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    Season one - Turn eight. 1st Benfica: Huddo 75 points. 2nd Atletico Madrid: Gorbash 48 points. 3rd P.S.G: Whisperr 36 points. 4th Boca Juniors: Closer 37 points. 5th Newcastle Utd: Matt72 33 points. 6th Cologne: Sir Rahul 17 points 7th Napoli: Noisy 16 points. 8th Evergrande: Pedro 5 points. 59h Atletico Mineiro: Gozzy -5 points. 10th Seattle Sounders: Jonny Red -7 points. 11th Feyenoord: Drseanfitz -9 points. 12th Celtic: Altai Barron -32 points. Here are your totals for turn 8 and Huddo blowing all previous scores out of the water with an outstanding 75. Gorbash with an impressive 48 points gives him 108 in the last two turns. Whisperr Closer and myself all with scores in the 30's, allowing myself to stop the rot of the previous two turns. Altai after his hammering has had a turn to forget. Season one overall after turn eight. 1st Benfica: Huddo 223 points. 2nd P.S.G: Whisperr 222 points. 3rd Napoli: Noisy 171 points. 4th Feyenoord: Drseanfitz 161 points. 5th Atletico Madrid: Gorbash 130 points. 6th Cologne: Sir Rahul 125 points 7th Atletico Mineiro: Gozzy 122 points.. 8th Evergrande: Pedro 113 points. 9h Boca Juniors: Closer 103 points. 10th Newcastle Utd: Matt72 85 points. 11th Celtic: Altai Barron 69 points. 12th Seattle Sounders: Jonny Red 58 points. Hers is the overall scores after turn 8 and again a new leader (unsurprisingly) in Huddo. Two managers have broken the 200 points barrier now so well done Huddo and Whisperr. Also a special mention again to Whisperr who along with Rahul are the only 2 managers who have not had one turn in the minus points, although Rahul's is a little more impressive as Whisperr's P.S.G were unmanaged for a short period.
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    Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    I'll be very surprised if Meyer or Goretska rises Meyer's like a 8.25 as is Goretzka. Wiegl deserves 90 though he'll probably only get a a +1 to 88 Dahoud deserves 87 though i don't think he'll get it either but wouldn't be surprised if he did. Kimmich doesn't deserve a +2 to 87 even though he's a cracking player but he'll get it most likely because who he plays for. Koman deserves a 90 though 89 is fair too. Karius is underrated a 88 definitely needs a +1 to 89 Werner doesn't deserve a rise but 85 is to low. In my opinion.
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    Counter Formation for 4-2-3-1 ?

    Same with me... Reason? The 4 defense could hold of the 3 AM and 1 Striker. While the 4-3-3 outplays the midfield with 3 players in their, and they could go from the side which is a major weakness of the 4-2-3-1. One more tactic that I think might work even though ive never tried it before is the 4-3-2-1. But this one is an exceptional for the 4-2-3-1 wide play that doesnt attack from the wing(Which rarely happens).
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    Counter Formation for 4-2-3-1 ?

    4-3-3b has always given me the better stats, hardly ever lost .
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    individual players

    Who should I sell between James Rodriguez and Kevin de bruyne?
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