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  1. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Watching it on Score Centre I probably deserved to lose by more:rolleyes:
  2. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Gourcuff with a double, still 6 points back on Notts County and 4 points ahead of Watford in my bid for back to back promotions
  3. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Good win over Raz in a close game, keeps me top of the table at this early stage of the season:)
  4. Re: FINISHER - The North Vs South Divide Love to be involved with this game world, prefer to be included in the South if i'm chosen to take part:D
  5. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Are you serious....... Do people just want the game world to die or what?? Because if every internal deal in a game world gets reported for no actual reason then thats what will happen. All i'm trying to do is make my team better and getting screwed over everytime i do, I'm more than happy to listen to why someone thinks the deals i've done haven't been fair and then counter with my reason i think they are legit. That is now the 5th deal i've had reversed in the last week or so, the 5 part deal with Raz for Aguero & David Silva, I can kind of see how that one could get reversed but the way I see it I was getting 2 x 94 rated players and I had the squad to pay the big price, but the other deals I can't understand: Belhanda & Rodrigo for Damiao - I don't use wingers so Belhanda is expendable for me & Rodrigo is a good talent but I have plenty of those. Bender & Schmelzer for Modric - I get a top starter in the midfield who has realistically peaked at 93 - Tottenham gets a starting LB (where i've got Coentrao & Aurtenexte as well) & replaces Modric with someone younger. Yanga, Herrera & Borini for Badstuber & 4 mill - I wanted 3 quality starters at CB who weren't too old, I must of offered about 15 to 20 different deals out there and got shot down on all of them but managed to negotiate for Bads, I have ridiculous depth at CM and youth so losing Herrera & Borini actually means very little to me and he got Yanga to cover the oss of Bads. Sorry for another rant about this but makes me so mad when I put in all this time negotiating deals just to see them reversed for what seems to me to be jealousy or because we have some little kids in the game world who can't comprehend how deals can be done that favour both teams.
  6. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Congrats to Palace on their win, close game but I wasn't making the most of my chances so didn't deserve any points, nice to have Robinho back though. Welcome Tom, good to have you in 7777 mate, if you need any help from United let me know:)
  7. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Have to love 89th minute winners Unlucky result for Blackburn
  8. Re: Werewolf World - Where The Hunt Begins That was easy;) Cheers Gozzy, appreciate being included at late notice
  9. Re: Werewolf World - Where The Hunt Begins Gozzy this league is looking the goods mate, if any free spots come available then let me know:D
  10. RickJames

    Round 2 Polling

    Re: Round 2 Polling Appreciate the votes, glad to be a part of it:D
  11. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Right, seeing as no one has stepped up and given me an explanation as to why they think my deals were worthy of being reported then i'll have to assume that the person who did it isn't on the forum or they have a severe lack of cajones. It seems crazy to me that in an established game world like this where essentially all the best players are managed that you can't do a p2p transfer without having to worry whether or not someone is going to report the deal. Ever since taking over Sunderland i've not hidden the fact that the squad is way too big for what I want and have negotiated with a lot of managers, i'm happy to give up 2-1's, 3-1's or even 4-1's to get a player I want because I understand that you're going to have to give up a little bit extra to get big names. On that note i'm going to leave this issue now, still annoyed but not nearly as mad as yesterday. Oh and i've completed a deal with Everton of Badstuber & 4.5 mill for Yanga, Herrara & Borini, hopefully this is acceptable to everyone:rolleyes:
  12. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread What the Hell???? Just logged on to find that my team has completely changed back?!?!?!?!?! I'd love some feedback here especially by the person who reported them to find out why they thought the deals were necessary to report.:mad::mad::mad:
  13. Re: Reality Check Celtic will happily take him for 8m:)
  14. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread A nice new Sunderland to play with, thanks Raz
  15. Re: Brand New 5 Div EC. Are You In? I love your commitment Raz
  16. Re: Reality Check Unlucky mate, could of gone either way. Harnik grabs a double for me in what is most likely his last game as he has to be sold
  17. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| Coming Soon I'm intrigued, put my name down please:)
  18. Re: Brand New 5 Div EC. Are You In? Be good to see a successful English Championship again, not a custom where a certain few can pick or choose who gets what team, I want to see the frenzy that goes with waiting for the league to open, everyone rushing to try and get their 1st choice then 2nd choice then just hoping you don't get Luton Town or Nuneaton
  19. Re: .:10000 bc:. Shakhtar 25 man Squad Goalkeepers Demirel Volkan Henrique Hilario Defenders Nemanja Vidic Bruno Alves Andre Dias Matthieu Chalme Stephen Warnock Vitaliy Lysytskyi Martos Anderson Pavlo Kutas Carlos Arano Roberto Gimmelli Midfielders Igor Shemshov Juan Rodriguez Israel Castro Falcao Elson Dmytro Yesin Anthony Deroin Morais Weslley Diego Acoglanis Forwards Milan Baros Luca Toni Leite Adriano Anotoliy Didenko Danko Boskovic
  20. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Considering we're missing our 3 best strikers this is a cracking win for United, moves us into the top 4 as well:D
  21. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Close game with Pompey but happy to walk away with the win 3-2 as both David Silva & Aguero had to sit out the game on suspension, Jovetic stepping up with a double. Another deal done as well, Damiao comes in for Belhanda & Rodrigo, very pleased with my striker rotation in Aguero, Sanchez, Jovetic & Damiao:D
  22. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Mandanda & Gameiro head to Birmingham, i've been looking for an upgrade in goal all off season so happy to finally get a deal done:D
  23. Re: Performance Review [Discussion Needed!] Love the idea, throw my name in the mix:D
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