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    Sir Rahul

    Game World Problems

    Patience is a sorely needed virtue.
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I think Monreal is a good choice for short term and he's a stable 90 IMO.
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    I´m not sure if these players have been mentioned here before but I think all of them will rise. Whats your opinion? Milot Rashica Bart Ramselaar Wouter Marinus Luca Waldschmidt Theoson Siebatsheu Vincent Koziello Ulisses Garcia Marco Grujic Kenny Tete
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    Game World Problems

    Finally got in only to find all team names/player names have reverted to numbers and I cant change despite loading a data pack!!! :mad:
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    Brian Smith

    Game World Problems

    I'm gald im not the only one
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