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  1. Re: MSL USA low rated players with lots of 2009 minutes good job man, keep it up and thank you
  2. Re: Calcio Debate - Juve: Behind Closed Doors hey pazzano, excellent thread, i really want to congrate u i read you post and i agree with you with most of your points. u analysed the situation great. About moggi returning back.. ncncnc i really dont see it happening althought i would like him as a "secret advisor" and bout comon man dont be so hard on us we actally WERE a world leading club. just take in consideration the fact, 7 of juve players played in world cup final.... and about board problems the real big problem as i see now is Jean-Claude Blanc that guy is a excellent econ
  3. Re: Players rating update schedule !!! I just read this in another thread: The SM Researchers are currently reviewing Section 1 of 6 of the Summer Leagues. However, they are only reviewing the following leagues: • Russian Premier League; • Ukrainian Premier-Liga. The Armenian Premier League and the Belarusian Vysshaya Liga will not be reviewed at this moment in time and this is due to the imminent change to the ‘Rating Changes Schedule‘. Once the SM Researchers have finished reviewing the Russian Premier League and Ukrainian Premier-Liga they will then review the following leagues: • Pr
  4. Re: Section 1 Risers - Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Uruguay maybe they review main sector 1 after summer sector 1... if they do this what i wanted to know is will they do the all sector or only brazil and argentina?
  5. Re: Section 1 Risers - Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Uruguay hey i wanted to ask, are this leagues going to be reviewed now with brazil and argentina?
  6. Re: Players rating update schedule !!! hey something else plz when section 1 of main rating changes gets reviewed will it be all "Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica & Uruguay" or only brazil and argentina?
  7. Re: McDonald MARIGA-Will he rise or drop?
  8. Re: Section 1 Risers - Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Uruguay great job man, really helpful. thank you
  9. Re: Riferimento: Section <1> Summer (Russia,Ukraine,Armenia,Belarus) 4/5+ Risers/Mone thank you man really helpful
  10. Re: Players rating update schedule !!! thank you but im not getting it. it says that spain italy and portugal will be reviewed in april and may, but they just got reviewd :S why dont sm be clear in this issue i dont understad !!
  11. IcedEarth

    left mid

    Re: left mid guardado vargas
  12. hi, i was looking for help with the review schedule of leagues. now that section 8 of main rating changes schedule finished who is next ? russia & ukraine or brazil and argentina? and which is after that.. and than after that.... help appriciated
  13. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers Revisited Revisited, Argentina and Brazil Edition. great thread man, very helpful. i just wanted to ask when are the brazilian and argenitnian rates gonna be reviewed?
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