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    Pavillions Test Game World

    There has been a lot of talk so far about who should be able to bid more for a certain player. With the current chairman valuation system, the weaker the club, the more you can pay. The upside of this system is that newly appointed managers with weak squads (but fat wallets) often are able to buy their way to a stronger squad quite quickly. The downside (obviously) is that once you get going building your dynasty (having secured some quality players) you find yourself getting beaten in most every bidding war. I think SM are on the right track when they look into scrapping the chairman valuation system. It's not realistic and you shouldn't be punished for having a strong squad (or rewarded for having a weak one). That having been said, I think it's a royally bad idea to let clubs with more cash place higher bids. I don't see any sort of upside with this system. However, if we scrap that and have a game world where the maximum bid is the same for every single manager, we will be seeing a lot of bidding wars ending in ties. I for one don't know how such a war is settled at the moment. The player choses the most prestigious club, I imagine (correct me if I'm wrong please). What could be done is to introduce a more sophisticated player AI that would factor into these very situations and at the same time counteract player hogging. If, say a virgin Real Madrid (with 13 +90 players) were to bid for a 84 rated player who really isn't anywhere close to the starting eleven or even the bench, he could be made to turn down the bid for lack of prospective playing time. Having a feature like this would obviously require careful tweaking, but I think it could be made to work in a realistic manner. Youth players might totally disregard the playing time factor but a player who's in his prime might realistically prefer a lesser club where he could expect to see regular playing time. I could see this implemented on every transfer and it might also be restricted to situations where you have multiple bids accepted for a certain player. Thoughts?
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    Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    This just really says it all....
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    Interested to see what change Kane gets. He is on a higher level than some of the cheap 88->90 movers recently. Defender going to Liverpool should be -1.
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    World Challenge

    Roma is happy to announce that Joosep Vau takes control of the club on the verge of season 3. Vau spoke with great anticipation and high hopes before the start of the new season: "I am looking forward to honoring the history of this proud club and hope season 3 will see us promoted to division 1". Thanks for having me guys
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    Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    Too many idiots on this forum lately.
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    Pavillions Test Game World

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