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  1. Thanks. I assumed as much.

    SM Worlds needs a complete overhaul, but it's been completely forgotten for years now whilst they focus on the single player game.

    My GW has been running for a decade and it seems a shame that it's going to fizzle out because SM can't be bothered to do anything.


  2. Is there any plans to give Gameworld owners more settings and powers to control their setup?

    I run a GW which has been going for almost 10 years, but as people's priorities change etc we have more and more unmanaged teams.

    Ideally I would like to cut my GW from 80 teams to 60, but have no way of doing this. For the managers that have been around since the beginning a restart isn't feasible.

    We also self impose 60 man squad limits, and I'm sure this has been long discussed about introducing a feature to make the game more realistic than teams having 100s of players.

  3. Our gameworld is also suffering from the same problem and the lack of communication from SM is astounding.

    Bug tickets closed saying the problem is fixed - It's not

    Ignoring messages from our GW owner

    Some sort of response on the problem and a time frame for it being fixed would be appreciated. 

  4. It was more a post out of curiosity to whether anyone has had a similar problem rather than wanting tactical help.

    I've got a 91 average team and with both 4231 and 433 wingers my team have been competitive, stats wise. It's just literally that Leno is playing so poorly every game. Even in a recent cup game against 86/87 rated players he faced 3 shots and conceded them all.

    Whilst I can obviously accept those sort of results every now and then, its game after game at the moment

  5. Anyone think Germany is quite tentatively rated outside the top two when you look at the La Liga ratings?

    I know Sevilla have 3 Europa Leagues, but their league form was average, yet they now have a host of 92 rated players. Nolito is now 91 rated at Celta Vigo who finished 6th.

    Yet Leverkusen have just two 91 rated players and the rest seem capped at 90.

  6. It was great to see that after Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia were reviewed, Brazil was completely ignored and the focus of ratings was moved on to Ukraine and now Japan. I can only applaud the people responsible for their thorough job in keeping Soccer Manager going.


    Whilst I wait for Brazil to be rated I might snap up a 34 year old Chinese GK added to the database the other day. Seems a real good player for the future. I just hope I don't get outbid.

  7. I noticed Gabriel Jesus and Arana got small rises this week. But nothing since. It's infuriating at how erratic and half assed the ratings are.

    The obsession with expanding the player database to include nomark players nobody will ever buy over keeping proper ratings up to date is bizarre.

    Malcom has won the league, moved to Bordeaux, made a couple of appearances and is still rated 83.

    The usual lazy +1s all round would be better than just ignoring a league that hasn't had a proper review since summer 2015

  8. Anyone had disastrous home form that won't turn?


    29 games into the season in a super competitive GW and I have won one game at home all season. P14 W1 D4 L9. Compared to reasonable away form of P15 W7, D3 L5. 


    I don't change tactics, but the contrast in fortunes is unreal. I haven't won a home game since October, the second home game of the season. By now I should have statistically fluked another home win.


    I'm really not a fan of this supposed new match engine. Apart from fullbacks not being able to play in a back 3 any more there is still no rhyme or reason as to how it operates. Results are still fundamentally random in a competitive setup.

  9. Brazil is pretty poorly regarded in SM terms. There are only a handful of players that seem to rise beyond 87 whilst in Brazil. I can only think of Lucas Lima in recent times to get 88 whilst in Brazil. Aranguiz got 90 mostly because of the Copa America win and transfer to Leverkusen. Be interesting to see what happens to Ricardo Oliveira though considering SM's hesitancy to rise anyone over 30. But he was the league's top scorer and got a NT recall.


    As for Luan, I think he's brilliant, but doubt he'll rise again so soon after his 86. Hopefully he's clever enough not to move to China and go somewhere like Portugal or to another European team where he'll play. No point moving to a top top side when he's not ready and won't play. You only need look at Lucas Silva to see why going to Real Madrid would be a poor decision. 

  10. The ratings these days always seem ill thought out. Rises are based on hype or the team they play for and too many players that deserve rises are overlooked or underrated. And it's truly bizarre how cruel they are with ratings on a player once they're older than 30.


    Still slightly miffed that Matip stayed 89 again considering his form this season. Being linked to Liverpool now and Squawka did a bit on him




    1. Joel Matip has a higher Performance Score than any defender in the Bundesliga this season, as well as the highest in the entire Schalke side


    2. Joel Matip has won more headers (60) than any Schalke player in the Bundesliga this season


    3. Joel Matip has completed more interceptions, blocks and clearances than any other Schalke player. He has also completed more passes than any of his team-mates.


    4. Joel Matip has played in every single minute of Schalke’s league season so far



    Yet he's not even rated 90 like Nastastic and Howedes is 91.


    But I suppose everyone has players they think are over/underrated

  11. v2uqo9.jpg


    This is stats from one of around 10 results I've had in my current season where I've dominated and lost. It's extremely tedious to login to find time after time that I've controlled a game, my 90 rated GK has had a nightmare and the lower rated oppo GK is motm. 


    Fair enough if it happened infrequently, but its all the time. The new match engine was supposed to make ratings more decisive, yet I see no evidence of this

  12. Why are Leverkusen players perpetually underrated? Consistently top 5 in the BuLi + CL for a few seasons now and still players struggle to not only hit 90, but to go past it. 


    Wendell more than deserved 89, especially considering Kampl achieved it.


    Matip staying 89 considering Howedes bizarrely being 91 and Nastasic 90 also grates a little. 


    SM just seem to go mad for Bayern, give generous rises to the few hyped players and the rest of the league are an afterthought 

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