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  1. Yes or No? If yes, any suggestions for a replacement?
  2. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Michael Ballack 14mil? I don't have a particularly good midfield, but he is dropping and the GW is very competitive, so not many that have good players will engage in a swap. If so who to replace!?
  3. Re: The Midfield Oh were you the Sao Paulo Manager? And yeah I know he is unmanaged but the squad size is only 21 Any other suggestions?
  4. ....Hello everyone. To cut to the chase: 1) In a hugely competitive GW (WC3957) 2) Current CM's are Ballack (down), Tymoschuk (possinly down idk), Gilberto Silva (not selling for sentimental value haha), Kallstrom (not going up) and Defour (just bought) Basically I'll be looking to move a couple of these players on, but I can't see any replacements for them in sight. All the obvious avenues have been ventured down for example, Busquets, Marchisio, Meireles, Milner, Barry, Josue, Arteta, Montolivo, Song, Diaby. I'm looking for ideally a 90 or 91 however I'll be content with an 89 full of potential such as Defour. Someone maybe under the radar, or someone who isnt widely known on the forum. I've trawled through threads and this isn't ideal but a last resort :-P. *I'm not desperate for someone who will go above 91, just someone who will get there soonish, or someone full of potential. Many thanks, and rep if someone can help.
  5. Re: Who's who in the game? Forumer name to in-game name Sir X -> Sir X (hardly original )
  6. ive been away from the forum, and everywhere i search i cant seem to find any prospects, that aren't too obvious... I've got an ageing side whose time has passed, and now need to be replaced basically any thread links or the hottest names on the forum, would be much appreciated, cheers guys
  7. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings hey guys, just looking at jeremy menez's of roma stats, and im not sure what his rating will be. will he get a 90? or is he boaderline for that? thanks
  8. Re: Scholes/lampard Lampard to the end! haha
  9. Re: Scholes/lampard Just take a look though, at who's being quoted here... If you give me some successful, non United affiliated people to comment on Scholes, then maybe I'll listen haha
  10. Re: Victor Moses WIGAN!!!!!! any ideas on a rating change?
  11. Re: who should i sell to make some money? yeah, pranjic, henry and marquez are all worth selling... ambrosini's getting on a bit too tbh
  12. Re: Same manager controlling 7, yes 7 teams ? You think thats bad, someone who was one of my friends at school was cheating with 8 teams! at the time the rest of us were newbies so we didnt know how to report him, so we had to wait till he made a racist comment in a newspaper article till we got some type of punishment. But then again he was still cheating until he left SM for good. Moreover, dont take into account the rep of managers. I was casually browsing through one of my gameworlds (well not mine, but one of the ones i manage in lol) to find that the manager of Real Madrid was 150 and the manager of arsenal was 130, but they both had the same name and tactics! i almost laughed at it lol (i reported it of course haha). But yeah I hate the fact SM can sometimes punish the good guys, its like we get punished for playing by the rules. For example there are some managers it will not let me transfer with, which is more than frustrating. Problem is cheats are hard to cut out, I think they should track IP addresses personally...
  13. basically i've received two different offers for Hugo Lloris in a WC: 1) Lloris swap for Frey 2) Lloris for Akinfeev + 15 million should i accept either of these offers? if so which one? i did read somewhere Lloris was the best goalkeeper on the game right now because of his potential... any help will be rewarded
  14. Re: Favourite SM club you have? Panathinaikos - The Trifili - love em, grown to love them in real life xD
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