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  1. Firmino or Sadio Mane? Chiesa or gnabry?
  2. any defender likely to rise to 92 - 93?
  3. guys, any tactic to counter 4-5-1(B)? thanks. I have been on losing streak now.
  4. any cheap defender to recommend? one day can rise to 90? I am playing them straight to first team now. thanks.
  5. giroud (91) and mandzukic (92) stay or drop?
  6. icardi is consistent on form. rise?
  7. ADEXYNA, my squad I using the tactic that you say today but my squad's player condition not 100%? what you suggest?
  8. ADEXYNA, any runs arrows on the players or substitutes and also substitutes runs arrows?
  9. ADEXYNA, I will use the tactic on the match. I will tell you guys what the score. thanks.
  10. anyone can help please? I have a match 4-2-2-2, Average Rating 93. Tackling: Normal, Mentality: Normal, Passing: Mixed, Attacking: Mixed, Tempo: Normal, Pressing: Own Half, Counter Attack: No, Men behind ball: No, Tight Marking: No, Play offside: No, Play maker: No, Target man: No. My club is average rating 91. Both club is on winning streaks. I play 4-3-3 B. Is there anyway to get at least a draw not lose? thanks.
  11. In your opinion, rugani or caldara is better in reality?
  12. Daniele Rugani, Mattia Caldara or Bjorn Engels? who can reach 90? I can bid 3 of them. Thanks.
  13. I can bid for Dominic Calvert Lewin or Tom Davis of Everton f.c. , which is better player?
  14. Lukas Klostermann is taken. Kolasinac is taken long ago. Any more defender? Thanks guys, appreciated.
  15. Conti injured in reality. Conti and Semedo are taken in game already. Is there any RB?
  16. can some1 please recommend some 87 - 90 rating LB and RB?
  17. I playing 3 at the back. so I use CB instead. I don't have any LB. so I am asking which is better? thanks.
  18. Hi, who should I sign Theo Hernandez(real madrid) or Lucas Hernandez(Atletico Madrid)?
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