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    I have a suggestion for the INBOX and NEWS FEED section, and I hope you guys, at least, take my feedback into consideration. The INBOX and NEWS FEED messages take an enormous amount of space, and it looks so amateur. Instead of having all the messages displayed all the way down the page, and taking a lot of space; why don’t you guys have all the messages being displayed just inside a box, with the option to scroll up and down just inside the box without having the entire page going up and down when you scroll? This would really make things more user friendly, and more beautiful looking. Not a big thing, but really could help. Hope you guys take this into consideration.
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    Likewise Anton, still who knows ?, ..anyway happy new year my lovely lads
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    Apologies on the potential right forum topic for this as I don't believe it exactly fits into the Stadium threads or the Player positions and such threads. I know this kind of thing has been briefly mentioned previously but another example of something surely being wrong with the updates to the chairman that have been added since the new UI. I will post it in the stadiums thread also just incase as it also covers stadium related content. Tonight in a game world, Manchester United in D2 with their 75k stadium received a financial boost of £50m from the chairman. The club has a good squad, 14+ 90 rated players, including 3 93/94's, which I believe put's them well inside the top 5 in the whole of the game world in terms of strength in highly rated players. They do however have a large squad of 75 players and the average rating of the whole squad is 84. Their wage bill of £2.1m is easily covered. Now the manager had around £25m anyway before the chairmans cash boost for the club which now gives them around £75m. Compare this to my Stoke side within the game world. Just promoted to D1 as league winners. I had £2m total, 37 players with an average of 86 across the whole squad & 10 90+ players, none above 91 a wage bill of £1.2m. Due to the promotion the stadium was increased from around 28k to 33k which is fine, it's in the joint lowest 5/6 stadiums in D1 but I've just been promoted, it's understandable. My chairman however did not give the club any financial boosts whatsoever. So the comparison is a newly promoted team, smaller stadium, worse squad, less cash, no financial boost compared to the team with the better squad, bigger stadium, more cash whom got a £50m financial boost. If someone can explain to me that this is correct and fair I'll be impressed. If it comes down to a clubs fanbase then I believe this needs to be re-thought in the case of financial boosts because with this system in place the 'rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer'. EDIT: I have also been informed that Arsenal, promoted to D1 in 2nd place this season received £39m. They have 78 players, an average squad rating of 81, 12 players 90+ however they have; Messi, Ronaldo, Ramos, Pique, Fabregas, Silva, Rooney. A stadium of 60,000 & their wage bill is £2.9m. Essentially you've allowed the chairman to pay for their seasons wage bill even though they have a huge stadium anyway. Again, the rich get richer & the poor get poorer, is this what is meant to be happening?
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    Team Information

    Yes, SM should make the information visible.
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    player hogging

    Disagree. The main problem of hogging is the "effect" ie hogging results in a dormant transfer market. It becomes impossible to sign players. Agree that player concerns should be speedier but also random transfer requests from any unhappy player. I would also suggest that players should randomly decide to run down their contract. A manager might think that his prize asset is not for sale but the player might decide otherwise.....! And decide to run down his contract and leave
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