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    Brookfield Premier League (REVISED)

    Ok, A league i am in is down to 4 members so I will leave and come here. Now who to have.
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    Euro 2016

    Not the great of matches today, but Renato Sanches is a hell of a player, the only one capable of taking the ball forward in a controlled manner. He has to start next match, and Rafa too, Nani out.
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    Euro 2016

    What an effort from the lads. I might be biased but I think we were the better team today. Great ball in from Bale left McAuley in a lose-lose situation. Heartbroken to be out but I never expected us to ever get this far. Proud of every single player.
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    Euro 2016

    Nani been awful in all games - Lucky to get 2 goals I cant see Hodgson getting a new deal after the Euro's - Sterling needs to go, Wilshere a joke, Hart has an error in him, Kane taking free kick and Corners - must of took advice from LVG Sterling doesn't even get into the team at City, Wilshere 114 minutes, slap in the face to Drinkwater, Noble etc, Hodgson might as well took Shaw Why no give Stones or Barkley a game or is Hodgson anti Everton UEFA hasn't organised the Euro's, it's FIFA I wouldn't be shocked if Iceland beat England - they deserve it more than England If Wilshere, Sterling, Lallana, Milner start and Rooney, Vardy don't - Iceland win Anyways England can get knocked out by a Payet screamer in the semi's or Giroud winner then Arsenal fans have more reasons to hate him
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