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    Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread d3 GILLINGHAM 1 NORTHAMPTON 3 A brace from Benteke helped arrest a poor run of results for Northampton - who are back in the playoff places with this win. After 11 games , there are no less than 6 teams tied on 20 points occupying 2nd to 7th place - separated only by goal difference. Division 3 could be in for a vintage season - it looks completely up for grabs. Surprise leaders Coventry have made a great start and hold a 5 point advantage at the top. They face 4th place Norwich next - a big test for them. We have to find some home form to keep our challenge going - and face Chesterfield in a must-win for us. First up, though, is a Shield Match against div 3 rivals Reading - which we also need to win to keep some money coming in.
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    Re: Premier League Discussion Thread
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    Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Newport County the new Division 5 champions After a long and though season, Newport County celebrates Division's 5 title and the promotion to Division 4! When I entered 7777 two and a half seasons ago, Newport was in really bad shape... I remembered smut saying "long term project you got there" and [JMH] "It was about time someone give them a chance.". Indeed, I'm not a good manager, or know much about football, I just gave them some attention and a lot of patient! That's what most of these Division 5 teams need Now it will be even tougher, Division 4 is a completely different thing. I hope we manage to stay up! Lincoln City had a great campaign, were first for really long time, only in the final turns Newport managed to catch them and finally win the league, only one point ahead! Good luck in the playoffs. Lincoln - Oxford, great match! I want to thank Frozy and [JMH] for the loans. Crucial players to achieve our goal! Thanks guys! I also want to congratulate all the people that achieved the goals for the season and wish the best for those who don't. Have fun!
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    Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Thank you, but I'm only human.
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    Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread in my time here you've always been 95% right
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    Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?

    Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? No brainer really, it has to be De Sciglio. Mangala is having another strong season at Porto, and is attracting a lot of positive attention from all sides (club & country level). De Sciglio has been anonymous for a large slice of Milan's underwhelming season.
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    Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Berahino' date=' personally. Nastasic, for me.
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    Official Manchester United Thread

    Re: Official Red Devils Thread UKIP have approached unemployed David Moyes to become their new leader, apparently he was shortlisted for his haste to get Manchester United out of Europe..
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    Around The World In 80 Days

    Re: Around The World In 80 Days Venk.11 has returned from the exile in Indian deserts after getting all tanned to accept a job offer from Shonan. Asked why Shonan he replies "Cause the name is funny". Well lets see what happens to this journey of 80 days.
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    Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread I hope he stays ! He has been linked with Chelsea and Liverpool... Nobody knows if this clause with Chelsea is true, officially he has a contract with Benfica until 2018.
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    Riferimento: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread carlos mane 80--->83/84??? his potential???
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    Euro Champ 14

    Re: Euro Champ 14 i have that at home:p much better if the tops off! I tried I failed in the external market:o Ah well always next time:D Not something im saying we should do, but its been done in a few other GWs, how about each manager at the end of season posts up the players they want rid of, players they might sell and then positions they are looking for, as i fell this will keep the GW alive, thoughts everyone? or its could be a season running thing, where each club has a post they just update?? just looking for ways to keep market alive, as internal market is important as much as the external:D
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    Euro Champ 14

    Re: Euro Champ 14 Now there is something to cheer you up if you missed out on external players
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    Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Is Matheus Pereira worth signing?
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    Predictions Argentina 2012/2013

    Respuesta: Re: Predictions Argentina 2012/2013 Some grow quickly, others take a few months Oreja 80-->83 Meza 79-->83 Musto 80-->82/83 Gil 80--> 83 Cerutti 80-->82/83 Delgado 80-->82/83 Carruizo 80-->83 Dominguez 80-->82/83
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    Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Kolasinac could be potentially 90 ratedi n the future and he will get lots of national team time Geis im not ure really, but i wouldnt really hold onto him, hes a litte overrated and theres better guys out there
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    Re: Virtual Panini WC 2014 Sticker Album There's a code in the first post if I'm not mistaken pedro, reedem it and you get extra package other than 3 we get each day, though it's still you can only open maximum of 5 every day
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    Shelbourne FC

    Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?

    Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? keep gunter abnd silva long term
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    Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?

    Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Keep Camigliano for sure..For the rest i bilieve they will rise , but not a lot..
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    Virtual Panini WC 2014 Sticker Album

    Re: Virtual Panini WC 2014 Sticker Album
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    Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?

    Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Any of these risers worth keeping for further rises? Koray Gunter Agostino Camigliano Yannick Gerhardt Bernardo Silva Ahmed Hassan Koka Pavel Solomatin
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    Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
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    Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread English Championship 28697, Manager Of The Season Awards, Season 2: Hello and welcome to this prestigious awards ceremony where acknowledgement will be given to this popular Game World’s highest achievers and over achievers. For the past week, managers have been able to vote for their favourite managers from each of the five Divisions, the winners are to be announced today and when all is done we will have our shortlist for EC28697’s Over-all Manager Of The Season. It’s exciting stuff. We will tackle each Division, from bottom to top, announcing all runners up before revealing the victorious manager. So let’s kick things off with Division 5… Division 5: In 2nd place with four votes is… Clive Moyle (Alfreton Town) Moyle and his squad have become cult favourites in this voting procedure with his strong, over-achieving season not going unnoticed. Alfreton finished in third place in the league and made it into the play-offs where they unfortunately lost in the semi-final to Macclesfield. After taking charge last season, Moyle has managed to transform the fortunes of his side – signing some good, young talent along the way. And the Division 5 Manager Of The Season with seven votes is… Dan Malone (Cambridge United) This was somewhat inevitable. Malone’s side have been freescoring and racking up points all season, finishing the campaign with 100+ points, goals and GD. It’s been a simply incredible campaign for Cambridge. Unfortunately, Malone left a few weeks ago but his unstoppable style and brilliant transfer business have given him the award regardless. Let’s hope he sees this and knows that his efforts have not gone unnoticed. Congratulations to Dan Malone, the first to form the shortlist. Let’s move on now to Division 4… Division 4: In 3rd place with one vote is… Hossam Ali (Chesterfield) The runners-up in the fourth tier have had a strong and consistent season under Hossam’s dignified reign. Chesterfield spent the majority of the season in the automatic promotion places and finished the season with an impressive points tally of 89. In 2nd place with three votes is… Richard Sheppard (Barnet) Third place in the league, second in the Manager Awards – Sheppard has guided his Barnet to successive promotions, providing much inspiration to those in the bottom tier. Barnet surely have the most effective transfer policy in the Game World, bringing class worthy of the Premier League to The Hive to great success on the field. And the Division 4 Manager Of The Season with eight votes is… Adriano Borges (Wycombe Wanderers) Wycombe were crowned Champions of Division 4 this season. We now move on to Division 3 where all votes were shared between two managers… Division 3: In 2nd place with four votes is… Don Danberry (Northampton Town) Even before they were promoted via the play-offs, votes were coming in for Danberry. Northampton manager since day one of 28697, Danberry has guided his club to successive promotions throughout exactly 100 games in charge. Amazingly, Northampton will be playing Division 2 football next season and the fans owe it all to Don Danberry. And the Division 3 Manager Of The Season with seven votes is… Secasiu Calin-Mihai (Carlisle United) The Champions of Division 3 now officially have the top manager also. And is it any wonder why? I don’t think that at the beginning of the season anyone would have predicted Calin-Mihai’s Carlisle would be going up but with the likes of Diego and Valero shining in the middle tier, the silverware came to Brunton Park after a long-time tussle with Portsmouth ran until the final game of the season. So Secasiu Calin-Mihai joins Dan Malone and Adriano Borges on the Shortlist. Let’s see who’ll be next, from Division 2 where the voted winner was victorious by the smallest of margins… Division 2: In 2nd place with five votes is… David Crawford (Blackpool) Division 2 itself was decided on the narrowest of margins: goals scored, as the top 2’s points and GD tally finished level. Unfortunately for Crawford, he has missed out marginally once more for M.O.T.S.. However, let this not take away from the fact that Blackpool will be playing Premier League football next season after a very successful campaign. A shout out must go to Chris Hogg as well who managed the Tangerines for much of the season before Crawford finished the job with 19 great games. And the Division 2 Manager Of The Season with six votes is… Joseba Zilarte (Bristol City) If it wasn’t going to be Blackpool then it had to be their victors – Bristol City, managed from day one by Zilarte, the side have secured their second successive promotion (the fourth team to do so this season). Having brought in the likes of Valdes and Tevez, Zilarte has now twice swept the opposition aside to secure Premier League football in Season 3. And who’s to say that they can’t do it all over again against the big boys? We now only have one Division and winner left to name and it’s from the top tier where there was the highest number of