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    I had a discussion about our Belgians in the competition (on an other forum). Bart Verhaeghe wants 8 Belgian players instead of 6 players and he wants to make the bench bigger in Belgium. My discussion was with him. He says that everything is okay now.
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    NO i think he stay at 90..every game starter and also usually one of the best..
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    Can't tell but it wouldn't be a surprise. A source close to Bailey told bundesliga.com that he is eligible for England through ancestry... Could as well be his adoptive father helping Bailey land a big move to a PL club (Leon expressed his desire to play in the PL before). With what I've read about them it's probably best to take this claim with bags and bags of salt. He's Jamaican though. So it's possible a grandparent also had a British passport. Seeing they're angling for a transfer it's more likely the claim was made up. German citizenship takes 8 years so that's most likely off the table. IIRC August 2020 would be the earliest he'd become eligible for Belgium (as long as the residence requirement is still being fulfilled). I doubt he joins Belgium in the end.
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