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    Hello Son, found myself on the forum for some reason and and to my great surprise and pleasure i couldn't help notice your still alive ;) ...hows it going Dan, good i hope ? x
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    thanks & Cheers Cam

    thanks & Cheers Cam
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    On transfers you should try selling or releasing the lowest rated players if you can. If not try and sign two 86 or 87 rated players then try 89 or 90 and so forth until you can sign whatever rating you can. Good luck.
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    You still alive you old Sod? x

    You still alive you old Sod? x
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    i have a very young team(91 team) any good tactics for a young team?..DONNARUMMA-HENRICHS-ROMAGNOLI-GAYA-TAH...midfield.TIELEMANS-ALLI-NÍGUEZ..attack-DYBALA-MBAPPÉ-JESUS..im using 433A
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    hi guys

    hi guys
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    Hello everyone, through this forum, I ask the support of the members of this community to support a channel in which I am starting a series of Soccer Manager 2018. I plan to bring the first episodes soon, I do not come to apply for registration or any of this , I just want to share my work as a content creator of SM 18. Thanks for everyone's attention. Link :
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    Pensamentos sobre Michael keane? Quando acha que será a próxima avaliação na Premier league?
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    Thanks for your answers and your continuous work on the forum. KIU.
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    Hello. Please a recommendation. I need a Central Defender, my budget is 10M +/- and I would like an 86/87/88 with projection in the next review of 88/89. I seeing J.Tah or Kimmich but is out of my budget. Thanks for your help.
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    Are you interested in coming back for Carpe Diem 2 - we have a vacancy.
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    Mr Noisy

    Predict for week 4 is now up.

    Predict for week 4 is now up.
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