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  1. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread done thanks mate
  2. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread
  3. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread So in maybe one of the dumbest moves made by anyone this season, I sold Boruc back to Celtic, which is fine he'd dropped to 88 & i got more than value for him, problem was i expected it to take the (what now seems) usual 48 hours to go through or at least 24 hours until after todays CRUCIAL match, no no, soccer manager has decided to put through a transfer in 12 hours and I now have a 77 back up keeper holding the fort, goodtimes........
  4. Re: English Championship 6395 - Discussion Thread This is obviously a man who knows what hes talking about:D
  5. Re: English Championship 6395 - Match Report/Transfer/Gossip thread Owls looking forward to the season opener With 95% of his transfers completed Rick James is supremely confident heading into this evenings match against Bristol Rovers "Not to be too disrespectful but the Rovers aren't on the same level as my boys, we have class across the park and if my front 4 fire on all cylinders I like us to put them away early & easily" when asked his thoughts on the teams prospects for the season James was just as blunt "Champions, I expect nothing less, that may sound cocky but thats how I feel about this team, I know that Cam Brown over at Norwich has been talking a bit of smack but he's got nothing, there are a few strong squads don't get me wrong, and its going to be a long road but come round 38 I expect to be heading up to the Championship anything less would be a failure", James also singled out new central midfielder Daniel Parejo as his sides most influential player and announced him as captain for the upcoming season "Daniel was a player that I had specifically requested when i was first in discussions with the Chairman, he has all the qualities I look for in a midfielder and a Captain" Parejo was humble when asked his thoughts "Its an honour to be captain of this very ambitious side and for a manager the quality of Rick to believe in me as much as he does only wants me to go on to do great things for him, my teammates & the Sheffield Wednesday fans". Daniel Parejo at this mornings press conference James also announced the starting XI for todays match: Ospina (87) Laure (85) - Botia (85) - Guvenc (75) - Manu (78) Parejo (86) - Moritz (82) Ganso (86) - Douglas Costa (84) - Eriksen (82) Neymar (86)
  6. Re: English Championship 6395 - Discussion Thread I'm interested
  7. Re: English Championship 6395 - Match Report/Transfer/Gossip thread Owls add 2 more Brazilian Starlets for Season 1 Following on from the addition of Neymar, Sheffield Wednesday manager Rick James announced today that the Owls had secured the signatures of fellow Brazilians, Douglas Costa & Ganso and were just waiting on the FA to finalise the accepted bids Douglas Costa was seen leaving Hillsborough today looking very happy with his new deal, when asked about the move he gave a thumbs up before his agent stepped in to usher his client out a side door. Paulo Henrique Ganso was more forth coming when talking about his move "I can't wait to team back up with Neymar and we're looking forward to taking Sheffield Wednesday to the premiership & challenging for titles for years to come", A bold statement from the young Brazilian but with the combined talents of these 3 future superstars who is going to argue?
  8. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Tough loss for Coventry, they played a very good Reading side close but the 2-1 defeat drops them from 1st to 4th
  9. Re: English Championship 6395 - Match Report/Transfer/Gossip thread Owls sign young Brazilian phenom Sheffield Wednesday manager, Rick James, was ecstatic at the Owls press conference today when announcing that Neymar has transferred over from Santos "Neymar is exactly the sort of player we are trying to attract here at Hillsborough, and now that we have him on board i can only see great things for our team, we definitely will be dipping back into the transfer market and expect to see more players of Neymars quality in the blue & white this season".
  10. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Only just managed to get by Crystal Palace 3-2 after going down to 10 men early, after Watfords slip up it leaves my boys from Coventry in pole position for promotion but its going to be tough to stay there.
  11. Re: Marks Sigs and Avatars. Hi Mate, Any chance i could get a sig done with this pic of Adam Johnson, the man city badge and GC 111 on it? Thanks
  12. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Just rejected Aston Villa in 66 1 x 91 - Farfan 3 x 90 - Milner, Friedel & Brighi, plus a few decent youngsters thrown in
  13. Re: Gold Championship 111 Match Reports/Transfers GC111 - I got the might of Man City & England Every player has their price, well everyone except Adam Johnson that is:)
  14. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! I someone good do me an Adam Johnson sig that would be outstanding:D
  15. Re: GC Teams Coming Free In The Morning. Juve coming up this morning in GC 98
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