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  1. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012

    Soccerwiki is a farce. All you've got is clueless people voting Bale > 96 whilst players that deserve rises don't get them. The disparity between flavours of the month and those playing well will just keep getting bigger.

    Krul only getting 88 whilst Ben Arfa regains his 89 just makes no sense. Krul has performed all season, Ben Arfa has played well for a few months. Throw in Bale getting 92 for no reason and it's just bizarre

  2. Anyone know why he's been put as 'retiring at the end of the season'?

    As far as I knew he was playing for Spanish side Terrassa on loan from Parma, but always had 'none' listed as his club. Today he's been put down as retiring and is playing for South African side Thanda Royal Zulu.

    Google News has many articles mentioning him playing for Terrassa on loan from Parma, but there is nothing suggesting a career ending injury or worse.

    Anyone shed any light? Thanks for any help offered.

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