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    Remove from Transfer List?

    RoyalAguila I agree 100%... But how can we raise this with SM? If they even consider our feedback that is...
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    Remove from Transfer List?

    I agree. Certain players have unique skills that make them not replaceable (like Thomas Müller: his space analysis/exploit and off the ball ability are far superior to anyone else). Putting back an unavalaible option would be great, as it would prevent loss of time for either parties: -the manager who has the player that consider unavailable, it doesn't have to deal with rejecting offers all the time (especially in competitive GWs) -interested managers would more easily figure out that it's going to require an extremely high level offer to try changing the other manager idea... and if they wish so they can still try to send a PM. To avoid misuses of said feature by playerhoggers, just limit it up to a certain number (let's say, you can mark up to a maximum of 11 players - your main XI)
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    Official Manchester United Thread

    Poor first half, much better second half. Mata and Bailly the standouts for me, with the former being my MOTM. Valencia and Fellaini were also very good, with the latter looking very solid in a holding position under Mourinho. Will be exciting to see how Pogba fits in this team. I'm expecting Herrera to make way for him, as he basically played Pogba's "Juventus role" today. Hopefully Mkhitaryan will start next game as well.
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    SM Predict for new PL season

    lots of us got the Everton/Spurs result bang on Hull shock all, I think only Ghora predicted draw when all went for Leicester My dream team even poor atm lol Noisy needs to work fast to do table and next games as WHU/Chelsea on Monday and Southampyon/United are on Friday Next predictions must be in before Friday Atm Leicester screwed everyone Everton/Spurs, I was bang on - 5 points Nothing for Southampton Nothing for Stoke Nothing on Palace - should of known they cant score atm Swansea I was bang on with the result and scoreline - not sure how many points is that - guessing 4 points Man city won, boo! - guess 1 point here 10 points wooo i'm beating Sir Rahul lol Edit - Maybe not by much now lol I wonder who is leading
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    Which is the best League in the World?

    Re: Which is the best League in the World? very competitive, uh? o.O
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