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    I think Sergi Enrich of eibar is one, last rose in 2012, (currently rated 82), despite having ~6000 minutes since then, 5400 of them from his time with Numancia in the segunda divison, where he scored 10 in his first season then 16 in his second season with them, moved to eibar in the summer and has 600 minutes this season (11 apps, 6 starts) with 2 goals scored.
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    Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    Outstanding: not even 850 minutes, this season, and Coman goes from 83 to 87!!! SW is a bloody joke, driven by pure hype. A bit more than 800 minutes should grant you a rise from 83 to 85, tops. Meanwhile, Borja Bastón was last season's Spanish 2nd division topscorer. He scored 22 goals and had 5 assists, in a total of 3391 minutes of game time. Now he's an indisputable starter for a Spanish 1st division club and has 6 goals in 11 matches. 4007 minutes, 28 goals and 5 assists later, he's still stuck on 83. Just give the lad his much deserved +3, for Christ's sake! SW is just contradictions... EDIT: Coman's rise from 77 to 82 was also based on thin air. He got to 87 like Óliver Torres got to 86 - playing a little bit and with a whole lot of hype.
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