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  1. Firmino or Sadio Mane? Chiesa or gnabry?
  2. any defender likely to rise to 92 - 93?
  3. guys, any tactic to counter 4-5-1(B)? thanks. I have been on losing streak now.
  4. any cheap defender to recommend? one day can rise to 90? I am playing them straight to first team now. thanks.
  5. giroud (91) and mandzukic (92) stay or drop?
  6. icardi is consistent on form. rise?
  7. ADEXYNA, my squad I using the tactic that you say today but my squad's player condition not 100%? what you suggest?
  8. ADEXYNA, any runs arrows on the players or substitutes and also substitutes runs arrows?
  9. ADEXYNA, I will use the tactic on the match. I will tell you guys what the score. thanks.
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