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  1. We'll have to agree to disagree. Stats will only tell you so much about a player. Simply using Soccerway or Whoscored will not allow you to fully know how well a player is playing. You need to watch a player to do that. It was only the last page you were suggesting someone should get rid of Rodrigo Caio based purely on his stats. Had you known anything about him you would have known that was poor advice.

    If you have two players, A and B, rated 75 and they have identical minutes played but player A has played really well, but player B really poorly, do they deserve the same rise? I would suggest not. Yet looking at the minutes played, clearly there are people that think that is just.

  2. Stats cannot be the only factor in a players rating. Ricardo Oliveira is so far top scorer in the league, should he stay at 86, or should he jump to 90 to be along side players like Pato who have fewer goals? Or maybe Pato should drop to 86. After all he is statistically inferior to Oliveira right now.

    The simple answer is no, of course Oliveira should not be rated 90 (nor should Pato really), because anyone one with common sense and a passing interest in Brazilian football will know he's not that good. But when you let ratings be influenced by the community, all you get is people wanting rises for their own players and other lesser known players go criminally underrated.

    I simply don't understand why they don't apply some sense when reviewing players. Take their time, go through each team and give players the ratings both the stats, but also their form and ability warrants. Instead we get slapdash ratings and the moment a player gets a bit of attention or the rumour mill links them with a move they get another +1/2/3.

    What has Dourado achieved in the 8 weeks since he last got a rise? Arguably a lot less than Otavio in the 9 months since he was last reviewed

  3. Who is responsible for these Brazilian ratings? They never seem to have any consistency or logic anymore.

    Dourado has cumulatively got +7 to 82 in the last two months essentially for being linked to Man Utd. On the other hand Lucas Otavio, who in my opinion is a better player has had a full season on loan - albeit in Serie B - and has appearances for Santos, voted the best player in the Copinha in 2014 etc is rated 78. Sarcasm aside the former has been playing well, but I just don't understand why certain players are getting large rises and others the standard +1/2.

    I'm not quite sure what Mayke did to get a +1 either considering Cruzeiro's season.

    Considering they're top and Malcom has a lot of minutes, I await his +8

  4. Aranguiz to 90' date=' sigh.

    Maybe Luan will get linked with a move, that way he might rise past the 82 he's been stuck on for 10 months[/quote']

    Luan +3 a few days after complaining about his rating. hmmmm.

    Some rises for Malcom, Judivan (pre injury form) and Lucas Otavio wouldn't go amiss :P

    A cheeky +1/2 for Gabigol too? :rolleyes:

  5. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions

    What's the thought process in reviewing Brazil firstly, post world cup after the league had been shut down for a month, and now just before the conclusion of the Brasileiro?

    Gabriel only getting a +1 was nonsense enough, but how have certain players so far not been rated at all? Lucas Silva at least deserves 86 surely?

    I know it's beating an old drum, but scheduled ratings reviews were so much better and transparent.

  6. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

    Danilo voted best player of the year at FC Porto

    The FC Porto player, Danilo, was awarded the title of best player in the club of the year award he received with great pride. The new Seleção international told the club's website, be honored to have been appointed as a man this training in 2014. "It has special meaning for me to receive this award. I am very proud because this is really important to me. This award will give me even more motivation. I know I still have to work and give the best for this team. "

    The FC Porto player, Danilo, was awarded the title of best player at the club. Danilo was understandably happy to receive the awar.

    "It has special meaning for me to receive this award," he told the club's website.

    "I am very proud because this is really important to me. This award will give me even more motivation. I know I still have to work and give the best to this team. "

    Throw in NT minutes and someone needs to whack him up to 90 :D

  7. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions

    ;2951480']its still ongoing

    but players are only going to get very minimal rises due to the low number of games unfortunately. Brazil was a bad choice to be reviewed IMO.

    Breno wont rise because he was just added recently i believe.

    FLU nor INT have been done yet neither' date=' i only expect Elivelton to get +2 and Gilberto may not even rise.

    If you bought them as risers, id hang onto them as they have a good chance of decent rises again next time around in December.[/quote']

    I agree it's a poor time to review the league as it shut down for the WC.

    Alex Silva was only added to the DB in June, a similar date to when I bought Breno, that's why I made the comparison.

    Gilberto hasn't risen since last August, so must surely rise considering the playing time he's had for Botafogo, Int and Brazil U21 since then?

    Anyway, I appreciate the response

  8. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions

    Is Brazil still being reviewed? I've had rises for some players like Alex Silva +5 for being ever present for Atletico MG and Luan got a rather meagre +2 for Gremio (Is Toulon not considered?).

    Yet Breno also of Gremio received no rise and he has been a regular for them and neither Elivelton (Flu) nor Gilberto (Internacional) have received rises as of yet and seeing as Boschilia has risen and his club are above Internacional you would assume the latter would have been done beforehand.

    I realise the WC has interrupted the Brasileiro, but the ratings atm seem to have no order nor much consideration. One mid-table full back +5, another with as much game time ignored.

  9. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

    Hard to say...

    Helton was the best goalkeeper in Portugal in the last 7 years !

    The question is how' date=' at the age of 35, will overcome this severe injury (total rupture of the achilles tendon).

    He extended his contract until 2015, in January.

    Fabiano had a monstrous performance in Naples and had already given good indications in the game against Sporting for League Cup in December.

    The only certainty is that Fabiano will be the keeper until the end of the season and most likely at the beginning of the next if he continues to make good performances.[/quote']

    Thanks for the response icon_thumbsup.gif

  10. Re: Player Rating Poll (July 13)

    The new ratings system is awful, not least because players are getting ratings they've simply not earned.

    Ogbonna moves to Juve, straight to 88

    Wanyama to Southampton, straight to 88

    Poli to Milan, up to 89

    Why not wait until they've actually played some games for their new club before giving them a rise? I've no problem with players getting a rise for previous form. Aubameyang deserved his 90, but too many players are getting rises just because of the club they have moved to.

    Popular players have been reviewed 2, even 3 times this year alone, whilst others that need reviewing haven't been done at all.

    It's not a more dynamic system, it's a system where everyone votes for ridiculous rises for their own players.

    Soccerwiki is single handedly ruining this game

  11. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13

    Perch only went up one. :mad: Ridiculous! Unsung hero of the team and has barely missed a game this year and played a big part last year. Expected 86/87.

    Totally agree. 20 appearances including Europe and he only gets a +1

    Vuckic gets a bizarre +4 for being out injured

    Benteke got an 88 and Villa sit 19th.

    There is no balance in the ratings anymore

  12. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

    Nope dont think so' date=' its not a full league review like spain was, its just some players getting rises, but eventually the whole league will be finished from what i have gathered. Maybe JMH can shed some light on the matter :)[/quote']

    I really wish they would hurry up and review Eder's rating. He's still an 83 whilst they flit about giving 89s and 90s to everyone else

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