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  1. Re: Rb and wings!! Thanks. Anymore. Or any DM??
  2. me1

    Eren Derdiyok

    Re: Eren Derdiyok So I shouldn't buy him??
  3. Re: Top 5 favourite Bands? Take a look at this band: Winter moods and tell me what you think on their songs.
  4. Re: Rb and wings!! Thanks guys. What about right backs?
  5. me1

    Eren Derdiyok

    Re: Eren Derdiyok Anyone can help me??????
  6. What chances do EREN DERDIYOK has of rising to 90? I know there is a possibilty but is it a good one?
  7. Re: Leagues that haven't been reviewed for ages. The maltese ratings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) I know that Derdiyok of Leverkusen has a chance of rising to 90 but what percentage is it?
  9. I am in urgent need of a right back and wing. Anyone from 88-92 (only those I can afford) any age and a chance of rising. Any price. Please help. thanks in advance.
  10. Re: +5 and more players!!! Thanks Mate. Keep them comin...
  11. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) How sure is That Reinartz will get a +1?
  12. me1

    90+ risers

    Re: 90+ risers Any right backs?
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