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    Official Manchester United Thread

    Wow its taken me a while to catch up on here. Good to see old forumers posting, bad to see people like Talentsearcher scare them off. Few points. - Why would you want Fosu-Mensah at DM when he looks ready made to be a top RB, have him working with Valencia and that is a good duo. (Fob Darmian off). - Blind is not, I repeat, is not a good CB - it astounds me that people still think he is. I think he would be very good at DM though. - 4-1-2-3 is a ludicrous formation, might as well talk about the 4-2-4 days of football manager. - Aubameyang would be an amazing signing for the PL, £58m isn't really that shocking nowadays plus its not like Utd fans have any right to baulk at that price. - On Eric Bailly - whatever you think of him, or however good or bad he turns out to be, for Utd to pay roughly the same money for him as Hummels cost is crazy however you look at it, they aren't even close to being on the same level. That said, I am a fan of his. I can comfortably say, unless he develops into it, he is in no-way like Vidic ever was. Bailly is tall, quick, very strong and has an already for his age very impressive level of dealing with 1-on-1 situations, he was dribbled by less often than any other top 4 la liga defender including Pique, Ramos & Godin. He also fairly content at playing at RB also. He doesn't need to be brutish as he is an intelligent defender. He isn't quite as good on the ball (including passing) as people think but he certainly doesn't lack for confidence. He also has some disciplinary issues, being booked in 13/21 games in the first half of the season, but an impressive thing due to his age is his ability to learn and develop - he wasn't booked in his final 13 appearances. It's an interesting signing. FYI for Kyles sake some of this is from skysports, we have to state sources for information now.
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    Doubt it. Chart showing how the 94/95 rated wingers have done the last three seasons (goal/assist stats in all comps taken from transfermarkt): From the dates they've last been reviewed, all have been rewarded for their achievements bar Bale.
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    Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    i can only imagine that Gimenez is considered too young to get a 91,.......wait till his next birthday they are doing this a lot now Jese is not a starter and you need to be a considerable sub or young to get 88/89 In truth i know the stats/impact he has had but is his future in Madrid, hes not gonna replace any star ever Navas is a 92 goalkeeper and all that Real Madrid team know it, The board doesnt always trying to get a younger one He wonn Champions League, he blew them away at the last World Cup he should go up when hes at the top Soon he will be 30 and they will look to drop him.........nuts Guardiola wants him to replace Hart......that explains a lot
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    It seems pointless at this point to be logical or reason. So many bad decisions its unbelievable.
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    After much discontent by all the active managers in EC1, we would like the log-in time reduced to 14 days. The game world is clogged with inactive managers that log-in only once every 31 days and never get involved with transfers. We feel that this would get some of the massive waiting list of managers that want to get in this set-up a chance and improve the games world at the same time.
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    Official Manchester United Thread

    Darmian is a CB by trade, my guess would be that if Juve got him, he wouldn't feature as their starting right back. Even so, I doubt he'd make the move in the first place, as he's got Torino history. Moreover, Tuttosport is a Juve paper, and will attempt to link almost everyone to the club - wouldn't take much of what they say seriously. Rumours about Matic are as absurd, if not more absurd than the Darmian ones. I can't fathom why Mourinho would go back for a player who implicitly gave him the boot. Fair enough, he's a good player when in form, as Rahul already said, but for United to shell out another 25M on a DM who has not really proved to be consistent is not ideal. Furthermore, I stick by my opinion that Schneiderlin will be the player to shine the most under Mourinho, so building a midfield around him would make the most sense.
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    Sir Rahul

    Official Everton FC Thread

    You have a point, however 7 of those players moved to teams with European football/part of the Big 4. Cork wasn't indispensable. I would think the three players you named would rather stay at a club with European football than a team without, and in van Dijk/Mane's case, a season at Soton may be the step-up to a bigger club. Then again money talks. Interesting to see how this will work out.
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    I can't see it as Gimenez/Godin/Navas didn't get a rise and they're not in the Euros, and what exactly would Bale realistically be expected to do with Wales? I can't see SM just giving players increases right after the Euros. Next reviews will be in December/January imo.
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    Mr Noisy

    Official Arsenal Thread

    And I don't think he will, I can see him taking Leicesters offer and becoming a even bigger cult with the fans. Him and his family are settled why uproot to London his missus has already moaned about the traffic lol. 100k a week to stay at Leicester for the next four years ain't bad for someone earning pennys in the non league five years ago.
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    olivier 1

    Jupiler pro league (belgium)

    I see Bossaerts starting over Milic, but it's a big question he will stay fit. He has been injured for 2 years now Another belgian Orel Mangala is added a few days ago. He is a supertalent and heavily linked with a move to Dortmund.
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    Stil hope that in the morning when I log in I will see Gimenez +1, Godin +1, Navas +1, Jese +1, Neymar +1 I have all of them and I feel robbed!!! They robbed me also on Bellerin and probably on Higuain. Only rise in my team that I didnt expect was Mustafi but now I would give him -3 just to see all my other players get their deserved ratings.
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    I am completely flabbergasted. perplexed, confused, among other things on how Gimenez does not possibly get a +1 HOW ??? HOWWWWWWWWWWWW?????????????????????? And keylor navas definitely deserves a +1 top 3 if not the best GK throughout the season. hopefully they arent done
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