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  1. We'll have to agree to disagree. Stats will only tell you so much about a player. Simply using Soccerway or Whoscored will not allow you to fully know how well a player is playing. You need to watch a player to do that. It was only the last page you were suggesting someone should get rid of Rodrigo Caio based purely on his stats. Had you known anything about him you would have known that was poor advice. If you have two players, A and B, rated 75 and they have identical minutes played but player A has played really well, but player B really poorly, do they deserve the same rise? I would sugg
  2. Stats cannot be the only factor in a players rating. Ricardo Oliveira is so far top scorer in the league, should he stay at 86, or should he jump to 90 to be along side players like Pato who have fewer goals? Or maybe Pato should drop to 86. After all he is statistically inferior to Oliveira right now. The simple answer is no, of course Oliveira should not be rated 90 (nor should Pato really), because anyone one with common sense and a passing interest in Brazilian football will know he's not that good. But when you let ratings be influenced by the community, all you get is people wanting ris
  3. Who is responsible for these Brazilian ratings? They never seem to have any consistency or logic anymore. Dourado has cumulatively got +7 to 82 in the last two months essentially for being linked to Man Utd. On the other hand Lucas Otavio, who in my opinion is a better player has had a full season on loan - albeit in Serie B - and has appearances for Santos, voted the best player in the Copinha in 2014 etc is rated 78. Sarcasm aside the former has been playing well, but I just don't understand why certain players are getting large rises and others the standard +1/2. I'm not quite sure what M
  4. Aranguiz to 90, sigh. Maybe Luan will get linked with a move, that way he might rise past the 82 he's been stuck on for 10 months
  5. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - 12/13 Winter Predictions Up! - by BRNL||- Surely Brenet played enough to warrant a +1/2? Not risen since August last year
  6. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Leno and Son staying 89 again? How does Toprak warrant 90 over Leno? In fact how does Callejon get 91 at Napoli and Son is eternally stuck on 89?
  7. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions What's the thought process in reviewing Brazil firstly, post world cup after the league had been shut down for a month, and now just before the conclusion of the Brasileiro? Gabriel only getting a +1 was nonsense enough, but how have certain players so far not been rated at all? Lucas Silva at least deserves 86 surely? I know it's beating an old drum, but scheduled ratings reviews were so much better and transparent.
  8. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Throw in NT minutes and someone needs to whack him up to 90
  9. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Why does SW constantly reject efforts to get Auro added to the DB (600+ minutes and counting) yet Kaikai who barely has any for Palace is added straight away after his league cup performance?
  10. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Is Brazil still being reviewed? I've had rises for some players like Alex Silva +5 for being ever present for Atletico MG and Luan got a rather meagre +2 for Gremio (Is Toulon not considered?). Yet Breno also of Gremio received no rise and he has been a regular for them and neither Elivelton (Flu) nor Gilberto (Internacional) have received rises as of yet and seeing as Boschilia has risen and his club are above Internacional you would assume the latter would have been done beforehand. I realise the WC has interrupted the Brasileiro, but the ratings atm
  11. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion No 90 for Leno makes me sad
  12. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  13. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Does Fabiano have a chance at taking the #1 spot for Porto long term? Picked him up because of Heilton's injury and he had a decent game against Napoli last night. Assuming he plays well for the remainder of the season can he displace Heilton going into next? Thanks.
  14. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion It's bizarre he's stayed when today Valbuena, Matuidi and Sirigu have got 91s for a lot less
  15. Re: Player Rating Poll (July 13) The new ratings system is awful, not least because players are getting ratings they've simply not earned. Ogbonna moves to Juve, straight to 88 Wanyama to Southampton, straight to 88 Poli to Milan, up to 89 Why not wait until they've actually played some games for their new club before giving them a rise? I've no problem with players getting a rise for previous form. Aubameyang deserved his 90, but too many players are getting rises just because of the club they have moved to. Popular players have been reviewed 2, even 3 times this year alone, whilst othe
  16. In the current season Alex Teixeira has been sent off 3 times in 7 appearances. Is this just bad luck or is there an issue, because in 13 games I have had 5 straight red cards. Tackling is set to normal, so it seems a bit ridiculous.
  17. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Salino randomly rises to 88 this week whilst Eder is still an 83. Why do they keep giving random rises across Holland and Portugal instead of reviewing the whole league? It's so stupid
  18. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Totally agree. 20 appearances including Europe and he only gets a +1 Vuckic gets a bizarre +4 for being out injured Benteke got an 88 and Villa sit 19th. There is no balance in the ratings anymore
  19. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  20. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 How does Feghouli and pretty much every other Valencia player rise, but Piatti and Cissokho stay? Neither particularly deserve rises but there's no balance when everyone around them is getting undeserved rises.....
  21. Re: Game World News Feed - updated SM chat doesn't work since this update either. My chat box never has anyone displayed as online
  22. Re: New way to deal with concerns If you're going to implement this quite frankly awful feature, at least give GW owners the option to turn it off. You're absolutely destroying this game with the overly generous ratings rises and a player concerns system that doesn't address the problem it needs to
  23. Re: Tonights fixtures not yet been played? I lost a very important game too. I'm definitely up for replaying all of yesterday's fixtures I see fitness has updated, but still have a couple of important players only making 94% for Sunday
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