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  1. Basically, over Christmas I came back on Soccermanager and invested a fair bit of money into getting some good teams. Unfortunately since then, I have hardly been active and these teams are majorly neglected.

    The teams include the following:

    Gold Championship Sides:

    Chelsea x2


    Manchester City

    Real Madrid

    Bayern Munich

    Obviously I have spent a fair whack on these sides as well as the GM, so I would quite like a say in where they go!

    If interested in the account, the name is Matt Jewiss 2, contact me of interested and I'm sure we can sort something out!

  2. Re: Death of the GC?

    actually i reckon a "cash only world" would be the only way to stop all the reversal's happening on fair deals

    because i mean think about it' date='

    what on average are the main reasons given for reversal's, "selling top players for cash only",

    & the dreaded "selling there top player for two players that won't make there first team"

    both which are pretty much taken out of equasion if it becomes cash only

    and with how the loan and concern feature(as long as they get rid of the fix button) are currently operating it might very well be a good thing to trial, yeah of course it'll probably take a while to get into but it'll reflect "real life" more accuratley, plus i know this isn't really related but i'd love to see some kinda penalty added in game aswell for going into the red consistently [/font']

    I think the two main reasons why the Gold GWs arent working at the moment are the two reasons you brought up:

    1) Deals get reversed if someone reports them (potential opportunity here to make this feature better that I'm going to go into quickly)

    Step 1 - Deal gets reported

    Step 2 - Get rid of the already non existant SMFA! We all know this doesnt exist, and is on the fact of it horrifically useless.

    Step 3 - 10 random SM members contacted about fairness of deal. These members would be unrelated to the GW in question. They rate on a Likert Scale they 'agreeableness' of the deal. Majority rate in favour of the deal it stays and vice versa.

    Anyway back on track...

    2) Managers want ridiculous two for one deals for players.

    E.g. I have Barca in Gc287. There is no chance I would do a 2 for 1 for any player (notable exceptions) as the Barca players are rated higher anyway!

    The main strength of the cash only deal is the fact it replicates real life! Sm wants to be realistic... When in reality it is far from it at the present moment.

    Surely it would be fruitful to experiment with cash only setups, I for one would be happy to take part!

  3. Re: Football betting!

    Anyone got anything on tonight? I've personally gone for;

    Treble: Stoke, Watford, Notts County

    £15 returns around £105

    5 - Fold: Stoke, Watford, Notts County, Gillingham, Swindon

    £5 returns around £120

  4. Re: Death of the GC?

    i completely agree with all this' date=' but i think if `cash only` GC's were created, then surely only the people who actually wanted this type would join those game worlds and the transfer activity would be just as high?

    i think money only GC's would be a fantastic idea personally, and this is coming from a person who has some good teams in gc's. i would consider giving up my teams in order to be part of money only set ups. as it has already been said, it would make the game seem alot more `realistic` and frankly, if people did sell better players for cash, then it would be a whole lot more fun to take part in from my point of view[/quote']

    I think the only reason people dont sell for cash is because of the quantity of managers who only deal with player exchanges. If this facility was removed or limited, then cash deals would become just as popular, and potentially rub off into older GCs.

  5. I have basically created this thread to discuss my feelings towards the GC and suggesting possible reasons, for what I perceive to be it's demise. I then want to investigate the possibility of a solution (That has been suggested before, and rumours were in the pipeline about its potential).

    When I joined SM, the Gold Championship was seen as the pinnacle of the SM community, everybody wanted to be a part of it and it didn't matter what team you had as long as you were in the GC.

    This brings me onto my first point. The biggest 'buzz' for me about the GC was the build up to it. The chat on the forum generated a sense of excitement that meant everybody wanted to be a part of it. People were discussing who they were going for up to a week before it was created. Everybody wanted to be a part of the GC as it was unknown when the next one would be.

    A potential solution to this would be to limit the ammount of GCs created and to make it at a set time again.

    However, SM is a business and this isn't going to happen. If they have the opportunity to make as much money as they can by creating as many GCs as possible, then they would be foolish not to welcome this with both hands. So although the above is a potential solution this isn'g going to happen.

    The buzz that the GC created ensured that even if a member didnt get their required destination, then the member would still take a club in the GC. Generally this meant that a forum division would be created e.g. English League 2. This would keep the GC alive and kicking, the banter would be flowing and the GC would be full.

    Again however, this isnt happening anymore. If a member doesn't get their primary choice then they do not join the GC. They know for a fact that another GC will be created in the near future (probably 2 days time :rolleyes: ).

