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  1. Re: Who do you rate higher? High praise indeed.
  2. Re: New custom league looking for gold/high rep members for managers delete post
  3. Re: Gold Championship 69 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread I'm Sheffield United and looking for loans who are you willing to loan out? Thanks
  4. Re: Gold Championship 69 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Got Sheffield United. Not Bad, considering all the carry on. Looking for loan players in and if any prem teams are loaning out/selling fringe players please let me know. Thanks
  5. Re: good teams available Ive sent you a message about what team i would like. Looks like a good setup
  6. Re: Hello Everyone - Club Wanted Thanks Still searching for another club lol. Hope to be successful soon
  7. Hello everyone just signed up to soccer manager, got my first team, fancied a challenge so took East Stirling in a Scottish Championship with only 1.6mill looking foward to it. Anyways anyone recommend any setups that are competive or need new managers because i want another team in a decent setup. I'm Jordan by the way, i'm 18, male and a Manchester United fan
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