bj1BMpUnzT8 ^LOOL
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    Football betting!

    Re: Football betting! Placed £50 on a Benfica/Barca double at 2.08. Absolutely steaming to see Benfica screwed up...that was until I checked my Betfair account and see that the bet was never placed in the end for some reason! Can't explain it, but absolutely delighted! Had a cheeky tenner on a Spurs, Rennes and draw in the Sochaux/Bordeaux game treble. Was so close to putting on Bordeaux but plumped for the draw in the end given Bordeaux's 13 on the season. Cue a comfortable 3-0 win for Bordeaux...
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thiago Silva.... Top class CB are much harder to find than CM'S.
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Positions. I rate them almost equally.
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    ★The High Rollers League - An EC★

    Re: ★The High Rollers League - An EC★
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    Stuart H

    Official England Thread

    Re: Official England Thread
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    Official England Thread

    Re: Official England Thread Assuming he were to get the job, I look forward to hearing how a 1-0 win against San Marino is a 'phenomenal achievement':rolleyes:
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    WEBS League - Opened 9th Feb

    Re: WEBS League - Opened 9th Feb A great start with a 2-0 win over last year's champions Arsenal . Unlucky Mario
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    Evra for Alba

    Re: Evra for Alba Well i'm no expert, but if he can nail down a place in Spain's first team then I see no reason why he cannot rise more. Playing for Valencia he already could reacha good rating 91+ but if he does move to Barca as is endlessly suggested he will then 92/93+ should be a walk in the park. Looks like a very accomplished player attacking and defensively, I would probably do that trade with an eye on longer term.
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thiago silva and cavani for me although its a hard choice
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    A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012)

    Re: A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012) In season 1' date=' each club build their team around their chosen star player. Clubs must use the initial 250M warchest to sign at least 21 players. In even numbered seasons, clubs will be restricted to buying only players with the same nationality as club.[/i'] Yes.
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    Belgium Pro League Review

    Re: Belgium Pro League Review I'm going to do a quick look at Belgium in an hour or so - will post a link once I've bought the ones I want
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    Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread

    Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread Wow One of the best free kicks I've ever seen and I mean that.
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    big sofo

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Too much..
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Call me a massive hypocrite but that is too much IMO.
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Too much as far as I'm concerned
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    Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (II) I seriously doubt Unnerstall will be Schalke's No. 1 next season. It's either going to be Fährmann or one of the dozen goalkeepers they've been linked with like Wiese or Schmeichel. Unnerstall really isn't that good, he's a decent shot-stopper but that's about it.
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    Official Arsenal Thread

    Re: Official Arsenal Thread
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    Stuart H

    Football betting!

    Re: Football betting! I'd never say anything was a dead cert as you always end up with egg on your face I'd be wary of Bilbao and River Plate in that. Zaragoza are competent at home and Athletic aren't solid away. Aldosivi are very solid at home (won their last 6 in the league) and River have dropped points on their travels.
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread DIVISION 2 PREVIEWS SMH's Views may offend. SMH's Previews -Turn 14: Division 2 Stoke City 2 - 0 Wigan Athletic Stoke are in poor form[4 points from last 6 games] they are up against Wiagn who are in good form [12 points last 6 games],Stoke have won the last 4 games between the sides so I think they will bounce back and get 3 points here. Bury 1 -3 Blackpool Bury have took 10 points from last 6 games,Blackpool have took 7 points from last 6 games .Blackpool won this fixture last season 7-1 and I can see them winning this one as well with Bury having 3 players missing through injury/suspension although I doubt they will win with such a margin. Charlton Athletic 2 - 2 Preston North End 7 Rochdale [8 points last 6 games]Two teams at the opposite ends of the table and enduring different form spells ,Preston[4 points from last 6 games] & Charlton [13 points from last 6 games].This game is a close one to call so a draw or a one goal win for either side is the likely outcome. Cardiff City 3 - 1 Doncaster Rovers Cardiff find themselves in relegation at this early stage of season which surprises me.Cardiff [7 points last 6 games ] & Doncaster [10 points last 6 games].Cardiff are unbeaten in the 4 head to head games between the sides [3 wins and a draw] so I think they will get a result against Doncaster who are doing well. West Ham United 2 - 2 Rochdale Both these teams are in decent form,West Ham [10 points last 6 games] & Rochdale [8 points last 6 games].This is the first meeting between the sides and with both teams pushing for play off spots at least this should be a good game.West Ham are missing two decent players what could make a difference .I think this game will be a share of the spoils in a high scoring draw with Cardozo & Osvaldo amongst the goals. Plymouth Argyle 3 - 1 Coventry City A game between two of the worst form teams in the division Plymouth [4 points last 6 games] & Coventry [1 points in last 6 games].Plymouth are unbeaten in 4 games head to head [3 wins and a draw] so that makes them favourites for the win even though Coventry have the better side. Birmingham City 1 - 0 Watford Birmingham [8 points from last 6 games] take on Watford [4 points from last 6 games.Watford have the better of the head to head meetings between the sides [3 wins ,1 defeat].The sides are evenly matched but I am going for an odd goal win for the home side due to Watfords poor form. Burnley 0 - 2 West Bromwich Albion Burnley and Wesy Brom are in decent form of late [8 points and 9 points from last 6 games respectively] but they sit at opposite ends of the table [2nd & 19th].Burnley have 4 players missing through injury/suspensions and I think that alone is enough for me to call an away win for the relegation threatened West Brom side. Carlisle United 0 - 4 Sunderland Division 2's in form side Carlisle [16 points from last 6 games] take on Sunderland who are in great form as well [12 points from last 6 games] in what will be Carlisles hardest game to date against the super strong ratings side of Sunderland.I feel leagues top scorer Adebayor will have his work cut out to get on the scoresheet here as I expect an emphatic away win is on the cards,Suarez & Higuain to run riot. Blackburn Rovers 3 - 1 Swansea Blackburn and Swansea are both in decent form [each taking 9 points from last 6 games] the clubs are evenly matched and both will be harbouring ambitions of getting to the Premier this season by way of auto promotion or by the play offs.I think Blackburn will win the game by a couple of goals.
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    A Tribute to WC 10000

    Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Division 1 Previews Turn 9 Napoli - Lyon 7th against 9th. Napoli are on a 3 rum losing streak while their opponents Lyon have won their last two games. Away win is on the cards. Key Man: Gomis Predicted Score: 2 - 4 Roma - Valencia 5th against 2nd. Roma have only lost 1 game this season but they have not won in 3 games. Valencia sitting in 2nd won last time out following 2 previous defeats. Key Man: Young Predicted Score: 2 - 2 Sporting CP - Paris Saint-Germain 11th against 4th. Sporting are slowly slipping down the table winning 1 and losing 3 of their last 4 games. PSG in 4th place have not lost in their last 3 games. Key Man: Nene Predicted Score: 1 - 3 Lille OSC - Athletic Club 12th against 1st. Lille have only picked up 6 points in their first 8 games, 4 of those points from the last 3 games. Athletic Club sit proudly in 1st place with 4 wins in their last 4 games. Key Man: Muniain Predicted Score: 0 - 3 Schalke - Lazio 6th against 14th. Schalke are going well with only 1 lose in their last 6 games whilst their opponents Lazio hace only managed to get 2 points from their 8 games. Home Win Key Man: Doumbia Predicted Score: 3 - 1 Atlético Madrid - Monchengladbach 10th against 13th. Atletico Madrid have only 1 point from their last 3 games. BMG have managed 6 points in their last 3 games and will be looking to add another 3 today. Key Man: Aimar Predicted Score: 1 - 2 FC Porto - Galatasaray SK 8th against 3rd. Porto have won their last 2 games as they look to progress up the table. Galatasaray lost their first game of the season last time out and also conceded their first goal of the campaign. Will the away team start to leak goals now? Key Man: A. Sandro Predicted Score: 3 - 1 Division 2 Previews Turn 9 Chelsea - Arsenal 6th Against 14th. Chelsea have lost their last two league games but they are up against a team yet to win a single game. Arsenal sit rock bottom of the league and will again be disappointed with the result. Key Man: Sneijder Predicted Score: 4 - 1 Milan - Barcelona 7th against 3rd. Milan have won 4 and lost 4 so far scoring 19 and conceding 19. Barcelona are on a 5 game unbeaten run winning 4 of them. A close game but the away team have the momentum. Key Man: Messi Predicted Score: 2 - 3 Manchester City - Internazionale 1st against 4th. Man City are flying in the league and after 8 games are 5 points clear and unbeaten. Inter are doing well but lost their last game and will be hoping to cause an upset at the top of the table. Key Man: Tevez Predicted Score: 3 - 2 Real Madrid - Ajax 5th against 12th. Real Madrid have lost 2 of their last 5 games but will be hopeful in beaten Ajax at their own ground. Ajax are slowly dwindling down the table with only 1 win and 1 draw in their last 6 games. Key Man: Ronaldo Predicted Score: 2 - 1 Juventus - B. MUNICH 8th against 2nd. Juventus are on a 5 game unbeaten run with 3 wins and 2 draws. Bayern have won 5 of their last 6 games and will be hoping to get the 3 points and put pressure on Man City at the top of the table. Key Man: Robben Predicted Score: 1 - 3 Tottenham Hotspur - Liverpool 9th against 11th. Tottenham ended their 3 game losing streak with a fine win last time out. Liverpool just can't seem to get it right at the moment with only 1 point from their last 5 games. Key Man: Ba Predicted Score: 3 - 0 Dortmund - Manchester United 13th against 10th. Dortmund have only managed 5 points from their last 8 games and have still not been able to find a win. Man Utd have started to get their act together and have won their last 2 games. Key Man: Rooney Predicted Score: 1 - 3
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    |.CFC Request Thread |

    Re: |.CFC Request Thread |
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Previews are up for D1 next turn. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showpost.php?p=2019001&postcount=590
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    Slbquista's predictions thread.