nominations… Division 1: Tied in 4th place with one vote are… Stuart Pearce (Manchester United) and Tobias Armiri (Queens Park Rangers) Tied for fourth are the Division’s 3rd and 5th placed finishers. Coming from very similar but actually quite different backgrounds last season: one a big favourite in the top flight and the other the same in the second. Pearce has revived Man Utd to return Champions League football to Old Trafford and Armiri has done fantastically well to secure a high finish in his debut season in Division One. In 3rd place with two votes is… Hazr Poland (Chelsea) Another manager who has been part of EC28697 from the start, Hazr’s Chelsea finished as runners up this season and were the team who gave the eventual Champions the most threat. Hazr has built a strong team at Stamford Bridge with the best defensive partnership in the world in Pique and Thiago Silva and also, lest we forget, the best player in the world in Messi. In 2nd place with three votes is… Jake Colling (Watford) Arguably the Game World’s highest over-achiever, Colling and his Watford side have finished their first season in Division 1 in 6th. They can attribute this to an impressive 18 wins across the season, which becomes even more impressive when you compare Colling’s squad to that of his competitors. Fantastic stuff. And the Division 1 Manager Of The Season with five votes is… Ben Magee (Tottenham Hotspur) Champions of Season 1 and now Season 2, Magee and his Spurs are the undisputed kings of EC28697. A team of heroes at their prime including Ibrahmovic, Alonso and Rooney have contributed highly to Spurs’ second title. However, its Magee’s tactical genius that has aided the most to a season that saw his side score 91 goals in 38 games. So there we have it, the five winners of each Division have also won Manager Of The Season for their respective divisions and together compose the shortlist for the over-all Manager Of The Season award. Congratulations to all winners and nominations, commiserations to those who missed out on any votes (there were some good seasons that unfortunately went unnoticed) and thank you to all who voted. Voting will commence soon with an open poll; here is confirmation of the five nominees: Ben Magee (Tottenham Hotspur) Joseba Zilarte (Bristol City) Secasiu Calin-Mihai (Carlisle United) Adriano Borges (Wycombe Wanderers) Dan Malone (Cambridge United)
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    Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread
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    Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread
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    Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Don't panic! I always knew you would just do enough to stay up, with a bit of luck, you could stay up again next season.
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    Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Oh, what a pain in the ass! Joking... Rafa is as good as being the best player of Braga this season imo, as good as already made his debut for Portugal's NT and played very well. He also played amazing for Portugal's U21 team. His main assets are his close control, his technic, his skills, and he has good vision and pass ability too. He also knows how to score! His best position is probably as AMC, but he can play on the wings too and does a pretty good job. I'm sure he will have a bright future ahead of him. I think he may get called for World Championship in Brazil if he recovers his form. He was injured for some weeks and he's now returning to the team. I hope this is detailed enough cheers mate.
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    Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread How good is Rafa Silva? Thanks
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    Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Had to remove the picture as they were badly distorting the page, I've left links so people can still see them by clicking.
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    Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Hello all, I'm very glad to see a Post in this forum about the portuguese league. The future of this league will be the portuguese players, so every portuguese player with 18,19 years old could be a promess. Teams like BENFICA, FC.PORTO and mostely SPORTING are betting in the formation. There are some fantastic cases llike WILLIAM CARVALHO (SPORTING) ANDRE GOMES (BENFICA), CARLOS MANÉ (SPORTING), will came sooner RICARDO ESGAIO (SPORTING), BRUMA, TIAGO ILORI and many others players. See that BENFICA in the youth league WENT TO THE FINAL against BARCELONA. There are so many players in the formation with value with 18 years old and why they are not in the database of soccermanager ? WHY ? Cases like Moreto Cassamá BENFICA Idrisa Sambú BENFICA Edi Ié FCPORTO ROCHINHA BENFICA How could they go to database of soccermanager ? regards
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    Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Potential rating of Rafael Martins and Marinho Derley?
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    Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Guys, Im not asking for detailed information about every player, just need a definately-keep-list
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