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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'm looking for a striker and am in a dilemma whether to go for Huntelaar or Papiss Cisse. Which is the best and most likely to rise, or what do you prefer?
  2. Do you think that Dembele (probably yes) and Sandro will rise? And will Eto'o drop?
  3. Here is my current Manchester City side: HART, Joe (Gk) MIGNOLET, Simon (Gk) MARCELO, Vieira (LB/LM) JOHNSON, Glen (RB/LB) RICHARDS, Micah (RB/CB) SILVA, Thiago (CB/DM) ALBIOL, Raúl (CB) KOSCIELNY, Laurent (CB) (new signing) SKRTEL, Martin (CB) WOLLSCHEID, Philipp (CB) JONES, Phil (Def/DM) ALONSO, Xabi (DM/CM) MODRIC, Luka (CM/LM) BOATENG, Kevin-Prince (CM/AM) (new signing) SNEIJDER, Wesley (AM/CM) BALE, Gareth (Wing/LB) VALENCIA, Antonio (Wing/RB) RIBERY, Franck (Wing/AM) NANI, Luís (Wing) AGUERO, Sergio (Fwd/AM) WELBECK, Danny (Fwd/Wing) ETO'O, Samuel (Fwd) (transfer li
  4. Re: Players Trophies This always has been on my mind and I like it that there is (at least) another poster of the same idea. This could be helpful (although not determining) in carrying out deals for players.
  5. Re: Gotze for Higuain? Yes that's what I did. I also put a bid for Muniain (from an external club) to get cover.
  6. Re: Gotze for Higuain? Callejon is currently transfer banned so I cannot offer him.
  7. I was interested in signing Gotze and the other manager offered me Gotze in exchange for Higuain. My squad's offensive side includes: MATA, Juan VILLA, David HIGUAIN, Gonzalo TEVEZ, Carlos ROSSI, Giuseppe CALLEJÓN, José DROGBA, Didier I usually play a 4-3-3 formation with Mata-Villa/Drogba-Higuain/Tevez. What do you think about this deal?
  8. Re: Which centre back to buy? Thanks for the reply
  9. I wish to add another CB to my squad. Which of these (available) players do you think is the better option and which could develop in the near future: Serdar Tasci Mamadou Sakho Holger Badstuber Presently I have the following defenders: Neven Subotic, Marcelo, Agger, David Luiz, John O'Shea, Jagielka, Van Buyten and Smalling. I'm about to sell van Buyten since I think he will have a rating change due to a proposed move away from Bayern Munich this summer. So who do you think is the better choice? Thanks.
  10. Re: Getting Thiago Silva! Swap Bruno Alves. Second choice is Juan imho.
  11. Re: Best Young CB ?? My choice is on Bonucci, Subotic, Hummels, and Badstuber.
  12. Re: Best Winger ???Krasic-Di Maria-Nani ??? My choice falls on Nani with Di Maria close second
  13. Re: Gignac or Chamakh? Well Gignac has been poor for Marseille this season. My choice falls obviously on Chamakh.
  14. Which players do you propose for a CB role, and which can have a rise in their ratings? Any youngsters which are having their ratings increased? Thanks.
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