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    You're right, and that's the last thing I want when creating a new GW, is a flaky manager. I don't know you Dhruv. I just met you on SM, an online game, and it's like you want to run my show. Not appealing.
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    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Concerns are on in the gameworld. Still do it? I could sell one of the other forwards, plenty of managers would want them.
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    This means that Everton is a cheater? Ok, we can throw this GW in the trash. P.s. I make external bids because I saw all 24 clubs managed and PSG was already making bids so I didn't want to risk to lose players (Dortmund wasn't, my mistake, but now it is)
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    Ben C

    Official Manchester United Thread

    Surprise, surprise Marcon Veratti extends his contract again to 2021... Available my buttocks!
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    The Scouting Network

    We are full at the moment but you are first on the waiting list when a place becomes available!
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    Custom Setup Requires Managers

    Anyone who wants to participate in competetive gameworld can join Brookfield Premier League - ID 7664 1 vacancy- Chievo Verona (Division 3) (Good squad comparatively)
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