    A third reason for the demise of GCs is the actual people in the GC. At the moment you can have all managers of the top teams, in different locations all over the world. I currently participate as Bayern Munich in GC279. This is quite possibly the worst setup I have ever participated in! The majority of big team managers are from opposite sides of the globe. I can't negotiate a deal with anyone as they are never online when I am and vice versa.

    This I believe is a fundamental issue with the GC format at the moment. Although it is good to have a bit of banter with people all over the globe, the activity of the setup suffers. What I would suggest would be the creation and locking of GCs.

    For example, GC282 is created and locked. Then only members in the UK or a location - 2 - + 2 hours around GMT. This would ensure that all members will generally be on at the same time. Obviously I can hear other members saying, ''well I am not in this time bracket, what about me''. Well, the next setup could then be limited to a different 'time zone'. Of course, SM could still open a GC to the whole world, this doesnt need to be removed completely, but there are issues that could be rectified.

    Moreover, this has possible been suggested before, but could we not try cash only setups? Soccermanager aims to be a realistic online soccer game. Where is the realism in doing 2 for 1 deals? Every, GC that I am in at the moment, whenever i make an offer for a player, I get countered a ridiculous 2 for 1 deal! I mean when is there any 2 for 1 deals in real life? I defy anyone to find a decent player who has gone for a 2 for 1 deal!

    Potentially, a GC where you can only do cash deals could be developed?

    Finally, I wonder what people would think about a Platinum setup? This has been discussed at length before but didnt come to fruition.

    This would pretty much get rid of the main issue (that the GC is made to often) all at once!

  6. So, a week or so ago i reserved a Real Madrid in a Gold Setup and then I reserved a Chelsea after. This meant in one GC I would have Madrid and the one after I would get Chelsea.

    Before the creation of GC280 I was number 2 in the queue with the Real Madrid and number 3 for Chelsea. Therefore, once GC280 was created today I should have been next for the Madrid and 2nd in line for a Chelsea. However, SM have royally annoyed me.

    1. I am still number 2 in the queue for Madrid when I should be next.

    2. I am now number 2 in the queue for Chelsea.

    This evidently poses a concern and a problem.

    Concern - why am I not next for Madrid, I tried to time it perfectly so I would be online for Madrid as I have Monday off work, it's likely creation date.

    I should be next and I am not and would like to know why, being a paying customer and all...

    Problem - I am going to have both Chelsea and Madrid in GC282 instead of Madrid in 281 and Chelsea in 282. This last time I checked SM weren't too keen on having two teams in the same game world.

  7. Re: SM Credits

    Haha ino mate ah well we will have to make do with what we have' date=' you never no a dev may actully listen one day :eek:[/quote']

    Haha! There is more chance of me pulling Jodie Marsh (This is a two - fold impossibility)!

    I doubt that the Devs actually look at the forum! Im sure they can employ somebody to do that for them! They might even get people to do it for free! (..Mods)

    Also, just seen your sig... C.R.L...Those were the days!

  8. Re: SM Credits

    Your 100% right! Gc's are rubbish I mean who enjoys 2 gc's a week? I dont! I say we all make a stand spend no money on sm dont join any gc's spread the word and hit em were it hurts! There pockets! They would soon listen

    It would work, if the majority of the SM population were a) on the forum and B) willing to listen. I've done it myself since I rejoined. I have happily paid for a Madrid and a Bayern! And people will continue to do so.

    Unfortunately the majority of the SM population, aren't on the forum, and are content in paying for a decent side. SM say that they only create based on demand, and the demand is going to be there. It would be foolish for them not to exploit it!

    At the end of that day, they have the money from the likes of me and you anyway... if they have it already why would they listen to us two!

  9. Re: SM Credits

    Sm are and have already been money grabbing clowns they dont care at all about us so why pretend they do?:rolleyes:

    The amount of cash they take in and the poor custimor service and match engine is quite frankly embarising but nothing will be done as they dont listen lor look!

    Its not as if its to any cost of them making us gold so they keep 100% of what they make!

    They wouldnt up prices if they didnt think that people are going to keep paying for them mate. It just happens that the forum isnt the 'strong force' (for want of a better phrase), that it used to be.

    SM dont care how many Gold GWs they make aslong as they make money, they are after all a business, if they want to keep creating Gold GWs, and there are the people there that will pay for the bigger clubs, then they will continue.

    Its a shame, as the real buzz from a GC was when it was full, not what team you had!

  10. Re: SM Credits


    thats outrageous! you get charged more?

    out of interest' date=' id like to know what 12months gold management cost

    2years ago

    and 1 year ago.


    2 years ago you got a years membership and a custom setup for £10, and 2 years and a custom setup for £15

    A year ago it wasnt much different

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