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  1. Great graphics, very well organized and fun, even more if you join some friends and go for it. As a Warrior, Explorer or Magician you will do missions, enter dungeons and fight other clans. Here's the link: http://s2.sfgame.com.pt/index.php?rec=126921
  2. Before a match, in the preview, we can see if it will rain or if the sun will shine and the temperature. I already saw someone saying that you should consider this while making the tactic, for example, if it rains long ball should be the better. Does it really matter or we can just ignore it?
  3. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) Tremoulinas, stay? How is he doing so far? Thank you
  4. Hey everyone, Until now the only ways I knew that would change a player morale was to renew is contract, keeping him on the field so that it won't go down, and wining/losing a final. I've had the problem of having some of my best players with low morale, and didn't know what to do to change it. Though, recently I noticed some of my players morale went considerably high, for example, I'm on the second season with Real Madrid, last season Casillas and Ronaldo went all the season with 60-like morale levels and even after I renewed their contract it didn't change must, even though I won the titl
  5. Re: Fwd - VS - CF So having Torres (CF 95) and Ronaldo (Fwd 98) you say I should make Torres the target man? I've always used Ronaldo, last season it was Higuain (Fwd 94) and Ronaldo (Fwd 98) and Higuain scored 27 goals (vs 25 of Ronaldo). Having a Fwd as a Target Man is fitting perfectly here.
  6. Re: Fwd - VS - CF So that's the only difference between them? I noticed that but I thought there might be something else. Thanks mate
  7. What are the exact differences between the two positions? Is a CF more accurate - makes more goals - than a Fwd? Is there any type of way of combining a Fwd and a CF in the atack? Is the CF a best target man? I play SM for a year and a half now and this is a question I've never find the answer. In my Real Madrid I play with 2 strikers, Cristiano Ronaldo (Fwd 98) and Samuel Eto'o (Fwd 96), and in the bench I have Fernando Torres (CF 96), now Eto'o is injured and Torres have been playing doing 9matches, 6 goals and 5 assist. Last season I had Higuain (94 Fwd) (and neither Eto'o neither Torres)
  8. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 I have a couple of players from Seria A in my Real Madrid, can you please tell me your opinion on them, even if only about one or another, Eto'o (96) Lucio (94) Del Piero (92) Mexes (92) Pizarro (92) Aquilani (90) Thank you
  9. Re: English Championship risers Hey I just started with Bristol, can you please tell me your opinion, rising or dropping on the following players, JACKSON, Marlon CLARKSON, David STEAD, Jonathan SPROULE, Ivan WILLIAMS, Gavin JOHNSON, Lee WILSON, James NYATANGA, Lewin HUNT, Nicky Thx
  10. Re: MOUTINHO, João or MELO, Felipe I would stay with Moutinho and I believe almost everyone who knows how Moutinho's doing this season will agree. He went from Sporting to Oporto in the summer, they are doing good in the league (still haven't lost a game) and he is one of the nuclears. I can only see him rising, not a chance of dropping. And, of course, Moutinho's younger. Melo hasn't much more to offer or evolve I think. There's only one problem when it comes to Moutinho, his president at Sporting (who by the way already quit couple of days ago) right after selling called him a "rotten app
  11. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 I think rising would be fair, his drop was an accident only, Aquilani is a 91 midfielder and with the proper opportunities even 92.
  12. Re: 7555 Ec with Prizes . Discussion thread. Hi dear sweet managers I'm on Bristol to rock it all down at Ashton Gate. Couple of players coming to join the cause are on the plane right know. Great championship it will be!
  13. Re: mexes or albiol? Mexes. Adding what everyone said about he really being able to get a 93 or a 94 (who knows) you know to that he might move to a bigger clube in the summer since I don't think AS Roma already renewed is contract.
  14. Re: will hulk rise from 90-92? Well, Farfan doesn't beat the hell out of stewards. +1 for the next review is enough.
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