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  1. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) just quit my two major teams from the normal leagues.. one barcelona team and one real madrid team played 318 games with my barcelona team and 380 games with my real madrid side.. the only games i will now play in are custom worlds with concerns switched off. Congratulations SM.. you have done a fantastic job destroying yoour own game.. and i really doubt i will renew my gold membership.. Only reason why i might is because i own 5 of my own leagues..
  2. Re: When Managers Don't Respond to Transfers I still believe that if you own the setup and you give the manager refusing to respond to deals warning.. you should be allowed to sack him from the set up.. If i have paid good money for the set up, why shouldn't i be allowed to get rid managers ruining my gameworld
  3. Re: New Drafting League definitely interested here.. sounds like a very interesting league.
  4. Re: TSL Talent-Scouts League shorpe united - 24 players, 1 - 81 rated player - highest rated player.
  5. Hi All, I have a new gameworld that i am looking for ideas on.. i have made plenty of gameworlds in the past, and all of them have lasted over 2 years of play time, and still going strong. Don't just want a standard game world, or a world league, looking to set something up a little more difficult and a challenge, which probably means limiting the average rating player allowed to be bought, and limiting the teams available. Just not sure on the size of the league, how many leagues, and the sort of teams that i should select, pretty tempted to leave Barca and Madrid out of it, and then limi
  6. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) sorry but the concerns system is utter rubbish.. Sanchez has signed for Barcelona, knowing full well he is going to play quite a few games but not 3/4's of their games he will be lucky to play 20 games this season. However a 91 rated player in this game will expect to play 75% of the games even if he is young, and sitting at Barcelona. How could gareth bale a 90 rated player expect to play 75% of the games for Barcelona. I don't have huge first team squads, but i have good squads, of the size of 21 or 22 players all pl
  7. Re: When Managers Don't Respond to Transfers personally my attitude is that no matter how bad the bid is, you should always respond. Also feel that if a manager fails to respond in a custom game world - the owner of the gameworld should have the right to remove them from the gameworld.
  8. Re: INIESTA, Andrés seriously if you have all the best players anyway.. except for Iniesta.. if i was the manager i wouldn't sell him for anything, as he obviously the last best player available, as you said yourself money means nothing to you.. maybe it means nothing to him. i also have a game world were i have pretty much all the best players in the world.. except for messi who is at Milan, and Iniesta who is at Roma.. and neither of them will sell, good luck to them, i see no issue with them not selling their star players.
  9. Re: premier league underated? actually i think the premiership is over rated, it is not the best league in the world, it only is in regards to the money it brings in.. the fact that teams like stoke city are in the premiership says it all to me.. The premiership is a weak league in quality.. when it comes to world class players most of them don't want to touch the premiership with a barge pole. Because they know that they will just get kicked off the park.. personally think the premiership should be capped at 92 - 93.. and nothing higher.
  10. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) ribery was born a 95, didn't you know.. he will never drop.. he will be a 95 long after he retires.. and even after he is dead... Ribery will be on the SM database aged 153 - club: Heaven XI and Rated: 95
  11. Re: How did I lost? they scored more goals than you did...
  12. Re: Argentina Clausura does anyone know what is happening with Abelairas of river plate , i know he had a really bad injury?? is he worth keeping or should i just get rid of him??
  13. Re: Blocking Cash Offers and people spend most of their time on this section complaining about how unrealistic the game is due to positions, and lots of other reasons.. you didn't see man utd get 2 players from real madrid when they sold Ronaldo did they... Player swaps don't happen in rl.. they should completely remove the option of player swaps from SM completely.. or they should remove the idea of a 2 player for 1 player deal.. as it is a complete joke.. it doesn't happen in football generally and therefore shouldn't be on here. I thought this game was trying to be a realistic football
  14. Re: Is this Illegal? NEW GC. don't think it is anything illegal at all, in fact the manager of iqswich had accepted higher offers on saturday and SMFA blocked about 8 or 9 deals, i would hazard a guess that he just needs money to spend, and therefore accepted the deal that SMFA would allow through, if you read the newspaper in the gameworld it was complaining about the SMFA for blocking lots of deals. The Wickham deals being one of the issues.
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