    Re: Slbquista's predictions thread. OK, I went for these guys.... no big deals anyway as i told you sibquista.. 75-78 players These guys: Oleksiy DOVGIY, 22, 78, Freitas RAMON 22, 77 and Daniel ADDO 22, 78, Petro KOVALCHUK, 27, 78 Janko SIMOVIC 25, 78 and Ritvars RUGINS 22, 78 should go to 80+ easily. As well as Yaroslav OLIYNYK 21, 76 loaned out from shaktar so he's pretty cheap. >1000 minutes, guess 76>80. These others are cheapers but 80 isn't guaranteed. Dmytro KOZACHENKO 28, 75 back to Ukraine from Uzbekistan, he's first choice gk at Zorya now. 75>78/80 Vitali BALASHOV 21, 76 800 min, so should say 76>78/79. Same for Vitali FEDOTOV 20, 76, loaned out from Shaktar too. Maksym BILYI is a decent risers too... 80+ players It's hard make money with 80+ players, here you have my bunch of best risers. My choices: Yuri PUTRASH 22, 80 (+2), Serhiy POLITYLO 23, 80 (+2/+3), Dmytro BEZOTOSNY 28, 80 (+2), Karlen MKRTCHYAN (+2)
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    Belgium Pro League Review

    Re: Respuesta: Belgium Pro League Review De Bruyne' date=' well its like this. He's played a lot this season in a decent side, but I don't see them winning the league. He's already rated 87 so is approaching the ceiling for the Belgian league. 88 is certainly possible and probably deserved, but i'd say its a 50-50 that he'll get it. As for his future with Chelsea, that's impossible to answer. Chelsea have a habit of buying good youth and ruining them by not playing them, so I really don't know. They also have Courtois out on loan who in a few years will be a top top goalkeeper, yet they are still being linked with others keepers. Its a question I can't really answer in all honesty. [/font']
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    What squad would you take to the Euro's ?

    Re: What squad would you take to the Euro's ?
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    SM Predict Season 7 Week 38

    Re: SM Predict Season 7 Week 38 I have two great announcements to make. I'm very happy to welcome my new partner Stuart H who will help me running the predict from now on. This should ensure that the summation of the scores is made very quickly by either of us short after the last game ended. Also you now have another guy to ask if you have any questions regarding the predict. Finally another German dictatorship has ended. Of course there will be another special event in summer - the UEFA Euro 2012 Predict. I've already started the thread and I will reopen it as soon as the regular predict ended. So if anyone of the regular predictors wants to join this I'd suggest to subscribe to this thread.
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    Ricky 96

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Riferimento: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Really good prospect! He will be 90+ Menez is better at the moment mate
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    big sofo

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Jeremy Menez
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    Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (II)

    Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (II) Why Marin is starting some matches in the bench? Does Lars Bender has potential to reach 90 in the next review?
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    King Roo

    Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

    Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread
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    Robert Fellows

    Gold Championship 1 News

    Re: Gold Championship 1 News Hi,i thought id introduce myself my name is robert i just recently started SM and bought gold straight away i managed to grab huddlesfield in league 4 and got them promoted after being in charge for 7 games i won the play of final thanks to a little help from a few people who were happy to give me advice an loan me players. but now i traded them in for luton town so hopefully i can get to know a few people here an will be happy to play against you all next season
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    My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero

    Re: My Udinese Story- Italiano Vero UDINESE ANNOUNCES SHOCKING AND INCREDIBLE SIGNINGS TO THE SERIE A Cesc Fabregas during the press conference It was clear utter shock when Udinese held their press conference upon their new signings. Superstars , Stars, Wonder Kids, Controversial players, Veterans were all seen being unvieled to the general public. One fan could not even belive his eyes.
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    Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) 5sMKX22BHeE
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    Re: Allsvenskan and Eliteserien Young Risers Aren't you that guy who rarely watches the Allsvenskan? How is Celik overrated? C'mon explain. He's not overhyped or anything. He's a good player. To say he's 84/85 max is just ludacris.
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    Peppo Espy

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... krasic+j. boateng for xabi alonso?? im selling xabi alonso...is it fair deal???
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I need help PLEASE. I want to transfer new players in or out my team, but when i accept an offer from another club, an error message appears saying, SMFA has blocked this deal. if anyone can help i would appreciate it, thanx
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I might still be on board with - David Villa + Sami Khedira + £3.8 million = Rooney even though reluctantly, but the rest of the deals are simply way too ridiculous...
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... any more opinions
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