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    Cam Lucas

    Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    Fully agree. Alba had a very good case, Rafinha maybe 60/40 but the rest are all fanciful at best. Not a abd job form SM (if you ignore all the screaming in here.) If i were weilding the hammer id Rise Alba + Suarez and Pepe and maybe not have risen Varane or Tiago. Think on the whole with the generosity Griezmann may well have deserved a +2 but overall i think its a solid 7.5/10 for me. Could have done better, have seen them do worse. Doing a great EPL (so far) and did a 9/10 Serie A. Only let own so far was a poor, very long Buli. They really did a poor german review imo. french wasnt great. Overall so far big 4(5) sold 7.5/10
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    You're forgetting the fact that Kane started this season at 83. If he started at 88 then I'm sure he would've got 91 over the season like some of the above did. Next season, if he has another solid season, he'll get his 91, maybe 92.
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    Insider's thoughts on the MLS (2015)

    Just watched Columbus play Chicago. Matt Polster started his first game as a central defender (he usually holds the midfield position). He had a few struggles (he's much smaller than the man he was marking, Kei Kamara, the MLS leading scorer), but man that kid has heart. He's a future captain for the squad and looked like a veteran. One of Chicago's best already. If he's not taken in your league, snap him up immediately. Chicago also started 23 year old left back Patrick Doody, who played relatively well and should get some more playing time as the season continues. He's not yet on in DB. Aslo watched NYCFC and TFC from last weekend. Crazy 4-4 result. The defending was awful. As far as individuals go, Shay Facey (NYC - loan from Man City) was pretty bad, but it's very challenging to defend Giovinco. I'll reserve judgement for another game. Thomas McNamara... shame he's already gotten a +3, he will likely deserve more. Very active, good supply for David Villa. It'll be challenging for NYC to manage all the options they have going forward; I wouldn't be surprised to see Villa alone up front with McNamara and Shelton or Ballouchy on the wings, and a central trio of Diskerud, Lampard and Pirlo. Angelino subbed into the game at the half and injected it with life. This kid is fun to watch, he has a very bright future, considering this was his professional debut. For those who bought into Hagglund last season (I'm one of them), he played and was pretty bad. Expect TFC to get a shiny new defensive pairing soon. They need it if they want to compete.
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    Official Liverpool Thread

    Joe Gomez looks excellent in pre season so far,and with Rodgers has said he won't go on loan this season i think he'll be good squad player. From the preseason,it seems Gomez being tested on both fullback position and has done well in both occasion. Who knows he might even push out Skrtel from the first team. He could be our John Stones
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