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    Still no the best game I have seen but the 3 points are there and pressure on City, Arsenal and Leicester(lol) Borthwick-Jackson came on, LVG giving youth a chance Lingard proved me wrong, hope he good on football manager lol
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    New season will officially start tonight! Exciting times My predicitions for Division 2: - Aldershot to win Division 2! - Manchester City, Arsenal, Swindon and Huddersfield Town to give me a great fight! - Joole's Boro to struggle to avoid back to back relegations ( i believe they can succed) - Another average season from Veigas, now at West Ham. - Smut's Brighton to make a good campaign after promotion. Cheers everyone, good luck
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    English Premiership Rating Predictions

    Ivanovic is like Rooney, it would be ridiculous if he doesn't get a drop in rating. He's had a woeful season so far. Expect at least a -1. Not sure about Zabaleta, he's not played much for City but his injury has probably saved him a drop in rating. He's a player that could go down in the Summer if he's continued to be a squad player for City this year. But should be safe in the Winter Review.
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    Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    Alcantara must rise now ! 92 material for sure !
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    bar a small stretch at the end of last season Rooney has been abysmal since the start of 2012/13. I'm AMAZED he's still at 93. he should have dropped to 92 by now I mean even Falcao hasn't been terrible for that long and he's 92. -2 for Rooney. -1 for Cesc, surely? he's been useless since 2015 began. +1's for De Bruyne & Sterling, absolutely. Martial's start has been incredible, he'll probably get a +1 but I'd give him a +2 given the price and stage he's having to deal with. also he's an attacker who has managed to impress LvG that has to be worth half a point at least! Smalling needs a +2 to 91. I mean firstly because he should have gotten 90 in 2012 and secondly because he has been ridiculously good this season. easily the best player on the best defence (or joint-best?) in the league. hmmmm. what else? oh yeah! Hazard well worth that 95 wasn't he lads? definitely as good as Neymar right lads?
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    Agreed, wouldn't say any of those shouts were outrageous
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