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    Barry Green

    Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Hmmm doesn't seem like you really need either T. Silva or Kante with that depth! So I guess it comes down to personal preference and whether you just enjoy trading to freshen up your team. And obviously how much you value Dahoud, who may be having a bad season, but could get a big move in the summer.
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    Well, he starts among the starters in today's game at the debut of the Campeonato Paulista. Anyway must be reserve during season, but can have good minutes of play, mainly on account of physicist Ricardo Oliveira it's not the same anymore. And he only remained in the squad per a request from the coach, he should like his football, I particularly find it horrible, as most of Santos fans also think. Sorry my english
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    Sigh..once a great thread Grimsby free
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    thorgan lesar

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    I think actually +1 for Nainggolan
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    For very different reasons 2 teams have become available Both in Div 2 Everton Barcelona Let me know if you are interested quick!
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    Official Manchester United Thread

    Get your head out of your ass Talentsearcher. Every team has decisions for and against them. If a team scores a goal while being offside vs Utd it's a decision against Utd & a conspiracy but if Utd score an offside goal it's 'happens in games and are normally hard to spot'.
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    Arroz Con Pollo

    Calcio News 772

    Estás en racha, ya veremos lo que te dura la alegría.
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    jose carlos

    Calcio News 772

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    Coming down to the wire for the Division 1 Title, and for that final relegation spot! Going to be an interesting Last Turn! Good luck everyone. Any new managers looking at this GW, time to get in before the new season starts to get your squads sorted. Cheers.
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    They reviewed both of them in September and I am sure they will be reviewed again before too long. There are plenty of genuine things to knock SM for, but there is no point in knocking them when they are doing the right thing by giving Mexico (and other smaller leagues) an overdue update.
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    Official Liverpool Thread

    Off work finally for a day and after a year or more probably I thought I would pop on the forum and see what's what to see if there is any improvement.... That was a silly thought there is probably more life in a pair of Susan Boyle's knickers, not to mention more chance of seeing Stephen Hawking going for a run than improvement in here!! Not one single post in this thread since 6th July which is a sad indictment of things when this thread used to buzzing and one of the most interesting on the forums, all the general football chat was but appears to be nothing going on and everybody has run for the hills.... The fact looking around that Talentsearcher appears to be somewhat of a celebrity on here now is almost as unbelievable and depressing as watching a Mourinho press conference where he will find any possible excuse rather than himself.... Hope everybody is ok, can't see any real reason for a comeback........who knows maybe one day it might recover!! For what it's worth I think we have been exceptional this season and really enjoying watching us play, the style of football has thus far been magnificent and here's hoping it continues... ?
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