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    2D Matchday Experience

    It's a nice idea, but the 2D match experience for me is hopeless. I have no clue what is going on! It's like watching from the International Space Station as a microscopic Man Utd pass themselves into a frenzy of sleep, then all of a sudden somebody apparently scores, Leicester have won the league, and you've no idea how it all happened.
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    SM Tony

    Official Chelsea FC Thread

    We are all well thanks for asking. Yes, it s a bit late but still never to late to stick it to a chelsea fan. Yes, SM has definitely changed over the years, shame about the forum, it has completetly died in the rear end. i do miss the old days though. it really is true what they say, you don't know how good and fun somthing is until it is gone. Im still not sure about you lot for next season. lets say a new manager comes along and new plays hop on bored, will it be the chelsea of old? i think clubs like United and Chelsea are slowly going to drift. perhaps the Glory days for both clubs has past. Of course, you will still have your Man citys blowing money like crazy on unnecessary players, Arsenal choking at the same time season after season, (thats standard for them now), and Liverpool signing playings like Can and Markovic, and then giving there oh so desperate fans some sort of glimmer of hope, (which lets face it, Liverpool won't win the title for another 10-15 years). But lets wait and see. Bring on the next season i say.
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    Ive taken this concern down and consulted and decided to not let thepunch join. I know this is unfortunate and this forum does need an invigoration of new blood but Napoli will now instead be taken by Tom Pham.
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    Ighalo the only one getting it done for Atletico!
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    player best eleven

    Please smfa you should organize every turn player best eleven and season best eleven i think it is useful. Since this game is based on real life football. What did you think friend?
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