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    Playing hockey, playing on runescape (user: Wacky Backy0) I like to football + manager games too
  1. Re: Giovani, Dos Santos ?? I heard Man City were interested
  2. Re: Carling Cup Final: Spurs vs Chelsea !!!! Well done Spurs!
  3. Re: Real Worry at Newcastle *Chants* Premier league you're having laugh, Premier league you're having laugh...
  4. Re: Membership Payment Method I'm not specifically on about me, I just think that it would increase the amount of member that's all.
  5. Re: Membership Payment Method I understand this and I do know people who opt to do this instead. I guess the main factor is that it is a yearly subscription instead of a monthly subscription.
  6. Jake

    In-Game Records

    Re: Biggest Win In SM 8-0 My Feyenoord team against Bayern Munich, they're team was considerably stronger than mine.
  7. Re: Membership Payment Method No I mean by text/SMS. Basically normally works by logging in, entering your mobile number. You receive a text and reply to confirm registration and it deducts it from your mobile credit or if on contract adds to the monthly bill.
  8. Pay by phone? I know I would become a member through that way, it can be hard to get other people to put credit card details on the net for you. Other games let you pay by phone for subscriptions so I thought I'd suggest it.
  9. GK Robinson RB Neville CB Ferdinand CB Terry LB Cole RM Lennon CM Gerrard/Carrick CM Lampard/Barton LM Cole ST Rooney ST Defoe (Then bring Johnson on for a go)
  10. Jake

    Wayne Rooooooney

    I think he's an awesome player, one of the worlds best without a doubt. He's only been inconsistent because of injury - he's starting to pick up amazing form again. He's not only a great finisher, he's a creative player and sets up lots of players. He can defend and drop back into other positions if need be. He needs an improved rating
  11. Yeh I tried to release a player aged 39 and rated 87... worth 18k The chairman blocked! As soon as I get a better rated keeper I might be able to release him (using a 86 rated mid twenties keeper instead of the 87 oldie)
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