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    A.F.O. League

    MONDO PRIVATO Benvenuti nella "All for One" dove vi sono i 36 Club + Prestigiosi d'Europa. Il 1° Mondo dove si possono prendere decisioni in modo Democratico, mettere in mostra le proprie Abilità e dove Regna la Passione. REGOLAMENTO: - Rose in base alla fascia di appartenenza: Fascia 1: Real, Barca, Bayern, Chelsea, City, PSG, United e Juve max 40+3. Fascia 2: Arsenal, Liverpool, Atletico, Borussia, Tottenham, Napoli, Roma, Inter, Milan max 42+3. Fascia 3: Valencia, Everton, Bayer, Southampton, Siviglia, Wolfsburg, Schalke, Lazio, Sporting max 45+3 Fascia 4: Fiorentina, Porto, Lione, Benfica, Monaco, Villarreal, Newcastle, Marsiglia, Leicester e Ajax max 50+3 inclusi i prestiti. - Mercato con le esterne deve essere effettuato con il solo utilizzo del CASH disponibile (No Scambi). Chi sfora il limite in Rosa dovrà cedere alle esterne il giocatore più forte come penalizzazione. - Assegnazione punti Reputazione (durante la stagione verranno assegnati dei punti reputazione che saranno inseriti nel Curriculum di ogni partecipante a seconda dei piazzamenti e delle vittorie). "Tabella Assegnazione Punti nel Curriculum Allenatore" SERIE 1 - 1° (25); 2°(20); 3° (16); 4° (13); 5° (11); 6° (10); 7° (9); 8° (8); 9° (7); 10° (6); 11° (5); 12° (4); 13° (3); 14° (2); 15° (0); 16° (0); 17° (-4); 18° (-8) Retrocessa dai PlayOut (-4 da aggiungere) SERIE 2 - 1° (20); 2°(18); 3° (13); 4° (12); 5° (11); 6° (10); 7° (9); 8° (8); 9° (7); 10° (6); 11° (5); 12° (4); 13° (3); 14° (2); 15° (1); 16° (0); 17° (0); 18° (-4) Promossa dai PlayOff (+4 da aggiungere) COPPA di LEGA - 1 (16); 2 (8) TROFEO 1 (10); 2 (5) SUPERCOPPA 1 (20); 2 (10) Allenatore in Forma (ogni 6 partite) - 1 (4); 2 (2); 3 (1) YOUTH LEAGUE 1 (12); 2 (9); 3 (6); 4 (3). ORGANIGRAMMA Presidente "J.Walker" A.D. Youth League "O'Neil" Speriamo in una vostra collaborazione e in un aiuto nella gestione del Mondo "All for One"
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    I like running up my debt >:-)

    SM thinks that it is funny to push me further and further into debt, because I have all the best players in my team and the wages are too costly. But I have hoarded all the players that I want now...and SM cannot force me to sell players to balance the books. So I am going to happily sink further and further in the red. WHAT IS SM GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!? HA HA >:-)
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    A.F.O. League

    Forza Schalke!
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    A.F.O. League

    Bel mondo, complimenti!
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    Cam Lucas

    We Are NOT The Champions - 264074

    Sorry Punch i will noit be accepting. 623 jobs for 6000 games is less than 10 games per club you manage on average. this year you have joined 14 clubs, you now manage 3 of those and they are 2, 7 and 5 games. Hundreds of customs with less than 5 games played. I cannot allow this in my world, I am sorry. I hope you understand i want to keep it of the highest quality.
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    I would join if I could, but I don't have any open slots for a new team. Here are a few tips, though. 1. Offer teams directly to your friends by simply clicking on the "Offer" button beside the team. You then choose a friend to offer it to. 2. Advertise the game world in all of the different game worlds that you are already in. 3. Advertise your game world by sending direct messages about the game world to your friend's friends. 4. Send direct messages concerning your game world to other people in the game worlds that you are already in. 5. In the direct messages, tell them if their favorite teams are open. You can see their favorite teams by looking at their profile. Under their manager details, it says "Favorite team", and what their favorite team is. You can also see which clubs they have the most of. By doing this, I got all 8 needed slots filled with 5 of 12 days left. Also, if your game world doesn't work out, then try again. Don't give up. I didn't know before that we were allowed to advertise our game worlds in the forum, so I guess I'll just do that now. Join game world 258309. Best luck, Sasho
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    Thanks to yours truly
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    The Random Thread

    By all means, do it! It's a bloody shame how SM managed to get rid pf long time forumers... Yeah, and you can "like" posts too. As if the forum wasn't already in bad shape, they thought it was good to make it look a bit like Lamebook.
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